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  1. Champi0n

    TANK SPAM :)

    Well you see 54+15+14+1 = 84 You are welcome. Thats the number of TANKS spammed during your game on the most "tank spam active" side which was GE in your picture. What you did, is you counted in even the less tank potent side and their TANKERS which are soldiers DRIVING the tanks.
  2. Champi0n

    TANK SPAM :)

    No, thats 84 tanks spammed over 66 minutes. Count tanks and not tankers. Also mine was 89 tanks on ONE faction spammed under 35 minutes, only tanks counted.
  3. In this topic im gonna dump all the annoying tank spam screenshots, you can do too if you feel like. Would be nice to raise some awareness in Retos to put a much bigger field maintenance on tanks AND hard cap the f* out of them 89 tanks spammed under 35 minutes ^ Why would you go infantry when you can just clog the cap points with 5-10 tanks? They are as quick and cheap to spawn as a car or bike anyways... but require 1500+ credits for the infantry to destroy one. Also feel free to flex on how many tanks you have destroyed with infantry in a single game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @Reto.Hades Would be awesome of you if you could forward these short sentences to the devteam, we are getting sick of 89+ tanks being spammed under a normal time (30-35m) battle.
  4. Champi0n

    La-7 vs P51D vs FW190D9 - Performance

    The spreadsheet was shared by Reto.Christiano not long ago on HnG official discord, including the new tier 3 fighters. The chart you made is horribly designed tho, cant see anything only 2 stats are readable, that aside FW190 is OP no doubt, but don't worry ,its likely not gonna get fixed in 8 months.
  5. Champi0n


    ^True, Rip staged, rip sunlight Ive also been suggesting this, im 100% sure there would be at least 200 hoodie purchases just from the veterans I know. Which I don't know is why Reto doesn't capitalise on this possibility, should have done the merch shop when we had 20k players online, but its still not too late. Players: Hey ,you know we would buy your HnG branded stuff from a merchstore if you made one... helping you guys out after you had to let go 50% of the staff... Reto: PTRS for 650k CREDITS or 7k GOLD Marketing 10/10
  6. Champi0n

    Battle of Berlin 2019! War log

    I love how naivly Reto is narrating this war Acting like its 9 days in ...but actually its the 3rd war that SU is gonna win. Oh sorry spoilers. I dont know whats this cheering for GE to defend Berlin, constant defending isnt gonna win the war or maybe im stupid and reto added a timer for how long GE should defend Berlin for to win the war.
  7. I got my Sdkfz 222 back in the days by taxiing new players in skirmish battles. They were happy because they didnt have a vehicle and they got into action quickly, i got my chauffer and we won the games If you do this way, its 100% legal because you are helping your team to get into objectives quickly, but i have never seen anyone get banned for driving with a buddy for a couple rounds.
  8. Champi0n

    Automatic Weapons are over grossly overstepping their boundaries

    If we are talking about recons, yes they need some change gameplay wise. Their weapons at hand are powerful enough to make defenses as annoying as it can get, but they lack of utility and "reconnisance ability" to provide info to their team. Badges like : Efficient spotter making vehicles ONLY spotted for 10 seconds with a 3D spot that moves with the vehicle for 10 seconds with a respectable cooldown would be nice. And maybe an equipment point boost to 10/9/8 (idk). I get that you are upset about the random headshot nature of HnG gunplay and its especially frustrating to get OHK by a hipfire SMG at a range you would expect them not to hit you. Maybe Reto could do a tweak on close quarter guns so they do less headshot damage over range. As far as LMGs go... they pretty much fire rifle rounds just like bolt-actions so you would expect them to hit hard at range too. Im personally fine with the "range capabilities" of Assault rifles / LMGs / SA rifles. They have just enough versetality to deal with campers and bushwookies or at least wound them so they move. Reto hopefully will grant this high range capability to LMGs only in bipod mode when that update hits, but i would still like them to be somewhat versatile without them deployed. There are already so many recon wannabes in this game ,dont think we need to promote this type of gameplay even more and I do think that the players playing the recons make themselves useless and not the class on its own. Recon player on 200+m away on hillside picking at players = useless. Recon player inside cappoints ,looking at possible approaching enemies at objectives / choke points = useful recon. Recon player hunting APCs or killing the enemies flooding from APCs = useful recon. Recon player roaming with recon cars and doing hit and run tactic at approaching enemies and hunting down apcs / suppressing enemy spawns = extra useful recon. So many recon players are pissed that other infantry can kill them at 200-250m ranges with SA rifles / bolt-actions, while not realising that the prone and bush wookie camp tactic is a really ineffective, boring and useless way of playing recon. Lot of them are just salty that sometimes they can't have the "sniper heaven" they came here to play the game for... but that's one reason why this class is called Recon and not Sniper / Marksman.
  9. Well im still playing this game too so that tells you about my patience levels
  10. @Sjf0212 So ,lets say that Heavyset 2.0 have been applied... How would you change grenades and their damage over range? Wouldn't you decrease their damage over range slightly? Since players can have less damage reduction by Heavyset? Also im curious how you would balance Assault rifles like STG44 and LMGs like JMG /1919 with this Heavyset 2.0 in mind. I would definitely use the M1 Carbine with the increased damage and lowered magazine even on the cost of increased recoil. Its nice to see that over the years there were so many good topics and now someone is trying to sum them up.
  11. This thread has been up for 3hrs, im pretty sure soon people will get to its end and start conversations (Im still reading)
  12. Champi0n

    Zookabois Crusade

    Shut up and take my rep Kappa
  13. Champi0n


    I want to take the time and thank Reto for actually fixing the tanktraps! THANK YOU RETO ,im serious right now, thanks for the fix on the tanktraps!
  14. Champi0n


    The matchmaking changes, new gamemodes, texture fixes and the replaced new APC for GE are probably the things im looking for in this one. Still not quite sure how these new gamemodes will be triggered in war. Also that quick battle is a gamemode or just a button to slap when you just want a random game?