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  1. Champi0n


    Since nor the Special light-bolt ,nor the wrench bonus for *pilot* is a massive advantage to the player ,they can't really be considered as a pay-to-win aspect. You are just making it look like a big deal. And they aren't "lootboxes" beacuse lootboxes give you a random item from a list, while these will 100% grant you the item that you desire if you buy them. But bundles like these (that reto just put out) have no point since its catered to new players who barely have any credits and veterans won't ever buy these because these don't offer anything new to them. We can drop the "Special wrench" idea if it triggers some, but my whole point got through i hope.
  2. Champi0n


    It was just an example to have some incentive for players to actually buy these bundles. For pilots that 20% repair time is honestly nothing, they repair fast anyways, but paired with an exclusive paintjob it would make an interesting bundle.
  3. Champi0n


    This^ AND If you are to make a discount and a bundle like this, how can you miss an opportunity like: -Making the bundle so it includes a BUNDLE EXCLUSIVE plane skin. (Veterans would at least buy this already expensive bundle that caters to new players but they can't afford it) -Making the bundle include a bundle exclusive repair wrench that repairs internal modules or base structure 25% or 30% faster. -Making the bundle include a Medkit for pilots since they do get hurt from AA guns or HE rounds, even this would have been more useful than a factory standard pistol.
  4. Omg this is happening?! 30min for skirmish and encounters. 6hrs or more for assault maps. Small step for Reto, but a huge leap in HnG history. Why was it so hard? What took so long? x.x
  5. Champi0n

    How to not feel bad for being a new player

    Just get to the Scout II barrel on your semi-auto rifle and you are good to go! Thats all you need to get started.
  6. Champi0n

    STG44 Pure Gameplay

    Well i didnt realise i went into those 3 enemies with only 19 bullets after taking pot shots. Could have been much easier to take them down if i had aimed at head level and held down the trigger, they would have ran into headshots. Thats one of the beauties of recording your gameplay, you can always learn from yourself
  7. Champi0n

    Your gift for Chinese New Year!

    Thanks China!
  8. Champi0n

    STG44 Pure Gameplay

    Glad you like it. Still for me its not good enough yet, but im starting to give up on HnG forest pixelation. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. Champi0n

    PTRD, Maxims and IS-2...

    Brought to you by 1.12! 👌
  10. Champi0n

    Despicable - Montage

    Thanks guys, will try out another editing software for the next video because vegas takes a dump everytime it has to render a mildly complex project. Cheers.
  11. I may or may not have mustered too much kills into this, was a hard song to edit around as well, will do better next time ._. But until then, hope you guys enjoyed
  12. Champi0n


    My main conserns for 2019: -Tweak the damage module on vehicles. Let us oneshot cars and bikes with pzfaust and rockets, let us oneshot APCs with infantry first badge equipped with rockets. Let us oneshot planes with rockets and mid-air bombs. -Plane's damage module needs a complete overhaul, the skybox is way too small for a realistic damagemodule on planes, yet they are still bullet spongy after most modules destroyed. -Vehicle handling also needs tweaking. Waterpasses and mud slows down the vehicles way too much, on-road motorbikes are way too fast tho. Civ-bikes need a HUGE buff, we all loved to use them if had no other option but now its faster on foot. -Terrain contact with planes are way overboard, which makes landing and succesfully taking off too dangerous, a single tap on the wing and the whole plane blows up. -Tanks need to kill tanks in less shots, need I say more? -Bridge side-stairs still have invisible obstacles and tanktrap's hitbox is basicly shaped like a huge 1x2meter box. -Train tracks are still way too dangerous to cross, there is 60% chance of you flipping your car/apc/bike if you try to cross it. -High speed collision with terrain imperfections result in all kinds of shenanigans like: frontflips, backflips, 360 off-the-wall no scope cheesburger double hops (you get the point) -Explosions shouldn't ragdoll vehicles 10-20 meters away, definitely needs to be toned down by ALOT. Regarding the FPS part this is my short list of concern. Also squad-linking should be a priority as soon as possible!