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  1. G43 max dmg sometimes needs 3 shots

    It happens with every semi-auto rifle. Sometimes hitting an arm will cause that, or if the target is further away 150m+
  2. CPU load 100%

    Is there perhaps a render distance command line where we could extend the distance the game renders objects at?
  3. P38 cancer still here I see, so goodbye again!

    Are you seriously using tight grip gold with Johnson or just the badge icon is bugged?
  4. I did it

    H&G endgame achieved, congrats
  5. Heroes & Generals Madness

    I wasn't feeling this one, but the music was crazy for sure
  6. BALANCED-38

    I was talking about 109E4 and not Yak9
  7. BALANCED-38

    Is this legit? No way the 109E-4 has higher top speed in horizontal than the P40, im constantly leaving E-4s behind with P40 in horizontal.
  8. 1.11 Weapon and ammunition configuration values

    The more lexical the better tbh
  9. 1.- Cone-fire 2.-Cone-fire 3.-Cone-fire On a more serious note: 1.-Cone-fire 2.-Constant kill-trades, even in extreme close range. 3.-RTS... hard to get in for new players, even harder to manage for veterans
  10. Updated Development Overview

    Those daily bonuses sound good, as long as they give enough reward so that its worth doing them.
  11. BALANCED-38

    @AdrianVictus Leave me alone I have nothing to do with this conversation and don't talk in my name Im not "pro" pilot im just decent
  12. Umm, nothing at all? Their resources wouldn't be merged in one pool, only in staged they would be allowed to fight in the same battle with different resources. Just like what Reto did to medium and heavy tanks not too long ago. Edit: didnt see that it got answered by Jmj sry
  13. Add Bombers

    Reto has said that to a lot of things. I bet ground-support fighters will be enough of a headache - bombers have no place in HnG.