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  1. Champi0n

    smg assault ribbon

    Also use Ribbon booster if you can afford it, i think its worth the money.
  2. Champi0n


    Yet you can take out tanks with 2 mines faster than a heavyfighter can with 2x 250kg bomb and rain of 20mm shells. That aside, there is no need for bombsight in the game, its really easy to master divebombing. The only thing vehicles need is damage system adjustments so that you can kill planes, tanks (any vehicle at this point) faster.
  3. Champi0n

    US player using ppsh

    Now I regret not buying them, If only I knew how much salt it can farm years later. But back then I barely had enough money to keep repairing my OHK infantry sniper
  4. Champi0n

    MG 34 or MG 42 and mods to them

    This is how I personally use them:
  5. Champi0n

    The case for tanker protected 3PV.

    Its been said in 2014 till nowadays, the whole armor update could have been skipped with 3rd person view given to tankers. Without all this "work around". Lot of resources wasted on an update that could have been solved with minor additions. I really hope some day I will be able to enjoy dogfighting again and tanking, because currently its just a matter of which vehicle has bigger HP pool or who reloads faster...
  6. Champi0n


    If only you could say what it might involve, its okay if its not certain, just throw us a bone.
  7. Champi0n


    Well I would play again if they would adjust the infantry - tank relation, and im curious to see some changes gameplay wise so speak for yourself
  8. Champi0n


    Reto.JM and you have mentioned this major update coming in December. Is it public what that build is going to involve? Im assuming the new castle encounter map and the recoil animation change are part of it, can you share with us what else is going to come with that update?
  9. Champi0n

    Why now tanks have so much HP?

    I would be more happy if the tanks could kill eachother with 2-4 hits, so noob fights like now in Factory map dont happen or at least they dont last long. (when 5v5 tanks spamming rounds at each other face to face) Maybe infantry could take 4 and at MAX 5 xH3 to kill a heavy tank. Bazooka/Schrek should be more effective against lightly armored targets, like killing cars with 1 shot again. Killing apcs in 2 shot again. Honestly If it takes more than 4 shots to kill a lighttank with rocketlaunchers then its not even worth it. Either way this or lower the cost of AT weapons since we need 4 times as much explosives to kill them.
  10. Champi0n


    You are taking it a little too far, they probably got a dismissal payment even if the time wasn't around Christmas, I'm sure those said talented developers will easily find a job. We shouldn't take it to a personal level. As far as game development, Im sure with this change the studio will be able to keep this slow development rate up for longer. If the company itself isn't in high debt ,then there is always a way to improve and get out of this slow progress rate.
  11. Champi0n


    Good find. If it's true, it's nice to see to see at least those Retos are still around. Most of the guys on that list I met and they are super passionate and intelligent about this game. I think those are just articles, the actual staff member page hasn't been updated since it lists more than 30 employees. RedBjarne is there, you just probably didn't find him.
  12. Champi0n


    I think its time for a Devstream to bring some light to everyone on what is exactly happening in the works and in the studio.
  13. Hard cap on tankers and pilots or make them actually killable without 1000kg TNT needed. ty
  14. Champi0n

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    I can hear this GIF
  15. Champi0n

    Headshot only germans are back and much more

    Yeah GERMAN infantry hitbox. The netcode of this game is as good as this topic you made. On his screen he probably already turned around, but on your screen he is still facing backwards... nothing new to see here just packetloss and connection issues is all.