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  1. Thank god I managed to play 2 games before protoserver died. Any news about Reto extending the giveaway for those who couldn't play? Also when is the drawing for the winners?
  2. May the RnJesus be with you 💯 Since when do we have this many emotes on forum? 😂
  3. Thanks ,Its practise really. Make sure to use classic controls and practise on how to lead your targets at different distances. @ShotsFiredHD has a good collection of tricks and tips videos on youtube, im just a showman
  4. For update 1.12? (not really looking forward to it) Well I upload videos monthly ,so stating this is my last video till its release is about right Unless they have postponed it to November.
  5. Champi0n

    Aircraft problem

    Shoot the pilot not the plane. Nothing is easier than killing a plane in a headon with AA gun. That said, AA guns and planes need a rework, just not the kind that Reto is making right now.
  6. Champi0n

    M1M2 Mods

    I mean if you want to run it low cost, just use it stock. If you want to use it in war and still have it cost effective then use it with max rpm mods+ a sight. But this gun isnt really one that I would use when I want to save up. A stock 1919 is 10 times more cost effective.
  7. Champi0n

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    No. Your vehicle is expanded and stays on the field till you spawn back, which after an undeploy it takes a lot of time.
  8. Champi0n

    How to have a better aim?

    ^yep Always have your gun "hip-fire -ready" or "aim-ready" after you have sprinted. The soldier tends to take the gun into resting position after you have sprinted or stood still for a while.
  9. Champi0n

    How to have a better aim?

    For headshot practice I advice you to use: US: Thompson GE: MP40/STG44 SU: PPS43 These guns I feel like are competitive at going for headshots and somewhat reliable. You can actually control your headshots. But ofc you can practice your headshot aim with non-automatic guns as well. I find scoped SA-rifles suitable for this.
  10. Champi0n

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    What Im most happy about is that they fixed the plane suicide meta I noticed on protoserver that I get the assist/kill for both the pilot and the plane when its suiciding ^^ Lovely ,thanks Reto ❤️
  11. Champi0n

    STG44 Frag by Champy

    @Jacky95 Gotcha at 1:00 GGs
  12. Squad member and leader ribbons now give you and your squad additional % of XP. the most XP bonus we could muster out of this is 223%. It matters if you as the squad leader have your ribbons maxed and it matters if your squad memeber's ribbons are maxed. Basicly the more players have maxed out squad ribbons the more XP your squad gets, I really like this addition. 100% (vet membership) + 123% (squad upgrade points)=223% But Im sure you can get even more XP bonus out of this since Eagle didn't have his ribbons maxed out.