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  1. New sounds for familiar weapons

    These sounds okay are not bad but i don't care and many of us if this shirt affects fps..... it was okay before this update.. it takes our joy:( Thumbs down reto.
  2. German Loadout Thread

    Naaw green pea best
  3. GE's biggest problem

    This topic wont change any of that. People are always like that everywhere in every community.. Thers critics everywhere, we all different, some moan some nope.. this discussion is for me another moan.. hundreds like these (sry4myeng).
  4. Artillery and selling items!

    And do what? 😀 Lift those shells 💪
  5. Artillery and selling items!

    Bring in the mighty 88
  6. Double xp weekend events

    Sure why not, once half a year😂
  7. APC

    Hey, i heard a idea which i really support, its very simple. How about we get a choice either we let spawn people on our apc or not.. Just like the mg system. Ive been witnessing lately too that people spawn into town when there is no1 at objectives we need before town, sometimes these apcs needs to be placed early deep into town but people are already using it too soon. Sry for my english. Opinions?
  8. Sturm Elite channel

    Nice=)) I wish my game runs smooth like this
  9. I don't desire no equipment i have already everything i need and like. That was my personal opinion and those are my choses. But in the view of improving the game by more equipment i see your point.
  10. Spaghettis, no Fins, yes. Japs, okay. Edit: Nothings against Italians as people.
  11. Basis of this game is infantry thats why they don't work on tanks. I think they won't make tanks any stronger or otherwise harder to kill for infantry. Still in some games u can be pain in butt w/ tank in current system
  12. Eazy there are more nuts about balance between factions, let it be😁
  13. Preffered gun?

    STG in any situatsion w/ kurzpatrone only, no other mods i use
  14. German faction problem

    The day when we win war will mean us something, i think it will be hard deserved and sweet😀. Problem with guns, i dont see it tho. But there are little advantages in some guns Second point is that we have to be little underpowered bcz otherwise we would grow too strong😂
  15. We are talking about ger players if someone doesnt get it😄 Players: - ArnisLTU Squads: - MadSkillz Lot more there i respect. Give ur credit