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  1. Your overall K/D

    smells like bushcamping:D
  2. have a sunny day friends

    oh you snake
  3. War Map rotation

    Each war rotate starting cities, pointed that out long ago. Sure it will give new experience! Thats what we need and want.
  4. Your overall K/D

    I consider KDR 1-1.3 weak 1.4-1.5good 1.6+ pro another question is that player match win oriented or just a noob camper
  5. Thanks

    Hey all, slowly on summer-mode, wanted to thank you all humble ones for the awsome company thru latest months. Wont find time for hg at this time(like some1 caree lul). Still thanks. love the cocky ones.
  6. WAR WIN 30.03.18

    Nah we totally understand the main cause for win was the good timing @ easterholidays2018.. Without the activity advantage we are doomed most likely. Anyways 2 wins a row.. We are good for a while now.
  7. WAR WIN 30.03.18

    Agree. Not the whiner but it amuses me that good soviet players/teams use alts, not always, but they do and with absolute cancerlous. @BLCKYEEZUS Should know.
  8. WAR WIN 30.03.18

    That means you and @GaiusBaltar must stick to GE. Hungry for the win. Real orgasm.
  9. WAR WIN 30.03.18

    Hey. Im flattered lol. The advance was fast im wondering what was the key factors on winning the war?
  10. FG42 GE dream weapon?

    Sounds utopic. I really think its so much more(for win) than a gun so how OP FG can be tell me pls
  11. Tank Chats #47 King Tiger | The Tank Museum ...

    Intresting new facts, like the porche turret myth. Attractive tank, also in game.
  12. FG42 GE dream weapon?

    Hate those stock sight like FG or johnson. Blocks so much view.
  13. This is Why Germany Loses the War

    This is so common..