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  1. Enabling console

    Here if anyone needs a tutorial
  2. Buff STG

    I don't think it needs a buff: + its good on close and medium ranges + its the only AR with 30 ammo magazine (Johnson, AVS, Stg)
  3. Test New Vehicle Handling On Prototype

    How long is this prototype open? I want to test all the vehicles and make a video about handling for all of them. But sadly I am not at home troughout the weekend Will I have time to test them? @Reto.Robotron3000
  4. Town D4 Capturing Bug

    If you are in D4 and an enemy player is on AA which means 1vs1, it shows you 1vs0 (because AA guy is not counted as the player in the zone, but its also impossible to capture even if it says 1vs0 and you can obviously know where the enemy player is because of the bug)
  5. If this is a feature than its really a bad one, if not its a bug.
  6. Make capture areas larger.

    Normally when I play I am the only one trying to cap the objective and searching for 1 or being outnumbered by 3 guys in large cap zone is frustrating, because if there is 1 - I am searching for him like an barista. If there is more of them they normally camp and wait and quess what, I am again the one who is searching, so having a bigger zones really is not something I would like... Big capture zones work for the Encounter because there is only 1 zone, but on large map it just wouldn't make any sense (my opinion)
  7. Make capture areas larger.

    Now imagine searching for 1 guy for hours because of the size...
  8. Is there any possibility that we will get Competitive gamemodes? Something like: 1. S&D MAPS: Encounter maps MODE: Search & Destroy TEAMS: 5vs5 (Infantry only) RULES + Winner: First to win 3 rounds + Lenght of a round: 3min + Respawn: After each round + Vehicles not avaible OBJECTIVE Attackers: Plant a bomb on A or B (Blitz truck with supplies) or eliminate enemy team Defenders: Defend and prevent Attacking team from planting a bomb or eliminate enemy team. 2. CTF MAPS: Encounter maps MODE: Capture the Flag TEAMS: 7vs7 (Infantry only) RULES + Winner: First to capture 3 flags + Lenght of a game: 10min + Respawn: After you die + Vehicles avaible (cars, motorbikes, civilian vehicles) OBJECTIVE Team A and B Take the enemy flag and carry it to your base. 3. DOM MAPS: Skirmish maps MODE: Domination TEAMS: 12vs12 (limited classes 2x tanks, 1x recon, 2x paras, 7 infantry) RULES + Winner: First to hold flags to get combined 1200points (Holding 1 flag gives you 1point every 1sec, holding 2 flags gives you 2points every 1sec, Holding 3 flags gives you 3points every 1sec) + Lenght of a game: max 20min + Respawn: After you die + Vehicles avaible (all except planes-pilot) OBJECTIVE Team A and B Hold flags and gain points faster than enemy team. Why? This would encourage: + Teamwork + Tactics + Clans + Leagues in the game This can help grow: + Community + Game overall + Game on competitive point of view
  9. Soviet Recon Fragmovie #1

    Thanks mate!
  10. When will we get new update?

    np mate just listed a fact
  11. When will we get new update?

    I know about that, but the question was when
  12. When will we get new update?

    Featuring something like: vehicles, weapons or maps?
  13. Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    Make a new series called Weekly look into H&G headquarters! (H&G weekly news) (something like IGN daily fix but a bit longer maybe 5-15minutes) - show us what you're working on - maybe some behind the scenes videos - show us some great ideas from community and disscus about them (for instance: RadicalEdward2 - map ideas) + what should be changed in order to make it game qualified + is it possible to create something like this in the game - tell us some stories, things that happend on this day/week in 1939-1945 - show us image leaks for new stuff (vehicles, maps, weapons,...) + discuss about the thing (tell us why you choose that) - show us some fan created things: videos, pictures, stories, ideas, clips (like the knife kill you published on the site)