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  1. Submit your video!

    Something like this (not final version, I made this just to show you how I imagine it ) - Your favourite faction + soldier class - Your ingame name - Your YT or Twitch channel (optional)
  2. Submit your video!

    I will that is why I ask about your favourite faction and class, so I can make your ''character head'' as your head and add your name with it and optionally i can mention your yt channel name with it
  3. From now on you guys can submit your videos in 4 different categories! more info here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf4r9zw9wa4ybtv8dQqbXQcCloOV0TtV4xh3zp_l3yOwpKqkw/viewform My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2pEL6vvXkDFSCEhGTiHWDQ
  4. Battle Highlights (things you might want to see) 0:02 - Weapon modification + Soldier loadout 1:48 - Jump to remember 2:25 - When Ted dies part 1 3:08 - This water thing FFS 3:36 - 1vs4 02 battle 4:20 - When Ted stucks 6:28 - Crazy Panzerfaust guy 7:06 - This recon almost killed me 7:54 - Longest gun fight in the History of Ted (teammate ruins it) 8:18 - When Ted dies part 2 8:40 - I don't know how to press E guy 10:40 - Random HS 11:50 - How to waste grenades/credits 12:35 - Grenade spammer/camper 12:48 - Grenade spammer/camper kills me because teammate helps him get me When Ted dies part 3 13:48 - Battle report: credits, repairs, score,... I hope you enjoyed new series and I hope I'll see you in the next one
  5. New MONTAGE - FG42 and PPSH

    we have different opnions, I would go with PPSH - unlimited ammo
  6. New MONTAGE - FG42 and PPSH

    I wrote for CLOSE COMBAT comparing to PPSH on close range
  7. New MONTAGE - FG42 and PPSH

    PPSH is far from bad gun and FG42 its not so good for close combat since you have only 20 ammo
  8. Here it is THE WEEKLY VIDEO this time featuring 2 paratroopers, FG42 and PPSH enjoy!
  9. Ways to Fix Mountain Town Assault (images and notes included)

    My opinion of Mountain Town O2 is: Spawn is way to close to the capture zone its like 5vs2 and suddenly 5vs7
  10. My opinion is that is not worth playing war if you are not in Squad with friends or in a clan. So I prefer staged since I play alone most of the time + more battles On the other hand if you dont like my vids you can always dislike + you dont need to watch it if you dont like it. I am making videos because I like playing the game.