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  1. Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    Make a new series called Weekly look into H&G headquarters! (H&G weekly news) (something like IGN daily fix but a bit longer maybe 5-15minutes) - show us what you're working on - maybe some behind the scenes videos - show us some great ideas from community and disscus about them (for instance: RadicalEdward2 - map ideas) + what should be changed in order to make it game qualified + is it possible to create something like this in the game - tell us some stories, things that happend on this day in 1939-1945 - show us image leaks for new stuff (vehicles, maps, weapons,...) + discuss about the thing (tell us why you choose that) - show us some fan created things: videos, pictures, stories, ideas, clips (like the knife kill you published on the site)
  2. THIS IS THE PART 1 AND CURRENTLY YOU HAVE 4 PARTS ON MY CHANNEL! (under the comment section you'll find the battle highlights) In this new episodes you'll see my tactics, weapon modifications, mistakes, funny moments, killstreaks,... to be short. You will see all the randomness that happens to me in the battles! Hope you'll enjoy this new episodes. Feel free to comment: new suggestions, questions, .... Battle Highlights (things you might want to see) 0:02 - Weapon modification + Soldier loadout 1:48 - Jump to remember 2:25 - When Ted dies part 1 3:08 - This water thing FFS 3:36 - 1vs4 02 battle 4:20 - When Ted stucks 6:28 - Crazy Panzerfaust guy 7:06 - This recon almost killed me 7:54 - Longest gun fight in the History of Ted (teammate ruins it) 8:18 - When Ted dies part 2 8:40 - I don't know how to press E guy 10:40 - Random HS 11:50 - How to waste grenades/credits 12:35 - Grenade spammer/camper 12:48 - Grenade spammer/camper kills me because teammate helps him get me When Ted dies part 3 13:48 - Battle report: credits, repairs, score,...
  3. Squad - Needed fix

    @Reto.Circinus Yeah 1 problem gets solved but other persists... Playing paratrooper is hopeless and pointless if you dont have any decent pilots in team. You'll spawn in new plane but 5 sec later fighter comes and destroys para plane, and this just keeps going untill you quit since you can't do a shi* about it. Therefore paratroopers might need a new deploy system, since the para planes are easy targets for pilots and sadly this can make para class unplayable
  4. This is a story which was written for one of the RBS challenges and I really enjoyed writing it and I am sure some of you didn't saw it. So I thought why wouldn't I share it again to see some of your thoughts on this Hope you guys like it! In advance: I apologise for my spelling mistakes @Reto.RedBjarne
  5. Squad - Needed fix

    We've all been there ... You join a game with lvl10 Paratrooper and you have infantry as aux. seat. But when you join the fight you get assigned to the other Squad where no one is lvl 6. You can't change to infantry because of that... But your para planes are getting rap** by fighters and you can't even spawn in the plane since you will live for like 5 seconds. If only I could be the Squad leader to change to infantry ... Sadly the rest of the match is unplayable.
  6. Factory Map Revision (Adding 2 new attacklines)

    @Reto.Desji Good work on the map, can't wait for more awesome updates from your side. Keep up the awesome job!

    @SilvaRodrigo Thanks for adding me! You've done a good job and it takes a lot of time to make post like this. So I want to thank you for doing this for us youtubers and for players who watch us.
  8. Rifle scope / Binocular lens reflection

    This ''glare thingy'' ruins the Battlefield series for me why would you want to ruin H&G (my opinion)
  9. Development Overview is now public

    Step in the right direction! I really appreciate you guys decided to share this informations with us, I lost passion for the game 2 months ago and seeing what you guys are working on really made me wanna play again so cheers to that!
  10. Submit your video!

    Something like this (not final version, I made this just to show you how I imagine it ) - Your favourite faction + soldier class - Your ingame name - Your YT or Twitch channel (optional)
  11. Submit your video!

    I will that is why I ask about your favourite faction and class, so I can make your ''character head'' as your head and add your name with it and optionally i can mention your yt channel name with it
  12. From now on you guys can submit your videos in 4 different categories! more info here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf4r9zw9wa4ybtv8dQqbXQcCloOV0TtV4xh3zp_l3yOwpKqkw/viewform My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2pEL6vvXkDFSCEhGTiHWDQ