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  1. Soviet Pride - AVS and T-70 Gameplay

    Thick frontal armor
  2. moon, when will you upload new video?
  3. yeah, it says in the start of the video
  4. Soliders on Menu

    Yeah I would like that too, it would be a small change but a good one
  5. GOLD for Giveaway

    yeah, I'll buy 14-day veteran for them trough the steam thanks for the help guys!
  6. GOLD for Giveaway

    well fuc* , I just wanted to reward my subs for supporting me...
  7. This is how it works in BF and thats why I dont like the idea: you shoot one guy, he gets into the cover while he is wounded and then squad mates can spawn on him since he is not under fire. Then you rush him because you want to finish him and suddenly there are 2 guys who spawned on him and waiting for you to come, then you're totally fuc***
  8. GOLD for Giveaway

    If I buy the gold on H&G site. Do I get a voucher or do I get gold directly to the account? I want to buy gold for the giveaway not for myself (that's why is important)
  9. just no please, played BF and this shirt can ruin the game...
  10. M1903 No Scope - Slow Motion

    Thanks mate
  11. Will you guys consider removing heavy set and flat jacket, is making game unbalanced. How? Just imagine game 10 vs 10 1st team is using heavy sets/flat jackets and 2nd is not, now imagine the results.