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  1. - I play recon in attacking way, I play objective with it. Just get the smaller scope and you're good to go XD - I really like the concept of paras, too bad they're so expensive... - Holding breath function would be awesome - 1) Yeah but it happens quite alot you get shot down at the edge of the map... - 2) would be awesome tho - 4) true - 5) you never know
  2. - Sway is a good function, its realistic, but as the drhoops said: holding breath function should be added specific to recons. - I maybe get problems with servers once in 50 matches, I dont see this as a problem. - I agree about the heavy set... its an annoying thing, shouldn't even be a thing in my opinion - Agree that they are not really objective oriented, that is why I wrote down my suggestions, to disccuss what community has in mind for improvements
  3. Well I saw you guys are working on tweaking recons and paras with equipment points, but is that really enough? Here are some ideas to make recons and paras more usefull and used in the war. These are only suggestions, some might be good and some not, I hope we find atleast 2 things for improving this classes. Its sad that we don't really see these two awesome classes in war modes. RECONS 1. Infantry snipers should be nerfed a bit, there really is not a lot of advantages to play as recon. 2. Recons could get some XP for marking targets. (More XP for tanks and APCs) - this would also encourage use of the binoculars. 3. Hitting/killing an enemy near the capture area could also bring some attacking or defending XP. 4. More XP on a kill when shooting an enemy sniper (counter-sniping bonus) 5. Recon vehicle could work like somekind of radar for spotting enemy troops inside 25m radious for 3 seconds (by the press of the button, afterwards needs to recharge) or maybe it could work as and APC for recons only. PARATROOPERS 1. As I mentioned once, paratroopers could have somekind of foldable scooter or bicycle for when they must abort the plane in the middle of nowhere. 2. Paras could have silenced pistols and SMGs or atleast a class specific gun. 3. Bonus XP for when you jump on a point and Capture it (this would encourage objective play) 4. Para planes could be spawned with MGs so the paras can protect the plane. 5. Paras could have an option to spawn with a glider hooked to a paraplane, so when you have a direction you can dettach yourself, fly and land near the point.
  4. Ted.The.Bear

    500 Gold giveaway FUNTAGE

    Hmmm 😅 maybe 👀
  5. Ted.The.Bear

    500 Gold giveaway FUNTAGE

    - I understand you have concerns about giveaway scams, but my audience knows I am not a scammer, I've already done few giveaways in the past... I would not scam people, because I know how much work I put into the channel. - About flexing.... There is always one dude that says something like that. I play as a German (yeah germans are OP other factions suck). When I play as a Soviet (yeah you play against "bots" not people). When I play as US (yeah that is because you have high fps and low ping).... Its always something 🤷🏼‍♂️😂😂 I started playing in 2014-15.... And I've played every single faction for almost the same amount of time,...the amount of time I played with low tier weapons and how I always played objective.... and all I can say is, you can be good with every single weapon and any faction in the game, its all about tactics and style of play. (+ I've never played in clans, I was either playing alone or with my brother). So for me here is no underdog faction, every battle depends on amount of teamplay and resources. - Thanks for the critisism. I spent a lot of hours editing, its not easy, but I am trying to improve every time I upload.
  6. Ted.The.Bear

    500 Gold giveaway FUNTAGE

    Contact me, I would like to give you second 500 gold code for standing up for me and if you'll be interested (since I saw you have a YT channel) we can collab in the future. It truly is a tough community huh XD
  7. Ted.The.Bear

    500 Gold giveaway FUNTAGE

    1. I am not a scammer (you found a code as you said) 2. turn your brightness on I test my videos on 2 different monitors and a phone, it can't be that bad + you're the 1st guy that said that. 3. Yes I used a clip twice, because before the intro rolls in I give you a preview of what kind of video awaits fo you after the intro (so you can decide if its for you) 4. I would really like to see you do the videos, since you are such a perfect person 5. SU noobs? I was playing a war as everyone else does and this literally the first video with Sturmgewehr 6. Next time, think before posting anything
  8. First to find it keeps it! Read description of the video or the comment section or simply just watch the pure gameplay episode #2.
  9. Back in the day when Kotton was playing H&G I had this encounter with him... that I will never forget
  10. Ted.The.Bear

    3 ww2 TANK movies you should see

    Mate you should watch the second one, you'll be impressed. Really awesome movie, I watched it yesterday, it inspired this video.
  11. Video is new, clips are old. I have plenty of them, I played a lot back then since I had a lot of time. Nowadays I play less.
  12. You can just scroll past the post if you don't like it, you know?
  13. Ted.The.Bear

    Does anyone miss this old update videos from Reto?

    Do you have any links? 🤔