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  1. I think they done a great job, could be slightly better but its good
  2. I have more than 500 hours now , and I always turn off factory
  3. Since the challenge is over, I am leaving my story here hope you guys like it
  4. Dude you impressed me, never played h&g in pre-alpha and alpha stages but you made some really great points and I think they should add/improve everything listed. It would bring more war atmosphere and it would feel more realistic and also I love compass think
  5. New video is online, enjoy!
  6. Entry for Epic category, links to songs used in video are in descriptions (downloaded from non-copyrighted channels)
  7. New Recon video!
  8. ''New video'' Great moments with starter rifle!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDrxaXWuZAA
  9. Appreciate it!
  10. Thanks man
  11. Say what?
  12. Funny moments