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    [4UM GAME] Am i known on the forums?

    not well known , never seen ingame, maybe its because ... This is also when you Timmy 😭
  2. Dear Dr. Gaius Baltar, everyday i meet numerous people in game that have the "git gut" , the "l2p, "you just bad" and the "there are only few cheaters in this game" sickness. Everytime I am sorry about those individuals and over the times because they are so many I have developed a helper syndrome. My biggest wish now is that I somehow can bring them to the theraphy and help them to cure this horrible illnesses I am sure for many its already chronical and too late for a healing but with your professional help maybe it can be at least slowed down. How could I motivate them to come to you and get your professional help ? Greetings, Timothy P. Upham 2nd Rangers Battalion, Company C
  3. Cpl_Timothy_P_Upham

    Hacker? Bug? German Bias Confirmed?

    Clearly an overshoot because of wrong range setting, the range to the target is a bit under 100 m (80m is my estimation), while your optics are set to 200m and you aim on spot meaning your shoot just overshoots especially in tanks with their heavy projectiles the ballistic curve is much more arced compared to a rifle . conclusion: The broplem is clearly the gunner not the program. Why i'm sure? Simple: Because i was a sniper in real life for over 20 years .
  4. WOW so precise, and i am impressed about your knowledge who are Over Skilled Bullies, i am happy there are more people with the same intuitive skills like mine.
  5. i ❤️ how this thread starts to escalate , maybe we can trigger some more Over Skilled Bullies and this thread becomes a real salt mine !
  6. Wrong, i block those that use cheats and those that i noticed are too naive to have a proper conversation with me.
  7. Well if you want to really know it very precise , thi s describles my actual feelz pretty accurate.
  8. Cpl_Timothy_P_Upham

    People dont hate the update

    The most delusional feature in this "update" is that you now can damage armor plates with handguns.
  9. Yes it would be great when people like you just go , this would lower the salt piles significantly.
  10. Cpl_Timothy_P_Upham

    Time to merge SU?

    yeh yeh, the salt is very obvious and real in this one, you should see it playing , salt wherever it walks
  11. When the Over Skilled Bullies try so hard but not even do constant 3/1 kd rates because the competition is overwhelming , there are so many many many other Over Skilled Bullies on each faction.
  12. Cpl_Timothy_P_Upham

    Re-Introducing the Gaius Scope (TM)

    This is magnificent!!! You can obeye how the over skilled bullys do the hard work while you sit and chill in flower fields. This is amazing, its like "woke up, still King". This remembers me when i was in Normandy in 1944. Thanks for this one. Regards, Timmy
  13. Cpl_Timothy_P_Upham

    Test Release Candidate 2 of update 1.12 NOW and win prizes!

    cant login always says wrong password , do we need an extra account?
  14. i started to git bad and it works perfectly. 13/5 with scoped bolt last round only camping in farn bushes (those not removed by the graphic glitches everyone is using) I'm really really bad and i am proud of it, next round i try to roll over 1 enemy with a bicycle, its my only real goal
  15. Cpl_Timothy_P_Upham

    players reporting players for cheating

    you guys have no idea, you need 1 minute search on youtube to know what the truth is. Edit: lol @ "probably right"
  16. Cpl_Timothy_P_Upham

    Let's talk about Battlefield V

    yeah thats true, while i dont care about this i agree, What i am really care is that there is no cheater on PS4 or Xbox One thats the major reason why i switched to console and together with the official TAC4 pro mouse/keyboard device licensed from SONY my PS4 plays like a PC, another great fact about console gaming is that the playing field is much more level than PC can ever be , together with the impossibility to cheat on console (you need 20 milliard years to break RSA and sign your code) console has a huge advantage over PC from a legit players point of view. As all things this has positive and negative effects but i perefer to swallow few negative effects over playing in games where every 2nd player is a over skilled bully.
  17. Cpl_Timothy_P_Upham

    Let's talk about Battlefield V

    i personally know 3 people in real life that switched from PC to console (like myself) whenever possible, this means when a game exists for PC and console we buy and play the console version and in some cases the PC version ,which i will do with Mount and Blade Bannerload and Enlisted, just to refresh and confirm the fact that PC is simply PC cheater race, i never seen a cheater on PS4 or Xbox One and you can be sure i am very very sensitive to this. However, i think PC gaming continues decimating significantly over the next 2 decades, also because of the tendency for streamed gaming (see Playstation Now) PC gaming will decimate until only a bunch of tryhards and noob devs are left that try hard to make each other belive "its all skill", "its just a good player, you need to get guter" while everyone with a finished education better than F knows that this is nonsense.
  18. Cpl_Timothy_P_Upham

    SU needs new leadership

    I would instagiveup when people would call me a whale ... On the other hand to come to the topic... the SU are almost all Overpowered Bullies , they can win every war if they really want, they always have more Over Skilled Bullies than any other faction, i even think, that the reason they lose so many wars atm is because most of them dont play or only ocassionaly here and there because they already so boredomed from Bulling so Over Skilled all day.
  19. Cpl_Timothy_P_Upham

    Let's talk about Battlefield V

    its rather PC cheater race : -) And yes consoles are heavily used these days, for example the Battlefield 1 console version had at its top times 250k ( ! ) daily individual console players but the PC version only 30k PC players , this quantity ratios apply in general to all games where a console and a PC version exists. Who is good now?
  20. Cpl_Timothy_P_Upham

    Time to merge SU?

    i knew them all but Fog of War, but somehow i think you can't compare those with H&G, the MMO kind of thing H&G has makes it stand out a bit, wwiionline comes closest to H&G imo, anyway a good competitor would change things drastically. Edit: Enlisted could be epic, we will see... The fact that the developer of Enlisted has a "pro-console" attitude makes me happy and if it comes to PS4 or Xbox One I will play it 100%
  21. The "git bad" idea is perfect, i will start to be a recon only or use scoped bolt, RETO should implement some minigames mushroom collection in woods prefered or some basic farming system like watermelons or such. What else can you do with so many Over Skilled Bullies?
  22. Cpl_Timothy_P_Upham

    Time to merge SU?

    Can you list them please ? That would be amazing!
  23. Cpl_Timothy_P_Upham

    Time to merge SU?

    Yes thats a good idea, and then bring finally France(Allies), Finland,and Croatia (Axis) , simply said, the countrys the map is playing on should be there, because logic . Edit: but most importantly fix the matchmaker so it puts overpowered bullies together whenever possible and in best case remove the ability to select a battle by hand to prevent the overpowered bullies to join battles as they wish and bulling normal players, the removal of the free selection of the battle would also give another touch of Roleplay (random faith) and would for sure relief the whole queing and battle making processs.
  24. Cpl_Timothy_P_Upham

    How did they see you to get that kill?

    This "AIDS mode" still works, there is a video from only barely a week ago on YT showing the same , no wonder there are so much "git gut" people in every round.... I can not link the video , you know it but its the same thing.