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  1. leave vehicle bug

    It did even before. Thing is that some bugs are not easy to deal with. And that RETO can have focused certain group developers in some area and others developers for other area... in this example for example....developers which are making new stuff made planes...and other gruop might be still working on bugs and new features (for example new code of RTS)
  2. leave vehicle bug

    New planes are okay....dunno, why would you lead discusion that way...
  3. What comes with Store Recon Soldier? Is it playable?

    First question would be for which faction you want to snipe? If is it SU or GE i would suggest to stick with regular infantry and unlock scope there. (you will have more equipment points, and you dont need special sources nor aux. seat.) If is it US you still can do the same, but for longer range i would go for Recon, as US infantry scopes are 2x. Another thing is that you will mostly need 2 hits anyway for enemy as most of them have Heavy set + sometimes wierd magic. So might be better to stick with scoped semi-auto rifle. If you want go rly for sniping, you need to shoot from 200-250m+....to get real nice exp. What is kinda okay with infantry scopes for GE/SU but as mentioned, not so good for US. All around Recon now, is not that much worh it. Currently Infantry can do same. Not to mention you will get hunted down anyway (even, if you have camo badge - ppl will hear and see the indicator), so you need to move often = you end up out of good sniping range = no exp. Recon in game is only good in current meta for driving Armored recon car and for its managing (smg + wrench).
  4. The Return Of Total Reputation Points!

    @GermanSoldier only 40k left
  5. camping tanks and madic

    tanks in 2017 ?? ...please.... 1. revive tool... <- i rly dont think so....not good idea at all 2. Medic helmet <- lets hope for skins (but still, everyone would be medic as everyone has in 99% cases atleast small medkit) 3. dont heal them then.. actualy in most combats, some tank comanders were peeking out of copula.....but IRL and game scenario is rly different in this case....as in game comander would get sniped in 0,5 nanosec. after peeking.
  6. Add British Subfaction!!

    As rant person and forum warrior i love search option of this forum. But overall ye, its about the time to add Brits atleast as sub-faction. Some datas could be used and merged from here.
  7. -> https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/forum/39-russian-русский/
  8. The Return Of Total Reputation Points!

    you actualy can suck it whole
  9. LMG Leaderboards

    But i like how 1919 has bad sights, Johny need buff and DP is worse then Mg34 ....and yet....
  10. @SirHeresy yup, that might be way to go...
  11. LMG Leaderboards

    Yup, as Woody said. Though its interesting to not see more GE there
  12. everyone does...i think there was some discusion about it somwhere....maybe even mention on devstream.
  13. Maintenance

    Feel for you. Though im not exactly beer person, but im quite picky for beers, if it comes to it xD.
  14. Maintenance

    Actualy think, that most of Europe see Murica beer like that. Poor muricans, are drinking a colored water whole time.
  15. Afonso's Cartoon Corner [H&G Cartoons]

    It does not.....smoke is simply sometimes there and sometimes not. Maybe it has something to do with weather preset, or whatever reason.