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  1. Fegaris

    reto plz read this

    gosh, could you atleast make it readable ? Talking potatoes about optimalization is nice as i agree.... but could you actualy yourself optimalize yout text ?
  2. Fegaris


    i consider my PC medium and i would be optimistic for 2 years ago Ryzen 5 2600x 3,8Ghz rn 16GB 3200 rn, dont have nerves to play with Voltage for 3666 M2 SSD RX 590 Spahire - 8GB, 1500 - 1800..... I give it like 1-2 years and will have to switch Better PC to be frank if you will be craetive, you can actualy build nice ones for 800-1k Euro
  3. Fegaris

    New technologies and gaming communities

    there is huge difference between Discord and Forum if i consider past forums, it used to be actualy nice place for collecting alot of information about WWII aswell as for great suggestions and here and there chit chat DIscord on other hand is more like public talking, suggestions are over-spammed and mostly potatoes...since even players with 1 hour play time will tell you nerf this/that/those .... etc. I am not saying suggestions on Discord are all bad, but overall are more collected, reasonable (from past 2014-2016), and well introduced and described on Forum. On Discord its rush rush rush rush So for suggestions 100% forum For talks Discord.... ezy ....
  4. Fegaris

    Sniper Rifles

    Well, thre is overall big difference between wanna be zaytsevs and actualy player, who knows, when you can be useful as recon...mostly its in recon vehicles, but rarely even with rifle.... sadly its alot of conditional for that....and since there is also alot of zaytsevs...... = conditions are never met for good players as good recons to actualy play recons Also BAs actualy might deserve bit of love....int terms of precision, already behind SAs
  5. Fegaris

    AA guns

    i mean APCs overall are another topic, we all know, how it is with them in war and plebs and pleb trucks...and spawning on those...how it can be OP with clannies and how it can be drawback with plebs... etc. etc. but ye....mobile AA should be separate type of ATs
  6. Fegaris

    AA guns

    well thats topic itself tho...
  7. Fegaris

    AA guns

    only, what could come to my mind as some kind of limitation of AAs, is to not respawn stationary AAs. I mean equip the AA truck, use the AT rifles, if you wanna destroy planes. PPL will actualy use AA trucks, if there is reason to it
  8. Nothing new, was having already several posts about this. Hopefuly it will get adressed soonish :3333
  9. Fegaris

    many esp and radar hacks

    ......since 2014, if i met like 3-5 cheaters...that would it guys......and i cant be sure even about those cure your paranoia
  10. Fegaris

    Very poor connection

    thats bcuz ppl with same provider within your area actualy play the games, watch movies etc.
  11. Fegaris

    its alive and well

    me neither DW xDDDD
  12. Fegaris

    New Social Emote?

    is this a fortnite ? NO !
  13. What ? M36 - is best hTD Stui - is best light tank Chaffee - is kinda strong aswell Hellcat - is best tank in game overall ... Definetly anti-US BIAS :3
  14. Fegaris

    So what's changed on the forums?

    Actualy still way more then now