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  1. not to mention accuracy, recoil and smoke...
  2. is it....? ....there was some current uber nerf to BAR or buff to STG recently ??
  3. i had the same like 1 month ago....i was like...i would quit already...if i had not vet. mem. now i am like 3 days to go....and wondering if to buy 5100 golds for purchasing another 3 months of vet.mem. or not.....in current state of game..im pretty much negative about it hmmm...like ...always
  4. ye ...kinda similar at my side here... good/bad to hear that im nto alone Oh well....HnG.....goin into potato fields slowly, but surely
  5. Just like Panther 1st stage - added with some nerfs (RATO saying it would outperform hard - comunity agree) 2nd stage - nerfed - its still ´´overperforming´´ 3rd stage several ninja nerfs 4th stage.....basicly end up like reskined enemy counterpart, just with one aspect better
  6. Sure its meat (preferably turkey as chickens are filled with nasty stuffs during breeding) or eggs.....
  7. Here is my loadout for of GE...in these days either im rly not much into playing GE in HnG lately...or just prefer spending time outside...
  8. ye..bcuz getting 100+ exp for killind very....i mean very dangerous abandoned jeep is just legit
  9. well thats what was many ppl suggesting....but RETO had to use RNGesus one more time again..
  10. Just noticed ....they have enough equipment points to have STG + 2 fausts
  11. good old map..good old lights during the night
  12. ...so are we awaiting increase or decrease of FPS ???
  13. DOnt think its gonna be any help in HnG, as you have friend indicators above....not to mention, im not sure how this would work......