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  1. Dunno why i always have to repeat myself ....dont play heavy tanks ..
  2. Ye thats kinda goodly wrote in shortcut. Would love to see it this way in game. I think RETO dont want to implement it , bcuz see some interesting ppl, who dont even know basics of physics and math....so more complicated system..could confuse that sort of ppl even more..... (example: topics where ppl are wondering why their shells, when they hit spacebar dont go where they aim..and forgoting that they are not on horizontal ground... etc. )
  3. Mate if you dunno how to use Hellkitty efectivly...dont use it - its not tank for easy-mode thinking players.....aswell i pretty much though its easy-mode against panthers back then with correct playstyle....and pretty much discovered even more OP playstyle back with Afonso
  4. you dont have to i htink, I supposse, you pretty much figurated out that i went litle bit ofensive here and mocking RETO
  5. but ....but...what if he is warming himself from engines in these cruel winter maps ?
  6. In RETO terms its soon, in ours its about 1-2 years.
  7. i think if it would come AP vs APCR, we would not have to make any difference in DMG....make same DMG maybe APCR less.....and i think Penetratiot traded for bigger autobounce angle and lesser normalization would solve it
  8. start reading more please then SU propaganda....but i agree on overhaul of tanks
  9. its interesting how planes can vaporize tanks so easily..but can semitmes surive 2 shots from medium tanks or even far more if servers are biased...what mostly are..... (reffering to ,,not registered shots,,)
  10. i would not mind M2 be able 3-4Hk with 750-900 rpm or something like that....would make sense as it should be bit better as SMG, but i love how some ppl just crying all around forum that STG is OP even now.....and then i see something like this... its actualy funny ....but Johny kinda is basicly what you are suggesting
  11. meanwhile 600 RPM 3HK STG would be OP ....interesting
  12. Guys im not sure.....but wasnt this topic about pps43 ??????
  13. Well its actualy interesting that they did same with STG.....but took them like 2 years to realize same about M2/Mg42 and now with Johnson and M1919 and ye T34 were rly pointlesly nerfed...they should be far mobile and had more penetration then Hellkitty/E8
  14. well sure..just nerf it to 4HK would do...i mean sure it wanted nerf, but rly not that much....and it was 3HK to HSS i think as STG is now with way lower rof