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  1. Clans playing vs regular peeps

    Well...sure in staged should not be ppl harvested by top notch gun...but you rly cannot expect vets. to stop playing staged, bcuz they want to play something. Try to read troughout this topic...you wil get, what we were about here.
  2. Tanks in danger of extinction!

    its read only section. Sure something might seem bit of. Results of those speeds are based on several more datas...from various sources.... also its NOT good to get your info from web-site only.....try to go by military reports or books atleast.
  3. How hard it is to atleast check some places on forum, to actualy see things, what are goin to happen with tanks...instead of asking incoming things.....
  4. Clans playing vs regular peeps

    Rly dunno, what you want from me or you are asking my opinion? I stated it 20 times here within discussion with @zaerius.
  5. Armor Thickness

    Ye in WT , there is more similar problems like this.....they indeed did nice research there....but still, there are several cases, for example as you mentioned Pershing, where they simply ´´dont´´ want to see details of armor layouts..... meanwhile Russian tanks go full out with all layouts possible behind armors and spaced armors ....also was checking penetration, what is bit off aswell .....its overall small details...but in result its big difference...... thats, why, i kinda, burst out, whenever i see players taking datas from WT or WoT. 1stly its not correct in some cases (intentionally or not - dunno) and 2ndly they trying to do there some balance by changing numbers.
  6. The game used to be bit more about line-walking-co-op game...... Now its rush da points and cap.....sometimes avoid sniper = win
  7. Are you tired of loosing battles ?

    later i see so many things on forum as wierds as funny
  8. This would be rly compliceted to pull of for RETO i guess...would be complex system as hell...though it would help alot.
  9. real life story

    lol just imagine this data about grills instead of tanks ..... now i would go to my co-workers in 2nd job...opened the file...and ´´look- thats how KV-1 was good´´ - ´´upsie, wrong files´´
  10. Recon vehicles

    check it here folks
  11. Armor Thickness

    Good, i suppose, that it will also calculate effective armor in both cases aswell
  12. real life story

    Shiieet, i should have start collecting data and make sheets for grills aswell as for tanks xDDDDD