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  1. Fegaris

    US faction is Unbearable now

    maybe for vacation next war.....or event...i finaly got chance to move a bit victory ribbon by mm within 4 last years xDDDD
  2. Fegaris

    US faction is Unbearable now

    well previous event everyone just went US, its not the weapon change alone (though there is still Johny, M2), so US had win streaks before.... basicly all good players of US are just at GE now, as GE was before in previous event but in long terms SU was the farming spot
  3. Fegaris

    RTS Tips for new & old players

    well i am prepearing soem nice post about it :3 yep, this is what i adressed too and am considering aswell as bigger issue...
  4. Fegaris

    Attention RETO MOTO Devs

    What is OP about GE ? maybe FW sure.....MG42 was trashed long time ago ... i think its more about invested time/money into 1 faction....if you have somwhere 20+ soldiers i gues you dont want to go and grind all from 0 again at another faction...and jsut throw away all time before spent into trash bin.....even worse with ATs
  5. I would not say its optimal, neither too bad....its more like that LMGs need to behave bettter when bi-poded <- what we will get as said from RETO. But for example Johny/FG should behave bit more like assault rifles...not like before...i would say something between old Johny/FG and new ones
  6. well there is definetly something wrong, if Hellkitty can take/withstand more shots then E8, T34 or Panther
  7. Fegaris

    Attention RETO MOTO Devs

    @Difaag ATTENTION , attention - last drive ladys and gents - last drive - buy the tickets (sorry i had to) you complaining about spam tank and how you enjoyed the 1919 = STG is OP ? GE won just some few wars in last....several years actualy = GE OP nice. so, if we would take it this way, you would say that 1.15 was nerf to US, bcuz of win rolls before of US ? .....isnt it maybe bcuz most of the vets and clannies just wanted to praticipate in war on US side for the Garand skin as it was just best ? Now its basicly same and always was similar in past years, alot of US just went to GE now and some are simply at ´´mad/protest mode´´´and not playing SU winning streak for several years in row, nerf SU ??? no ...hmmmm War isnt simple as wapon change, sure few wars maybe bcuz of population doin shinaginans, but not for long time. + not to mention US and SU are only facing now GE - think about this too during events pls (so they see only GE stuff) problem is, that too much US players reiyed too much on 1919 <- and TBH that gun had it coming for very long time (in terms of years) - all LMGs basicly now you just need to use M2 or Johny. you want to rly nerf thing, that only advantage is somwhat its usage. You know its still and also bit nerfed good old STG right ? Its still 4HK HSG more talks about it here though not purely bcuz of STG dude, AVS is still best in this terms, but i can definetly tell you that STG neither AVS are OP you need to start thinking in way longer terms, then just few wars..... Seriously, those events are interesting and are making situations like this, start thinking.....i am not saying that this will take time to US to get used to it.....was same with MG42 in past, where GE was at denial of playing for while and even switched to US for while....its jsut copy/paste now + events with combinations git good, dont thing - no more needed to say here and again, do you remember wining streaks of US previous wars ??? ..isnt it maybe vets and clannies just playing and enjoying other factions during events?? GE is actualy deploing like crazy bcuz of the ´´advantages´´ of production and want to participate a bit as they can finaly see after years some progress on vicotry ribbon.
  8. Fegaris

    RYZEN 2600 VS i5 9400F ???

    i am warming up legs on it xDDDD
  9. Fegaris

    RYZEN 2600 VS i5 9400F ???

    i actualy ahd to open case during summer now ....AMD CPU + AMD GPU = GG heat
  10. Fegaris

    RYZEN 2600 VS i5 9400F ???

    seriously now, who cares about power consumpsion at PCs ? will keep my good old Ryzen 5
  11. Fegaris

    RYZEN 2600 VS i5 9400F ???

    well dont see reason for R5 2600x being replaced now...its rly good CPU and will liek for 2 years lets say for that price its gold compared to Intel stuff ....not to mention - purely for gaming...it has 6 cores - you are nto gonna use for games more then 3 now
  12. Fegaris

    RYZEN 2600 VS i5 9400F ???

    Ryzen for me...
  13. Fegaris

    Too toxic for clan?

    you need to make your own clan.... gold TIO times :3
  14. this is rly great news though :3 anything about armor wearing ? Atm it kinda makes armored tanks pointless compared to fast/punchy ones
  15. no ....it actualy takes too many shots to kill tank.....not to mention not working armor at all + armor wearout....... now its just point and click more then ever.......and whoever spams faster and has more friends wins