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  1. Hello guys, this is gonna be my 8000th and last post in official part of forum. Not gonna say, i will not play the game from time to time, but even now its super rare = basicly will not play at all. Was thinking a bit and after small talks with some folks, i realized, that there is no point in trying to do something on forum anyway or trying to achieve anything in game. I loved game RETO created - rather say - I love potencial of game RETO created - I am not saying HnG is bad game nor RETO are bad folks, but the game is simply going into potatoes alongside the forum. I will be reading frorum, and will be comunicating with ppl i like here on forum, but not gonna be here for game..... i am quiting to try to suggest or discuss anything on forum as its simply waste of time <- most of suggestions was here already anyway and its getting repeated.....forum reasonable folks are less and less...... Basicly everthing good was already discussed and mostly denied by RETO for whatever reason...but mostly....well...whatever...if you guys are here long enough you know it yourself. Thanks for fun guys. Thanks for actualy studying some piece of history here from WWII. Thanks for ´´argues´´, which moved me forward and also thanks to RETO for providing me all this, to try good game and mainly to meet some great ppl here. Wish you best ma folks With regards Fegy. o/
  2. From today I'm girl

  3. From today I'm girl

    That every one has homogay core inside Eh cough cough
  4. From today I'm girl

    Rip.....bit more complicated but whatever....ps;like you are not I ment it in same way but in homogay case though
  5. From today I'm girl

    You know, what I am saying to folks, who does not admit their weeb core
  6. From today I'm girl

    Hmmm....that's making it hot xDDD
  7. From today I'm girl

    :* Come at me bb
  8. From today I'm girl

    Gonna help you I guess
  9. From today I'm girl

    ...... eventually you will hit some clip with me } :-)
  10. From today I'm girl

    Keep dreaming xP
  11. From today I'm girl

    There nothing real discussed anyway..within whole forum....as said it's overall dead Indeed....not that would anything changed much to better..and you have even more Well I have nothing to do anyway at work...so
  12. From today I'm girl

    Well mad post were like 100 let's say....I am mostly more like chilled or sad ....and...I won't lie...1/2 of my posts are just irelevant...maybe more....
  13. From today I'm girl

    Hmmmm.....should I make 8000th post there
  14. From today I'm girl

    Hmm true...8k is near.....and nothing good of it xDDD.....well tbh can't say I would care about it.....I like s.posting on forum as long as here are folks to s.post with....and actually talk about something...
  15. From today I'm girl

    Depend what and where..... Ye boi