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  1. Seems like we got into new age of forum There were the times, when we were harvesting knowledge about WWII and some nice ideas for game. Last few years it was salt mining mostly and trolling. Now we got into era of facepalm harvest i guess.....
  2. ooooow, someone doesnt like RETOs style of polishing the maps ?
  3. Fegaris

    Fallen H&G Friends

    o well yee i guess it depends
  4. Fegaris

    German faction is ruling the game.

    Hmmmm, will tell you da story, what only few from da current forum will remember. There were a times in game, before the granade spam and AR trains were invented. Before any bush-wankers were born, bcuz there was no silly foliage with tons of bushes. When during these days, there were only the ´´baddies´´ and the ´´burger kings´´ nation to play as. Simply some ppl went fat, bcuz Murica strong and won the WWII and are the good guys naturaly. And then there were this evil creatures, suporting one idelogy and one horible man (not talking about comunism, wasnt in game yet). With gazing flames from thier eyes and swastikas all around their property (hell even their houses are build that way). NO....simply most of ppl either though: 1. Yeeeey, finaly game, where i can play as Germany and not playing only Muricans everytime. 2. GE had some interesting stuff and it could be enjoyable. 3. Hmmm, Murica is gonna be overpop as i know this kiddos, lets play GE. And those were the reasons, why....well........hmm think for yourself now.... End of story.
  5. this is no news rly.......all you need to do with weapons these days is spray and pray....well basicly since adams....aim rly doenst matter, just aim for torso and you will HS. Better imo is, just to wait, how will the future change the recoil....
  6. Fegaris


    if these changes, we got now, started 2 years ago...better 4. Game would be pretty much in safe zone.......some updates were mistakes to begin with. Like Adams or scopes for infantry....well maybe even adding SU was a mistake. Its rly good to see, that RETO is starting to take actions in right direction, tho it might be actualy late.....hope not Game had and still has its good potencial, if it comes to gameplay in FPS itself as it combine all aspects (tanks, planes, inf etc.) also with its RTS + FPS combination......sadly its playerbase is kinda rekt now. And new players are stuck with hardcore exping or getting farmed by few lewftovers of vets.
  7. You should seriously start using search button.....this was on forum for so many times..... with same responses.... or its just another side-atempt to potato around Puma again ? ....
  8. Meanwhile Johny cost 1/3-1/2 of price per shot compared to AVS and STG ^^ tanks are for free now then ? ...except Hellkitty, Stui and KT
  9. Seriously, stop potatoing around and take it like man. There is several statements about Boarhound across the whole forum + there was on stream from RedBjarne (if i remember correctly) Greyhound is sufficient enough to go against Puma. If you want A vs B (A = B), go find different game.
  10. its not about this my friend.....its about subject. Tho headline might bring up more attention for several reasons to the subject.
  11. you could easily spare your lifespan on forum and write something like this: ´´change MGs on tanks into modules´´
  12. Fegaris

    Fallen H&G Friends

    i still have hope tho. Reto actualy started doin something and alot of change for what players were asking for years - but it might be late...
  13. Fegaris

    Should BOTS be able to pop Battles?

    What is this topic about ???
  14. Fegaris

    Should BOTS be able to pop Battles?

    Not to mention, that his way, you could farm alot of WF and opossing general would lose alot WF.
  15. Fegaris

    Should BOTS be able to pop Battles?

    wait bots are not already poping up battles ? and now seriously, da hell are you smoking ?