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  1. Fegaris

    Improving heavy tanks penetration.

    Armor2.0 overall need rework...not penetrations only about your 85mm penetration statement, that it can penetrate over 200mm penetration....is false 90° angle of impact for BR365P (APCR) is around 167-176mm for 100meters.
  2. Fegaris

    Which one is better, M2 Carbine or AVS-36???

    Imo M2 is in best spot atm.
  3. Shortly put this..... You actualy had to aim for weakspots You actualy could use flanks effectively and long distance fights (what is now meh, bcuz you need 1k shots to destroy enemy tank + wrench monkeys) Skill mattered more then HP of tanks Tanks were best way, how to deal with tanks. Not AT weapons. AT weapons and Tanks destroyed each-other in avg. with 2-3 shots (in same class/tier). But tanks had advantage of range atleast. Now you need still about 2-4 AT weapons to destroy tanks, but 1000000000000000 shots to kill tanker as tanker.
  4. trying to say this everywhere, i go on forum...sadly i am in that HnG - phase/stage ´´i give up´´ , gotta take some months to get back into mode ´´i care´´ or ´´tryhard´´
  5. wait a second...tank vs tank is viable ??? i thought its only HE clickers vs Rambos....dont rememebr when tank vs tank was effective strategy....oooh... Armor1.0
  6. Fegaris

    The game will die in this way

    I mean, yes ? ....Thats what devs need to actualy eat and drink and live ???......None develop games just for fun. Well, it does not rly matter for PC build after 2010+ ....soooo.....dont rly care.... And there goes you 7 years playing game boasting talks ...... basicly ´´gun, balance´´ in that quote is only correct part Is it now ???... interesting Meanwhile me not spending single penny since 2014 on game.....having vet. membership and basicly nothing much left to buy. You dont need gold at all, to buy or grind anything. hmmm, kinda true. But can you imagine redoin all coding and new engine ? ......take example game The Isle - it literaly frozen everything for 2 years...just to get recoding. De ja vú i guess....you can see this type of post 1 time per month since 2015 ? maybe sooner dunno. You should better wake up and bit pick up your potatoes together. I am not saying, the game is flawless....but you better come out, with real issues...not this potatoes....
  7. Fegaris

    What should I buy? Johnson LMG or M2 Carbine?

    M2 feels like best from all ARs....atm for me....also feels like there is alot of good place to experiment with mods, what will fit you playstyle - unlike with AVS or STG. Definetly M2 for me.
  8. Fegaris

    USA Tanks

    Indeed...its only US tanks .... i guess..learn to drive.....
  9. Fegaris

    Is recon viable in War?

    well...but thats, how it goes in every game..... Imagine WoT : SPG playing in front lines...... thats basicly what pleb recons do.... or MMORPG, you cant asume that healer is gonna be tanking the boss right ? .... each class has its meaning and playstyle.....players are just learning it. Problem is, that most of them are learning it in war modes.....
  10. Fegaris

    Is recon viable in War?

    dah, thats the point i am making here ...gosh........ what happened to forum plebs.... was wondering and wanted to type this down aswell...my question is...do i need to state obvious ffs ?????????? or is everyone so dull on forums lately... what i obviously pointed out, by my post......and several times.... that the plebs and class spammers are issue and preventing any effectiency of it in battle..... no matter planes, tanks and Recons....... Simply put, forbiding Q-ing as specialized class into war..could help....and maybe even reduce sizes of specialized ATs....as generals overstacking those basicly everywhere is issune n.2.
  11. Fegaris

    Is recon viable in War?

    It is, if not many plebs plays it....pointless waste of resource... if there is some battle, when battle is chocked on some certain locations, you can always snipe effectively and annoy hell out of enemy players. Under conditions, you got enough infnatry players.... IFVs are kinda good for moving down Infnatry and chokepoints aswell...in some cases you can even farm planes and tanks with it and always can farm soft vehicles. I right hands Recon can be OP, but even if there are some good Recon players, they wont play it, bcuz they know, that plebs spam it and over use it => not enough infantry
  12. Nope..... why not tomorow ? 🤔
  13. Fegaris

    Forgot password, not receiving email to reset it

    Hmmmm, if you can still login on forum, you can try check in google the password and show it to you in password managment. Its same pw as for game. Question is, if you already have not doomed yourself, by trying reset pasword 1000000x times. @Fockerville1
  14. Fegaris

    Help when you have bad ping?

    meanwhile me and ma bois clearing assian clan with 300+ ping ... just give it some bit more prediction