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  1. well thats nothing new kek
  2. potato screenshots..and proving nothing as always... tbh thats kinda common positions on town map...more like for russians..who are just bush-wankers in most cases
  3. well T34-76 aws good against Pz4 ..when it showed up it was real punishment for GE...but with Panthy there was T34-76 updated for 85....it rly depend in what time you look at that....in WT is just wierd tier MM system
  4. well TBH ..even WoT has better stats then HnG, if it comes to tanks...but i would rather prefer the RETO dont go this path and make something more interesting and reflecting from RL ... Not saying that WT isnt the closest game to ´´realism´´ we can get now....but Russian BIAS is real there ... funny is that if we would put realistic data for tanky tanks..they would kinda balance themself and even way better then now ...
  5. I would rather not be bringing stats from other games
  6. well in Panteh case im more at Armor and Penetration, T34-85 for mobility and penetration and KT mobility and armor
  7. dont forget taht not all the time (actualy rarely) both cannons of Me109 will hit.
  8. Imagine you will get only bikes as resources in war......most ppl will have R75, but what if sudently you will park your kettenkrad in key-holding-point in defense game ?? ...with medkit....
  9. as writen above
  10. Who cares about Katy
  11. well, but that is every german player it seems....
  12. Just saying...as you are saying that GE is doin good ...
  13. well pistol draw is wierd