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  1. Fegaris

    New stupid players

    well, it might be sIstem indeed in RETO version ... no idea, what you are trying to say rn
  2. Fegaris

    How stuarts are made

    which one exactly ? ... but ye oldie mountain town map ... for me...i loved 2014-2015 and later even with X point but gosh hell.....go away with Circinus
  3. Fegaris

    stop expire veteran membership when you are offline

    pause the world time, when i go sleep. I dont want to waste my time and life, while sleeping. Thank you.
  4. Fegaris

    During Game Play the Game play screen drops out.

    This was happening to me aswell, when i either had alot of tabs open on background or after instaling 2nd screen. I had to toy with W10 as its caused by some shortcuts or so. Dont really remember, its like 2 months ago, when i was solving this.
  5. Fegaris

    IS-2 hull armor

    here fixed for ya
  6. Fegaris

    Sugestion Night witches

    too much propaganda, is too much propaganda...
  7. Fegaris

    This game is dying, so...

    this game is dying so ... actualy check the steam chars, past half year, i would say its slowly gettin better. Overall its like 2,5k players in AVG. and around 4,5-5k peak (those are steam charts only, hard to say about stand-alones) and this is definetly not, how to make ´´game great again´´ :3
  8. Fegaris

    Why is there no UK side

    Well agreed that UK would be really nice addition....even if only as sub-faction....but still, we need Axis side sooner ..... Japs ftw :3 - new maperinos and interesting content
  9. Fegaris

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    When, there is actualy some discussion after ages on Forum and some random post appear and say ´´stop crying´´ And here comes Baswaldo with meme complains, that any GE can actualy win in any game, which is based on WWII Now to the topic: I really dont care much at this point, if we would want to keep it historicaly accurate for colors, it would come only to 1 thing i would....well...whatever - welp....too long and basicaly HnG is past this topic anyway, since we got some shared potatoes and we are basicaly gettin into RED vs BLUE situation overall with everthing. Kinda also doubt this would get in any way changed, as it would get even worse back-slash feedback, then actualy implementing.
  10. Fegaris

    Game cheating and racist language!

    Goosh, have not seen so many cheaters at all in game for whole time, i play it....maybe 3-4 (and cant be even sure about those) for almost 7 years 🤦‍♂️. Imagine gettin butthurt over internet. DW, RETO actualy do some stuff in this area aswell. OHK LMGs in HNG in leg/arm at 150m? me want !!!
  11. Wait a second. Ppl actualy try to still win a wars ? I thought thats gone since 2016. Since that time, i basicaly play to earn WF and EXP up my troops and maybe do some pockets. Otherwise as Sqeek said. If bigger generals see, that their faction is loosing, they just make it loose faster. And you cant really swap whole clan into other faction mid-war. Why whenever, i see any new post on forum, once i log in after ages. It makes me to want cry
  12. M2s and STGs everywhere.....later ppl realize its not greenish anywhere....and that they are just bad at game
  13. Fegaris

    Tank bug on the rocks

    not bug, its simpyl physics....if your tracks are lifted how do you wanna move ???
  14. Fegaris

    Can GE have 700+ RPM SMG handling weapon?

    nice, i gotta use this quote, whenever i see rant about AVS and STG or 1919 indeeeeeeeed 32> 70 :3
  15. Fegaris


    there is difference between reviving relative suggestion or reviving rant or topic, which is basiclay rendered meaningless after changes over time