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  1. so tanks would not be for kiddos ...would love that..
  2. you know, deep inside, the truth already....
  3. know kids these days how gravitiy works ??? ....you know that gravity is same shared to the center of the earth ? and no.... your tank will have not its own direction of gravity - based on yours sights ?
  4. How to turn off word-censoring on the forum?

    i think its settup of forum, not forum account.
  5. Still there is like non-existent chance to not atelast 2HK+ fire with TDs....
  6. 1941 Johnson

    Not at all, if you are not person, who goes with heavy spring + bullet mods for it ...
  7. head shots are to easy add values to helmets

    this should depend on caliber....pocket pistols and some other small calibers would not have to be OHK HS....but remember helmets were designed for protect from shrapnels etc. not bullets....<-+ it rly doenst work/worked that way
  8. that locations are different from resorts where are you having vacation. this is rather offensive.
  9. They are....indeed...atleast in croatia, what i know of. Mostly end up in some cheap penzion (mostly all of them) or camp and stay there. Bringing alot of food with them for sure to not spend much money......but lately ppl are stopping to do so....what i have noticed is that lately is trend for Czechs to go for all inclusives to Egypt, Tunis, Kreta, and fill up (stuff) that czech bellys with free beer and food.
  10. Well Czechs go there for cheap vacations....for relax and partys, they dont give a F around..... dotn forget socks in those sandals mate !!
  11. ...male boobs are okay eh?...right, RIGHT ? feminists!
  12. Very nice quality colored WW2 photos :)

  13. definetly there was alot of combats in some random forests...then in forests nearby to villages and bridges/roads....where is undergrowth way less rich. sure there has to stay some bushes and samplings...but not like its now.....its making some lines or groups....not poping up randomly everywhere...
  14. tbh i think RDs thread is bit better and better explained....with some additions...either it is not exactly same...
  15. Vote for questions for Q&A & Why #8

    well since you can fly tanks, why you could not drive the ship on the ground ?