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  1. ninkanoob

    Update 1.17.2 - Hero Controls Update

    Great, I remember years ago on a live dev stream I asked if they have any plans on increasing the crouch speed for a more combat war feel and hey after a very long time they actually did it
  2. ninkanoob

    Hello, what's best weapon of choice ?

    Take the M1918 as an automatic garand, its powerful and great at long ranges but its the harder to use. I usually run a 1911 with it for backup and a medkit or 1903 + medic pouch. M1A1 thompson is very cheap imo you don't have to use any mods in it and its still a good short-medium range weapon and pretty accurate for an smg M1/M2 Carbine is a beast in cqc but awful at longer ranges and as zaerius stated above it indeed eats up your credits just to maintain its mods
  3. Destroying the engine on hellcat is totally bs as it still sprints across the field with ease and hides, ofc I hit tracks too but seriously? destroying an engine still gets you outrunned by a hellcat?
  4. ninkanoob

    Annoying Progression Tab

    I 2nd this, it is indeed quite annoying it switches to progression even I got it all unlocked every time the match ends
  5. or a huge repair icon between the faction capture points but like the medic function where u can see whenever u are getting repaired
  6. ninkanoob

    SU Anti-tanks

    You have T-20 Komsomolets
  7. ninkanoob

    panzerfist and tellermine

    PANZERFIST ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. ninkanoob

    Lower Recoil of m1919

    Hopefully as they change the model they would change its attributes as well, they did stated in the past that if ever the m1919's sights would be flipped down, they will nerf it hard. ( I know.. the logic ) But still fingers crossed that we get some rework when the m1919a6 update hits
  9. ninkanoob

    Sprinting Animation

    Great addition for an immersive gameplay also HLL has sprint like the first and third picture which really looks good
  10. Have you ever used the semi auto ppd also known as m1a1/m1 carbine?
  11. ninkanoob

    Carbine rework?

    Reduce the mag size from 30 to 15 and buff the damage and range.
  12. ninkanoob

    P 51 Must get 20 mil Canons

    But then again we still don't have gun convergence because as Reto.Redbjarne stated "The player's wouldn't understand why bullets would go that way"
  13. ninkanoob

    Easy 8 texture bug

    Having the same issue, even bought the olive drab camo just to *fix* it but its still the same like a shiny trash bin