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  1. AlbrehtZiegeman

    Suggestion:VIS pistol for Germany that Replaces Mauser C96

    Dude, Did you check history of this pistol? 1st VIS is not Nazi it is Polish 2nd Yeah Germans captured some from Polish Army and manufactured it. 3rd Not sure if those guys are infantry/paratroopers or partisans what was the caption at the pictures source? 4th https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSH9VvQAvog Ian's got it right.
  2. AlbrehtZiegeman

    Vote for questions for Q&A & Why #6

    Hi, I was playing my recon recently and had a little thought about ghilie badge. Currently it redueces time you are marked.. but hmmm isn't ghilie making you harder to be seen? Why not change ghilie badge that way so it takes more time to get you marked the better badge you have?
  3. AlbrehtZiegeman

    Ghilie badge rework

    Hi, I was playing my recon recently and had a little thought about ghilie badge. Currently it redueces time you are marked.. but hmmm isn't ghilie making you harder to be seen? Why not change ghilie badge that way so it takes more time to get you marked the better badge you have?
  4. AlbrehtZiegeman


    What about Welrod for US faction? It was made by British but used by Americans aswell. There is a plenty of information about it. Ian from forgotten weapons also covered it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welrod
  5. AlbrehtZiegeman

    [GE] Panzerspähwagen Sd.Kfz. 234/2

    Yes, please Below my post from steam including what other factions could have.
  6. Good post, but... Let's define Eastern Europe first. It can be said that EE started east of Warta/Vistula river and stretched all the way to USSR. Below a map of Poland after regaining independence on 11 th Nov 1918 and before 1939 to help visualise. Poland was spilt into 16 Voivodeships bordering with Germany on the west and north; Lithuania and Latvia on the north; USSR and Romania on the East; Czechoslovakia on the south. Most of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, USSR and north of Romania can be classed as Eastern Europe. Note that Poland stretched far more to the east covering souteastern part of Lithuania, east of Bielarus and Ukraine. Now to the style and looks. First of all villages in EE were still in 19th century! Buildings were made out of wood logs (sometimes plastered white), covered with thatch or wood. Style of buildings varied in regions, I'll put some examples below. Toilets were usually outside main house so called "sławojka" (hey so this is where outhouse word came from! ) There was usually at least one well in the village, where bucket was lifted with simple crane. Storks nests were/are also very common and are somehow symbol of EE. Raskals always buid them in high points and return to them each year. To summarize. EE villages were mainly wooden (horizontal logs, veritical planks) sometimes white plastered. Windows and doors were usaully very small, painted in bright collors. Buildings were covered with thatch or wooden slates. Yards and roads were unpaved so mud was everywhere. Plots were usually fenced with loose irregular veritical sticks/planks or long horisontal beams (usally one or two). So there you go Hope this helps, and I'm happy to give more details. Peace!
  7. AlbrehtZiegeman

    "Realistic" Mode for War battles

    As much as I like this idea, I have to say no. This will split player base even more, which will mean longer queues and more underpopulated matches. I would be up for removing staged battles in favour of filling up war battles.
  8. I'm guessing jprev55 plays with hellcat mostly. It is not possible to run away from AT rambo with heavy tank. I was always after more realism in the game, so 3rd person for tanks was no no. But the tank gameplay is so broken now that I'm starting to shift towards this option. Protected 3rd person view for tank should be available, but only for situational awarness. Shooting should be still done from 1st person. Also maybe the maximum speed should be reduced when in protected third person view, and full speed with head out.
  9. AlbrehtZiegeman

    Avs 36 reload

    Equip fast reload badge... [ Post made via Android ]
  10. Care to share link to official statement about upcoming map changes and Assault 2.0? [ Post made via Android ]
  11. Some say (Reto) that is your teams fault that it's happening. Before Squad 2.0 you would be able to switch from tanker to inf, clear out mines and culprit, and switch back to tanker. Now it depends on auxiliary inf seats in your squad if there isn't any you are basically f...d. Tank gameplay is so frustrating at the moment that I've stopped playing them. Spawn mines and AT rambos are main reason. I cannot think why they are putting more tanks in this bog. Hopefully we will know answer after today's devstream. [ Post made via Android ]
  12. AlbrehtZiegeman

    The Furness update introduces more Firepower–T-28 Model 1934

    Party tank! Gotta love it (no autocorrect here) [ Post made via Android ]
  13. AlbrehtZiegeman

    Hot-topics, issues, and solutions

    BroskyBro what do you think about adding my post about melee combat to the list? Originally it was only about weapon butt-strokes but grown a little and merged with bayonets idea. [Poll] Weapon bash/ Pistol whip action
  14. AlbrehtZiegeman

    M1/M2 needs to be nerfed to the ground.

    M2 is OP, true. MG42 is OP, true. When Reto implements bipods MG42 will be nerfed M2 will stay OP. This gun has to be changed. 1. It needs to take same amount of equipment points as other assault weapons. 2. Max modded ROF has to be brought to realistic levels 850RPM 3. Magazine size has to be reduced to 15, and maximum ammo count brought to other assault weapon levels. 4. Scope has to go... It is not M3 carabine. I don't respect anyone who is using it in current state, same as pilots withe HE rounds. Those guys are covering lack of skill with OP weapons. [ Post made via Android ]