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  1. The Johnson came before M1/M2 got nerfed to the ground, not many people used it. It was only after the M1/M2 nerf every other US soldier started using Johnson. Even it is basically a nerfed M1/M2. Only 20 bullets and a long reload, but does have good damage. Other factions weapons being nerfed to trash (PPSh, MG-42), while Johnson and M1919 remained untouched makes US seems ''op'' in the eyes of the other two factions.
  2. I rarely used MG-42 back then, never made a MG-42 character until after it got nerfed to trash. As for M1/M2, I used it as often as other guns.....these guns weren't crutches if the enemy can use them as well. Guns were much more balanced back then. The only gun that actually has gotten better is AVS.
  3. Game was a lot more enjoyable back then, the maps were better too
  4. Yes and not these sh1tt guns we have now
  5. Mosin Nagant is not as loud at the other two, so go for SU.
  6. When are you gonna open the windows and let us enjoy vertical gameplay again?
  7. Well I did make a topic requesting the Kolibri as a joke
  8. BFA=Big Fat Americans This guy is trying to steal a new recruit for US faction
  9. Bronx Bombers had a nice pin up on their plane
  10. They were too powerful so Reto nerfed them
  11. Best way to troll them is to spam nades and ap mine, they really hate that
  12. A lot were questions Reto answered before...what a waste of time
  13. most of those chat questions were complete aids...just do forum most voted questions please
  14. Super Saiyan Stalinium goes through everything