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  1. New Mask Update!?

    hope they never add these ugly masks
  2. Easiest way to get Fast Reload?

    use max rof ppd and play depot encounter with booster
  3. A Solution To The PTRD Problem.

    no we dont
  4. Factory map is unplayable

    Factory before last was the best-had some great tank battles back then. Then Reto kills most of that, then even more with this new one. For some reason they can't get it in their heads they should release their new crappy versions of maps separate of the old ones(mountain town too).
  5. PPSH Sway

    Just wait for a sale to buy pps43-it's way overpriced as is. Only use ppsh indoors.
  6. Anime in H&G

  7. PPSh Marksman Trigger

    They're much better than the leprous beech.