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  1. New vehicle paint jobs in 1.10

    Factory standard>those ugly god awful clown puke German camos
  2. 1919 as intended

    1919 is fine, been the same for years...don't ruin yet another gun with more whine threads...
  3. New Investors for RETO = faster development?

    Huzzah more booze for Reto!
  4. An Ideal Medic Setup..?

    If using the stg loadout, then use wrench instead of crappy pocket pistol. You're already being helpful with your medkits, with the wrench you can help repair tanks, apcs, and other vehicles.
  5. How to be a tanker

    My German and US tankers use Gunner and Mechanic, but when using the crappy SU tanks I use Heavyset and Tight Grip with PPSh+wrench. PPS-43 would be more reliable, but I just use PPSh for style. It a shame because I love how the T-28 and SU-76 look.
  6. Town = Piece of Garbage (Broken)

    Game needs more underground play other than just on Depot map
  7. Guess whos back?

    KGB will welcome you back with pmk spam
  8. Anti-mines vehicles [Updated]

    someone must've died to a mine today...
  9. "Unusual" and "Out-of-the-box" builds

    +pmk mines
  10. Town = Piece of Garbage (Broken)

    Extra bridge, amphibious vehicles, and still too hard...not every single part of a battlefield has handy dandy cover and trees to hide behind
  11. Did you just start playing? It didn't always have that ridiculous sway. It does matter if the gun is shooting away from where I want it to. It's especially noticeable when fighting a peeking enemy.
  12. Shotgun rocket would be fun indoors
  13. Not everything is put in update notes