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  1. He's on steam-last seen 6 seconds ago
  2. Selfish Germans

    You can suggest something yourself you know.
  3. Light Tank or Recon Plane?

    PZ1 is great for infantry and their jeeps, you make a bunch of credits doing that. Always destroy enemy vehicles if you can. You can sometimes snipe those careless Chaffee drivers who love poking their heads out and steal/destroy their tank
  4. What happened to this this thing?

    Wish the M3 Lee and T28 get buffed
  5. Mg42 and carbine m1m2 are OP again...

    Shouldn't post misleading titles then....ptrd unnerf is fine, but what SU realy needs is PPS43/PPSh buffs
  6. Mg42 and carbine m1m2 are OP again...

    guns barely unnerfed, people already screaming op
  7. How to post a picture ?

    You are posting the page, not the actual picture. Hover your mouse over the picture, then click ''Open image in new tab'' , then copy that link and post.
  8. bring back its old rof, give it its old ammo amount back per pouch, and get rid of that r3tarded sway
  9. Was the M1/M2 actually buffed?

    I miss the stable scoped 720 rpm M1/M2 build. Very good mid range, better than scoped STG. I was going to have that and the full rpm build of separate soldiers until Reto nerfed it....
  10. Was the M1/M2 actually buffed?

    42 is not back to its old self
  11. Was the M1/M2 actually buffed?

    You must've joined not too long ago...
  12. What makes H&G get dull to you?

    over and year and half of terrible updates that killed off a lot of fun no new factions