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  1. So I found some old h&g screens

    much better game back then
  2. New Motorcycles suggestion

    Add this with a M1A1 that either you or your teammate can take out and use:
  3. SU Loadout Thread

    nah medkits are for plebs But seriously I made most of my builds before medkits and its annoying to try and make space for them. So many other carry them anyway that they eagerly come over to heal more for ez xp.
  4. If you don't want to use it fine, but don't force your nerfs on everyone else. You can have two badge slots, there's plenty to use.
  5. SU Loadout Thread

    Heavyset+Dynamite Lover: Good for taking down multiple tanks, killing attic campers, and flushing out bushwookies PPS-43; Lenov Misha, Sights, Field Trigger, Light Bolt RGD-33s H3s
  6. nn more nerfs ty
  7. Best badge in the game

    Maybe someone has made a soldier that only chases after landing planes to snipe the pilot and steal the plane.
  8. Recon worth it?

    With the mass jungles of bushes, trees, hills, and buildings it's harder and less fun to recon. Lots of great spots for long range sniping were ruined. You have to camp in more obvious spots and change positions more often, unless the enemy team are complete dodo birds and don't try and come after you, then it's fun. Just wait for when there's a sale on soldiers and buy a recon then, because now they're way overpriced and not worth it.
  9. want a cookie? want a cookie?
  10. Public Test forum information

    Factory looks so cluttered now
  11. K98 or G43?

    K98 is great if your team has no recons and they need some good cover fire.
  12. MG42

    It wasn't buffed, it was slightly unnerfed. For it to be considered buffed, it would have to be better than the pre-addams days