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    Response To Studio Restructuring Feedback

    Love the new Discord, this was definitely the way to go.
  2. In BF3 it was map based spotting for arty. Anything that was spotted would register on a mini map and the flight times were long,and only one per side.
  3. DirtzMgirtz

    AT-Inf are Ridiculous Again

    This is not constructive at all friend. Take another go at it. Nowhere does it say this game is a competitive infantry game, it is a combined arms based game much like battlefield. Getting "spawn camped" exists in almost all modern FPS games and its nothing new, think Metro in BF3, getting redlined in Dust 514, trapped in WW3, etc........... Also i agree tanks are over buffed at the moment, but it's a temporary side effect due to the armor system that was sorely needed. Understand that the Devs are most likely crunching the numbers over that last few months sample size and will adjust, hopefully accordingly. In the meantime it's pound town for everyone else. Which in my opinion, won't be long enough to feed you all the salt you easily fed us for the last 3 years.
  4. well done man, always need some more AT's in the German war effort.
  5. DirtzMgirtz

    AT-Inf are Ridiculous Again

    The tanking career requires grind time like any other class, lets call that "value". Before the update, years of "value" was hard earned by many a tanker in all the factions. It was't easy either, between OP plane bombs and that single rambo on the bike, the pain was real. Some of us made squads full of wrench guys and supporting Inf. for these martyr's, but when facing a 3 second spam of AT nades, it was futile. So the career tankers left, in droves. Some returned, but not in the numbers they once were. Now the overall majority of people who have played this game for any time are the other remaining classes, and they're mad because the meta changed. It's only been 2 months of receiving what you all fed to the tanker population without bias for years and you cry a foul. Your "value " is being hard earned and it seems unfair doesn't it? The difference is,this meta won't stick and tankers are gonna get served again, already by AT mines, once readjustments happened by your logic, i guess i might as well go play WoT again.
  6. DirtzMgirtz

    AT-Rambos are back

    Agreed, make em count.
  7. DirtzMgirtz

    AT-Inf are Ridiculous Again

    So because other tank centric games exist, we shouldn't expect engaging gameplay in the tanks in H and G? Better try that again.
  8. DirtzMgirtz

    Why play Infantry

    Infantry caps the checkpoints. Sure other classes can do it, but not like a mob of angry infantry. Also, grinding multiple infantry soldiers with varying degrees of kit allows you to pull out a cheap, efficient fit when things start getting rough.
  9. DirtzMgirtz

    [War Room] The issue...

    I 've been playing Germany pretty steady lately, and although i do believe in GE whales, i haven't seen that kind of push within the last two months.
  10. I've managed to out manouver the implosion a few times. It only really happens when i do a last minute drops at low altitude. There is never usually a need to go in that close to hit a target.
  11. SU needs more weapons period, Regardless of the current meta.
  12. check the repair on your gear
  13. DirtzMgirtz

    auto resolve

    Make the outcome of staged battles influence AUtoresolve.
  14. DirtzMgirtz

    RTS broken?

    I’ve been playing the RTS lately due to accumulating Attack teams. I’ve noticed a few things, some lines break and won’t allow movement, rerouting you in the process. The para resources gotta be bugged for Germany, I signed up for the war the second she opened, and I still had to wait in q at spot #27, while every other AT was spawn-able. Also the auto resolve seems to be RNG based, ive seen a single guard unit win the AR on a 2 k infantry division. If this is the case, people will be using this as an exploit once they figure it out.
  15. DirtzMgirtz


    check your steam email, it should have sent a detailed transaction.
  16. DirtzMgirtz

    Old Original plane controls

    I use the classic controls and bound freelook to my mouse #2 button, this frees up my shift button for precision WASD controlling when down sights. I also stuck bomb drop on space bar and put alt throttle on mouse #1 so i don't lose sped while in precision mode. This setup works for me because i have number pad on the side of my mouse, but i found none of the control schemes to be effective
  17. DirtzMgirtz


    24 hours is 24 hours, imma grind me some tan!
  18. DirtzMgirtz

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    So i was never really good with the planes before armor 2.0, i knew enough to make a control scheme that fit my liking that's for sure, but the dogfights were tough and ground game was almost impossible. I've decided to finish the pilot I bought a few years ago, and must I say, I am thoroughly enjoying it! After mastering my basterdized control scheme, the modular damage system really makes a difference in the air. As a guy without a wrench and after a few showdowns, also a mention to putting the hurtzmgirtz on some opposing forces, i found myself limping around the air like a fairy with boots. This put me at grave peril for the angry, freshly spawned aircraft. It also works in my favor as well when the shoes on the other foot. Sometimes a wing destroy is just enough during a hasty manoeuver to put the guy into a tree, which results in a kill due to last damage dealt. The one issue i do have. If there's a guy that shoots you with the M1 Garand over 2 minutes ago, gets the kill if you hit a tree, or blow up due to takeoff mechanics.
  19. DirtzMgirtz

    Players leaving the game

    I won't eh? With over 2000 hrs in game i think i have a firm grasp of War resources and gameplay. It's easy to assume anybody that disagree's with you must be a kiddie, but in this case your wrong I'm afraid. I've been in those exact scenario's you and your ilk have provided to me through toxic assumptions. Multiple tanks on the bridge spamming HE and whatnot, even without any APC's, jeeps, or bikes, it is still possible to flank around faust up and put the hurtzmgirtz on those tanks. Formulate a strategy to win, don't run in the open or buy an AT and push the resources you want into the battle, quit looking for an easy button.
  20. DirtzMgirtz

    Players leaving the game

    All you people complaining about a broken game...... BF5 beta was flaming trash, go play WW3 after 2 hours of server loading, when you come back to HnG, and you will, you will also realize how smooth this game actually runs. Tanks aren't punching bags or easy XP on the move anymore. The gameplay is more balanced then it's ever been. I agree things like bullet sponge tanks and the sound issues need to be dialed in a bit, also that god awful scoreboard UI, but calling this patch a game breaker is absurd. It's just a new META in a game that's had the same meta since launch. AT Rambo's and bush wookies get owned now. It's about time too.
  21. DirtzMgirtz

    ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ – Biggest update ever!

    I was trolling the steam forums and an excellent proposal was made by this guy: [3.Pzgr] Azzak No, because people who queue as tankers play tanks as usual.Infantry who play tanks on the other hand should be much more limited. They would just take the opportunity to play once or two per game as specialists, but they shouldn't play tanks 24/24.Note that infantry should still be allowed to respawn as usual as infantry, the increased respawn timer is ONLY if they choose to play again as a tanker. It's not that big of a change, if people quit because of that they are morons. They should just queue as tankers then.So at the end you do not have 16 people playing tanks in a game, only the designed tank crew and occasionally the infantry if they desire once in a while. Specialists class should have no penalties playing infantry.Since RETO does not want hard cap on tankers, and they want to allow everyone to play any class, well that's the only limit still possible.The other option is the Tank + bots game mode to put these pesky extra tankers in another mode. But that won't prevent infantry to do tank spam by pure opportunism (especially when they can spam starter tanks).2.0 Squad was bad because specialists should be able to play as infantry, and playing another class once to deal with a special threat was sometimes necessary. Being stuck in a light tank when enemy had heavy planes was not a good experience, whereas now I could play as a pilot to help to take down the enemy airforce or simply switch to good old infantry. The new update introduces flexibility, but it needs much harder caps on how to limit soldiers swapping to specialists. I'd like to add to it with this; squads that queue as infantry only, should have larger spawn timers on their specialist classes in game. Funnel them into this by allowing 6 man infantry squads, and we might have an easy soft cap for specialist classes.
  22. DirtzMgirtz

    ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ – Biggest update ever!

    The patch is great, as someone with every class in GE faction, i think the gameplay is more balanced then it's ever been. The tank to tank armor levels and AT to tank damage levels could use a tweak for just about every vehicle in the game. That seems like it would be easier to do with the new system so I'm down for it being like this in the meantime. get to serve it back to the rambo's finally. Also, bike/jeep rambo's are a thing of the past and that's amazing for tank vs tank play and for capturing flags as well, less people chasing tanks and actually contributing. Modernize that awful in-game scorebaord related UI, dial in the armor, and make helmet camo's register in lobby and this will be a fine product until further development.
  23. https://youtu.be/BGZb5dSsxWE?t=4606 As for the pre-mentioned armor layering. Perhaps it could look like this even? That's a whole lot of armor to pick through if it is.
  24. There is certainly no need to to nerf repairing, that's good team play and is encouraged. Also, you can't fix everything with the wrench, once you're armor panels are destroyed, they gone. Full damage to structure after that, the part you can repair. The issue is the armor along the sides and top are sectioned into these little grid squares along the entire surfrace area, and each one has a health of it's own. When a grid point takes full damage its gone and forever allows shots through to main structure for proper damage. The problems seems to be the presicion factor of hitting through the grids you already knocked out, which seem to me the sectioned the armor into squares that are too small for the ranges we are playing.
  25. I believe we have an excellent base system for tank play now. In the last week I can't recall the last time an AT rambo has pulled up on me and vaporized my Tiger 2 within mere seconds, so this is good. Let's not confuse this with reality though, AT weapons are still effective. I can panzerschreck a Stuart in 4 well placed shots still, and i've seen what the AT nades do to my comrade's tank health. The vehicle terrain speeds i believe is responsible for much of that, which are reasonable, and apparently necessary. Tanks are a little spongey though, and some more so then others. From what I've noticed, the base health for the vehicles seems to remain (light tanks= less health, heavy tanks=more health) it's the new armor layering system that seems to be universal across the board. This results in m2a2 and pz 1 tanks being incredibly spongey if you don't hit them consistently in the same exact area. The system is great, i do believe we need to give them time to dial the numbers in for each tier/tank. Also, that spongey tank could just be me and my buddies gang wrenching the tank your shooting. This is a tanker role i play quite regularly, pistol,wrench, and a health bag. I also carry the bino's, so we can see you.........