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  1. saibot01

    Prototype test: Pilot versus Pilot

    would say like 1 Point in the middel where planes can cap in a decent area too and some objects hills trees or something that allow to dogfight peopel into enviroment nonhidden AA places whit some bots stand there(for resupply,commanding and stuff like that?)
  2. saibot01

    Prototype test: Recon versus Recon

    would atleast be interesting if we get the Option like 2 maps 1 for vehicel 1 for no vehicels but still recon only
  3. saibot01

    BatlleEye Removes me from battle...

    well best way make a supportticket since nobody can help you but the support
  4. saibot01


    why there is no bombseight probably that only have BOMBERS ? not fightingplanes whit extra bomb
  5. saibot01

    Field gear changes

    healing yourself while your moving feel just stupid and it make you like invincibel ist more gamebreaking if you run fast healingand ist like "i take cover .1 sec later full Health" if you want to heal yourself go to a healthcrate that you get on your car but medipack should be more for teammates
  6. so i have a Suggestion and everyone who Play this game a while know the Problem MAGIC HEADSHOT so i would say for every weapon having a 4 times multiplyer is stupid and we ALL know why, and i thought About a Little solution. ALL MPs have only 2 times headshot multiplyer=small bullet +helmet and we all know the struggel quite a while ist just hold button Point at head PROFIT. that would help atleast at something. M1/M2 StG44 and AVS just should have a 3 time multiplyer so it is still automatical and the part above still work BUT rifle have bigger bullets more recoil ect and thats why they should get more MGs and all weapon that should make singletap like pistol and SA BA should stay whit 4x since 1.MGs should be feared andyou cant use then lime MP in movment and 2. single fire is actually something where oyu Need to aim so basicly all i want MP get 2 times M1/M2 StG44 and AVS 3 times anything else 4 times so hopefully the magic headshots get lesser Cancer and the game get more fun
  7. saibot01


    no i would say knife 1 hit since jeah "only headshot whit a knife can 1 shot but if you hit the leg Body or arms it say NOPE" i mean if you let someon near you whit a meelee oyu make something wrong meelee just should 1 hit but wrench should 2 hit that would be atleast make more sense for meelee
  8. saibot01

    2 good mp40 builds

    seight go even has no cons so it will only make it in a realy small amount better
  9. saibot01

    Lets do something

    thats the reason i opened the post
  10. saibot01

    Lets do something

    well it would but you would then have hte problem whats whit the capitals it would not change much ifthey merge then but capitals are the same you probably would than even have the problem whit player fixed cause you make 2 factions together the only question is then what the player want from this how oyu handel weapon waht russian used but ammysn ot and otherwise ect ect ect.
  11. saibot01

    Lets do something

    well the numbers help thanks 1. it still no answer about my question you compare new player the same amount of clan-members playing the game for much longer and longer AND think that the community "can not figure out what is OP or meta" ??? 3.well its true that from every faction you fight the other one whit complaining OP when oyu not play the other one.i say not Germans is OP or not i say its not fun to play then in a warbattel that actually make this game unique 4.well these bugs can every guy whit a bit time of gameplay on every class discover. it not new is still famous bugs and no changes at all .one of the is the Stug MG while aiming and the AA by aiming in air thats bugged since multiply builds if oyu ask which one(dont forget that oyu can test it before complaining ) 5. ok then i not noticed it then its my fault the other thing at this point is that i read in the You-tube comments that they want shorter video and i notice that much stuff not was from the stream and he just turned away from theme sometimes. is it so hard to cut out of the You-tube video some not necessary things?like giveaway that oyu well.... not can get since its a You-tube video but it still there(such things oyu can write in the info-box of the You-tube video)one thing that MUCH would help wound be a small summary on which time about whit theme got talked you not notice that you make more lose in Germany so lesser ATs you have(in this point i can only speak for Germany and my experience) if oyu dont have multiply infantryATs you GET FORCED to veteran(and thats NOT how it should work) 2.or play the loss away from the action-game thats by the medium amount not less time that oyu need
  12. saibot01

    Lets do something

    so you think that if a faction has because geography most time 2 vs 1giving it the same amount of resources and same cost is balance ?(since we attacked scandy it changed but for how long nobody can say) so how do you figger out waht gun"are OP or too weak"since we knew oyu mix the war AND staged stats together. my opinion you should check on the playeramount of th use (becouse i think atleast the playerbase will know whitch gun are best or bad). "As for the supposed bias for/against factions - this is simply not true. We want each faction to be equally fun to play".so and why closely every player i met agree whit the fact that germany is realy painfull at the moment(and not close time) and they not want to grind their way to a other faction because that need amount of time that they not have or want to use for it. there are still bugs that just can get discovered by just max 30 sec game play tests(since oyu can make a test server where oyu can spawn everything or jsut fly/TP to AAs, capturepoints ect.)how about this? to the Q&A well the only thing i heared is stats about the RTS no changes, tweaks or else .(and it go about 1:30 where you could remove atleast 40min-60mins to make it atleast enjoyabel) to underdog somehting got posted in this post if oyu want check my statement about it and how oyu could do otherwise would be nice if you answered it here instead of Q&A where i saw closely nothing answered (nowhere is even a short version of it to check if i am wrong at the point)
  13. saibot01

    Lets do something

    and if we not do something it will continue thats atleast i say
  14. saibot01

    Lets do something

    i could make a journal to have something that stand on my expirience but if im not the only one who say that and test it its not only me that say it remember that i jsut one of a group say that
  15. saibot01

    Lets do something

    i not talk here while the actually game i talk here about search a taged(wall or else) and shoot on normal gameplay its rather hard to test stuff like that