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  1. Torte3n

    New Website Feedback!

    (check my previous comment:, for some reason I can't reply to it ;-D) - Another minor thing changed: alligned username + forum-role and added default avatar icon, if people don't have one (because who uses gavatar these days.. I completely forgot I had one) Screenshot:
  2. Torte3n

    New Website Feedback!

    There isn't a problem to change the visuals of the forum for yourselves, guys ;-) Download Stylish addon/extension, create a new style for urls starting with "" and paste in this code (that I'm currently using: font size is smaller, forum is wider, some other minor things etc.): Some screenshots (login/logout, favourites etc. is at the bottom): When they change/improve the forum by themselves, you can disable or delete the style.
  3. Torte3n

    Help us find a name for 'D' Update

    One and only WAR hero who will fix a lot of issues: 0.2 Dauqs But for real now, I would say: Richard D. "D-ick" Winters It might look weird in the articles, news, steam and everywhere else. For example: "D-ick brings additional US Camouflage! It's full of d.... " but I still think it would be great ;-)
  4. The point is you make Steam reviews appear bad in general when filtering the reviews to only find the ones that appear as nonconstructive and borderline ridiculous. And I can almost guarantee you if they removed all these troll reviews the game would still land on a mixed result judging by the sheer amount of interesting reviews actually pointing out the pros and cons about the game. I agree that there would be still "mixed" rating for HnG, because I read a lot of reviews (not just the ridiculous ones) and I know of some that have valid points and actually make sense. But I disagree that I made the negative steam reviews appear bad.. + everybody can go there and see them for themselves, right? (-: Anyways, thanks for the comment and your point of view. I might consider renaming it to "Reading ridiculous steam reviews" or something like that, so it's more obvious that I read the most ridiculous/stupid ones and that I'm not trying to make rest of the negative reviews "appear bad" or misvalue them (which isn't really the point of this video, at least from my point of view).
  5. Great! At least someone laughed! that's the whole point of making these videos, making people laugh (at least for me) CZ: :-D :-D tak to jsem rád! ;-) EN: :-D :-D I'm glad you like it! ;-) Stop stalking me pls :twisted: :kappa:
  6. Well, it was supposed to be a "funny" video.. If I chose the ones that are "great", constructive and make some valid points, there wouldn't be really a point of making this kind of video that I wanted to make in the first place. I was just pointing out the (as you said) ridiculous/stupid ones and that's pretty much it. Also if I'm not mistaken, they affect the rating of the game too (even if it was just a small percentage, it still does).. and there is a lot more of them. ;-)
  7. Great! At least someone laughed! that's the whole point of making these videos, making people laugh (at least for me) CZ: :-D :-D tak to jsem rád! ;-) EN: :-D :-D I'm glad you like it! ;-) Stop stalking me pls :twisted: :kappa:
  8. Torte3n


    Soviets -> OP SMG (PPS-43) Germans -> OP MG (MG42) Muricans -> OP Assault Rifle (M1/M2) (why these weapons? well simply because there are a tons of threads about these with "OP" in the title.) I guess every faction has its "OP" gun, aye? btw. I almost forgot Swiss -> OP Knife (Swiss Model 1890 Knife)
  9. Torte3n

    Muzika kterou zrovna posloucháte!

    Luxusní mashup (-; :-D
  10. Torte3n

    Diskuze - obecná

    StG44 se ne nadarmo říká "Jack of all trades". Prostě ta zbraň je ve všem dobrá (rof, damage, ammo, recoil atd.) a v ničem výrazně neexceluje (maximálně tak na střední až dlouhou vzdálenost, ale na to se spíš zase hodí SA/BA).
  11. Torte3n

    VIDEA - z H&G nebo zajímavá videa z WW2

    To si možná slyšel, ale je to totální bs (nějaký e-shop to měl napsané v popisku a pak to smazali.. asi si chtěli udělat reklamu, povedlo se). Už jen vzhledem k tomu, že v BF hrách byla vždycky horda zbraní a techniky.. WWI je na tom v tomhle ohledu horší jak WWII, takže když už, tak hru odehrávající se ve WWII (-; Taky bych rád viděl Battlefield/COD v kabátku druhé světové (jak SP tak MP), ale nějak se jim do toho nechce.. osobně si myslím, že EA uvažuje tak, že by přišli o prachy kdyby vydali hru z WW2 zatímco by vyšel další COD v moderní/futuristické době, který by mohl mít díky tomu vyšší tržby (protože létat všude možně s jetpackem a střílet z vymyšlených futuristických zbraní 10 let v kuse je IN!). Ale to je podle mě blbost a měli by to zkusit/risknout.. nebo alespoň už konečně vydat ten Bad Company 3 (-; no uvidíme co si pro nás přichystají na tento rok. --- A ještě pár mých videí enjoy! Funky Moments II. ᴴᴰ ᴱᴺ The Fierce Warrior (Montage) ᴴᴰ ᴱᴺ Funky Moments III. ᴴᴰ ᴱᴺ
  12. Watched all 3 of them. Great work. [ Post made via Android ] Thanks mate. I'm glad you enjoyed it (-;
  13. Torte3n

    Zájímavé screenshots ze hry

    Miluju CZ/SK komunitu a hrdě se ke všem CZ/SK hráčům ve hře hlásím! :lol: Pokud jste to dočetli do konce, tak gratuluji! Právě vám umřelo o pár miliónu mozkových buněk více než je zdrávo!
  14. Yup, R.I.P Araxay. Poor little guy wanted to jump over the vehicle and got stuck :-( I feel bad for him.. a bit. Yeah man, in that moment when teh tank was looking for me.. there was no other way than to lay down, stay patient and wait :-D :-D Thanks by the way (-:
  15. Hey peaches and gentleman! I've got another "funky moments" video I'd like to show you. It's a bit shorter than previous episodes of this series, but hopefully you will like it anyways :-P So yeah, enjoy and I will be glad for any comments from you! btw. also if you like the video, please hit the like button and maybe.. I don't know... subscribe? I'd be thankful