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  1. RETO - stop it finaly

    I told you Bias
  2. My issues with the game

    This will newer happened, REd Bjarne words are ( adding SU faction to this game is best thing that they did ) and now they are giving maximum there.
  3. Stop deploying

    I dont think this will help, Reto create this abusing system so that Russians could have some wins. Reto team is banning everyone who should something abusable from Soviets. I stop deploying and I dont care anymore for long time.,
  4. Hans

  5. Russian Exploiting Clan

    Am saying that this Russian need to stop. There is to many broken things happening while Reto team let them abuse game to the max.
  6. Russian Exploiting Clan

    it should be allowed this need to stop once and for all.
  7. Game freezing occasionally upon entering a match

    Town map was always a problem, lately bcm again huge problem when planes show in game.
  8. Weekend have come

    Join us when ever you like We will have some nice fun.
  9. Weekend have come

    You can join me US on Allies TS if you want
  10. Weekend have come

    Get ready for rumble.
  11. How can i counter m2 in cqc?

    How to counter M2 welll hmmmm let me guess. OK take shovel and spank that noob.
  12. No Point in Playing Staged on US

    In war its even better, but shhhh Reto guys cam delete your post, or locked.
  13. Solution for Reto game

    Reto team should add bots in game, fill with bots US and SU faction, and lets we all switch to Axis. No more OP things and everyone will be happy.
  14. Once I lost something like 7000 WF-s and nothing more. Russian noob tactics everyone know.