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  1. Jevgeni

    New Weather Settings in Update 1.10

    Are the 5 new weather settings available only for war or for stage too?
  2. Yes, this is always very bad if you do not see the enemy through the icon. This should really be fixed.
  3. Jevgeni

    Mistake Uniform costs

    In my opinion it is only German history and in a WW 2 game it is already good if you can buy the uniforms from the time. If Reto.Moto does not want to buy these uniforms they should not have built them.
  4. Jevgeni

    Mistake Uniform costs

    Actually if many are interested in a price change they will fix the Mistake.
  5. Jevgeni

    Mistake Uniform costs

    Yes, it's bad. But it is so unfair that it is three times as expensive. If the Retos change it would be a good start as I think.
  6. The costs for the uniforms of the German infantry are much more expensive than those of the other classes. The amount is the same for the other factions . You can see the example in this video:
  7. Jevgeni

    Johnson 1941 MG 89:13 K/D

    Könntest du noch mal ein Video mit den Johnsen LMG machen?
  8. Jevgeni

    Animation and tank bug

    1. Animation When you lie down on the ground and move, this happens: photo The arm does not look quite healthy here. 2. Tank video From the 34 seconds I used e all the time to get out of the tank, but I did not get out. Probably this coincided with the place, a few minutes later the tank drove back and I could get off.
  9. Jevgeni

    Para BUG

    I do not have an ID. Where could I read it? We defended on the mountain town. There were the A and the B line open. We had 60 parachute hunters and no airplanes. Besides, we had infantry, snipers and tanks. I had played the US against the Germans. At the beginning I was able to start at 02, but later I climbed in the air above the C line. I rushed from the sky and could not open the parachute. I guess the game has been thought we have planes and so I've spawned in the air.
  10. Jevgeni

    Para BUG

    As I had played on Mountain Town with my para. I was at war and we had no airplanes. Then I wanted to spawn at 02. I appeared in the air where the plane should appear and fell to the ground. I could not open the parachute. This also happened several times. Until I left the game. ( Please fix !!!! _________ Jevgeni
  11. Jevgeni

    Need weaponsupport

    thx dEEkAy2k9
  12. Jevgeni

    Need weaponsupport

    I bought the M1 carbine with my para. And I do not understand what the difference to the M1A1 carbine is. If anyone knows please tell me about it. __________________ Jevgeni