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  1. CRookedGriNN

    i have problem

    are you running steam as admin? sounds dumb but it can cause stuff like this when steam itself does not have appropriate permissions. For 2 years I have gone the standalone game only and left issues like this behind. Once every 2-3 updates I reinstall completely. If verifying steam files does not work I would assume steam is not being run as administrator. Who knows, maybe you have other issues going on like a dying harddrive with bad sectors. In just saying "Damaged files detected" and no other info like a dxdiag or system specs or anything it's just a guessing game for those of us trying to help. Provide more info and we can provide help. Did it work and you had a system update? Maybe steam needs to be reinstalled.. who knows
  2. CRookedGriNN

    i have problem

    Try the standalone game, had an issue like this from steam installs and never went back
  3. well this got buried.. hoped it would become a sticky lol I wont be helping much here, the moderator of this section can be tech support instead
  4. reinstall. had this too after an update. Also run as administrator
  5. CRookedGriNN

    Game stuck on verifying

    Played earlier, now "verifying game version"... Reinstalled, same... Do you think maybe it's a server issue? I kind of think so.
  6. CRookedGriNN

    Nerf AT Rambos!!

    AT Rambos are demanding less maintenance cost and lower price, weaker armor. Make the cost so that one makes very little credits AT rambo'ing tanks.. Half the team tank hunts as it is because it used to be an awesome way to make credits.. so people would grind and loose the match because the enemy team is actually capturing and defending the line/ objective. I agree a nerf is a must, buff the AT rambos and more will just credit grind to kill them instead of actually play the action game the way it is intended to be played. In US war, join by matchmaker and you will see what I mean, I find I end up defending solo, cap prostitutes keep pushing and leaving shirt undefended to easily be flanked.. however half the team is tank hunting.. nerf them so they cant just credit grind.. It will help the action game overall...
  7. CRookedGriNN

    Customer support quality

    maybe it is just the nature of your support request.. bet its not urgent. I get replies pretty quick, so I have to disagree. Had a few dealings with support back in January and had multiple answers within a few days max. If its something the forum could answer, I suggest asking there. What is your support request? How often do you seek support?
  8. CRookedGriNN

    Reduce price of RPG's and Stickies

    H3 was removed from US and SU? Glad I bought it when I did lol I can not agree to reduce the cost as AT rambos are demanding, if anything I feel where it is at now is good. Yes you AT rambos will surely troll my opinion but keep in mind that is all this is: an opinion. Do we really need more AT Rambos? No.. Watching half a team tank hunt already is pretty sad while ignoring the fact that the team is being steam rolled. I like the fact you make very few credits per tank killed with AT weapons, drop the cost more and 3/4 the team will tank hunt while ignoring them being steamrolled. The point of the action game is to capture and defend points on the line to the objective, not credit grind just focusing on killing tanks and loosing every dam mach because the enemy team is playing the game correct lol
  9. CRookedGriNN

    Your gift for Chinese New Year!

    Thanks for the gift!! Cheers!
  10. CRookedGriNN

    Your the best K/D

    best camper award goes too_______? OP you didn't bother to capture or defend which is the point of this game, you are actually whats wrong with this game..
  11. CRookedGriNN

    My internet sucks right now

    the issue was resolved after the last shutdown for maintenance, I now have a stable under 20 ping once again. Get that hack report button ready, I am going to do some slaughtering. Why I made this thread? I don't know lol
  12. CRookedGriNN

    My internet sucks right now

    so after the 1.13 update, 20+ matches in a row were all 100+ ping, I guess others say they experienced the same.. After waiting to have my internet fixed I get this issue now. ]Has it been fixed? Anyone in Canada or US get ping under 100 now? Think our server was down after the update
  13. CRookedGriNN

    My internet sucks right now

    Canadian currency, its expensive for my area. Tech replaced a line, stated the matter has been elevated as the issue is the box on the side of my building.. sucks but no eta for that. Issue is partially resolved, enough to game with fewer, less intense lag spikes. Still happens but not quite as bad..
  14. CRookedGriNN

    I haven't played in months but now have unbearable lag

    well said, yes I agree.. did some research and fully agree.. Hey OP, I start with the easy simple stuff, good to rule some things out like internet, etc. On my end I do have an internet issue currently so I spoke from my own experience lol I have a tech out here today, hope this one actually does something. Also, I see you edited your original post, you removed everything about experiencing lag lol
  15. CRookedGriNN

    My internet sucks right now

    technician visits tomorrow lol Fackin ISP's..