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  1. CRookedGriNN

    Low FPS AF

    You should get more fps than that, your 960m is close to my 780m performance and I get an absolute minimum of 80fps, alot has to be happening for me to dip under 100. I would assume it is how you have your pc's power plan and nvidia control panel options set. There is no reason you should see less than 50 fps. Dont go for quality, go for performance.
  2. confirmed to be a driver issue, the option in nvidia control panel to show the physX indicator is not reading correct in saying my cpu is being used,.
  3. CRookedGriNN

    Low FPS AF

    GT930 and GT940 are pretty weak, a single GTX 780m mobile graphics card is about 70% more powerful. A 780m is about as powerful as a gtx660.. in sli about even with a gtx970.. When I run just 1 of my 780m's I lower settings, I like to use a higher refresh rate monitor so no matter what I lower settings regardless. Run both 780m's in sli I again lower settings for much better performance. I dont stream anymore so why do I need the quality? screw that I kill more with low settings and a 120Hz monitor so I do what I can to have a high frame rate.. yay nvidia control panel. There could be a few reasons you find these unplayable... Can you post a pic of your config you cant get to run, also maybe a shot of your nvidia control panel.. a DxDiag maybe? This game is really more cpu heavy than anything so maybe your processor might play a part in failed tests? PM me maybe and I can help so we dont end up taking a thread over on the original poster?
  4. CRookedGriNN

    Low FPS AF

    I have tested this on a few graphics cards. My old alienware 18 with sli disabled and only a single gtx 780m I still get 70-100 fps on any map so I have to say that is not true. Both 780m's in sli run about the power of a gtx 970 desktop card, again on max settings I hit 100-140 fps.. I recently fired up a notebook with a gtx 460m in it.. not on high but I can get at least 40 fps reliably. I tested them on prototype on the 19th, all saw boosts, just hard to say how much, better hardware, better boost in performance. These are some lower end and older graphics cards which contradict what you claim, these are used in the game as it currently is, and on prototype with future optimizations. Also a 1050 is not high end, thats budget hardware, mid tier maybe, even a 1060, same thing, A 980 is high end, in fact it should have similar power to a 1070. This game can run on less.
  5. CRookedGriNN

    Low FPS AF

    i5 4200U is a very low power processor, it actually does not meet the system requirements. Maybe explain it to the OP that way rather than saying "Buy PC" his GT 740.. thats pretty low power as well, I am sure it meets minimum but by how much. Sorry to say OP, that processor just is too low frequency, I think min for this game was something like 2.5Ghz base clock.. I had a notebook which ran this years ago, than it wouldnt.. Thats where I found my processor was just too weak. Now I run on a bit better of a notebook, dont judge, this thing cost over $5k and farrr exceeds even recommended requirements.. just had to say that to the guy bashing a laptop to play HaG. I spend much of my time in hotels and on the road and sure aint lugging my desktop around. What I suggest to you OP, look up your motherboard, see what you can upgrade. You need a better processor and graphics card, ram I would imagine you need more. Those things will require a better power supply as well.. I agree that this game has taken some big performance hits as development progresses, I have seen a few dips and fixes in my time in the game. Recently I was on the prototype server testing optimizations and I can confirm I get a higher frame rate on my rig. Rather than wait for an optimization that allows stable frame rates, or rather than spending weeks fidgeting with control panel settings, forum posts.. I would just consider upgrading. Thats my opinion.. original poster, need any advice feel free to PM me. ****I just looked up your hardware again, thats not desktop hardware. Laptops generally cant be upgraded. I assumed you had a GT 740. A 740M will not run this.. your power saving 4200U, not a chance you will fry it. I had one of those in a dell notebook I literally only used for crap like school, emails.. reading. That is barely good for flash games lol Maybe it is one of those micro desktop PC's.. they were a thing a few years back and not really made to target gamers...
  6. reinstalled the game, graphics drivers.. I have my gpu selected in nvidia control panel to run phsyx.. I Have played around with ingame graphics settings. Still runs PhsyX on my cpu. I highly doubt it takes much to run this games PhysX.. I wuld just really appreciate any help in getting it running on a gpu instead. Maybe this indicates theres an issue with my software/ hardware.. I would really love to know. Thanks!
  7. I have a sli system, sli aside, I also have 1 graphics card dedicated to ONLY PhsyX within the nvidia control panel. Assuming for some time now it would utilize the PhsyX card, I decided to turn on the PhsyX indicator to see HaG action game uses my CPU for it instead. I have been looking for an answer and figured I would post this here while I continue to figure this out. Guessing I have to change a setting in a config file.. Anyone have an answer or maybe could point me to relevant information?
  8. CRookedGriNN

    Help test performance optimizations on prototype

    Hi, I was on prototype a few times however my shadowplay is down and I couldnt get a video. fps seemed fine, frame rate was a but higher. Only issue I encountered ingame was having help flipping my tank back over. It was on its side, after a nudge from a enemy tank I was back on my tracks only to end up bouncing back on my side and having my tank jump back on its tracks. It repeated this a few times after the first initial push back on my tracks. It was quite strange and easily repeatable. I was in a hellcat. I did have a crash and uploaded a report however I have also had issues with 1 of my 2 graphics cards recently. Sorry for the delay
  9. CRookedGriNN

    Tank bounce bug

    not 1 reply? sad.. really sad. time for a new game. seems everyone uses this exploit now and its made the game lamer than ever. Not even acknowledged.. theres other ww2 games. Every time I play assaulting this map this same scenario happens, took the fun from my game.. see yah working as intended I guess
  10. CRookedGriNN

    Battle map is zoomed out, and I can't spawn at all.

    I joined as a tank, when the tanks ran out this happened. Every time.. its not a bug but a glitch.. it leaves you confused. It means your team is out of the resource you joined as.. best example is my experience.. ran out of tanks and had that screen showing I could not respawn. needs attention to avoid confusion, you would think I could just change to a infantry.. but no, joined as a tank squad, game over
  11. CRookedGriNN

    Tank bounce bug

    Hi Had a really annoying match.. than another.. another. I am calling this a bug... Starting to think this is actually an exploit.. cant seem to delete this I had a hellcat on the town map, 2 stugs ahead of me across the bridge. I had one firing under me making the front of my tank bounce quite high off the ground while another wrecked me. I couldn't even fire a shot. I need to get this on video, tanks are heavy, fire into the dirt in front of one it should make a crater in the dirt and maybe slightly send the front end up.. well my hellcats front end would fly right up off the ground.. imagine looking through the sights to see yourself looking 80 degrees or more above your target while another just wrecks you. Physics are wayy off on that one. Please please look into this.. I would suggest adding a higher weight value, or help prevent this. Have not seen too many using this dirty tactic but some have figured it out. Is this 'working as intended'? I would assume no.. feels like my tank weighs less than a motorcycle when someone does this. My guess is that it is a HE shell being used to bounce tanks off the ground...?
  12. CRookedGriNN

    The Dirty Dozen

    I will get discord
  13. CRookedGriNN

    Level Design Tweaks

    Town map: I see an issue with the road between police station and spawn, there is line of sight from the church spawn straight down the road you have to run across at police station spawn, tanks or recon can spawn in and very quickly spawn camp. This will make very easy victories if the enemy holds the church. I suggest placing road blocks, sandbags, boxes or at least some sort of cover to prevent spawn camping. I see the reason the stairway was removed however, I do see there being trouble with a lack of cover down that road All great fixes, much appreciate it. I do not really see any issues for the rest, just the town map. I think the mountain town fixes are just awesome. cheerss!
  14. CRookedGriNN

    United Defense Rangers - Elite

    I withdraw my application, just not committed enough for a clan at this time
  15. CRookedGriNN

    SLI support gone?

    yesterdays update disabled mine, same as you schonplayer, reenabled. Still weird, game seems to put much more load on one, more than double the load. Meh, whateves.. I'm getting quite bored of HaG anyways. No retos commented here nor could I find anything in the forum besides others asking the same thing as OP