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  1. MCGartner

    Im bored. How long we must wait?

    Dude first if you cry about GE weapons and tanks right now git gud. Second it's not reasonable to expect players that have put money/time into a faction to change I mean I have all three decked out but as a new player love that I am going to play something else. If you haven't noticed vet players(especially ge) already quit en mass. Axis TS dead US Ts dead Russian players like mcbl stopped. What's left is the bottom of the barrel that now has it's time to shine before getting bored with waiting bad interaces and updates that screw over mechanics two years after release in a game with worse graphics then when it started.
  2. Keep telling that to yourself as if any decent player doesnt have at least one alt to open matches lol.
  3. MCGartner

    Why are we toxic ?

    You are an barista if I have ever seen one. There is no reason to be apologetic for Reto. Exactly the reasons you stated are why people are pissed off. They add stuff that no-one wanted that way ignore suggestions to fix it and then patch it for several years until it's bearable for a month then queue the next gamebreaking update. Because love consistency love mechanics and love the players. At this point it is personally insulting. A Tip don't waste your time this game is dead, we have to hope another dev picks up the concept and does it right.
  4. MCGartner

    Why this gold sale is a sign of dangerous tides for H&G

    Yeah tbh the gold sale looks like a last ditch cash grab.
  5. love you US cats honestly for years you defend your brokenass p38 and cry about everything. The game was always rigged in your favour lol reto is danish they are salty that they got assfucked by the Germans and muh evil Russia. Of course that doesn't help when you are still so shirt that you lose a 3vs1 with Johnson's against a guy with a shovel.(Player MCIX vs. 3 AAA guys)
  6. MCGartner

    Please save the game Reto

    Anyone defending this broken mess of an armour system must have been a shite tanker before. Tank v. Tank lives from angeling, penetration and positioning. Damage Sponging is as cheap and bad as it gets. Reto is just high on their hubris and frankly quite incompetent. Problem before : At Rambos Obvious solution: Buff tank hp or lower viability of at(increase weight e.g.), all it takes is adjusting some values maybe two weeks balancing with minimal staff investment. Reto solution: spend a year on half cooked system that no-one needs.
  7. MCGartner

    Please save the game Reto

    love these armour meachanics, just leave it at the old system you cant compete with more dedicated tank/airplane sims so why not just leave the mechanics alone and add new features, that players actually want (battle reports from rts, ingame clan systems,etc.). Like Reto if you are listening even from a monetary standpoint it makes sense, build a community keep player retention high, ease the grind to get new players into the game, more players=more content=more whales=more money. So 101 dont love with the mechanics after several years, only things you may upgrade are graphics, optimize, keep players with new exciting content(equ/factions), build in long-term-monetization mechanics, like idk but premium ats you can only buy with gold(artillery for exampel) or maintanance costs for clans in gold or an ingame currency exchange where players can exchange wf/credits but there is always a gold fee for that. All of those profit from higher player numbers and can provide income basically indefinatly.
  8. MCGartner

    Please save the game Reto

    Thank you Gaius nice to still see you around :).
  9. MCGartner

    Please save the game Reto

    Hello long time player here, i absolutely love this game and only want the best for it even though i have and i will criticize it harshly. So lets get to my argumentation. As proofen by steam user charts the playerbase is steadily declining even though the frequency of updates and events is higher than ever before.(Posible last ditch cash grab???) The main reason for this is obviously the update that hit in October. The graphic i made, which i will put under my post shows how the playerbase declined slowly due to the lack of content and initially increased when armour 2.0 hit, what you dont see is the steady decline afterwards that is still present in spite of updates ergo content. Logical conclusion: People dislike the change the game made with armour 2.0. Reasons i have heard are, the lack of actual armour(bouncing/angeling), the modular damage system(which doesnt work and isnt needed in an arcade game like H&G), the movement changes over terrain which sometimes result in you beeing stuck right after spawning, and the ease to use automatic weapons now (yeah people want to increase their skills). Lets not even talk about the mess that is squad 3.0, makes me wish for 2.0. Solution: Well as any blind three year old could tell you from the statistics the armour 2.0 update is a loving mess and hugely disliked by your playerbase, Therefore for the love of god and everything that is holy please motherloving please just roll the game back to 1.11, scrap the idea of armour 2.0 and squad 3.0, and introduce the new content you have created since then rebalanced. For exampel you could just double the hp of every tank in the game, leave old at the same(4 h3/stcks/rpg instead of 2-3 for a light 10 ptrd/pb/ptrs shots instead of 4-5 4 zooks/gb/ampulet instead of two etc.) and the new at could be as strong as the old one (so 2x M9/Schrecks for a light).Of course that would also mean adding armour values and balancing the heavy tds but come on it has to be easier to just admit fault and do things over than to let your game die over it. A tip for you people like mechanics to stay the same so they can perfect their gameplay with them, dont ever change the movement like you are currently trying and bipods should only be used to make lmgs better at mid-long range as standing still in this game is a huge negative. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6a5e26au9rlryh/Heroes and Generals Playerbase.xlsx?dl=0
  10. As someone who basicly quit after 1.11 I can tell you why. The armour update was the last straw for many, instead of simply increasing tank hp x1,5 or x2 and/or increasing the carryweight of at we ended up with an overhyped armoursystem where the armour doesn't work. Suggestion: Go back to old system, leave tank speed the same as now and rebalance for the new at/tanks. Terrainbased movement is fine. New UI for finding battles needs to be reworked. Also not a big fan of squad 3.0 but it's ok. Can't really judge the change to automatic weapons but people told me they are now to easy to handle. Yeah I only came back to check the new update and looking in the dev overview there are currently two things that could completely break the game a movement and bipod upgrade, the former is unnecessary imo.
  11. I dont want to insult the hard work of reto, but i simply prefer 1.11s recoil tanking flying and driving. I am sure reto could take the xp bonus new map and heavy tds over. (Btw the german translation for the heavy td is wrong the correct way would be Schwerer Jagdpanzer)
  12. MCGartner

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    This update just shows the incompetence of reto. Broken Sounds shirty tanking and flying (old tanking required skill and teamplay to work, i prefer atrambos over this shirt) Even slower gameplay (sure didnt have to wait long enough before with ques and crashes) And to top it off they screwed with the weapons again. I am sick and tired of this disrespect towards the customer. Well i gues its time for hag to die, now that uni starts i wont waste hours relearning everything in a slow boring game. Player numbers will dwindle and many people already moved on to ps eft squad etc.. Was nice playing with all of you but i will look for a better source of entertainment.
  13. MCGartner

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    My pc broke while playing hag and now i think its probably good that way. Normally i would have just put up with such an update.(dont want to waste vet etc.) Well i visited a friend where i could test it a bit, and i must say i will probably quit the game now there are many other good games out there. Hell H&G is barely an alpha with all the bugs and broken things weapon balance optimization etc. I dont know what reto did wrong(retox devs finance) but i lost all hope.
  14. MCGartner

    Wake Up GE Generals

    Yeah go ahead and insult your opponents all you want because that changes anything. But again why bother to "win". There is no advantage.
  15. MCGartner

    Wake Up GE Generals

    ^this you can fight the soviets but only if they want you too of course people could autoresolve each other into oblivion but what would be the point of that