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  1. plantmotoman41

    C-96 Mauser

    it looks insanly cool, yet it was also very powerfull, especially in WW1
  2. plantmotoman41

    Amazing 1943 "Men against Tanks" German Training Film

    No i didn't think that, but still pretty cool though
  3. Come out to play trailer, Just wandered down the thumbnail on GameTrailers.com been interested ever since. Sadly i Registered just after new beta keys were available.
  4. plantmotoman41

    Amazing 1943 "Men against Tanks" German Training Film

    Feels kind of, acted how would they get those clear images of the enemies and their tanks?
  5. plantmotoman41

    Do you think the Stuka should have its siren?

    Reminds me of battle of brittain. "STUKA!!" But yes, put that in
  6. plantmotoman41

    Do you have a WWII Relic?

    Pretty simple question, do you own a relic of WWII, be it a gun, item,or uniform used in the second World war? if yes tell us the story, and how you came 'round to it. my story: My parents bought a house in the ardennes, (an old house) We found an old little mirror clearly it was one of those army ones that was used during the war. It had U.S.A pressed on/in (dunno in english ) it. Seems we found property of Uncle sam!
  7. plantmotoman41

    Your hometown's war monument(s)

    I live in Belgium, Antwerp A city that's been bombed almost flat by V1 rockets because Antwerp was one of the bigest harbours, like Rotterdam in Holland. The allied forces natually wanted to land there, Berlin gave permission to bomb the harbour. only 3 bombs hit the harbour... the rest of 'round 200 bombs hit the city. Sadly there aren't any pictures of the WWII bombing, but millions of historical buildings were destroyed
  8. plantmotoman41

    Your favourite weapon!

    -Mauser Pistol -MP-40 -stengun