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  1. Captain-Sebekel

    The Luchs, a bad high tier light tank

    They dont really listen to the forum for like five years now and people who thinks that they are listening to the five hundret suggestions on Discord (where like half of them are not even managable for them).... They dont listen for a long time.
  2. Captain-Sebekel

    equipment points

    Lol? Use Dynamite Lover or use a rifle with hoarder. Who needs so many damn nades anyway? And why do you need so many EQ for a pilot ? A wrench and a bandage is enough.
  3. Yeah yeah The same reason why defenders win 9/10 times...
  4. For most spawns you just need a jeep/ MG and a bush. Its way easier to farm spawns than cap most points.
  5. Captain-Sebekel

    Sugestion Night witches

    So we can finally fence off the Aryian-Arbian fascists.
  6. Captain-Sebekel

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    Wut? First of all come with ACTUAL arguments or at least learn math before come with this crap. And sorry that I rather wanna see German faces instead of Indian ones cause there were like 2000 Indians (who mostly spend their time trying to flee to Switzerland) in the Wehrmacht compared to Millions of German Wehrmachtsoldiers. But at least I can troll Americans with Achmed the Foreign Taliban Volunteer and his S-Mines and suicide nades.
  7. Captain-Sebekel

    Wings Of Liberty Update 2.0 Wings Balance

    So does that mean we also get Jagdtiger and Mobile Howitzerd as Heavies or is this gonna be a counter for the missing fourth light?
  8. Captain-Sebekel

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    Lol thats like your best con?
  9. Captain-Sebekel

    Game cheating and racist language!

    Ping, shirty hitboxes and RNG. And MGs are not "short distance" guns. I think you mean SMG/ MPs. And regarding racist language... I dont care.
  10. Captain-Sebekel

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    Blacks/ brown depends on the nation. Woman is independet from nation (including the Reds). If I had to choose what is worser (Black or normal white female Wehrmacht soldier) then I would choose the Black one as the woman is more "historical" for me (number wise).
  11. Captain-Sebekel

    Why is there no UK side

    Germany has more than enough players to share. Yeah... the clownworld in HnG isnt clowny enough yet. Japs fighting in Europe...
  12. Captain-Sebekel

    Why is there no UK side

    I doubt that. Aside the whole technical issues (I mean we have like half less devs than back in 2015) what is the guarantee that UK will get a good solid playerbase? It didnt worked on SU without massive subsidies for them (both RTS and FPS wise) and even that was not that sucessfull. And now we have even less players than in 2015 and 2016.
  13. Captain-Sebekel

    Why is there no UK side

    At least US has somehwat enough players... Lazy excuse for six years.
  14. Captain-Sebekel

    Why is there no UK side

    The Reds are still not working as intended for like six years now and people still think we should add more factions ? Bloddy hell stop smoking.
  15. Captain-Sebekel

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    Sure we can. Then we can ask why nobody takes the game serious anymore.... or actually play it anymore. Not sure why people didnt liked BFV either. Stupid market.
  16. Captain-Sebekel

    Infantry Badge Tier list and Build Analysis

    Kinda strange that mech is A but thief is even lower than first blood. I mean tanks are less common than jeeps or even APCs (I dont count lights as many people treat them like jeeps with armor).
  17. Captain-Sebekel

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    Oh and the Japanese are not in the game (or Asia at all) Next argument please.
  18. Captain-Sebekel

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    Then add women. There were way more of them in the Volkssturm and as Wehrmachthelferinnen than bloody Indians (or Arabs) in the whone German army.
  19. Captain-Sebekel

    Captured Mods

    I just dont need unnecessary mods. If I wanna have a gun with more rof I just switch to my MP40 or MG chars
  20. Captain-Sebekel

    Next round of weapon balancing

    And thats the reason armies had machine pistols/ submachine guns.
  21. Captain-Sebekel

    Captured Mods

    StG with mods is trash.
  22. Captain-Sebekel

    Unpopular Opinion - One of the BEST updates?

    Best way to deal with gun imbalance (aside just switch to the faction). "Just" grind for a while and buy it.
  23. Captain-Sebekel

    Few ideas for future patches

    1. No. Waste of time 2. No 3. Maybe. Not a top priority for me 4. Yes 5. No 6. Yes 7. Idk why we need it as there is no "wet" 8. Yes. Dont wanna use my bikes for diving 9. Wtf we only have rivers not goddam seas or oceans 10. Stop playing Firestorm on BFV
  24. Captain-Sebekel

    Should War be pay-to-play?

    Best idea since flak vests.
  25. Captain-Sebekel

    Global Changes

    Wasnt my sole point. Anway yeah. Reomve it along with the Panzer I and the T-38.