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  1. Captain-Sebekel

    Buff the Panzer 38(t)! + tiny rant

    Indeed but then we could add even more shirt. Imo sekrit document should be used if there is no other way. Same goes for things like the recon planes with bombs as Reto diesnt knlw the term "recon". And at least the M22 is replacable by the M3.
  2. Captain-Sebekel

    Make Anti Tank more expensive

    Why should generals send tanks if not to increase the chance to win a battle (and yes it includes HE)?
  3. Captain-Sebekel

    Make Anti Tank more expensive

    Blame the generals not the tankers. At least they give my engineer some xps.
  4. Captain-Sebekel

    Buff the Panzer 38(t)! + tiny rant

    But then the M22 didnt saw usage by the US aside that some airbones units had them. Even if we use the sekrit dokuments I would rather see it as a special tank for tankers or even paras than as standard issued tank for tankers, even though I dont wanna have more Stuarts (but then its could be just me). Let the paras have fun with it.
  5. Captain-Sebekel

    Buff the Panzer 38(t)! + tiny rant

    But you have to hit them first. People underrate speed as they dont know how to use it properly (especially M18 users).
  6. Captain-Sebekel

    Buff the Panzer 38(t)! + tiny rant

    Increase its ammo to 270, increase its dmg and gun stability (similiar to the M4A1). So it woud have the dmg and stability advantage. IMO the T3 light meta should be like BT7 = better speed and agility (and have the second best pen) P38(t)E = best dmg and gun stability and smaller ammo and fuel hitboxes M5A1 = best armor, highest size of ammo and best pen power. This ofc would require another rework of the system (e.g. rework of ammo types, hitboxe or armor) and a T2 light for US (I think about the M3A1 or the M22 though last one was a rare (british?) para tank). Try it on Discord as they are not really active on the forum.
  7. Captain-Sebekel

    Buff the Panzer 38(t)! + tiny rant

    Doesnt the JP have a MG which can be operated without putting his head out ? At least it has a decent anti inf weapon aside its cannon.
  8. Captain-Sebekel

    The game will die in this way

    But then its for free, has a good mix of realism and arcade, a actual WWII atmosphere, will get more factions and guns, inf sub-classes and a real specialist limit and honestly the sole reason why people actually play/ start HnG for the past two years, not because it has a RTS feature which is broken since 2015, if not earlier, and boring since the wars became Blitzkriege. And dont get me started about the FPS part. Are you not the same who complain about faction BS, bad pings and bad gunplay ? Lol. Aside the control style (which is by far better than the HnG as it is from WT) what is arcade there ? You have no bomb markers unlike WT aracdd, no auto load system, no third-person view, no magic crosshair and overall its way harder attacking the ground than in HnG.
  9. Captain-Sebekel

    The game will die in this way

    The game will die when Gaijn launched Enlisted (as long as its not as trash as now). Otherwise I think they could make to 2023.
  10. And the text says that they cancelled the EXPERIMENT as the gun had too many issues (weight, worser reliability and handle/ recoil and sway) Just lol (like the rest of your post).
  11. Captain-Sebekel

    Weapons & Vehicles

    Are you special ?
  12. Captain-Sebekel

    ANTI PERSONNEL MINES Now is useless

    Just remove friendly fire from mines.
  13. Captain-Sebekel

    Recon Planes Rework

    How about giving recon planes the ability to mark/spot players for a short period ?
  14. Captain-Sebekel

    Tank Review #2: M24 Chaffee

    The Panther of the Lights to show that you are a vet or a barista who had been tricksed by Retos tier system ("better Tier means better stuff").