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  1. Captain-Sebekel

    Quick fixes for small arms balance

    - SAs need adjustments. Atm they are too good in anything. At least give the Scout Barrel more negative effects or increase its repair costs. - PPsH should get more stock ROF and PPS should be more accurate and better range so SU has a choice between a CQC MP or a MP suited for larger distances. - Why nerfing the dmg of both US MGs, especially Johnny ? Would rather see a slighty recoil reduction for GE MGs.
  2. Captain-Sebekel

    Devstream format suggestions

    Tbh at first I would rather see results from the streams than just skipping to the next one.
  3. Captain-Sebekel

    Hi RETO will you guys be at the gamescom 2019 ?

    Tbh I think they were at only one or two of them (definitly last year). It wasnt a real tradition of them and I dont think its ever going to be one, even if the game is stabe again Maybe they are worried to get in trouble with the vets (discussion, not fist fights unless they start with balanace topics) since its easier to deflect discussion on the internet (as they already do) than in RL:
  4. Captain-Sebekel

    I told you not to give AT rambos power

    The problem is unless HnG has less than 1k players Reto wont argue about that cause they think they are in right with no real hard caps limit (though the reality doesnt give them right). Harder to climb it with my PTRS dude than most German tanks...
  5. Trying to kill sth. with their new Panzerbüchse cause they forgot that they demanded a nerf for the PTRS I guess.
  6. Captain-Sebekel

    H&G, Factions, RTS : promising change

    Yeah mean the faces. Yoir suggestion sounds reasonable.
  7. Captain-Sebekel

    H&G, Factions, RTS : promising change

    Are you anle to select the race of SAF soldiers since there were also some white soldiers ?
  8. Captain-Sebekel

    New/sub-factions suggestion topics

    Since religion still exists in the modern era I think I am allowed to hope and pray (at least for once) for that.
  9. Captain-Sebekel

    New/sub-factions suggestion topics

    Or lets merge Asia and Europe Theaters into a global one but in a way we dont see Japs fighting the Allies in Nothern Italy.
  10. Captain-Sebekel

    New/sub-factions suggestion topics

    Hungary was (mostly) independet unless Horthy tried to make peave with the Allies which made the Führer unhappy. The Rest of the time until the Soviets conquered Hungary it was a puppet of Berlin.
  11. Captain-Sebekel


    Would rather see a SMG only event. Maybe this would forge players to get to the objectives instead of the bushes.
  12. Captain-Sebekel

    Small Arms Ballance

    - 1hk for recon only would result in another recon spam. Specialist cap (if Reto ever change their mind) or range nerf would be nice. - ok or 2hk. In return lower ROF and range. - ok - ok - Maybe revolvers can do 3hk or even 2hk? In return way lower rof, worser recoil, 3EQ and longer reload time for M1917 ? Otherwise revolvers wouldn make much sense since they have less clips and broken reload animation (Nagant). Meh, especially BAs and automatic guns. Btw. whats with ARs, especially with M2 and StG regarding dmg ? Rero should decrease the amount to two or even one per pack. Maybe this could prevent this mass spam of them.
  13. Captain-Sebekel

    Staged is a mess

    Tbh there are not many option. Skillbased MM sounds nice but with the current numbers of players this would increase the queue time and the matches would be as full as the current matches on the Australian/ Asian servers. Also IMO most tryhards and the few clan dudes prefers staged cause war doesnt make fun nor sense anymore since most of the time you have one line assaults (ofc mostly on the worst lines you can get) and mostly the def have specialst ATs. Besides the ping is getting higher and higher and maybe its just I made this eperience but the quality of players on war matches is getting worser too (even staged feels better). Even the few bigger generals seems to get frustated by the war mode too. Reto finally needs to fix the goddam RTS mode. Not only cause it makes it easier for newbies but also its the only thing which makes the game different from other FPS games.
  14. Captain-Sebekel

    Fragen und Antworten Thread

    Hatte auch einige Momente, wo ich ein Panther mit den E8 nach drei Trefffern zerstört habe. Allerdings habe ich da direkt die Muni und die Engine zerstört und die dritten Treffer haben anscheinend auch den Treibstoff zerf#ckt oder sehr viel HP abgezogen.
  15. Tbh I rarly use it AA gun. And when I use it against FWs I mostly focus on planes which dives or are quite close to the ground. I dont have problems with 100-200m. I meet only one dude who killed 7 or 9 planes with it and only he and the pilots knows if this were direct kills or tree kills. So I doesnt see it as a good AA gun since I habe my focus on ground targets and the other unicors rarly use it as a AA gun too (at least those who I met). In most situation it is I admit unless there are other tanks who spotted you or not braindead inf (or friendly nades). Luckily most tankers are solo far away from the choke points. Bit this isnt new since you can do it HHL and stickies too (nimble and fast) though they are expensive. Maybe some tankers should stop camping ot at least switching their positions to make it less easier for me. Wouldnt mind if they made it only usable with opened bipods which would it make less annoying against Panthers thoufh it would be difficult to use it on open terrain. But "Reto" and "overhaul" is meh and if they nerf the PTRS like they nerfed former OP guns (except M1919) they would get shirtstormed by players who invested 30 shekels for it and limiting SUs AT arsenal even more. Poor US. They dont have a useless BA AT rifle for 300k but a Bazooka for 76k which is able to kill meds. And the P51 is good but how do you wanna grind for it while having 8 GE pilots ? Flying recon planes all the time is boring. They are going to get two in the next time. And MPs and AT arsenal (ecxept PTRS).