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  1. Captain-Sebekel

    German Tanks Are Now Trash

    This whole thing feels like a Deja-Vu.
  2. Captain-Sebekel

    Just remove HE

    Why not just increasing its price per shot so you cant spam it ?
  3. Captain-Sebekel

    Plane tips?

    I think I said that before they released the new Tier III fighters. And maybe I wasnt that good with the P40 unlike I was with the P38 but the P40 isnt worth it and I rarly encounter people who like that plane.
  4. Captain-Sebekel

    Maps. MapsmapsmapsMAPS

    Maybe I am totally biased but I think RB shouldnt create more maps with rivers since… look at the post maps and the coming red fortress map,
  5. Captain-Sebekel

    Maps. MapsmapsmapsMAPS

    I dont have anything against having rivers on maps. But having them on almost every map is quite annoying IMO. Also for attackers some river lines feels rushing the beaches in Northern France.
  6. Captain-Sebekel

    Maps. MapsmapsmapsMAPS

    Retos favor for rivers is getting more and more annoying. I mean almost every map (except Hill 60 and the skirmish map with the two barns and Depot) has a river, which also affects the gameplay (e.g. Town Assault). IMO rivers shouldnt be common like they are atm. Also why are we getting another fortress map? I would rather see a city map inspired be Kiev, Minsk, Riga, Stalin- or Leningrad or a factory map instead of fortresses battles which were not that common.
  7. Captain-Sebekel

    Neuer Mist

    Man braucht ja nicht zwingend Streams. Mir würden regelmäßige Threads oder News reichen, wo gesagt wird, was gerade gemacht wird. Trello ist zwar ein Schritt nach vorm, wird aber immer nur einmal pro Monat geupdatet, die Texte zu den Projekten sind meist obsolet und wie zuletzt bei der Roadmap weiß man halt nie, was als nächstes kommt.
  8. Captain-Sebekel

    new German vehicle

    Since this is a Italian tank this would be land-leasing and Reto hates it.
  9. Captain-Sebekel

    Maps. MapsmapsmapsMAPS

    Yay... We need more maps, especially assaults. I cant wait to get HEed and HEing on the new Sovjet Fortress Map with brigdes and lots of water barriers.
  10. I like the work (especially the new Tiers) but... - the M16 and the Tier 1 Red AA are already ingame. - I dont like it giving APCs guns/ combos which would rather fit in as Anti-Air or Anti-Tank/ vehicle carrier. IMO cal.50s, covers and MG34 and 42s are enough, maybe mortars or searchlights but this would be the maximum. The other uogrades could be fit in other vehicles types.
  11. Captain-Sebekel

    Neuer Mist

    Die Diskussionen über die Waffen sind meiner Meinung nach nötig (speziell das M1919). Aber dieses Ausufern nervt langsam. Erst heult der Deutsche über das M1919. Dann heult der Ami über die MP40. Nun heult der Deutsche über das Johnny LMG, weswegen der Ami dann über das StG heult. Das läuft dann auf eine 3 Seiten+ Salzmine zu, ohne dass dabei irgendwas konstruktives passiert ist. Ich finde es auch interessant, das manche der Leute, die eine Waffe der andren Fraktion generft haben wollen, meist ihre Fraktionswaffen in den Müll ziehen. Ich kann es ja noch bei den Sowjets verstehen aber das StG ? Das ist eine Beleidigung an meinen StG Char.
  12. Captain-Sebekel

    Tank Only Map Is Bad

    I just dont unterstand why we have this hill/ mountain there ? I mean are they fans of natural barriers? Whats with a map without forrests, rivers and mountains nor hills?
  13. Captain-Sebekel

    Terrain Vehicles upgrades

    Whats about a MG upgrade for the Schwimmwagen and the QMC ?
  14. Captain-Sebekel

    Pay again for SDKFZ camo? NO!

    If you mean that the new Skdfz dont have the camo you bought for the older model then it must be a bug since I got the camo for the new German APC I bought for the older one.
  15. Captain-Sebekel

    Tier 2 Reconnaissance planes

    7mm makes a difference. Ask the tanks. And also in airfight it makes a difference. First of all selecting HE for your US med is a auto no for dogfighting since .50s with HE ammo doesnt damage nor pen planes. Also attacking ground targets (especially tanks and apcs) is quite easier and you deal more dmg with 20mm clips. And 20mm isnt that y inaccurate. Of course its decreasing at larger distances and a bkt unprecisise but honestly I dont have that much precision problems with 20mm equipped planes and even if 10 20mm clips missed the wing but one hit the wing the wing is screwed or badly damaged. Image the same situation with the P35 or .50s in general. Unless the pilot isnt totally braindead your chances are smaller to get a broken wing or at least a heavily damaged wing or any other modul. And if I just care about the ammo type (btw. where did I said that ?) why did I just mentioned the P35 and not the P51 or the MiG, too ? Perhaps cause the other planes have other abilities, which have positive effects? Does the P35 really have abilities, which could persuade pilots to use it instead of using the other Tier 1s or just skipping it ?