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  1. Captain-Sebekel

    Combat Improvement Ideas

    I added another point (just in case of 1/999999999999999999 Reto is going to listen to that)
  2. Captain-Sebekel

    Heroes and Generals is ruined

    The token system should rape inf scopes cause it seems to be easier and proifitable for Reto than removing them (and to forceus to take low tiers) Well...nice job. The system would be ok for me if it would rape inf campers but now I gt punished cause I have a rocket launcher and instantly died after spawn due to scopes or HE.
  3. Captain-Sebekel

    More real Soldier customization

    Caps and Officer Caps for Red Army and Wehrmacht (pls dont listen to these SS-Wannabe idiots which could lead to SS-Skins) would be enough.
  4. Too much effort and those belts etc. could glitch like the former backpacks.
  5. Captain-Sebekel

    Screw faction bias, I am infantry biased now

    Are you "special" ? First of all you cant compare inf combat with inf vs armour combat. Secondly I wrote "well placed". Does it mean the system should reward players if they hit weakpoints and/ or (different) components or should it reward if you deploy HHL3s in the same spot regeardless if they destroy the ammo or just disable the tracks? Hmmm... Wanna have 1HK guns? Stop playing a semi-arcade game and play Arma.
  6. With higer ROF PPD is ok. Using it for grinding only...
  7. Captain-Sebekel

    tigers and nerf ger pls

    - The Pershing can hardly handle the Tiger H1 and Panther (of course you need skill). Tiger II? Waste of credits. - And the Jagdpanther? Better armor and a protected mg gunner meanwhile the U.S. and and Red HTDs did not even have a open HMG. Of course the M36 isnt bad. Its a better M10. - are right. Fast, good cannon and funny hitbox but 9/10 Americans doesnt use the M18 as flanker but as a static camping machine so I wouldnt count it as a real danger for a Tiger nor Panthers. Lol? Experience vs Experience...
  8. Captain-Sebekel

    New use for Schwimmwagen

    With a not totally braindead mg dude (otherwise press 4 or kick the squadmate out) nah. Are canopies absorbing bullets/ protecting people at the back of the truck?
  9. Captain-Sebekel

    Reto AT Rambo's are Disgustingly OP

    So Reto has to nerf AT Weapons again cause you are too stupid to play tanks ? Also funny that you didnt mention the 360° mg of the Hetzer.
  10. Captain-Sebekel

    Recon Weapons

    Could say the same about infantry who waste ressources to camp the sh#t out of bushes instead of doing their job. It feels like smg- and HA-recons and paras are the only classes who are actually capping instead of just HE-ing or camping with 2,2x-4,2x scopes somewhere in France or CCCP. Instead of removing SMGs finally gives reasons why someone should buy a recon (instead of just 8x scopes whit greater costs and sway and wannabe-tanks with ap ammo).
  11. Captain-Sebekel

    New use for Schwimmwagen

    Give the Schwimmwagen and QMC (or whatever) a MG so the persons inside the car wont get farmed that easy while "swimming" and(or faster "swimming"...
  12. Captain-Sebekel

    Reto AT Rambo's are Disgustingly OP

    This guy should get a medal and a statue in Town map for annoying tankers so hard that one of them is copy pasting threads about nerfing the nerfed AT weapons ! Its so beautiful.
  13. Lol ? How many times did you damaged temamates?
  14. Captain-Sebekel


    Just use fast reload and you got a AR with 250+ bullets and a moderate reload time. Instead of overheating Reto could implete the MMG/LMG system of Battelfield V. I know I know its not the best example but with a similiar system M1919MG, DP and both German MGs would finally become supportive weapons and not dominating over SMGs and ARs.
  15. Captain-Sebekel

    Rear-view mirrors, lights and 3rd person

    Without reworking the 1st person view no. The APCs (especially the Sdkfz) and AA trucks (at least the M16) have a horrible 1st person view and the mirrors are just cosmetic. Also I dont have a problem with the ability to see behind me than I have a problem with the ability to look over walls etc.