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  1. Game recognize game in da bay mayne
  2. Yea staring at battles for 1:05 is exhausting....
  3. I just think its "chicken sh*t" picking on some one for bad grammar when English is obviously not his native language.... Shows what a shirt*y character you are... Low hanging fruit is the ripest?
  4. Lol... Your right! I forgot... Dam boo boo's on point!
  5. It was two weeks...
  6. ???? And then you reply with this?.... Hhahaha... Does a dart board come with those standarts?
  7. Based on last weekends, or weekend before, night session on forums, I believe @vengeice has been "coined" boo... At least that's how we refer to him in TS. @melbrooksenthusiast @flakpanzer
  8. Flip the coin nerd... It only matters what you and your girls are doing? Nothing in this game should be developed based on a badge being popular or assumed that a badge is being used, for arguments sake, go for it, for actual concrete development, never!
  9. Do you ever post without linking a previous thread of yours? Trashy look....
  10. Higher ROF means higher recoil and less potential hits... TTK factors every bullet hitting target, and that's just not the case...
  11. please show where you got this knowledge from? that was a population issue, over population and troops sitting afk around London and Rome.... Sorry gayius, but no one is believing your b.s....
  12. For the most part, this community is a P.O.S.... and players come back because there really is no other game like this one... I don't see this game as terrible, as with any game, it has its shortcomings, but terrible? Not even fkn close to terrible. who exactly is benefitting from this bash post? in the fkn trash hopefully... have you ever played a game with bipods? I have and from experience, bipods turn into star trek lasers.. no thanks! keep the recoil Limits will never be the answer. whats so funny about this? The mobile app was amazing and very useful and by all accounts used more often than RETO is claiming.
  13. Lets see... I never mentioned battles would be MM filled only... my proposal would be the current system replacing AR with MM battle priority by length of time started. This has nothing to do with population. I see battles pop at the 1:04:45 mark with no one queued from either side, often enough to know there is already some sort of priority already. I also see German clans queued against SU with no one on the SU side and those pop also. Obviously its not perfect, or we wouldn't be having this talk. The moment you put in simulated AR's to determine a winner you can forget about this being a "REAL TIME STRATEGY" game and only a strategy... and that "REAL TIME STRATEGY" is what makes this game unique as we all well know. To say that something isn't possible without trying it is b.s.... furthermore, there is nothing difficult about my proposal. as far as your "PS", don't really know what you mean there as you contradict yourself... you don't compete strategic, you do? not really looking for any clarification. Late 80's? what strategy game would that be? Risk? checkers? but anyways... yea, at that time I was a teenager deeply rooted in high school sports and not in front of a PC that I didn't give a sh*t about not to mention there were no strategy games like this around then...
  14. Your right, it don't matter... Its a failed logic, as in you assume every shot hits target, and that isnt the case, well except for jmj & ding, and who knows why it was ever considered worthy of discussion?