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  1. Because you are outside the map... There are plenty of places to land. If your inside the combat zone there is no problem with the landing gear. There is nothing to fix here....
  2. just give the soviets this... 5 equipment points too so we can double up like FPS here!
  3. hmmm, a couple choices here, one you can unlock the hellkitty well before rank 12, two, choose your war faction wisely, if you want the hell cat then choose that faction. and lets be honest here.. Do you want War more populated? or Go play your hellkitty? seriously the rank 17 players grinding staged for credits has no place in this game anymore for the sake of the War mode.
  4. I want squad 2.0 ( don't be confused, I really don't)
  5. you cant... play with rank 11 or under... rank 12 and greater should be war only.
  6. anywho.... the balance of Heavy Fighters alone is enough for me to say this patch is good! even if it did take 6 months to figure it out.... now change the RTS back. No AT resource loss due to moral. It is not the Generals fault if battle get AR'd while they are offline, or online for that matter, to justify losing their resources/war funds! period. no justification for it. And this very well could be the number 1 reason of the most recent population loss! RETO don't wait another year to figure this one out....
  7. I could give a fuk!... but I don't... so dam smart but you don't know sh*t like I mentioned earlier. brush up on your English comprehension... because I could give a fuk about what you think an expression is or isn't... but I don't.
  8. I have never messaged anyone in-game about their forum opinions... I could give a fuk... your comparison of weapons based on magazine size tells me enough that you don't know sh*t... thanks for your opinions though. it was a nice laugh... by all means, continue posting in your forum "Halloween" costume.
  9. I get it, haven't been in to play yet... I'll definitely check it out later
  10. User1325, scared to actually reply with your main account... OK then. Well you must not know jack shh about much in this game, hence why you choose to stay anonymous. Pps43, ppsh are smgs, in case you didn't know, they don't do medium range. And ppsh is complete garbage. Pps is a good smg, but still far behind mp40 or Thompson. Here's the deal, when I run with the pps and I see an mp40 or Thompson on the ground, I pick it up... When I'm playing with mp40 and see pps or ppsh on ground... It stays on the ground. mp 34 is a very good LMG. I run it on two characters, much smoother than the DP... There really is no comparison in weapons with the soviets and the other two factions. Soviets have sat at the bottom since introduction.....
  11. Let's be honest here... Did Germans really need a top tier 0 pistol? I mean come on, when does it stop that if Germans dont get top tier sh*t that RETO hates them? This theme is really old and dry... Uea Germans have taken some RETO lumps on the chin, but everything has that's outperformed.... Its that backwards liberal thinking they have, that if its good then we must knock it down... Instead of bringing others up to par.
  12. Because the difference in the heavy fighter was so extreme it affected the overall game play for all factions across war and staged and all careers... It was a turkey shoot for P-38's, making the game a terrible experience for everyone involved... Hopefully these changes will allow the ME-410 & PE-3 to compete in a successful dog fight which would allow all other players to actually do something in a battle other than fall prey to the 5 P-38's that were uncontested in the skies... Hopefully.... There was actually quite a bit in this patch that was requested by the community... Upon reading this change log, My initial thought is nice patch. However I won't be able to play until later today to actually find out... But definitely looking forward to flying my PE-3 and ME-410!
  13. your full of sh*t scrub. I don't leave queue because of who joins. nice try nerd so your lips are firmly planted on their sack... nice to know
  14. It's not a bad idea, fixed artillery. However the next issue, I would bring up that kills the idea for me, is team killing with the artillery. There's just no way around this. You've put in some good thought about this, I just think there is no reason for artillery in this game. If you really want to fight at range, get in a tank. That sums up how I feel about it.