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  1. yea my apologies, I just read all this sh*t basically bashing SU and as a SU main player I take offense. It has come time to step back from forums and not even read
  2. yea my confusion on the para's and that grouping would be nice
  3. I don't agree with specific tank AT's, I like the randomness of what the enemy will spawn... as for para AT's there is already a tier two, and I would like to see squads of AT's.... I want to be able to designate maybe 15-20 AT's and put them in one attack or defend squad and be able to just move that squad on the war map and all those AT's go
  4. No XP for not fighting, you must send them into battles and that battle must be played So push them as much as you can, manage the Moral of your AT units and keep them in battles
  5. I understand what your saying, but the context that this particular player is asking about, the upgrade is the right choice for him...
  6. lol