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  1. War wins mean nothing... The US players that claim victim to SU AR, all the while they play AR themselves, is much more meaningful. I think the term is hypocrisy.
  2. you didn't make the original comment... that was a general statement, but I see how it could be confusing
  3. umm, did I miss a post? because the way this reads out, you insulted first..... saying his friend, who JUST STARTED THE GAME, sucked... necessary? nah don't think so, take a hike scrub, gtfo, soviet ghetto pass revoked! watch your back on the way out of the slums, cause Ivan's got a ppd what it has to do with is that clans/groups of friends can run thru battles and still queue on the next 5 battles because now its an hour long wait for AR.... has nothing to do with US fake news of Soviet AR abuse... as all factions do it.... you US players are like CNN.. cant stop feeding the same old agenda that's yesterdays B.S..... and, lol, you been at the door to Moscow 1 time in 4 wars since the change.... come on CNN...
  4. gtfo of here with that bullsh*t baby back rib sh*t..... try harder next time
  5. Great post here!!!!! Maybe this post will put the cry hards to sleep with a nice warm cup of get informed! So it appears the heavy class is far from complete, and we have to play thru a slight bump in the road...As expected from a developing game! I like the heavy class, I enjoy flying as an underdog with my PE-3 and ME-410, more so the PE-3 it's not as bad as the ME and puts up an OK fight against the 38. The problem is, when you fly heavies in staged, your going against 4-6 38's. But I'll take one for the team and fly against them so the Paras have a chance.
  6. Plane kills, are not kamikaze, as you well know, you don't get the kill. And no, it's not hard to do, it's situational. And my reply to your post was regarding recon planes shooting down heavies... Which is more than possible. And the p-38 being a medium fighter... Now you want to reply back with mediums comments.... Most know mediums are the most difficult plane to take down all around... Does it really even need to be discussed? The p-38 is not a medium fighter, equal pilots, it doesn't stand a chance against the yak or messer. And AA guns can take down any plane in the game and can definitely alter the opposing air game.
  7. Really?.... In 2017, online gaming, and no one has an aimbot? Now that is the true joke of the century!
  8. I don't think there was a legitimate effort to support it from the introduction. As I used it daily, after it was updated each build, some two weeks after each build and I heard from a lot of players that they tried to use it, but it was "never" on the current build and therefore they abandoned it. Some players do try to help promote for you, but there's a point where you "have to help us to help you." And that just rarely happens.
  9. So hiding at the first point of a dead line in a bush is skill nowadays? And recon planes do shoot down heavy fighters.... I've seen it done many times. For a player that rarely flew in this game until 3 months ago, I like what has been done with planes. I think most of you guys need to stop bit*hing about everything that is anything about this game and play a little bit more... Yea of course sh*t isn't "perfect" and changes don't happen yesterday like most of you are crying about! AA guns do shoot down planes, maybe get better on the AA gun if that's what you want to do... But I hear it daily from pilots about how the AA gun "is up" and fkn them up. And your last line.... Lol tanks vs planes..... That's your go to? Back in the day you had a chance? Lol... But that's your game... Sit back at the first point and shoot at planes. GEE gee
  10. The p-38 gets owned by the other mediums, it's not a medium fighter... It's simply the top heavy fighter.... You obviously don't fly.... Myself and many others have heavy plane kills with recon planes.....
  11. I know what you were saying to him, I was just taking that and expanding on it because so many want to do just that... Your officers still get XP when your not in the fps battle. And the map tells you when the battle is ending... I have a feeling you already know these things, just stating them for those that don't.
  12. Seems slot of US main players here, maybe OP was meant for US army talk? Please move there. Thanks.
  13. Maybe he's asking where is there when it's there? Wouldn't the "news and updates" section of forums been an appropriate answer from a moderator? Is part of your job not to help?
  14. Terrible misconception about the RTS and player decisions.... The need to play your own ATS. There are no benefits to playing your own ATS. If I am wrong about this?... Definitely a major issue with regards to overstacking battles.... I see it daily, battle pops, 3k come down the line..... The most warfunds gains I've had come from battles I wasn't in. And again, over the weekend, there were plenty of grey lines between factions.
  15. Perfect example of how most of the community is uninformed....