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  1. STG rate of fire?

    ask this guy if it needs a buff.... @vengeice think it needs a buff?
  2. Thanks RETO-MOTO!!!! By a German Player

    You do hear so many rants about limiting classes in battle, and I do not agree with it... those are selfish players that want the game "tailored" to what they like.... is the matchmaker trash starting battles with 4 tankers and 1 infantrymen.. yea it is, but that falls on players themselves for not managing their Assault Teams. And in all honesty, it doesn't happen as much as players complain about it.... and again, if you don't log in for 3-7 days to check the war map and see whats happening to manage your AT's then what can we say... it is what it is... Since squad 2.0 this game has taken a huge sh*t! Para's land on lines behind, which is fine, but you can't switch characters to play them, you use to be able to switch and play them to salvage something out of them before the line is closed... now para's are dead. if you send them first, don't expect to get anything for them... The bottom line is the ORIGINAL SQUAD SYSTEM WAS PERFECT... IT WAS, USE IT IF YOU WANT TO. AND THAT WORKED PERFECT FOR STAGED. And the Battle list worked great for war, no changes were needed despite anything that will be said in favor of changing it to what we are punished with now....
  3. Thanks RETO-MOTO!!!! By a German Player

    Its too bad you guys wait until the population dropped over 50% before action is talked about being taken... Its just talk right now.... IMO, the damage is done and been done. Hopefully the rebuilding process is better than the last two years. Also, I don't ever seeing the game improving with the current squad and spawn systems in place. The squad 2.0 was the beginning of the end for this game.... You can NOT restrict players gameplay and expect them to stick around and play. Currently, a 3 man squad can NOT have 3 different auxiliary seats. And one 5-6 man squad can not assault two lines. Huge FPS and RTS killer.
  4. Are all Axis vets banned

    Please name one game that is better?
  5. We are no longer Germany

    No player base? Germany is still the most populated. My comments are from years of watching german generals sh*t the bed on the war map, leaving faction mates out to dry by retreating single AT's resulting in thousands destroyed, and cry about anything and everything reto does or doesnt do to favor the german faction.... the cry hardism is so phony its entertaining.... now here you are, a product of your (german faction) own demise... no one to blame but yourselves! Enough bashing on forums and in the action game has done its job. Players are leaving the game by the 100's weekly and now the new complaint is.... we have no player base? Hmmm wonder why
  6. We are no longer Germany

    After re-reading, what is believed, by reto, to be "fixed" by moving to Belgrade? This will help/fix nothing! What I see happening is the german western front falling faster with zero resistance from zero Berlin deployment and the Eastern front increased being closer to, even capturing Sevastapol and Kiev. So basically, again, without much thought about it from development, this is simply a Buff to the US on the war map. Berlin and Copenhagen uncontested. Pretend to help Germany, while shafting SU and handing two uncontested Capitals to the US. GG.
  7. We are no longer Germany

    They dont have a queue, why would they need increased resources? So no more "hole in scandy" tactics.... it doesnt matter what starting capitals are, the german players will not have a plan to compete in the war map, will continue to blame reto for everything that doesnt favor germany, and will cry until they have the top "TTK" weapons across the board.... this will not bring players back.
  8. same failure prone developers on the team? This is exactly what hasn't happened... a couple of "main" coders left a while ago and haven't been properly replaced. Classic case of "putting all your eggs in one basket" by relying on one dev understanding the code and the replacements not being able to build off it... and now, finally, the rewrites are coming out.... curious as to which new game release your referring to? IMO, there hasn't been sh*t released that's worth a penny....
  9. LOL we dont even win the most battles anymore

    sarcasm is not bitching... but if English is your second language, then I understand...
  10. LOL we dont even win the most battles anymore

    Video gamin is so dam tough for german players.... such a magnificent wonder they lasted so long against all odds....
  11. LOL we dont even win the most battles anymore

    Your exactly right... the "main" players in the german faction dont play! So whats your point of this post? Is this the new beginning post of begging reto for something? The game is dead.... less than 200 players in war during US primetime and yesterdays RTS bug is the nail in the coffin for this game...
  12. yes it is darker, /M 4857992685038619870
  13. Changelog 1.08 - Planes & Ladders

    better hurry! those tier 1 mediums might save the last 1500 players from quitting the game...
  14. Is it too hard to rank up?

    Very well said, players all too often are looking for the "easy road". Well sorry to say, ranking xp is just fine, works quite well. As soon as your eligible to field assault teams (AT's), do so. Those AT's contribute significantly to your characters xp gain. Your not supposed to go rank 12 thru 17 in one week....
  15. German faction going MAD

    Newly acquired authority just chiming in for no other reason other than "hey look at me"?... No one cares that reto made you their puppet....