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  1. Never mind I found out what was causing it. For some reason DX12 was selected in my lobby settings after the patch and it made the game run like absolute junk. I unchecked it and it returned to normal.
  2. I don't know what you guys did in this current patch but the game is randomly stuttering all the time now after the maintenance today. Wasn't happening before the maintenance. Frames keep randomly spiking to 70-80 frames while V-Sync is turned on then dropping back down to 60 frames. And same the opposite way where the game will constantly drop to random low 40 FPS from 60 for no reason. Game is almost unplayable with random screen freezes and the constant choppiness in the game. I have an i7-4790K, R9-390 8GB, 16 GBs of RAM so it ain't my lack specs.
  3. Fair Play– Update 1.10.2 is here

    The problem is sometimes they are place at angles that are impossible to shoot from a distance, thus you either are forced to kill yourself or just all together give up the objective. So many times are they placed on the stairs where if you shoot it, you will be taking the same damage as just stepping on it, or just literally on top of the stairs where you have no chance of ever shooting it. I brought up the church in the town map because there is an ammo box on top of the tower, thus giving you unlimited mines which is what makes it over powered. The fact that you can just magically drop down a mine in like 2 seconds and there is literally no way for anyone to disarm it is just flat out broken.
  4. Fair Play– Update 1.10.2 is here

    AP mines in every game are always dumb and cancerous in my opinion and shouldn't be in the game in the first place. It takes all the skill out of FPS games. Just imagine in the Town map where someone is in the church and they mine the door way, stairs and the ladder up into the bell tower... they could basically single handedly hold of like 5 players by themselves. Thats not fair or good game play for anyone. Not to mention I don't think you have notice but grenades are expensive and their blast radius is absolute garbage. For instance in the town map, you could hide in the house next to the boats that overlook the 02 bridge, you can already easily mow down anyone that comes up the ladder, and people can spam as many grenades as they have and barely even scratch you if you know how to hide in the corner.
  5. Fair Play– Update 1.10.2 is here

    That would be way too overpowered. Cause then 3 players could just place down 9 mines in various door ways far enough so they don't blow each other up and then just camp forever in a house. Unless Reto adds in ways to instantly disarm enemy mines without having to shoot them in the same amount of time it takes to place them.
  6. Fair Play– Update 1.10.2 is here

    There have been too many cases where selfish teammates mine an entire capture point with anti personnel mines so that teammates can't get into help capture or get into cover, And many other cases where a teammate mines a crucial bridge and causing the the momentum of an advancing team to be halted because they didn't want/couldn't to blow up friendly mines. While yes it sucks when teammates blow up friendly mines since its costing them credits... it is the responsibility of the person laying them down to not place them down in stupid areas or too liberally since its their own wallet they are hurting. Especially when friendly mines kill allies, it wastes allies' credits cause their allies have to pay repairs for vehicles, allies warfunds for assault team tickets and potentially screwing over your chance of winning, and hurting allies incomes because they are dead and don't get any income while respawning. The penalty is way too steep, especially when you consider blowing up two of your own mines basically negates the entire xp reward for destroying light vehicles.
  7. Fair Play– Update 1.10.2 is here

    Please remove the -10 xp for destroying allied mines. 1. Its cancer enough to play tanks and have to deal with anti-tank rambos and especially when playing the US and have no zoom in your tanks; now we have to deal with being stuck and trapped by our own teammates. 2. I place my own mines on the ground and shoot them a lot of times because a lot of times there is a half-track that isn't moving but needs to be destroyed and I don't have any AT weapons other than mines. If anything you should be giving us exp for destroying enemy mines. You should give us like +3 or +4 exp for every enemy mine we destroy, While maybe at most -1 or -2 exp for destroying friendly mines.
  8. Yeah that but is only if you point directly at them. which still doesn't change the fact that its a pain if its like anywhere else in the other 80% of your screen. Also having it completely off is bad because then you can't actually tell what is being captured and how much progress it has then.
  9. As oddball said its pretty pointless to tinker with those settings because that only affects how they show up if you go into precision aim mode. And you generally only need to go into precision aim mode when you spot the enemy... which you can't do if the hud is preventing you from spotting the enemy in the first place.
  10. Sad its been almost 2 years now and this still hasn't even been fixed.
  11. Simple Additions ~ Folding Buttstocks

    Yeah I requested this exact same thing like 2 years ago.
  12. Petition to Remove RNGesus

    Yep. Because they don't like skill. Scenario A -> I aim 1 foot away from a person's head with a Grease Gun. -> HEADSHOT! -> WTF!? Scenario B -> I am straight at someone's head. -> Everything misses -> Get killed... Feels bad
  13. I haven't played this game in a year... so pardon my ignorance if my opinion is outdated and if the guns and prices were massively tweaked during my inactivity (I don't think they have since I haven't seen any mention of them in the patch notes). But I think most SMGs in this game perform perfectly fine without any mods at stock configuration... sure at a point blank high RPM helps but overall most mods on SMGs are just unnecessary and are just drain on credits and give you a placebo effect. Or at least for me. I have all the SMGs, and I found that basically if you add one mod to the gun beyond just the sights, it just screws up the gun, therefor you need a bunch more mods to get a real improvement... which just isn't worth it. Like you get a gun that performs like 3% better but for like 50x times the cost per shot. I can't really see any reason to buy weapon mods from an economical stand point, nor any real gameplay benefit since I can do just fine with the stock configuration... like yeah I might die one or two times more when I encounter a fully decked out MP40... but overall my K:D ratio is still vastly superior just using a stock grease gun than I would with any of the rifles. I can 30 to 5 with a stock grease gun and spray for days and have a bill of only 500 somewhat credits and make like 6K in profit, or I can use a M1 Garand that is modded and cost me like 4k a match and only make like 1-2K if lucky for the same K:D. Not to mention just by using a tier SMG you're already better off than most people who are using rifles since you have that RNG conefire which is just insanely stupid.
  14. This is basically why I quit this game. Because playing it was painful to my eyes. Not only can you hardly see anything due to the horrible lack of quality fidelity, you had to deal with horrible gun visuals. Horrible irons sights, and when you try to use iron sights you have so much smoke and horribly unsmooth gun handling animations, it just takes the joy out of most of the rifles and long range gun fights. Which is sad because this is one of the few games that actually calculates bullet travel time and bullet drop. If Reto could just take a cue from New World Interactive, the developers of Insurgency and Day of Defeat on how to make weapon visuals such as muzzle flash, smoke, iron sights etc... then this game would be awesome.
  15. While I do agree I have played many WW2 mods that are better than H&G itself... the difference is that those mods only need to make assets, and do some scripting on a pre-existing game engine. Game engines take years to properly develop, and that is the problem with Reto, they are working on the game engine and the game itself simultaneously. That is what is killing the game currently. Cause you can't make a good game, especially one as ambitious and complicated as H&G on a half baked engine. That is why they should stop adding half done things into the game, and basically freeze the game where it is. Then put in the effort to bug fix / balance the current iteration of the game. Then spend their time afterwards to further develop the game engine to the point where they can better stuff in more quality updates. That way at least the front of the shop appears to be functional, and leaves players with an enjoyable experience, while they can do reconstruction on the back of the shop. Cause right now the game engine is half baked, and the updates are awful cause they just tossed things into the game without the proper balancing and stuff to support it. The front of the shop is a mess and scaring aware any potential players and the back of the shop is dysfunctional, and no one is happy. What they need to realize is that most people don't judge the game based on how much bloat it has, but rather the quality and polish of what it does have. H&G is all bloat with no quality or polish. There are plenty of amazing games that have very few things on pretty bad game engines, but are well received because how well polished and refined the game is.