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  1. Simple Additions ~ Folding Buttstocks

    Yeah I requested this exact same thing like 2 years ago.
  2. Petition to Remove RNGesus

    Yep. Because they don't like skill. Scenario A -> I aim 1 foot away from a person's head with a Grease Gun. -> HEADSHOT! -> WTF!? Scenario B -> I am straight at someone's head. -> Everything misses -> Get killed... Feels bad
  3. I haven't played this game in a year... so pardon my ignorance if my opinion is outdated and if the guns and prices were massively tweaked during my inactivity (I don't think they have since I haven't seen any mention of them in the patch notes). But I think most SMGs in this game perform perfectly fine without any mods at stock configuration... sure at a point blank high RPM helps but overall most mods on SMGs are just unnecessary and are just drain on credits and give you a placebo effect. Or at least for me. I have all the SMGs, and I found that basically if you add one mod to the gun beyond just the sights, it just screws up the gun, therefor you need a bunch more mods to get a real improvement... which just isn't worth it. Like you get a gun that performs like 3% better but for like 50x times the cost per shot. I can't really see any reason to buy weapon mods from an economical stand point, nor any real gameplay benefit since I can do just fine with the stock configuration... like yeah I might die one or two times more when I encounter a fully decked out MP40... but overall my K:D ratio is still vastly superior just using a stock grease gun than I would with any of the rifles. I can 30 to 5 with a stock grease gun and spray for days and have a bill of only 500 somewhat credits and make like 6K in profit, or I can use a M1 Garand that is modded and cost me like 4k a match and only make like 1-2K if lucky for the same K:D. Not to mention just by using a tier SMG you're already better off than most people who are using rifles since you have that RNG conefire which is just insanely stupid.
  4. This is basically why I quit this game. Because playing it was painful to my eyes. Not only can you hardly see anything due to the horrible lack of quality fidelity, you had to deal with horrible gun visuals. Horrible irons sights, and when you try to use iron sights you have so much smoke and horribly unsmooth gun handling animations, it just takes the joy out of most of the rifles and long range gun fights. Which is sad because this is one of the few games that actually calculates bullet travel time and bullet drop. If Reto could just take a cue from New World Interactive, the developers of Insurgency and Day of Defeat on how to make weapon visuals such as muzzle flash, smoke, iron sights etc... then this game would be awesome.
  5. While I do agree I have played many WW2 mods that are better than H&G itself... the difference is that those mods only need to make assets, and do some scripting on a pre-existing game engine. Game engines take years to properly develop, and that is the problem with Reto, they are working on the game engine and the game itself simultaneously. That is what is killing the game currently. Cause you can't make a good game, especially one as ambitious and complicated as H&G on a half baked engine. That is why they should stop adding half done things into the game, and basically freeze the game where it is. Then put in the effort to bug fix / balance the current iteration of the game. Then spend their time afterwards to further develop the game engine to the point where they can better stuff in more quality updates. That way at least the front of the shop appears to be functional, and leaves players with an enjoyable experience, while they can do reconstruction on the back of the shop. Cause right now the game engine is half baked, and the updates are awful cause they just tossed things into the game without the proper balancing and stuff to support it. The front of the shop is a mess and scaring aware any potential players and the back of the shop is dysfunctional, and no one is happy. What they need to realize is that most people don't judge the game based on how much bloat it has, but rather the quality and polish of what it does have. H&G is all bloat with no quality or polish. There are plenty of amazing games that have very few things on pretty bad game engines, but are well received because how well polished and refined the game is.
  6. When are headshots being removed?

    The only acceptable Headshot is when someone actually aims for it or a extremely war case where the enemy walked into it. If I am on purposely trying to shoot someone in the torso, I shouldn't be headshotting them 2 out of 5 times unless they crouched into where I was aiming... which is not the case most of time.
  7. For @Reto.Gargamel In the First Dev Q&A you seemed pretty confused on the concept of RNG Headshots. So let me explain it to you. Due to the both the conefire mechanic, and the sway on guns... most rapid fire guns have basically a shotgun effect... where you just point in the general direction and start spraying, You are bound to get a headshot simply because bullets pepper a random area instead of where you are aiming. Thus for instance if I were to on purposely aim for your chest, or even aim over the top of your head or clearly to the side of your head, basically anything not directly at your head... anywhere in close approximation of your head but not directly at your head, I would still get a headshot simply due to the high weapon sway and random conefire spread pattern. The reason why making guns more precise would fix the problem is because most people aren't good enough to precisely aim for the head... basically if they aren't aiming perfectly for the head then they would never hit it since the head is a pretty small and tough to aim for. Especially when people are moving or at a distance. This would also reward skilled players for their ability to aim for headshots. Most people usually aim for the torso since its a larger and easier target. Aiming for the torso usually takes 3-5 bullets which increase time to kill... and if guns were more precise then when you aim for the torso you would always hit the torso. But due to the fact guns are so inaccurate in this game right now due to the RNG, most of time you can aim for torso but magically get a headshot simply due to the conefire spread. Its super unfair because you can have 2 players with M3 grease guns for instance. Player A has perfect aim and is aiming for Player B's torso. Player A fires 7 rounds and hits Player B 4 times in the torso, and Player B has one more shot before he dies. Player B tries to aim for Player A's torso but fails to ever actually align his gun on Player A's body at all, Player B fires 7 rounds at Player A, but misses all of them except for the 6th bullet that randomly hits Player A's head instantly killing him. Can you see how that is unfair and annoying? Cause one person actually aimed perfectly while the other person couldn't aim at all... but yet the person couldn't aim won the fire fight simply due to luck. Not only is headshots in general a problem, that fact that you can take an smg, aim to the side of them, but not directly at them and still manage hit them is just silly. I have gotten a bunch of kills that I didn't deserve for with my SMGs before, due to the shotgun effect... where I just sprayed 15 rounds like 6 inches of away from their body, but still had like 4-6 shots hit them randomly.
  8. 1 Shot/Kill SVT40?

    Two things can be happening, and I have experienced them both first hand. 1. Often times in this game, the gun animation and sounds bug out and it looks like someone only shoots you once despite shooting like 4-5 times. 2. Ping spikes cause random glitches to hit detection, where it literally does cause 1 shot kills from guns that ordinarily cannot 1 shot. I have had it happen to me before where I got one shotted by a guy with a unmodded BA rifle after spawning. I have also 1 shotted someone who just spawn with a M1 Garand that only had sniper ammo. What I think happens is the server thinks it dropped the packet registering the hit, so it requests the packet again, and then both eventually register causing the damage to stack.
  9. While Day of Infamy is an amazing game it just never took off in large numbers since people always judge it by it's graphics. Hence why so many people bought Days of War since it ran Unreal Engine 4 instead and had better graphics than Day of Infamy on Source Engine. Though Days of War turned out to be a humongous flop BTW, basically proving that Graphics isn't everything. But what I can say is the game won't be winning any graphical beauty contest, but it is definitely well designed all around visually. Well designed minimalist hud, and while not visually breath taking life like in Battlefield games or CoD games... the graphical / environmental design is definitely very well down atmospherically. Where the game truly excels is the actual gun play and weapons handing. I don't think I have every played a FPS game where the guns where more satisfying. Realistic damages, nice reasonable balance of recoil, where there is actual recoil, not CoD's bs no recoil nonsense. Also another thing where Day of Infamy blows away all competition is their sounds. All voice acted lines, and amazing gun sounds. The game constantly has a small player base, numbering around 500-600 players off hours. While peak hours has only around 1,200 players. But its more than enough to get into consistently good multiplayer matches and coop matches.
  10. Bazooka flood makes APC useless

    Last time I played this game was in January. Did they finally fix that after like 4 years ?
  11. Bazooka flood makes APC useless

    APCs are like free EXP gift boxes... they cost more to destroy then you gain in credits... but that sweet easy 30XP is it? Not to mention the countless amount of free and easy kills you can get when people spawn it. Since Reto is dumb and constantly spawns you in the driver's seat or the support gunner position. They should really move the position you spawn to the back seats not the super exposed gunner position. I bring AT weapons on all my characters, APCs are my favorite ones to simply use mines on since mines are super cheap compared to bazookas. I will follow an APC for days if I can chase it down.
  12. Seriously RETO ?

    I didn't bother reading last like 4 post, but to simplify what EinPanzer is saying to Krzysiek5657 is that the E8 was basically the equivalent to what the Panther is now before the Panther existed. The E8 could deflect most frontal shots, take 3 shots to kill, while it killed all other tanks in 2 shots. Basically the point is having a tier 3 medium tank while other factions only had tier 2 tanks. Add that on with the fact that the German Tier 2 tank would instant self destruct itself while trying to go anywhere. It is basically impossible for German tankers to beat American tankers if both were equal skill due to the fact that one side had a Tier 3 tank while the only had Tier 2 tanks that were heavily immobile due the self destructing side skirts. A parallel example would be if you took the M4A1 Sherman and try to fight Panthers, you're going to have a very bad time... then add that with self destructing M4A1 Shermans if anything grazed it side while you were driving.
  13. Rofl..... Ye nothing wrong with this meta....

    EinPanzer I would suggest you listen to what WarDaemon is saying. Even though I never played as Paratroopers or a Pilot, only played as Infantry and tanker... even I know where the paraplanes spawn on each map. They come from the same place every time.
  14. I haven't played in 7 months, has any of the problems I listed actually been fixed?