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  1. Zealon

    Chat from players and some repeating info

    We need a Sten Gun in this game and did you no the Germans copied it due to liking how well designed it was and cheap to make. French resistance fighters loved it and you could use captured enemy magazines. Loads of air drops over occupied Europe of this weapon and did you know the Sten Gun had 3 holes in the back of the magazine so you could see at a glance the ammo passing the small holes each hole represented 10 shots used. The Sten Gun Had many different variations and this would be nice to see in air drop capsules on the battle field.
  2. There is a mood on in game chats calling for a realistic style of game play. This is where rifle shots can end your player life and head shots are a one hit kill and shots in the neck for pistol and small arms also. The large machine guns like Vickers and MG42 Combat injury is also missing in terms of a dismemberment from head shots to explosions from other equipment and large 50 cal. rounds Tanks would leave a flatten out player as if an iron had pressed them flat as a pancake. Pictures taken in world war one and two look like the uniform had been Ironed flat on the ground when a tank had ran over them. Consensus on the the Jumping and dodging AI and Jedi type moments again looks ridiculous down the sight before the shot goes off. The game knows you have lined up the shot and is refusing to let you take it. The troop vehicle’s and others guns do not work when flaps are closed and this is just unfinished work. The T-20 is the worst in its class with flaps you can not see out of and the model size is too small and this can not even run over a jeep due to short comings as stated. It is nice to see new things, but not at a cost of fixing what you have to improve on. This is to be a second world war shooter and lead shot was used and was designed to end life Lead is now band due to health and safety in modern warfare and this is over looked here. We are playing a modern warfare style were guns are designed to injure and not end a player. Wrong for the second world war due to what was used.
  3. I see there is a survey out asking about head shots in the game and saw the different balancing options. In my experience I would set all the weapons to a realistic mode and to hell with the balancing due to the fact when you analyse you never get a good result. I have always had to see comities make a mess of things by always picking the wrong option from a lack of experience. Why do you need to balance a weapon when history and war fare has done that fore you. I personal like the game companies who have gone to the gun range and fired a few pristine examples or gone of the manufacture's specification and worked on that model and not there own made up plan. Personal the Allies are missing there Common Wealth Weapons on this time period and why it is only U.S.A weapons is odd. They could not make enough Thomson's to supply Common Wealth troops so the Sten Gun was Born out of this war, The USA Bar was poor in design compared to the Bren Gun's operation and the Bren was a Belgian design adopted by the Allies and Common Wealth. Enfield Rifle missing and the Model T Enfield Rifle which stayed in service right up to 1970 as a sniper Rifle for the Allies. I would make all the guns as true to there performance when they were new using Manufacturing specifications and testing results on the range.
  4. The Allies is not a Sub faction and as such your allies is not complete with out Common Wealth weapons of that time period in Europe. Common Wealth which was part of the Allied group so don't forget what is missing at the moment. No Winston Churchill no Allied force. I think you need to change then your title in stead of Allies just call it US troops only
  5. It will be interesting to try out the change in weapons, but still see the Allies missing all the Common Wealth weapons of this time period which are iconic and required for the fight in occupied Europe. We still have no Sten Gun which every partisan used and Allied troops used during this time period, The Enfield Rifle missing and so is the Bren Gun and Lewis Gun, Vickers large machine gun. A new Tommy hat would be nice to see. Issue on the T-20 with flaps you can not see through and the gun is jammed if the flaps are closed, it is not a troop support in any way and get shot all the time driving it. I also wanted to see this in the German side due to being German original as seen on the internet.
  6. Zealon


    fortunately no not New to H & G had have seen loads of changes, but looking for more changes and still have the war bonds maxed out that seam to go no where. Like playing with the different Vehicles or just running a round as we do and would like to see more weapons of 1939 to 1945. There is a lot not represented and the same with army hard hat styles and tanks that are missing from that time period, The good thing is H & G will never be short of work maybe you could put in the flying saucer the Germans invented at the end of the War. Hence the German submarine U-864 which was sunk by a British Sub due to the canister of Mercury destined for there Flying Saucer program. Unfortunaly no one is dealing with this U-864 and are letting this problem sit on the sea bed. Covering the sub in a coffin idea is mad and would like to see them remove the contamination from the sea floor.
  7. Zealon


    Well the bots seam to be an issue with taking 3 to 8 shots with the rifle to end them unless it is hacker or cheater at the momnet I think it is Bots. Bots also spawning behind you and ending you Just when you started at home base at beginning of Map and game ! I think with any rifle round you are not going to be standing up at all and do not understand this body armer they seam to be all wearing ! The reason that the US faction is bad is the M1 Grand is really a one hit kill weapon and the game has it set up as 3 to 4, bad enough that it is only 8 shots ! The Carbine is a waste of space and takes a half a clip to a full clip of 30 to end a Bot or player !. better with a captured MP40 The Scope maybe for 5 shot rifle in the army class looks right, but is the zoom correct at 1.9 magnification ! Here we also see 3 shot to do a take down and the sight picture on the rifle 5 shot none sniper class has a poor scope and no up grade. Also do not see why the Russian and the USA are fighting one an other and points really should be taken off Russian and USA Forces who play this way. Historical weapons and gear, but not running true to form. There really should only be two factions German or Allied and in the Allied you have ( Common wealth of Great Britain, USA, Russia,) Size of the common wealth had 24% of the world figures taken roughly in 1939 Would like to see Common Wealth weapons, Sten gun, Enfield Rifle, Bren Gun, Lewis Gun ect. Figure Below on Common wealth size. 551,419,825
  8. Zealon

    Otional Skins

    Yes, I am very aware of that fact, but for some reason the USA and the Russians are put against one another when they had a packed with Britain, USA, Russia. Only to day did I read in the Scotsman News paper that we were reminded of the fist Heinkel Bomber shot down and crashed in Scotland in 1939. USA was not in the war at that point or Russia.
  9. Zealon

    Otional Skins

    I was wondering if we could purchases new Skins for the Allied side to work with the USA style skin or a select option in Menu Screen. This would in tale a Tommy Helmet which is different to the USA military Helmet and some new skin weapons like the Mark 2 Sten Gun, Enfield Rifle with detachable mag which it also had Stripper clips option, Bren Gun. This would be part of the Allied Forces pack and would be a separate pack but part of the Allied Forces. This would not change the main faction of 3, so you would have Allied, German, Russian as it stands. Most of the weapons here you have in a different skin style any would add some fun into the Allied side. Your thoughts !!
  10. Zealon

    M1 Grand Iron sight Mod

    Hello There After playing with a new American para troop there is still an Issue on the iron sight mod you can not adjust the sight with the iron sight mod. I have checked the cash and game files on Steam no issue here, but on the PC this Iron sight mod dose not work and is fixed at 100. When purchasing the mod seams a waste and is less accurate. Cost of 23000 or gold 192 I think from memory. This is the M1 grand is an issue. Also mounted machine guns not fixed on jeeps and tanks in iron sight mode click on. Really missing iron sight mode here and tired of the red cross over all sight. All Ge Force drivers up to date and direct X on windows 10
  11. Zealon


    No I would not Invest in eyeglasses due to them making the eye mussels week and Alfred Vogel and Professors in there field have a different view of it. Over straining is an major issue with paper work of today and now with certain computer games, emails Human beings are not designed to wear eyeglasses and the ones that do, end up with the eye sight becoming worse in most cases. They can now total rejuvenate any eye that was destroyed by acid attacks done first case fixed at the London eye Hospital. Expensive yes Kidney function and liver function look at first and then the right non Hybrid plant or herb first. Diet is also important. So we have now address the choice of Eyewear, but not the loss of the modification PURCHASED in the game !!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Zealon


    HI There I have lost the scopes that I purchased in all classes and the magnification and do not see my old scopes in the inventory. I am short sighted so game play now gives me a headache when playing after 5 mins, so not playing H&G at the moment and it is not my fault that I have to squint when playing with your new blurred Scope. I raised the issue on Steam and they said your old Scopes you have purchased should be there and they are not. Totally different mod than purchased originally and I had all 3 factions and more. I thought this was for new members who are joining not old ones. I was told to raise a ticket, but would like that through my steam account and not direct access to my PC !
  13. I was wondering if you are going to fix the percision mode switch which seams to up set the Mounted Machine guns on Tanks and Jeeps when the switch is on in game settings it flash on and of in windows Ten The percision switch setting works for all hand guns and rifles and large machine guns for troops on windows Ten
  14. Zealon

    Member Ship 24 Hour !

    I have to say I am old school when it comes to games and in my day it was ten pence for Space Invaders at the Arcade or pinball and it was down to how good you were. I think Defender was my favourite for its time and there were some fantastic players who could be on for well over an hour. Computer came along and it was the end of the Arcade and it was the Commodore 64K and you bought your games and played for hours on end. I herd if I still hand the commodore it is worth a £1000.00 now it is classed as collectable if all in tacked. Bought PC games and still do, but you don't get a nice box with pictures or instructions any more it is all on line and you lose the Art work and the tactile feel of the CD that you own. Sorry to hear it is not profitable, but there is always some one who makes a break through and it is not always following the rest of the Industry or the same mind set. I had a friend Geoff he was an Inventor and they all laughed at him at Council or Government 40 years ago with his wind mills for free energy. Geoff made a company making them with his brother against all the odds and no help. His idea took off and sold out for million had no choice due to order intake He has past away now, but what a fun guy to be with and always thought out side the box. Before he past away he was working on frequencies and said you can create happiness on the right frequency and rattled off number.
  15. Zealon

    Member Ship 24 Hour !

    I think things would work out well for Retro it would create a balance of time and you got the correct hours payed for and both party's would grow naturally. So if you fall down with the flu or something worse you have not lost your time that you have paid for. There is a sense of Balance with it. Members would increase for sure and maybe some players might see it as the old way, so an explanation is required. This was my experience of the membership the first time I had tried it and payed for it to date. At the moment I don't see a balance in it for the time played and maybe I have seen a stumbling block for people not wanting to part with there cash here. I am still maxed out on war bonds from the past that seam do nothing and not really sure what they are fore and can't buy more Great to see the feed back