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  1. Topsy-Turvy

    Update 1.21.1

    Update 1.21.1 , Question, why on earth!. The stg44. when it was released, back along (yes I have been playing that long!) , was good, then it got messed with a number of times with this and that updates, to the detriment of this iconic weapon, gradually, got tweaked here and there, to a satisfying, yet still not perfect, to match the real world weapon, with its ease of shooting/firing on full auto etc, very little recoil and what not. Yet some bright spark, or to give into peer pressure!, have done it again, with this update, something is off about it, it's less easy now to use, and accuracy, seems to have been messed with yet again, when it was fine as it was, needed to be left alone!. Don't get me started on tanks/armours, partially of note Axis/German!. As engaging tanks, be it with other tanks, or indeed, anti tank, it's just ott ridiculous a chore, as if some allied tanks, have literally force fields!. There is zero, taking into account the actual armour of the tanks, and partially, the potency of this or that tanks cannons etc!. I do feel it's always a tad bias to the Allies (Danish grudge, being occupied by the Germans, or some Danes, joining the German army at the time of WW2, or all those land mines left over!) keep up the good none bias work
  2. Topsy-Turvy

    Update 1.20.2 ! ...

    Whats with this current update, are you catering for new players or the like!. Light planes are now a chore, to shoot down with AA, used to be about right, finally sorted!. (dread to think, what its like trying to shoot down a fighter now!) Not forgetting light tanks, with their WW2 force fields! come on Danes, stop going forward then backwards with these updates. Do it right, or simple drop/give up the game,as you appear to wish too !.
  3. Topsy-Turvy

    1.20.1 update :( ...

    ... Awful update, what's with the darn tank vomit inducing out of hatch switch to view, what on earth was wrong, with how it was before, who on earth asked for it to be change (I bet know one, took it open themselves as per usual) !.
  4. Topsy-Turvy

    The Weald Foundation - StuG III Running ...

  5. ... They mentioned this game is late war, Stugs ,should indeed be upgraded/or as well as early, to such/late variant G!, with remote roof MG. Plus grenade launcher etc (plus turn quicker/move. Watch for video footage of Stugs turning on the move)!.
  6. Topsy-Turvy

    Update 1.17.1 - Minor Release

    ...Sir, the Stg44, should have little to no recoil,on full auto,such is the nature of the weapon, it is a intermediate cartridge (inbetween a sub gun round and a rifle round!). Its the full auto rifles, with full sized rifle cartridges, which should indeed kick likes mules, when firing in full auto, but seemed to be dumbed down for the new players, total fantasy, how they fire!. But the game is indeed a tad Allie bias
  7. Topsy-Turvy

    game down still ? ...

    Game still Down ? (since game was taken down, i have not been able to boot/load it, still down ?
  8. Topsy-Turvy

    German Army Firearms/Weapons ideas ...

    ...More WW1, but i guess small amounts may of been used!.
  9. Topsy-Turvy

    Sturmgeschütz School - Choose the StuG Life ...

    ...Most informative/Interesting,thank you sir!
  10. Topsy-Turvy

    Sturmgeschütz School - Choose the StuG Life ...

    .... I agree, it's become too slow, it was good, with the decent frontal armour, and low profile, if positioned/used well!. It needs to be tweaked, with better mobility, and turn quicker (like the real thing!),and may as well upgrade it, to the late Stug, with revised frontal armour, and indeed the Remote roof MG, like the Hezter !!. ( With the late war Saukopf gun mantlet, I do believe has a nose MG, or its a optics port ? ) But indeed, they have made to slow now, and since the silly armour update, it seems less potent, than it was. But, I used well, make the most of its low profile, and ok cannon!. After all, it was the workhorse of the Wehrmacht !, and did very well in its role in WW2 ! !.
  11. Topsy-Turvy

    CHANGELOG 1.15.2 HE !!! why on earth ...

    So far, I seem to like all you have done with 1.15.2 update. That is,until i jumped into one of my tanks, and it seemed like the HE shells, had been built/Sabotage via slave labour, woefully under powered now. Please tell me what on earth possessed you so to do this ?.
  12. Topsy-Turvy

    1.15 War Update ...

    Congratulations, you have done it yet again, almost can be expected from you guys now, every so called update, some things, people don't even wish for, and it simply bastardizes the game, bug ridden now... Vehicles are driving into the ground, drifting along the road, and weapons sounds all messed up, to name the main bugs, issues with the so called update, less it's a typo, and you mean a fookdate!. A update comes along out of the blue yet again, not even tested or fixed, and you simply release it!. Whatever happened to your YouTube vids preparing us for this next update, showing, and taking questions etc ?. He'll let loose is looking mighty good now, along with Post scriptum etc!.
  13. ... One for Heroes and generals developers, to study !.
  14. Is it me, or has the act/art of resupplying/rearming, all of a sudden become, a challenge/game in itself!. iIt now seems very tricky, quite frustrating, attempting to rearm, on a Kettenkrad, or kubelwagen wagon etc, without ending up, in the vehicle, when instead you are , trying to resupply!. Another fix needed ?.