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  1. robotpilot

    do you want to fight the same rank as me?

    I like these types of posts
  2. robotpilot

    MG34 In New Update

    Video plz
  3. robotpilot

    RedBjarne & devstream memes

    I remember there was a caption where reto redbjarne was explaining grenade blast animations and showing it with his hands. That would be awesome if anyone had a link for that.
  4. robotpilot

    RedBjarne & devstream memes

    Hi, I know that there is already a general meme thread but that does not include all the good devstream quotes and memes I have seen circulating around the forum. Share if you have any pls
  5. robotpilot

    The recon who cant recon

    Indeed although i'm not sure about the 2016 date but I can do it on most of my characters I doubt that I think we have more veterans.
  6. robotpilot

    The recon who cant recon

    Okay so I *kinda* read the thread so far I see you struggle and you are frustrated - rightly - so let me recap what I think I understand: No one really knows what "capturing without being seen" exactly means (or not that I know of) but we know that it is literally the worst way to farm that badge. Long range sniper shots are kinda also off the table as 1) the maps are now full of bushes and there are very few good spots where you can make long range kills 2) you have to wait a lot for a few good kills 3) which reward very little to the badge (in my experience around a 50-100 for a kill) How me and my friends farmed it is we turned our recon into infantry - farmed the badge and turned it back into recon (right pane on the soldier ui: Career options). This is the best way to go around this and I know it sounds odd but welcome to Heroes & Generals. The only problem here is that if you bought your soldier as a recon you can't switch to inf - but in this case I suggest giving it up as no matter the rank or the rifle both of those are literally still easier to farm then recon ribbon.
  7. robotpilot

    Tricks Compilation

    We are still testing things as we do not fully understand what the formula is for bumping up in the air. Speed / Mass / Vehicle or Collision Object shape all seem to be important but not entirely sure how much relatively. Currently on a 10 scale I would say 9/4/6 but we need more testing.
  8. robotpilot

    New tanks

    I also support Dr. Hops infantry SPGs and generally more light + medium tanks. The idea of adding more heavy crap is just insane you literally only see these tanks in staged battles and even there they are just a slow XP pinata for infantry tank crusaders.
  9. It's even worse I actually google what this whole shirt is - HololiveEN is some weird channel where girls roleplay as an anime girl actually an e-animegirl even worse a japanese LARPing e-animegirl and they call this a "Virtual Youtuber". This whole shirt is so cringe I literally never felt it at this level just watch this from this timestamp: https://youtu.be/M1_GeIfn48M?t=747
  10. not sure how this is an insult can anyone explain who is more into asian culture? maybe @SirMrGuyHuman?
  11. robotpilot

    HnG tanks penetration list

    We had info about armour thickness and penetration before Armour 2.0 but after that udate everything changed and we have no info.
  12. robotpilot

    I'm worried

    winter map and snowballs were cool dude
  13. robotpilot

    Hypothetical: The possibility of H@G being run by the community

    Look at Arma 3 or BF2 dude
  14. robotpilot

    Gun names!