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  1. A BETTER BALANCE ON GUNS (Long Post Warning!!)

    2k18 scopes for grease guns!!!
  2. A BETTER BALANCE ON GUNS (Long Post Warning!!)

    I think 3HK for SA is good enough. Whenever I play with SA I use only 3HK. When I think about it I actually never modded any weapon to 2HK lol.
  3. A BETTER BALANCE ON GUNS (Long Post Warning!!)

    Don't like the idea with 2HK stuff. I'd rather see 2HK againts HSG only with BA rifles. Everything else 3+ hits.
  4. Offensive gun names

    There is one solution to your problem. STOP DYING!
  5. Many GE clans in Staged today

    I guess they want to win something.
  6. SU needs a buff

    Tricky I actually really like both, but I'd probably take AVS.
  7. SU needs a buff

    Because you already have PPSh on the same price. It's just dumb. Plain and simple. You people judge too much based on stats. PPS is great SMG for popping dem heads when you ADS. MP40 goes all over the place with it's sights, though it's hipfire is hair bit better. Lower the price on 190K you can farm additional 32K as infantry in 4 matches (more like in 2 or 3). Also since it requires SMG assault 11 it gives you enough time to accumulate credits. Case closed.
  8. SU needs a buff

    PPS is great smg. AVS is overall better weapon than M2 and STG. DP-28 is just masterpiece, sadly many don't use it to it's potential and ruin it with "MOAR DMG XDDDDDDDDD" Don't really know what buff you need. We could talk about PPD buff when headshot multiplier is lowered. Making PPS cheaper could be nice but not to price of Tommy and MP 40
  9. Was the M1/M2 actually buffed?

    Yes, but it's still "Thompson's restarted brother". I wish they just scrapped M2 and reworked M1 carbine. I'd love to have another option for SA on my inf.
  10. 42 buff not enough

    I couldn't give shirt about 1919. I started running only BAR on my US soldier and I got much better results than with Johnson and 1919. Doesn't make any difference that DP-28 is superior to 1919 though. I don't really know what DP you've been using but you should send it back, because it might be broken. DP doesn't have any sort recoil to talk about unless you are one of those guys who think that damage is everything and mod everything only with damage in mind. After that yes, it might kick. Though in the end you don't need anything else than trigger and maybe sights on your DP and you are set to destroy anything in your path. However this German crypost so I don't know what I expected from offering a different view.
  11. 42 buff not enough

    Funny how people think that M1919 is the best LMG when in reality DP-28 is the real beast here.
  12. I've seen some weasels in war a few times.
  13. You will have to grab vehicle with belts if you want to do well on rough terrain. I pretty much like it since weasel sees almost 0 use. It's gonna make some vehicles viable option if you want to go off road often.
  14. Nah, it's just ugly to see infantry with scopes on automatic weapons and such. Reminds me of CoD WWII
  15. I'd take option 1 any time. Also combine it with 3HK SA rifles and we will see who is actually good with SA rifles.