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  1. Remember those days when Germany was taunting everyone with their superior coordination, teamplay and communication? That they win wars only thanks to these, not their strong weapons? Those were the days, lads!
  2. Don't be triggered love, french surrendered like heroes.
  3. Add white flag and I just might be convinced...
  4. I actually agree with this. But watch out for German "vets and pros" who play this game since 1939. They obviously know way more than you about their weapons.
  5. Both actually, but I have wrench in case I run out of ammo and enemy refuses to worship me.
  6. I'm actually super confident in my chances againts full rpm MG42 in CQC with this one.
  7. My 3HK 300rpm M1G is like the best counter
  8. How many vets play staged more than war? I play roughly 1 hour per month
  9. Crazy people match fully geared players againts newbies. They should never be able to play with low level players who have just installed the game.
  10. Never said they are giving me trouble. I just said they are scrubs. If Johnson had better sights and didn't look like piece of shirt I'd use it too. But that's off topic. Clans in staged.... hmmm.... reto pls ban.
  11. There is only one type of scrub in this game and that is a scrub with scoped SA
  12. I think even pilots could use spawn protection. Invisibility at least for few seconds. I was shot down by enemy pilots so many times before I could even realize what is happening.
  13. Same problem. I had my medic ribbon pop up on 4 silvers during the game, but when I checked afer the game I had only 3 silvers.
  14. Oh yeah, I wish everbody using 2HK SA with scope got cancer. I usually humiliate these players with my wrench in their face every time I can.
  15. That sounds nice, but it reminds me bf1 a lot. sniper spam, nade spam now bayonets.