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  1. Well you gotta blame reto for their broken squad system. Not low level players. You are missing a point. It's not about that they wouldn't have fun while not being a squad leader. It's about giving them option to actually become a squad leader. They are players like everyone else and they should get an option to try out eveything in the game. For war matches it should be "fixed" because it's not ok, but I play war only in premade group so I'm not affected by this.
  2. Maybe if you added in game voice communication it would be easier to ask other players to stand still
  3. Or you can just help them. Use team chat and tell them how to command, add them to friends and tell them how to set up their aux seats. There are many ways to do so and I have done this few times already. People won't learn anything if you start spamming Q+Left click somewhere over and over again. If you don't like something you should try to solve your problems, not complain about it on forums where it's too late to solve the problem you had + there are no newbies around and they will never learn that there is something you have problem with. Still staged battles are NOT important so there is NO problem with low levels leading vets as I said above.
  4. I really understand why you are pissed off, but still their experience with the game is not less important than yours even tho you are a long term player.
  5. Still he has a right to play as a squad as every player in this game has.
  6. I don't really know what's the problem. The screen clearly says that this is a staged match therefor it doesn't affect a thing. I can understand that low level players SHOULDN'T be squad leaders in war matches, but there is no problem with them being squad leaders in staged. They also have right to level up their squad leader ribbon or at least play as a squad leader.
  7. Pokud chceš pwnovat newbies na jeden výstřel musíš logicky kupovat všechny mody na DMG. Čím víc tím líp. Nejdražší položka na Bolt Action pušce je myslím scope (Nikdy jsem nehrál za mých cca 700 hodin za snipera tak nevím). Ovšem počítej s tím, že opravy fakt drahý budou. Někde jsem slyšel že Náckové to maj až 10k za bitvu.
  8. Which is what I asked but whatever.
  9. Dunno if it was asked already but anybody knows how much credits is one medkit going to cost?
  10. Doufám, že toho NIKOHO najdeš
  11. I'd actually love to see all "special classes" limits. I'm honestly really tired of being mechanic for tank batalions.
  12. This one has already been reported.
  13. Because every little Russian in this game dreams about being best sniper and Soviet hero. Sadly every match at least 10 tend to spawncamp with Mosin 3 players while others backcap them.