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  1. это сделано чтобы новички поняли попали они в кого-то с 2х метров или нет....
  2. docfell

    Help crush a bug and win!

    HOW Long you should stay alive for INSTANTLY resp a Tiger 2 after you die?? I have tryied 7 minutes, still 2 min resp timer
  3. docfell

    First City Map "City-River"

    in history years were before Christ, anno Domini and now new AfterRedBjarne
  4. docfell

    Bad Grapic

    almoust all vets already left
  5. docfell

    Driving made fun

    its not just motobikes. Paving is more like ski run now
  6. docfell

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    oh can we have response from them how they found to play war nowdays?
  7. docfell

    R.I.P Heroes and Generals

    its becouse Reto doesnt play War. They play stage time to time ands fun for them to play specialists instead of infantry
  8. docfell

    ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ – Biggest update ever!

    No, this require a lot of work from many people with high qualification.
  9. Американцы окружили и вернули Париж 😃
  10. docfell

    ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ – Biggest update ever!

    Donate! Depress! Disband! Fixed
  11. dont have problems with tanks. You do something wrong dude
  12. docfell

    Я не получил 2200 золота!

    слишком мало вдонатил, очевидно же