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  1. snipers deez nuts

    This is all very.... sordid.
  2. Hunting Hitler

    History channel's new series "Pumping Sh1tler"..... coming soon.
  3. I have a 24" monitor which use at 1080p @ 144hz. Its not bad but I was wondering if there is a more comfortable resolution to play at / preferred FOV setup for this size screen. Thanks
  4. Mg42 setup

    Short bursts are the way to go....
  5. Very Low Fps

    I'm playing on a laptop with a 1060 running an external monitor at 1920x1080 @ 144 hz.... FPS is 160+ average, sometimes higher. What was that about not playing on laptops and notebooks ?
  6. Snipers for Infantry!!! NOT FAIR!!

    I'd take the camouflage Gold badge away from non recons..... Seriously, infantry get Ghillie and Dead-Eye in varying grades and then wallop Camouflage Gold...
  7. K98 or G43?

    Ha! so thats it... Here was me thinking the Quasi-mindbending visuals was due to some new form of LSD somehow being absorbed through my screen.
  8. K98 or G43?

    1) Max damage build. 4.0x Scope, Chrome Moly barrel, hart bullets... Kills up to 200 M HSS. Cant be done as infantry. 2) Agreed although I oddly prefer G43 on infantry. 3) Yeah, or just have 3 recons. One distance build with octagon barrel and 8.0x scope, One max damage as above and one car driver
  9. K98 - Sniper setup

    Fair Point. Will give it a go, need to build up badges on my second Recon though anyway hehe.
  10. K98 - Sniper setup

    ^Yep I'm actually building a second recon for stable/accurate with x4.2 Scope and Octagon. Although I want to try the short/aggressive loadout now too. I really like this build but there are times I want the 'old skool' build as below. My "Main" is back to Chrome Moly + 8.0x with P38 pistol. This is the guy with the Gold Camo badge and the Scout Car
  11. How to make credits! For newbs by a newb.

    All of this is extremely sound. The next bit is worth repeating True. I do this with my Recon too. The Kar 98 fully modded isn't a drama, nor is the P38 pistol. Lower levels eat creds but anything 12+ shouldn't be an issue.
  12. Camos

    My Recon has several: Green Pea Leibermuster Oakleaf I usually rotate them. As others have said, there's no one size fits all. Green Pea is the go to one for me, although I do like Oakleaf for the matching rifle camo. The Green cap goes well with Leibermuster, I await the introduction of camouflage headgear for Recons, that should be interesting. I too am discovering the delight of tan camo with green helmet for one of my infantrymen. .
  13. Can I get a few tips

    Recon Listen! You will hear people sneaking around and trying to sneak up on you. Headphones recommended. It is also worth listening to engine sounds, you will learn what is friend or foe and it CAN (not always) save your behind. Don't stay in the same place too long. Don't obsess over one target, if you miss more than once, move on to the next. Trying to kill the same guy with 12 bullets only serves to announce where you are. It is also expensive in terms of repairs. Distance = life (and xp) practice your long shots. Don't be afraid to go cap as well sometimes, that also helps with XP. Keep an eye on friendlies, your team mates will thank you if you can get rid of the guy running towards their tank/APC with some form of AT weapon. Soon as you can afford, buy the bike, you can get to points fast. You can also get teammates to points fast and work on your Chauffeur ribbon, which will get you nearer to unlocking that SDKFZ 222 scout car. Perhaps KEY to being a good Recon, don't be selfish, help the team. Your K/D doesn't matter, don't obsess with it. Far too many Recons are great snipers but do little to help the team capture points, play to objectives and win. Yes 100 kills is nice but you can do things like spot tanks and tell your team about numbers, vehicles and so on. Reconnaissance is about being more than just a tree fairy. I have a tanker but don't play much. My Recons are my favourites.
  14. Help!

    What GPU/Graphics card do you have ? 01/12/18 23:59:41 player.render: NVidia Driver Version: 309.08 - r304_00 01/12/18 23:59:46 RM_FrameUpdate player.physics: : If you have a PhysX capable GPU, verify that PhysX is not set to CPU in the NVIDIA Control Panel. but also 01/12/18 23:59:41 player.render: NVidia Driver Version: 309.08 - r304_00 309.98 is very old. The latest version is 390.65 There is a particularly optimised way of installing the drivers: if you follow the instructions in this video to clean out and install the latest drivers from nvidia, then try again afterwards and post back here.
  15. What motherboard do you run ? As idiotic as it may sound, you may have to wait for a Bios update.... have you checked to see if there is one for your board? I say that as someone who has not seen the windows patch , but noticed my bios had an update dated 10/1/2018 which I have since installed. Have you installed the patch for the IME bug ? Not all of these fixes are related but they may add up.