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  1. Mauser4

    Why AT rifle range set 300m by default?

    No, its not that, is like an upside down V with a lightning bolt inside
  2. Mauser4

    Why AT rifle range set 300m by default?

    Dragging slightly off topic, I havent played in ages, got PZB-39 and after firing using sight while prone I get a red triangular marker, whats that about ? Did I hit something ? lol.
  3. Mauser4

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    Not enthralled by the fast-deploy.... Especially not enthralled by the fast deploy on a vehicle...... 3 Seconds to hit space ? C'mon at least remove that timer... or make it longer. hmm
  4. Mauser4

    Game stuck on verifying

    Yep there is a new installer - 156137 ... use that
  5. There never was such a key as far as I know. If they player that kills you has the Camouflage badge, you'll see the name but you wont see where they are.
  6. Mauser4

    German Marksman

    Show us your loadout 😛
  7. Mauser4

    Infantry vs Recon Sniping

    Reto nerfed this a few patches back.
  8. Mauser4


    Yes/No etc....
  9. Mauser4

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Minor UI bug: When you hover mouse over XP bar it no longer gives you a % complete, merely Next rank:
  10. Mauser4

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Good I'm fed up with some arsehole holding his finger on the button and making me deaf, or getting me killed.
  11. Mauser4

    Admin Rights not found

    I had this, kept getting it no matter what I did, could not install update at all. Installed game through Steam , no subsequent issue.
  12. Mauser4

    When can we expect Warbonds back?

    yep, would be nice to know...
  13. Mauser4

    Update files error

    I am about to chew my knuckles off. Tried Running as admin Running as admin from W10 administrator account Reinstalling and doing both again while running latest installer as admin Hangs on Synchronising game maps with "admin access error, cant modify files." Cant access 2 day vet or buy gold, both of which I was going to do. About to install via steam as it is the only thing I have not tried