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  1. Accidental Gold Purchases

    Glad you got it sorted
  2. Accidental Gold Purchases

    Have you tried sending a support ticket? If you haven't played with the char / not equipped stainless steel barrel then you may be in luck. I did something similar and got a refund, but only because I had not equipped the item or played with it. If not, I think they are planning to revamp the Equipment depot which may allow you to move things around.
  3. German Assault Sniper loadout

    Did this With this: Not quire there yet. May put medpack on instead of wrench. No trigger or spring, they remove precision and ROF. Believer it or not, stock actually has higher ROF than with heavy spring, Trigger, is meh. Have hit/killed targets at 200m or so. Heavyset is sort of useful. May go with Camo/Ghillie when I open it up, will see.
  4. Theory on why Axis loses.

    Axis loses because = shite AkA losing too many battles by not playing freaking objectives.
  5. To all German Generals and also Heroes

    Im impressed that bathroom carpets have an IQ...
  6. To all German Generals and also Heroes

    Agreed I'm not having the "Blame it on the Recon" either. I more than do my bit, sometimes even to my detriment - I put Caps/Objective before K/D and do what I can to play to the objectives. We lose because people want to sit in a tank/plane/bush when they should be defending/attacking objectives. Good recons, and I am very average can play a key role in a battle. Harrass confound and confuse the enemy, spot tanks and generally be a nuisance. There are times I can be 3 Kills /10 Deaths - and get laughed at. But I've capped 7 times so I don't care. In essence I've done more for the objective than the barista with 30 kills and no caps. Bad recons AKA infantry with BA who tug their chuggers outside a cap point, and complain when they lose, but dont go in to cap.... they are the ones to be mad at.
  7. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    Aww diddums, can't take a joke
  8. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    Personally I want recon headgear/face mask
  9. Is it really worth it to wait?

    Very artriculately put (didn't want to quote the whole message.) Everyone in Game chat deserves to be called horrible things, for that is what they are... sometimes at least in German chat.... (pro nazi BS) But yeah, I keep reminding myself it is "just a game".... at the moment I am cutting down my play, log in, get daily gold bonus, log out. Keeps me sane, that and my VERY strong meds for various ailments
  10. Is it really worth it to wait?

    Tell me about it. Squad 2.0 is/was a nightmare among many. No I haven't been here long in comparison to some (2 years) but I do remember some of the "old days" I'm not saying don't complain, far from it. I'm just saying don't get yourself stressed about it. There is a subtle difference. Criticism is fine if done in a constructive manner. "Gief FG42 infantery NAO!" - is the form of "feedback/suggestion" that seems to be prevalent atm. Rather than "Fix X Y and Z because ....." I wouldnt say I'm happy/ambivalent - I like the concept in/of this game. I'm aggrevated by a lot of things but I still play because I derive some enjoyment. Sometimes. If I catch myself getting too worked up, I play something else for a while. Without going into my life story I've persisted with online MMO type games to the point where it was ruining both my physical and mental health. (yeah staying up playing till 3 am then feeling like $hit, hating myself, the game but then feeling compelled to play, and doing it all again the next day) It is not worth it. Thats all I was trying to say.
  11. Is it really worth it to wait?

    To be honest, it is never going to be a "Big Budget" game like COD or Battlefield and in many ways I dont want it to. So there are bits that need improvement, yep great. But there is also fun to be had. I'm not going to let it stress me out, I beleive too many do that already. Enjoy yourself, dont let things you cant control get you wound up. Reto are a small dev team. I do believe they "listen" as far as practicable - Implementing new things whilst a game is live online is not trivial. UBIsoft/EA/Bethesda and the like release patches - their userbase takes what they are given and are stuck with it, and they know it. I dont think I'd be playing H&G if it worked along those lines. At least Reto TRY to involve the community. Its not perfect by any manner of means, but its much better than what I have experienced in the previous MMO games I've played.
  12. Fair enough.... just a thought.
  13. I beleive reto are working on compiance with this new data storage/protection law which comes in in June. Thats probably why you cant buy warbonds or they dont have a vet offer on......
  14. Yes. As @QuarX linked. They can also do weird stuff phoning home to mother (yeah NV has been putting telemetry in the drivers for a while..) whicch would also explain spikes. Also I follow this video to get the "cleanest" install I can. I thought I knew what I was doing but this taught me a few things and solved a lot of the issues I was having. Your mileage will vary but yeah just sharing
  15. STG-44 Buff.

    Yeah ok, I'll take it, but I'd want an extra 4 EQ points to equip it