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  1. This is the end!

    This > All the points in this thread.
  2. Fair enough.... just a thought.
  3. I beleive reto are working on compiance with this new data storage/protection law which comes in in June. Thats probably why you cant buy warbonds or they dont have a vet offer on......
  4. Yes. As @QuarX linked. They can also do weird stuff phoning home to mother (yeah NV has been putting telemetry in the drivers for a while..) whicch would also explain spikes. Also I follow this video to get the "cleanest" install I can. I thought I knew what I was doing but this taught me a few things and solved a lot of the issues I was having. Your mileage will vary but yeah just sharing
  5. STG-44 Buff.

    Yeah ok, I'll take it, but I'd want an extra 4 EQ points to equip it
  6. Fsjal profile pics (stopped making these for free)

    I wondered where these came from... now I know.
  7. Stuck in floor....

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ Bug: Stuck in floor Map Encountered: Forward airfield Location Encountered: Hut near 01 Forward Airfield - In capping zone. Details: Stuck in floor at 01 in one of the rooms in an accomodation block, went prone could not get up. Could fire weapon but not hit. Could also not BE hit, could throw grenades. Under floor. How to Reproduce?: -------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission end time : 18:47 (UK BST) MissionSession: 660148156087060020, LoginSession: 4565110360086945899
  8. Rise of the cheats

    Dont they ban by IP ?
  9. Denied!

    I thought as much, but there's no 'record' in the summaries after activity.... i.e 'assault team was defeated at /near'... is the only info we get.
  10. Denied!

    Well I went to bed last night with about 3k xp needed to level up from 15 to 16 on one my German Recon. Logged in tonight to find a war had been lost and I had levelled up gaining 9k from somewhwere (no notifications) Shouldnt complain, but I'm a bit gutted to have been denied the experience, now I have to grind out again for the next level it is jolly hard work
  11. Final Assault Team optimization test on prototype

    If I may ask... in the whole process of this squad/AT tweaking is anything being done to stop prolific wasting of Resources ? "Staged" - Reto balances things ergo players are encouraged... "Ongo bongo wastes spawn like a prolific noob" "War" - Players have got into bad habits because of above thus - "Ongo bongo wastes spawn like a prolific noob" continues. Are there plans afoot to attempt to address the issue in any way, through tutorials etc ? or even revision of the "ticket" system ?
  12. Too much lollygagging around....

    Somebody's not been getting any I guess.... Above points still stand, Tonight's war battles have been woeful .
  13. Recon Face Masks Updated Picture

    Indeed. Dirlewanger was foul as was his unit. " Dirlewanger's unit took part in the occupation of Belarus where it carved out a reputation within the Waffen-SS for committing atrocities. Numerous Army and SS commanders attempted to remove Dirlewanger from the SS and disband the unit, although he had patrons within the Nazi apparatus who intervened on his behalf. " Irony not lost - he was too extreme even for the SS. Also "Come and See" is supposedly loosely based on him. Absolutely harrowing film to watch. All of that being said. Most of the German camos in game are SS (perhaps not exclusively). Even the default tanker uniform is all black ss panzergrenadier....
  14. Recon Face Masks Updated Picture

    Pardon me for being so rude, it was not me it was my recon(s) Holy mother of god I dont know whether to laugh or lose control of bodily functions (whilst laughing) I am loving the German Camouflaged caps.... did they do a Leibermuster and/or green pea ? Ooo Second one in looks like spluttermuster mountain camo, which they don't currently have....