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  1. Weapon Testing Range Addition

    +1. This also an old suggestion, proposed quite some time ago. Imo reto is affraid that with current low number of daily players, having even more people driven away from actual battles would lead to some big problems for them. This would either lead to tweaks in matchmaking - leading to noobs playing seasoned vets even more. Imo, if reto could pull off couple sweet moves and increase the monthly player base, we would see such implementation in quite a short time period. Idk, just guessing.
  2. The truth is this. They do communicate, they do listen. Thing is they are a bunch of adults working on this game. They come to work to collect the paycheck to sustain themselves and their families. And you probably heard already about Danish laws etc. My guess, posting and answering on forum for most of Reto - is not obligatory = they do not get paid doing that. And the ones that do get paid, probably have enough work helping idiots who cant fkng read and etc...You see these posts''' Ummm, durr durr I changed from Recon to infantry 18 times, I lost 1million credits, Reto I sue you'' Then the ones that are not that bad, just look around. (dont get me wrong, plenty of nice people here) How many whiners we have here. How many people instead of trying to improve the game, come here just to fkng boast their ego and stupidity suggesting solutions to problems in their own head. I mean I addressed this millions of times, its a shame that only teenagers stand up to me. Adults who spend a good bunch of their time whining here , asking for nerfs and stupid additions non stop. Speak up, why are you killing this game? whats wrong with you? So why would reto care responding and engaging in a constructive dialog with idiots and kids??? I certainly dont do that. And I am just another user of the forum, they are the creators of the game and forum. If they saw that majority of people here can provide them valuable help I believe they would not turn it down. And would probably engage more in talking with us. But when they see a bunch egoistic manchilds and zit faced teenagers raging, they just treat us like kids just like they should :). If this forum was full ex-military,ww2 freaks,hardcore gamers, and just people in general. This would look like Coh2.org or TAW forum. I meanThe most popular topic in forum is ''trolling and spamming thread'' the third now? or another 'RETO nerf xx'
  3. Bolt Action Rifle Cheap Repairs!

    Yeah, but how does this make sense to you. Snipers perform like a drunken 80 year old man when they hold their rifle on 100 meter shots. Spamming shots at moving jeeps is unrealistic for sniper I know, but if you are not risking of exposing your position, taking out the driver, could lead to giving your team couple more kills, because people spwan there. So stopping a crucial push from the enemy, by killing their main 3 assault guys is quite vital imo. Now of course , that is a very cliche scenario, but as someone said, i think MJ ' You miss all the shots you don't take'' Besides, if you have not shot at all the moving jeeps yourself previously in your HnG career, you would not be able to have 47 kills with 50% accuracy. ^^ (thats really nice, how much fps have you got in game ?) PS. You have no idea how bad the players get in US faction. Like yesterday. I spawn in a jeep. 2 guys start whistling. I stop...Infront of 2 GE soldiers, who were 2m away from my guys, FACE TO FACE. They did not even bother to shoot at them, they were in knife range!! They just spammed whistle and wanted to get a ride. Guess what, we all died Or for example. You can park your tank right next to your spawn, you look around you see 10+ infantry etc. Then a GE rambo just walks up to tank, then kills couple more before gets shot. I mean I have no idea, but we have so many bad noobs in US. Like you play a tank...you know enemy has at least 5+ tanks on the field. You ask your team to spot them...Nothing. You press tab, you see that 5+ people in your team are Recons with scores 4-15.
  4. Bolt Action Rifle Cheap Repairs!

    Which faction where you playing against? My repair costs are always higher against GE faction, most players in War have HSG. This problem is not so present versus SU, they tend to drop easier. Never tried a watch vs US. PS. You say you shot 47 enemies. That is at least 50+ shots. I had an exact example like that, I only had around 20 kills tho, but repairs were much higher. PS. I removed the trigger as someone suggested. Really good move. It adds to your point of having no need to spam shots and my repairs also went down a little bit.
  5. Bots to replace all human players

    Its a must to be able to at least free roam in empty map in god mode. So you could scout out the area much better, find good/bad positions compare them etc. This would reduce the players on servers obviously, not drastically tho I believe. But this game would improve skill wise.
  6. To all new players (war)

    Hey, it looks like that the war is the way to go for all of us
  7. Medic Problems

    The Minor movement is the worst. Like literally, they just aim 60degrees to the right - you start healing all over again - sudden movement ripped the wound open again
  8. The Art of Warfare - Learn it by joining US ... [TAW]

    I got like 2 separate drill instructors and one or two invitation letters from different sources. So it gets complicated. My plan from start was and will be US only, played some staged matched as GE today , quite boring and too easy I hear that HG4 is by 'private invitation' only. I am 27 not 16 . All I want to do is join like minded people who play US and are looking for nice team work and plenty of war victories ahead thats it. Not interested in any 'online' armys,battalions,squads,clans orwhatever names you want to give them So far my experience with TAW was awesome, I only hope that it will continue and it wont end because of faction choices (but at the same time, I am a little bit disappointed, i thought you guys were more hardcore on US/US war) My DI was Chrizzooo i think, ill do that, thanks for your help. PS. Where would you recommend on reaching someone from TAW? The website forum feels quite dead, most members I see are not even present here?
  9. Team Killing

    Yes, exactly. Feedback to Reto-moto.As I stated before I care about this game, not individuals like yourself. Anything else?
  10. motorcycle spinning

    If reto has this for 'realisim' reasons. I would much rather take dmg to HP and a fall down to prone position than this 'death spin'
  11. Team Killing

    I do participate here fyi. Individual opinion means nothing, public could get in a way, since I would like this game to get back on track. Why do you post? You really fkng care so much?
  12. Team Killing

    even though I fell that majority of community is simply too 'thick' for such freedom, this would be a nice implementation on when you do get a nice game going (I only play US)
  13. Team Killing

    I would recommend to chill on hasty conclusions about other people you will get more accurate answers. Sice I must reply to not allow your opinion sink in, I do not care about anyone in this forum, I do not care about anyone in this game.Sorry. I play for myself. If some donut kills, and it happens a lot , i just repot and cross my fingers he gets banned, a rare and casual sorry restores my hope in humanity.If you do want to make a point on how i judge shirt, it gets deeper than this game my friend PS. Your gaming experience is not ruined when you try your best and end up being very effective, then some glue sniffing barista kills your lols/your gun/just an donut in general? I mean if it happens on a random moment, whatever, what if it happens on a game deciding o2/o1 capture? You will surely get pissed off and press F1. Which would leave your team with 2 less defenders instead of 1 if your suggested system was in place.
  14. Team Killing

    The number of assholes in this game makes me press F1 automatically, I am genuinely surprised when i see the person write 'sorry' and guess what, that person is always at least rank 12++ Having slay option, would just make the bad team lose even quicker imo.
  15. Soviet Tanks Suck

    Exactly, If you can't penetrate the tiger, just fkng ram it off the road! youtube - russian road rage, and you get the idea why i think like this