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  1. A good changelog for HnG *imo*

    A good change log for HnG IMO: @RetoPleaseIgnoreMe -- Please add these in with cibisen's changes...thanks!!! Weapons and vehiculars Give US APC no folding front window and give it even bigger side windows Give GE APC a roof Give Kubel 20mm auto cannon Give US jeep grease gun instead of 1919 on jeep bipod Make US stickys 6Hk to tanks Make MG42 1,800 rpm Make OP BAR 5 HK Make STG 3HK cuz Grease Gun op with faster TTK Maps Give uniforms more "flair" on there uniforms - so we see soldiers in bush better Reto shave off some of the bush, maps are too bushy.
  2. Reto screwed up the shell velocity on the long barrel high velocity 76mm. They won't admit that they messed up, but the value is 588 m/s for the APCBC round (people refer to it as APCR). That 588 m/s is very much within low velocity figures. It's also the same velocity 588 m/s as the Sherman, M4A1's short barreled, low velocity gun. The standard/default AP round is correct at 792 m/s, which is what the APCBC is supposed to be at (real life). The HE round is 823 m/s, In other words, for upgrading the ammo, you get 10mm more pen value, but you lose 204 m/s velocity on that round. In real life, higher velocities equate to higher penetration values. So with that said, how about that Reto logic!
  3. New/sub-factions suggestion topics

    This x 1,000, Something I've been in support of for a while now, IMO, it's the only way Reto will ever get their player number back up, or potentially get them up to a level of participation that this game has never seen before. The fiscal opportunity of this is huge. All these small changes just aren't going to cut it. Go big or go home Reto.
  4. better zoom E2 jumbo

    This isn't real life we are talking here, which the 76mm could punch through the front of a Tiger 1 in real life. In this game, you can only pen the hatch from the front with any of the 76mm guns on the Tiger 1, like Austin said. Do you even play this game?
  5. SU needs a buff

    Key point, yet many fail to recognize that this has always been a major issue in the RTS.
  6. Was the M1/M2 actually buffed?

    Yeah it's okay at what you said. I hardly notice any difference at all with the changes. As you said, my biggest issue is the repair bill. For example, you might earn 16,000 creds a match, but you will pay 16,500 with a scope attached.
  7. who had the idea?

    For the 1 Millionth time, less players means more AR!!! So either Reto needs to make the map much smaller, less towns, or they need to find a way to get players back in this game. When the US has 300-400 players online during NA prime time time, and SU has a 60%-80% under dog bonus, how do you expect the US to be able to play anything against SU? The result is a stale map where nothing gets played....AR! War/RTS needs players for it to work. SU doesn't have enough, and the US and GE has been losing players quickly for months now. Adding SU as its own separate faction into this game was the biggest mistake Reto has ever made. It should have been Axis (GE/Italy) v Allies (US/SU, with the option of other sub-factions added later. There is nothing that Reto could ever do to get the SU player faction's base up for the RTS/War to function properly. As Kunalp said, I should just bang my head against the wall over and over. You are like like talking to a brick wall. Everything you say is to benefit you and your personal game, not the overall big picture and the future of this game's survival.
  8. who had the idea?

    You know Reto is a company right? Companies are in the business to make money. US players are leaving, SU players are leaving, GE players are leaving this game! So suddenly based on your logic, Reto is happy that they are losing customers and money? Wow, you really need to get out and see how this world works. Bring some logic to a conversation. The conspiracy theories that are perpetuated on these forums just blow my mind. The lack of players in the current state of the game is a massive problem Dora! Why don't you see this? Without players/customers this game can't exist, and won't continue without financial support from players/customers. That also means a lack of staff to make changes and improve the game. Do any of you guys have any type of business background? This is seriously basic stuff to comprehend.
  9. who had the idea?

    So this is the reason why even the US player player population is down 30-50%, same as the other factions? Even the US faction is not happy with the current state of the game, even while we are currently winning the majority of the wars. US players are leaving in droves just like the other factions.
  10. Teach me how to ground pound

    Omg, Earth just stopped spinning, I actually up-voted B-Solo, and it happened to be 3 of your posts in a row! This is the best post of your H&G career.
  11. who had the idea?

    No idea what you are talking about. War is dead in N. America. If I want to play war now, I'm basically forced to play 170-315 Euro/Russia Ping. US based players have hardly any ping influence in this game anymore....there's hardly any of us left. Reto has done a piss poor job of marketing to N. America. The AR illness is a direct result of lack of players!!!! There is virtually nobody to play the battles! Again, this isn't a faction US, SU, GE problem, it is Reto not doing anything to keep players, or anything to bring them back, no new content, a stale game, boring....etc, etc.... Just because the US has been winning regularly, it doesn't mean we are happy with the state of the game. Again, quit blaming the US for stuff, when in the big picture, Reto and the overall game is the problem. The game has been losing players quickly from all factions for a while now. That is by far the biggest problem right now with this game.
  12. who had the idea?

    Seriously, quit making this about the US players/faction. We are playing the game just like everyone else is...nobody is breaking any rules, cheating, or anything of the sort. SU's player population is tiny, that is a major problem for your faction and this game. There's nobody to play matches, no wonder it's AR "AutoBusUSA" or whatever it is you call it. The only fix in the game's current state would be to magically take 400 players from the GE player population and make them SU players, but that's not going to happen. This game needs faction player population balance to work properly in the RTS/War side of the game. Take your frustrations out on Reto, they are the ones that need to make some changes with this game, not the US players.
  13. who had the idea?

    Reto needs to do something, and it needs to be done soon. Even just a well structured plan moving forward that would give us some optimism would help. I'm in the United States (California), we used to play regularly in the evenings during NA prime time. There would be 500-650 US players on during that time. Now, it's 300-400. Tonight, Saturday, 380 last I checked. This is a huge problem for Reto and this game. During peak EU time I've been seeing around 700 US players on. It was always around 1,000 or more. The number of people on all the faction's Team Speak channels is way down. Also, forum activity has really slowed down. Small fixes and update are not going to bring this game back. They really need to do something big to "wow" their players/customers to come back, and to bring in new players. This isn't a "US" problem, it's Reto poor management of their business/product (this game).
  14. who had the idea?

    I've been saying this for a long time now. It's the only way to balance the War/RTS, easier to maintain population balance, all while bringing some excitement back to the game with new sub-factions, new re-skinned weapons, uniforms, vehics...etc.... Good stuff HitnRun!!!
  15. FG42 scoped? yes or no?

    I prefer it without the scope. The gun excels in CQ and midrange, I see no reason needing a scope in those ranges, especially a 4x scope (too much zoom IMO). As others have said, it will also make the gun much more expensive to use.