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  1. You should just stick to your big Butthurt Celebrations, you are really good at it.
  2. 1919 as intended

    Kids say the darndest things.
  3. Truce with Germany for 3 wars?

    This... 2 days ago our inf Que was just about 3K, yesterday we did a bunch of encirclements and captured a ton of AT's. We dropped our inf Que to 900 in 1 day. An effective strategy I'd say by our clans....
  4. Console

    Have you seen the video? I have, and I was in the match that this thread is talking about. No glare/sun effect, no fog.... As Haiw, said, there is some strange stuff going on here.
  5. M4A1 Sherman vs. German Tanks, Interesting Info!

    All good points, and I respect your analysis and opinion. Just to be clear, the Grant/Lee was more than adequate at handling anything the Germans could throw at it until the Panzer 4 hit the desert. Rommel was defeated there, and the Grant played a big part in that. Rommel in response to the Grant: "Up to May of 1942, our tanks had in general been superior in quality to the corresponding British types. This was now no longer true, at least not to the same extent." https://scout.com/military/warrior/Article/The-M-3-Grant-vs-Rommels-Nazi-Germany-Panzers-101458066 The Sherman rather quickly took over the Grant/Lee later that year, September of 1942 I believe. So the Grant really didn't serve all that long in Africa, but it never really was meant to, as it was considered a "stop gap" tank until a better tank could be built. (The Sherman). Bottom line, the Panzer III and the Panzer IIII were excellent tanks, and they absolutely had far more of an impact on the war than the Panther and Tigers. Same can be said for the Shermans. Germany tried to do to much when they started designing the big gunned, thick armored tanks, as it completely overextended/exceeded numerous demands/capabilities of manufacturing, cost, fuel consumption, man power, raw materials, logistics, etc. Simple, yet effective on numerous levels, that was the Sherman's biggest attribute. Tried and true, it did its job. Like a dependable employee that gets to work everyday, on time, does his job efficiently, and leaves when the job is done.
  6. M4A1 Sherman vs. German Tanks, Interesting Info!

    You are forgetting that the Panzer 4 had a bad/dated suspension design, flat armor/no sloping, and the late model additions to try and make them more effective actually resulted in them having more mechanical problems, firing problems, a rushed production that resulted in them going from an electric controlled turret rotation to a manual one. Furthermore, these modifications resulted in a huge reduction in travel speed. The foundation of the Panzer 4 just wasn't equipped very well for all the upgrades, which was another factor in the production of the Panther. The M3 Grant/Lee gave the Panzer 3 fits in Africa, and outperformed it. I would argue that the Lee was better than the Panzer 3, but the Panzer 4 at any level was superior to the Grant/Lee. I believe without a doubt that the E8 was a much better tank than any Panzer 4 variant. This shouldn't even be debatable. No other tank in the war remotely comes close to the mechanical reliability, ease of servicing, ease of repairing, ease of use, or the general versatility of the Shermans. Factors like this need to considered as well, not just who had the bigger gun and/or thicker armor.
  7. M4A1 Sherman vs. German Tanks, Interesting Info!

    I read it all, but you ended your post saying that the Panzer 3 was nearly better on all levels than the Sherman, as seen in the top quote. I'm starting to think that the language barrier here is causing some confusion. You also said that a T70 was a better tank than the Sherman. Too much nonsense going on here. I'm done....later.
  8. M4A1 Sherman vs. German Tanks, Interesting Info!

    KV-1 - a heavy tank, I excluded heavies in my response. M10 - was a Tank Destroyer, and the Sherman was far more of an effective piece of equipment in WWII due to it serving the most important, and best role of any tank in WWII, as an infantry support tank (but that's somewhat of a different point). T70 - better than the Sherman? Is this a joke? The T70 was a light recon tank with a measly 45mm gun. Panzer 4 was equal to the early Sherman - I didn't say one was better than the other. Later model Sherman's were better. I do think the Sherman was better than the T34/76, but not by much. Not like it matters much, as neither faced each other in WWII. http://www.theshermantank.com/sherman/how-the-sherman-compare-to-its-contemporaries/ Panzer III This tank fought from the first days of the war and really was a great little tank. To bad the Sherman, all models, outclassed it in just about every important way. The Sherman had better armor, firepower, and similar mobility. Even with its most potent gun, a long 50mm, the PIII had trouble with the Grant and Lee, let alone a M4. In the mythical but often argued about on the internet, one on one tank battle, the Sherman stomps the Panzer III every time. This chassis was at the end of its life as a tank with the 50mm. Larger guns or more armor could not be fitted to it. It was a good tank, but nowhere near as good as a Sherman, but to be fair, it was at the end of its development life and the M4 was just beginning its long, long life with many countries around the globe, that would span decades. Trollolololo
  9. M4A1 Sherman vs. German Tanks, Interesting Info!

    Consider the year, 1942. It could could be argued that it was the best medium tank in 1942. Tank v Tank, sure the Tiger 1 was better, but again, heavy tank. The Panther (was crap until late 1944) and the Tiger II weren't out yet The Panzer 4 was a good tank, and the 75mm Sherman and Panzer 4 were basically on the same level. Overall the Sherman was better than the Panzer 3. The T34/85 wasn't introduced until late 1943, so I consider the Panzer 4 and the Sherman the best mediums in 1942.
  10. M93 APCR for 76mm gun

    Reading is super hard. Another deflection statement.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  11. The real reason people play for Germany

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....why do I even bother.
  12. The real reason people play for Germany

    We were for years when players like myself and Ding started playing.
  13. Cant run in full resolution.

    Laptop or desktop? What GPU? What CPU? Amount of Ram?
  14. M93 APCR for 76mm gun

    I never whined/cried once in this thread, nor did any of the others that called you out on your incorrect information. All we did was correct your false information. Any other assumptions you would like to make? Maybe completely deflect away from being wrong again?
  15. M93 APCR for 76mm gun

    Here you go again, completely deflecting away from the original post when it's been proven that you made numerous false statements. Do you honestly think anyone is going to take you serious at this point? All you do is deflect when you are blatantly wrong on something.