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  1. Just freaking beyond sad. This has been one of my biggest gripes. 3361 pts for shooting AI para planes and destroying empty vehicles. I mean come on though, having zero caps and a .10 KDR is so pro and hard to do, one should be ridiculously rewarded for being such a huge asset to their team like this guy! Even the infantry soldier that went 20-54, but tried hard by hitting the cap points/generally helping the team, and 8 captures, should have more than double the pilots' points. Nope, he gets almost 5x less points. So freaking broken.
  2. Indirectly this is the actual issue at hand with fighter planes. Outside of other good pilots, trees are their biggest threat in this game.
  3. I just think a lot of people believe they have good computers/hardware, when in truth they do not. I'll tell you right now, I do not play on a high end desktop, or with the newest hardware out there. I have an older I7 2600K 3.4 (rated a little over yours), 16 GB ram, and an older GTX570 (from 2010). The thing is, the GTX 570 has a surprisingly respectable Passmark Benchmark score of 4410, double that of your HD 5850. A GTX 1060 like Woody mentioned has a score of 8710. I get 110-135 FPS on low settings, and 70-90 on maxed out high settings in HnG (23" monitor). Doesn't matter what settings I play on, the game currently runs nice and smooth for me, and it looks great. So, no you do not need a fancy gaming computer for this game. What you do need is a relatively good and balanced machine for it to run smooth. You have some bottlenecks with your current setup, that is the issue.
  4. Well I bet it slowly creeps up to 100% after a little bit. I still would like you to try the mini monitor like I suggested, and let me know the actual GB level used while playing. Well it's time to drop some money into a new GPU and more memory then. That may require a new PSU as well. You really, really need more ram. Gaming with 4 GB could cut it in 2009-2010, but not now.
  5. Try a memory monitoring software tool while you are playing and let me how much GB you are using ( in game). Like I said in my other post, I use over 4 GB when I'm in game. I use CleanMem Mini Monitor. It is a simple free tool that you can download from majorgeeks website.
  6. What operating system?
  7. Most homes have basic desktops that are not designed for gaming, or simple laptops. This means nothing. Check your ram usage like I said, I think that is your biggest problem. That dated GPU isn't going to do you much good if your RAM is maxed out while playing
  8. Yes, your HD5850 is dated and far from high end. That card was released in 2010 and it has a paltry Passmark benchmark score of 2,261. Regardless, it still should run the game fine on low settings, but still it's far from an optimal setup. Your CPU is good, but still not high end. Much better in comparison to your GPU. That GPU is essentially a bottleneck for your CPU. Also, you need more ram, 4 GB is not enough for running an operating system and this game. This is probably why you you can't join a game 99% of the time. Running windows 7 64 requires 2GB just to function by itself. Monitor your physical memory usage (task manager open) while playing the game and let us know where you are at. I am always over 4GB when playing.
  9. I've always thought the same for recons too. In exchange, give recons the ability to gain points/xp for spotting (relatively low pts for doing it). I used to have so much fun in this game tanking (more tank v tank action back in the day). The old mountain town was great for fighting Tigers with my Pershing. With the added bushes everywhere and the proliferation of so many classes/players carrying AT equipment, tanking in this game just sucks most of the time. Finding a good match with heavies, or even the chance to engage another heavy is so extremely rare it's just sad. Nobody wants to play them because you get constantly chased around by AT rambos, and they are the easiest tanks to kill by infantry. I mean leveling up your tanker to get one of the big expensive heavies is a lot of time, work and credits. However, once you start playing them you quickly find that it just sucks. One thing I've mentioned lately is the addition of Tank V Tank only game mode in this game. Also a Plane V Plane mode. We have Infantry v Infantry only matches/map (Encounter), and sometimes random matches where there is only infantry v infantry on skirm/assault maps. We would still have the combined arms matches for those who want to experience it all. I just think giving this game more game modes might spice things up a bit and it could lead to less frustration between classes because we will have more options on how we want to play.
  10. An E8's 76mm APCR will bounce shots off the Stug and Hetzer (frontal). I've found that the Hellcat will too, but not as often as the E8 for some strange reason. Everything pens the Hellcat, even the starter mg tanks, and the AP ammo on the light tanks. The Hellcat is the best TD in the game for sure. Overall, the Panther is the best tank in the game, even if you lump the TD's in with it.
  11. C2 the perfect spot to do it, especially if that line is not being played in the match
  12. Forget that, I want a full on optional game mode where you can choose any tier, any class tank you want in tank only matches. No cancerous planes melting you, and no AT Rambo's. Pure tank on tank mayhem. Same for planes. You can still have the current match modes in place too. This game is getting too stale, too boring, it needs changes and more challenges, not limitations.
  13. Lol, you may be right. I haven't seen this one done in a long, long time. This should get some Dev attention soon.
  14. Most likely scenario, however that would mean that two players per faction would have similar scores. Looks to me like the GE and SU player had a buddy that was just jumping/taking damage and the other healed, this would further speed up the process of gaining XP. Also judging by some of the high kill amounts, this was a long match making it very plausible.
  15. I hear ya. The credit nerf to tanking pissed me off (tank v tank). I would think that tankers that focused on knocking out other tanks rather than spamming the shirt out of infantry with HE (easy mode) would be rewarded, but nope. Just like I feel that pilots should be highly rewarded for taking out planes (less for para planes), a decent amount for tanks, not much for infantry, and certainly not a butt load for taking out empty motorcycles and jeeps.