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  1. Of course GE is going to win the most battles, they play the most battles because they have more players than both the US/SU combined. It also means they are going to have the most losses, but losses are not seen in the final breakdown of the war. Use your head, it's simple proportional statistics. Same reason why SU always has the least amount battles/towns wins/losses - smallest faction/least amount of battles played.
  2. vengeice usually does that towards the end of every war against the US with all his paras. Most of the time he does it to one of our capitals, and it is just him joking around. We have a good laugh every time he does it.
  3. All good points...I agree.
  4. Back at it again...boy that didn't take long.
  5. Tons of people are having similar issues, including me. The most common issue I'm seeing is the jumpy/stuttering/laggy FPS - 30-130 FPS jumping, and you can't even really see what your actual FPS is due to it jumping around so fast.
  6. A GTX 590 is fine for this game. The poor game optimization is the problem, especially on town map. Many people with 970 cards and 1000+ series cards are having the same problems as the OP.
  7. Not using it (Win7), and many people are having even more issues with DX12 enabled.
  8. The new render felt great at first - high and stable fps - graphics looked good. It has since completely taken a nose dive on performance. Massive FPS drops, incredibly jumpy FPS, and laggy gameplay.
  9. Town map is an absolute steaming pile of horse shirt!!! Constant jumpy 20-130 FPS and stutter. No other map does this, and this is the most common map to play in war matches. It's getting rather frustrating Reto. At what point are you going to acknowledge that something is broken on this map? Fix it.
  10. I would take the AVS over the Johnson any day.
  11. Same issue here. Before the render, town map had issues. I was excited thinking that the new render would fix the FPS problems in town, but it is now worse.
  12. Man, I think you are on to something! Rather, if you can't beat them, hackusate them.
  13. Us waiting for AR's bought your faction time. If we could have fought one battle after the next we would have won this war much sooner. The only thing slowing down our FPS freight train was AR's, Paramass, and a lack of SU players due to the US breaking the SU players' morale. Quit acting like such a sore loser.
  14. Nice to see an active GE clan growing. Good luck fellas.
  15. Agree completely, TAW is a very classy bunch. I've enjoyed playing with them in their TS.