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  1. marksman_

    The game is IMPOSSIBLE for newbies

    In my opinion the lack of beginner players is in parts consequence of the current system of the game. The old system was much better for beginners, because after a brief survey here in the forum it was possible to find out that if you wanted to train more as a beginner before playing with veterans, simply dont pass the first character to level 5. So you could simply buy other soldiers and continue playing with beginners until you feel good enough to go to the next level. The current system is broken because you start against bots and you have no idea what will come next. I believe that many already give up there. The few who resist this beginning simply have a hard time finding matches and give up as well. The result is what we see now... two days looking for match and find NOTHING. This is worse than playing against veterans.
  2. marksman_

    The game is IMPOSSIBLE for newbies

    I did not know which part of the forum to write this. Sorry. The gold match I found was ping 200+. I've tried play with ping like this and at least it's very difficult for me. I often die without even hearing the sound of the shot. The implied question here could be: Reto will do not anything to solve this? It's been a long time since the system was released... They do not like the veterans and the newbies can not play. This game is going to die if it continues like this. Usually when a game has a serious problem, everything else is paused and all efforts are concentrated to solve that particular problem. Reto says that he is doing something, but many serious problems of the game last for a long time (even years) before being solved.
  3. Here I have decided to create a new account, to simply dedicate myself from zero to a new faction, because I have always dedicated myself to the German side and would like to start again in another faction. I did not want to simply start using another faction in my account (marksman_), I really wanted to start from scratch. BUT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE from level 2 onwards! I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E! I'm looking for matches for two days and I just can not find it. Not to mention I do not find matches, after about 40 minutes searching without canceling I entered a gold match. Obviously I left immediately... my gun has not changed yet! Anyway, I just do not find matches. It was not like that before this new system of level and matchmaking. Reto really managed to ruin the game. How will new players be able to progress in the game if they can not even find a match? I'm not complaining because it takes 5 ~ 10 minutes to find match. Before it was... I really am two days trying to find a match of my level and I could not. NO EVEN! The last one I was able to play was still at level 1, against bots.
  4. marksman_

    Pergunte aos Veteranos

    A facção alemã já teve boas armas assim, mas foram nerfadas devido às reclamações do pessoal aqui no forum. Porque isso depende da quantidade de pessoas/tropas jogando RTS. As duas que estão em desvantagem numérica ganham os bônus. Os alemães geralmente estão com mais players jogando RTS, então é mais raro os alemães ganharem bônus e quando ganham é pouco. O Hellcat era rápido, de fato. Isso não tem como mudar, pois enquanto os alemães projetavam blindados cada vez mais pesados, lentos e indestrutíveis, os americanos por sua vez acreditavam que aparecer no campo de batalha, disparar e desaparecer rapidamente era melhor que blindagem espessa.
  5. If only there was the possibility of releasing and being able to add some cosmetic items on the helmet or change the face of the character would be very interesting. I miss this dynamic... in the current format we have clones fighting in the war, the game has no "life".
  6. marksman_

    Can you lock your rank?

    I understand, but I do not think Reto would make it possible. Most feel more fulfilled with each new level...
  7. marksman_

    Can you lock your rank?

    What would be the meaning of this functionality? Just because I like the patent?
  8. marksman_

    Can you lock your rank?

    Just do not use the character anymore.
  9. marksman_

    why game dieing without new players

    Another problem, at least in my country (Brazil) is to find matches. There are reports of more than half an hour waiting to find a single match after level 2. When I started, about 2 years ago, it was not as difficult to find matches as a beginner, I did not even need bots.
  10. marksman_

    Flight controls

    I had another question, guys. I'm having trouble finding the horizontal position of the airplane after a maneuver, which sometimes results in the plane flying upside down or something. Is there a key that automatically returns the plane to its horizontal alignment? PS: I do not know if I'm clear on the translation, but the horizontal alignment I'm referring to is the alignment of the wings.
  11. marksman_

    You Ask! Veteran Players Answer!

    Perfect. Although I may not be able to use it currently, it will advance the process. I bought the pilot for my main account, but it's very difficult to train with enemies around and my K/D started to plummet like an abyss. So I intend to use the old account pilot to learn, since K/D does not matter to me. Obviously only in staged battles, not war battles. Thanks for the explanation, man!
  12. marksman_

    Anyone else noticed this?

    Woow, looks nice!
  13. marksman_

    Flight controls

    Exactly my feeling, my friend. It's impossible to train with three ~ four enemy planes on your butt all the time. I also wish there was a "training camp" that would enable both testing the weapons, vehicles and aircraft before buying them or just actually training. It would be a good addition to the game. Take heart #RETO!
  14. marksman_

    You Ask! Veteran Players Answer!

    Well, I did not have to buy it at the time, because it was already released as soon as I changed class. But in fact I did not even use it effectively, so I did not unlock anything from the class.
  15. marksman_

    Tutorial de como jogar com as armas

    De BA eu também prefiro, já com rifle SA eu me saio MUITO melhor utilizando escope, mesmo que midi range... não sei qual é o fenômeno por trás disso kkk