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  1. perhaps im to harsh, didnt know this new approach. u r right, maybe its time do somethig completely new cheers
  2. TheLegionare

    We don't need three factions!!

    Last cicles, damn man, i had high hopes that would bounce back... In the gold old days the Ivans tramped us all in war, before this hideous morale sistem and preposterous awfull maps
  3. Great General Decker, our legend, how u doing m8? Absolutelly right, agreed. Other thing, its absolutely hideous to moviment several ATs, to much work for little recompense, indeed doesnt make sense have lots of generals. Cheers
  4. It would be a palliative measure that does not solve the real problem. It would just be bread & circus man.. RTS players r smart people
  5. Agree, but this new game is from a major player in the free to play market. IMO, the point we r saying, almost everybody said that actually, is that anyone will never do something like HnG its suposed to be, because HnG cant be what suposed to be. So, its a no no, there's no market for a HnG product, simple as that, when they failed, they killed the idea for year to come. Dont worry, things will get worse, have fate. Its for the nostalgia, friendship and my pure love for history that i enter here once a year... maybe twice a year, i keep a close watch on this market, but nothing for me is better then HnG in early days (FPS and RTS), or BF1942, CoD 1 and 2, i think im just getting old and grumpy, must be that.. but i cant give up looking for the spice melange As i say, hope its a dangerous thing Cheers m8s
  6. TheLegionare

    (Suggestion)Add ghillie suits

    Just a trivia, the english also used in ww2 , but the ghillie suit remounts the boer war, when was used by some kind of british empire Long Range Reconnaissence Patrol. The name Ghillie also is from Great Britain, precisely Scotland, has something to do with their mythology. US e Soviets prefered a hands on aprouch in the sniping business, more training, precision, yada yada yada... Anyhow, i suggest that u use the action game forum for this kind of question/post, because this section is RTS oriented... Last, but no least, i disagree with you, i just dont like the idea, reminds me of a MGS3 villain, hiding sniper creep that one Cheers m8
  7. The will have some serious contenders in next years, an RTS refurbishment is urgely need it... Some simple stuff, ASAP, would be nice, like a possibility to create personalized divisions, or something like it, making also easy to move ATs, etc... for years im saying that Lok at the mirror before its too late reto, just sayin
  8. Ofc they care, but imo there is a lot of dissent in the comunity.. for instance, for me, i hate the moral sistem, i think the map change from years ago r hideous, and i think they dont want to improve the RTS, they dont know or dont care, or both, and i think they abondoned south america, so, we have "different agendas". These are irreconcilable differences, so, i dont care anymore either... from time to time just take a look here to see the same old sh**e again Cheers They had the money, the but didn't know how to expand in the past, the game was good, they should have spent on maerkting.. the gaijin ww2 fps simulator gonna eat reto alive
  9. TheLegionare

    Merge Assault Teams feature

    Also creating a division, corp, army, army corps, etc... like this I.e.: One AT = A company 10 AT = Regiment 50 AT = division U should be able to gatter in "kampfgruppe's", like a fps squad but in war Simple things, would be fun, its not rocket science, easy stuff to do...
  10. TheLegionare


    They should improve managemnt in every way, cant be that hard
  11. TheLegionare

    We Have Come a Long Way

    In South America we have come "lost way", relegated by reto as 3rd class citzens... i used to like to play war with my european/US friends, and its impossible for years now
  12. Just think in something that makes newbies play for victory, without this war means close to nothing. Russian hordes mode on ftw!
  13. fatal_'s insistence is on making the game better, for years it can't go unnoticed by RETO. It's time for the community to bring together notable players and veterans to help improve the game working with RETO. RETO must listen. This game should rival Battlefield and others in the genre. I.e. it's cool play HOI, but it would be much nicer to play WAR on HnG if the game aproximate HOI concept.
  14. TheLegionare

    The Snow

    snow, bots, being blinded by reto, wow, im back