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  1. Ensolo

    cant use medikit while lying down

    right, thanks!
  2. only a veeery small bug but i thought ill mention it. if the defenders win because of the time limit the Sudden death message in the top of the screen appears for 2 seconds in the end of the round. then 2 seconds later the game is finished.
  3. When using the MG in the GAZ and u shoot in the direction of a capture point the symbol does not dissapear when aiming directly at it like it does with a gun. Havent tried it out if it always happens but it was on B3 on mountain town.
  4. sometimes i cant switch to the medikit if im lying on the ground. i have to stand up and switch to the medikit slot an lie down again. sometimes the problem does not occur, but i cant find out what seems to be the trigger.
  5. Ensolo

    Cant destroy mines underwater

    ohhh alright. didnt know that. thanks.
  6. People can lay mines in the river crossings on E line town map but i can't destroy them. i stood right on them and shot down but the water just magically swallows my shots.
  7. i've got a few more points: 7. add a dive button just to put your head under water when someone shoots at you so you're not completly helpless 8. ability to switch gifted skins to different character if we get a reward like the helmet camo. why cant we switch it around characters? you open the game and you get a pop up that you need to choose a character which should recive "the items". but from the pop up you have no idea what "the items" are. thats very porly designed. so at least give us the ability to switch the camo to different characters if we want to. 9. ressources on lines in battle summary screen if you hover over a point in the battle summary screen you should see how many ressources there are. so you can already plan which line is the most important while waiting for the game to load. Strategy game: 5. ressources on whole war map i think the strategy game would be improved if you can see all the ressources on the whole war map (and not only those around your ATs). so you dont just send them to a random location but you can actually decide where ATs are needed.
  8. right?? i think the devs could improve the game a lot with a relatively low effort...
  9. Hi! after 2 years i decided to play H&G again. and it really improved! overall the weapons and the factions are much better balanced in my opinion and there are many good changes. however there are still some things which my friends and me noticed, which should not be too hard to implement but would really improve the game: 1. Fix the spawn point orientation There are some spawnpoints where you need to drive backwards first and do some weird maneuvers to leave spawn... in most cases it would be enough to just rotate the orientation a little bit. 2. Show the helmet camo on the soldier picture its kinda strange that you see your body camo but not the helmet camo on the preview picture of your soldier. it would look much better and would be easier to distinguish your characters. 3. let us stand on amphibious cars their usefulness is kinda restricted right now. you rarely see players using them. i would suggest that players can stand on the vehicle if they are in the water so you dont need to swim to a ladder first. for example if you are attacking on 02 in mountain town. also, i would buff their speed in the water a bit. 4. put capture points symbols higher even tough they dissapear when you directly look at them they are often in my field of view when attacking. so please just put them 5 or 10m higher so they dont block your vision. 5. melee attack would be a bit more complex to implement, but i suggest adding a melee attack button. no one uses melee weapons right now. but with a system like in most other shooters where you just push a button (for example while reloading) to attack, melee weapons would actually be useful then. 6. dont let people place mines underwater for example on E4 town map. its unrealistic and very annoying since you cant really see them. Strategy Game: 1. war map quality the resolution of the war map looks really outdated. you can see the single pixels in the "intro screen" of each battle. you should really improve this since it makes the game look really cheap and low quality! 2. seperate deployed and not deployed ATs just put the deployed Ats on the top of the list and the undeployed ones in the end of the list. additionally you could add an expandable register the each section of the list. should be easy to implement and would increase clarity. 3. waypoints for ATs let us add a waypoint for our ATs so we can send them somewhere without them accidentally joining a battle which is on their way. 4. fix the deploy button UI bug i believe this bug is here since i stopped playing in 2018: when deploying an AT the deploybutton (the arrow) is still there eventough your AT already spawned. it dissaperas later. @Reto.Hades
  10. Ensolo

    Difference between Hetzer and Stug?

    well this was the problem with all tanks after the release. but they fixed it in a hotfix. i doubt the STUG was left out or is anything worse than the other TDs. but i dont know tho.. anyone playing regulary with both tanks?
  11. Ensolo

    Difference between Hetzer and Stug?

    why do you think so? stug has better armor than the SU-85 better APCR penetration ultra strong MG on top against AT rambos (while SU has no MG at all) the SU might have a better APCR velocity and is like 2 km/h faster but thats it.
  12. Ensolo

    RETO Trello page. When?

    agree. imo opinion it should be updated monthly.
  13. Hey, there are 2 very big and extremly annoying/frustrating problems with the current despawn mechanics: 1. when i play as a tanker and get into an 1 vs 1 situation, i sometimes manage to kill the enemy tanker. but then the enemy tank despawns after like 10 seconds often before i manage to destroy it. extremly annoying! all the efforts made for nothing because the XP just dissapears. id suggest adding a simple rule to the despawning mechanics that a vehicle cant despawn if anyone shot at it in the last 20 seconds. 2. sometimes some HE planes kill me right after spawning because i put my head out of the tank. then i spawn in an friendly tank near mine and run back to my tank. and *puff* its gone right in front of my nose. please add a rule that tanks cant despawn if im like 100m near it. and also just make them stay on the battlefield a bit longer in general. in addition it would be very kind to let tankers spawn without a tank on normal spawn zones, so that they can safe their tanks. oh and im not sure about this: but tanks can also despawn while someones unlocking them, right? should also be fixed if so.
  14. lol yup. didnt put much effort into this 😅
  15. Hey, often when i try to heal some random guy he often doesnt notice and runs away while being healed. also when i repair some friendly tank he suddenly drives away, or even worse: drives backwards and kills me. just add a more obvious indiactor for being healed and repaired. maybe something like this: