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  1. Tumult_inc

    bugs on maps

    This needs a highlight ... and a quickfix.
  2. Tumult_inc

    Progressing on the War Victory Ribbon

    Yes, every unique assault team equipped and put in battle will give you a certain amount of xp on the ribbon. If you have vet membership it's 1225 xp per assault team.
  3. I started noting down the action servers. Found a couple in Düsseldorf...
  4. Tumult_inc

    Solve the captured weapons dilemma now!

    Zombies will always be popular.
  5. Same company as previous, so probably nothing happened, except they hid it behind gateways like you say.
  6. Checking the HnG sync we have one server in Frankfurt Am Main and one in Moscow. That's it for EU. Frankfurt is by Google, and Moscow is by Tencent.
  7. I didn't check it, but probably. You say you are close to unlock, so just buy a booster to speed it up.
  8. Tumult_inc

    Reinforce fast, bug or feature ?

    Interesting 😎
  9. There seems to be an issue with the winter camos. You can still swap the winter helmet and put it back on, but the jacket/trousers disappears when taken off.
  10. Tumult_inc

    Winter camo disappears when taken off

  11. Tumult_inc


    There's a new tool around, made by Beng_ : http://hng.dudwire.com/#!weaponcalculator
  12. Tumult_inc

    Retreating ATs going through several enemy towns

    So it's a feature ... gotcha
  13. Tumult_inc

    Retreating ATs going through several enemy towns

    Happened at 17:05 CET today. Perhaps you could just show support this thread?
  14. Tumult_inc

    HnG weapon calculator

    @Beng_ The legshot modifier is 0.8. Otherwise nice page 👍
  15. Tumult_inc

    RTS Tickets being mixed

    Well, at least the warfunds goes to you
  16. Tumult_inc


  17. New starting capitals are coming up according to the development overview. Thought it would be nice to reiterate what the result of the vote was. Quote from Reto.Hades as the voting ended: Option 3 will be first in line. Option 2 will be second. Option 4 will be first reserve. Option 1 will be second reserve. I will forward this to the company and then we will take a look at when we will make these changes. They should run for about 3 months. If for example after 2 months the first option would become very one-sided, we will change to the second option. That would then run for 3 months as well, and at the end of this second option we would add the 1st reserver. I don't know yet if we would run the 1st reserve for a month, or also 3 months. But with some luck we won't have to use them at all. Option 3 was: - US: Istanbul, Rome - SU: London, Edinburgh - GE: Leningrad, Moscow Option 2 was: - US: Bordeaux, Marseille, Rome - SU: Istanbul, Kiev, Sevastopol - GE: Copenhagen, Riga, Stockholm Option 4 was: - US: Marseille, Zürich - SU: Belgrade, Budapest - GE: Berlin, Copenhagen Option 1 was (in addition to a few new capitals): - US: Montpellier, London, Stuttgart - SU: Odessa, Athens, Kiev - GE: Berlin, Leningrad, Oslo Link to vote thread: https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/104793-final-new-capital-city-vote/
  18. Tumult_inc

    Daily Reward Soldiers when Capped?

    Yes, but would the extra soldier you earned (or bought in bundle) become visible and usable?
  19. Tumult_inc

    Daily Reward Soldiers when Capped?

    If you promote one to general, would the "extra" character become visible?
  20. Sometimes you can get out by going prone and snake your way out, but yes, it's annoying. My guess is it's a side effect from when they enlargened the character models. Before, you would just fall down through the wooden planks, now you get stuck.
  21. Tumult_inc

    Gun sounds

    Maybe something like this:
  22. Tumult_inc

    Sounds in 1.20

    Sound has been a running joke for a very long time. And reto no longer has a sound guy employed, so people just stopped writing fix-requests about it.
  23. Tumult_inc

    unequity in LMGs

    Maxim is a beast of an LMG. Put on the Chrome barrel + full rof and you have an M1919 with a less jumpy sight. What's not to like?