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  1. For those curious: Oil from peanuts is used to produce glycerol, a main ingredient in nitroglycerin. Nitroglycerin mixed with stabilizers produces dynamite.
  2. No no no, the game is very clever. You see, the game checks everything. It goes "hey, this player's name is stuka90, he likes to roleplay that he's an aeroplane. Let's throw a lot of toys in his direction. And lets give him something to bomb. Voila! Lots of tanks!" Funny thing: staged is often called "balanced mode", and then you get battles with 7 recons and 8 tankers vs. all infantry and paras. Come play war instead.
  3. ... this, and arguing that it's a strategy to make bad players uninstall. The logic is strong.
  4. ... and then they will change them again
  5. ... and breaking fences like jeeps.
  6. AVS loses a lot of its accuracy when you move. Just strafing a little bit will enlarge the crosshairs wider than a standstill PPD.
  7. This is not a secret. I think one ingame day is around 4 hours and 15 minutes ... something like that. I'm sure someone has the correct number.
  8. Which wars were voided?
  9. Your English might not be top notch, but your tinfoil hat is excellent!
  10. Any update on this? I am missing some antitank weapons as well.
  11. When stuff like this happens could you please make a twitter tweet?
  12. Same issue here. Black screen, no sync window. Tried both steam and standalone on two different computers. H&G twitter has no info on problems...
  13. Fair point. Actually I wouldn't mind a narrow map.
  14. Factory is often like that. Doesn't keep people from camping.