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  1. You say there is a condition and the wiki states that "... a certain amount of your assault team's resources must be drawn from in order to qualify for Assault Team Experience." Is that a percentage or is it enough that 1 ticket has been drawn from the AT? Did you have a chance to look at the mission I posted above ( ID: /M 2270354058046658343 )? My paras used 5 planes and 12 troopers. That ought to be enough for any use/activity condition. It was a couple of days ago, so the updating should also have happened.
  2. I'll add my issue here instead of making a new post: Just had a battle at Bordeaux where my paras used 5 planes and 12 paratroopers. Battle was won, but the para AT gained no xp. Mission ID: /M 2270354058046658343 Battle finished 18:37 CET. Edit: Happened again at Blaye (north of Bordeaux). I didn't play the FPS battle so I don't have the mission ID, but again the para AT didn't get any xp. Three paras was used, no planes, and the battle was won.
  3. Well, if A and B are the best, and D and E are less successful, that would put C in the middle somewhere, no?
  4. This would be my guess as well. I always check my ammo after logging in. Usually the ammo is not even the default one, it's just named "Ammunition", but you have to click into the ammo selection menu to see it. If you hover over it on the weapon parts it might show something else, f.ex. the sniper ammo.
  5. Can confirm.
  6. This can happen even without changing ammo. It can happen tomorrow when you login again. It can happen in between battles. But you probably wont notice since the weapon overview does not show the correct ammo type. So always check your ammo.
  7. A really annoying and more or less "hidden" bug: The ammo you have equipped is perhaps not the ammo the game uses. It has invented a new ammo type simply called "Ammunition", but you can only see it if you click into the ammo selection window. The video below shows both this bug and the wellknown double-ammo bug - hence the clusterfuck. https://vid.me/JxoW
  8. Color bug on RTS map.
  9. Would a Paratrooper making 1000 xp from capping get the same amount of credits as a Recon making 1000 xp from long range sniping? Assuming all else is equal - you don't destroy any vehicles, you are the same rank soldiers, and you were in battle the same amount of time.
  10. Ramming something is the best driving strategy. You know the aeons it takes to drive backwards and ... then ... forward ... again? Fix that by ramming something on your backwards drive. It will make the car skip the initial forward stall and start driving forward instantly.
  11. For what it's worth there are vietnamese chat channels.
  12. Probably just a temporary fix till they make larger windows What worries me is that they are waiting to see if there's a demand for it (sic!). Just look at the "lack" of demand for joystick support for planes. The rooftop access enlargens the whole game. It's not just for snipers. It's used for para access to the house. It's used to jump around the whole town on a "top floor" level, and it creates the "interfloor danger" where you have to consider enemies from above if you are grounded and vice versa if you are a rooftop monkey. And it's just fun to jump from house to house. Why remove fun?
  13. It's Luis Buñuel (The Phantom of Liberty).
  14. The levelling of your soldiers is much faster, of course given that you throw your assault teams into battle. You become more conscious of the overall state of the war, which makes you more involved in the game. Gives you a better understanding of what happens in battle. F.ex. why players sometimes want to finish fast or farm the enemy, why new lines open, why paras are there without planes, etc. P.S.: You can buy an extra command point on the War Victory ribbon for 81500 credits, cheapest command point in the game
  15. Yes, I have the link. Looks deactivated, hence the question. But nice to know it will return