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  1. Tumult_inc

    bugs on maps

    This needs a highlight ... and a quickfix.
  2. Tumult_inc

    Progressing on the War Victory Ribbon

    Yes, every unique assault team equipped and put in battle will give you a certain amount of xp on the ribbon. If you have vet membership it's 1225 xp per assault team.
  3. I started noting down the action servers. Found a couple in Düsseldorf...
  4. Tumult_inc

    Solve the captured weapons dilemma now!

    Zombies will always be popular.
  5. Same company as previous, so probably nothing happened, except they hid it behind gateways like you say.
  6. Checking the HnG sync we have one server in Frankfurt Am Main and one in Moscow. That's it for EU. Frankfurt is by Google, and Moscow is by Tencent.
  7. I didn't check it, but probably. You say you are close to unlock, so just buy a booster to speed it up.
  8. Tumult_inc

    Reinforce fast, bug or feature ?

    Interesting 😎
  9. There seems to be an issue with the winter camos. You can still swap the winter helmet and put it back on, but the jacket/trousers disappears when taken off.
  10. Tumult_inc


    There's a new tool around, made by Beng_ : http://hng.dudwire.com/#!weaponcalculator
  11. Tumult_inc

    Retreating ATs going through several enemy towns

    So it's a feature ... gotcha
  12. Tumult_inc

    Retreating ATs going through several enemy towns

    Happened at 17:05 CET today. Perhaps you could just show support this thread?