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  1. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    Does the same work for defenders? If defenders lose they are actually retreating, so they receive no warfunds?
  2. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    Remember that retreating costs you 25% of resources, and the pooling is random ... so this is hardly a way to profit.
  3. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    It stems from frustration with the silence from Reto, so it is not surprising at all. If only there had been a few Reto responses in the relevant threads on the forum, then much of the negativity could have been avoided. Post hoc information is not due maintenance.
  4. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    So, another month of nobody fighting? No, thanks.
  5. BF1 trailer looks awful

    And doing the opposite is perfectly fine?
  6. How Players make such a big squad

    Simple. Two squads with the same name.
  7. defending nerf

    What's the reasoning behind this? It seems rather high in defenders favor.
  8. Defend and earn more experience

    Why was it fun, and why isn't it fun anymore?
  9. Bugged or missleading PTRD bullets descriptions?

    I don't know, man. Maybe against recon plane. Something with zero armor but more hitpoints than soldiers.
  10. Bugged or missleading PTRD bullets descriptions?

    Because there's two kinds of damage. Yeah, I know, confusing. For normal damage the Monstr does not deal more, it just has more range than default ammo. For armor damage the Monstr deals more, 350-470. Bronya deals only 320-370. Higher penetration is useless. You're not gonna waste time trying to destroy mediums with the PTRD.
  11. defending nerf

    If they are disabled how would they cap them In a close match up even a few people going duck hunting will lose you the main objective. The idea should be to disable capping beyond the 4s. If attacking on Town C line f.ex. and attackers cap 01, they can cap D4 and E4, but no more additional points down those lines.
  12. Bugged or missleading PTRD bullets descriptions?

    Check the more informative presentation done by guncolony. You can choose weapon on the left and cycle through different ammo at the top: http://guncolony.com/processing/hgweaponstats.html
  13. Should RETO remove scope from infantry?

    If I'm gunning around with a 2.2x scope I'm not gonna waste my time trying to counter recons. If they are a nuisance I equip heavy set and focus on capturing. Recons cannot be god mode in the current version of the game. In war they are mostly a waste of player slots. I would support either a removal of scopes for infantry, or the same low magnification for all factions. I lean towards low magnification because then I don't have to suffer the bad iron sights. And if Reto goes low magnification I would like to see different options for reticles. Might sell more scopes
  14. Maxing out: Possible?

    As the others pointed out, the Assault Teams will make you the majority of xp after level 12. Buy out the first command point on the War Victory ribbon to give you room for an extra Assault Team.