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  1. AVS

    Don't derail the topic.
  2. 1) Make Free Fall a feature, not a badge. Could still be an unlock, though. 2) Allow the deploying of the chute anytime you want. Sometimes you jump early because you don't want to wait for the paraplane to finish its approach, so you may deploy the chute immediately. Other times you jump at the perfect moment and you deploy very late. 3) Take damage if you deploy too low. 4) Add sound to the deploying of the chute. If the paratrooper wants to be sneaky he might deploy earlier to not alert the enemy. Or he might take a chance and rush with the risk of both alerting the enemy and take damage at low deployment. The point is; Let the trooper decide. 5) Being able to shoot while descending (with chute deployed of course). If you choose to try and shoot the enemy you cannot try to evade at the same time. Again, it's up to the trooper. I like choices. 6) Equipment points: I'm on the fence on this one. Perhaps it's fine. If you're American or German you have the very powerful option of running the para-LMGs, but you will use up all your space. You can also go SA-rifle and use 1 equipment point for a pistol, knife or medic kit. 7) The paraplane: Enable us to change the "Chosen Objective" when in the plane. If there's only one trooper in the plane, make that objective the immediate priority.
  3. AVS

    She touched the AVS, got punished
  4. AVS

    You're wrong there: dies of orgasm
  5. Works in Denmark, too.
  6. There's some interesting Global Parameters in that BattleSolver. Can you elaborate on those, if they are still active? What are the Entrenchment Bonuses f.ex.? Is the Battlefield Commander Level any level from 12 and above, or is it only Generals?
  7. I always took off 1 equipment point on my sidearms, since I use them as a backup in a tight situation, so the new pistols would just be an early unlock of handguns. The equipment points don't enter the equation.
  8. What's going on here. The game lags heavily and then restarts. https://vid.me/Ki8v
  9. Ingame controls (input settings/remap keys) are listed twice. The second list which continues directly from the first is non-changeable. I think it messes with the setup. My usual control setup doesn't work ingame.
  10. Suppressed Mosin for Paras - ninja style.
  11. The point is that it does NOT depend on local armor value.
  12. You write that all Tank Destroyers are affected by Iron Fist. Did you test the Hellcat? I predict a "No".
  13. I assume you mean the mp34. Yes, it's a close quarter thing, but yes, you can bring both the mp34 and the G43. As mentioned, change the amount of ammo pouches. Then use the Hoarder badge when you unlock it. It will add back some of the ammo. When you unlock the mp40 switch to that instead of mp34. MP40 is a beast. I don't like the default crouch either. I changed it to "space" and put jump on the "scroll wheel up".
  14. It's a great and fun tool, but if it's your main loadout you are gonna break your bank. Whip it out when light tanks and recon vehicles are swarming your objectives, and to quickly delete those APCs sneaking around you.
  15. After every battle the game switches from Full Screen mode to Custom Size. Is there something in my settings that causes this? Is it a bug?