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  1. Adding Aux seats is bugged

    This happens rather often to me. I always assumed it was because the original squad leader left and I got put in his place.
  2. UPDATE 1.09 Hairy bushes ...

    This would get more support for sure.
  3. War Costs

    I wouldn't trust this total cost thing. Reto.Hades stated in another thread that the numbers are not correct.
  4. Reto Insider summit summary

    ... And who won the insider gaming session?
  5. Reto Insider summit summary

    You mean no longer automatic spotting? (I hope)
  6. Dont defend capitals!

    Ahh, so you infiltrated Ireland. Sneaky viking.
  7. Defending Objectives

    Better than being in a bush, and the active players who push would still get more from actually killing and capping.
  8. Dont defend capitals!

    Them vikings though ...
  9. Defending Objectives

    Double the salary for the time spent in the frontline capzone - meaning the last point before an enemy point.
  10. New Squad set up but no Battle starts ????

    I get this stuff. https://streamable.com/b8tyz
  11. New 'Bulletin' and UI updates in 1.09

    Why do you still insist on calling it Elite?
  12. please give autoresolve a tweak

    It's just that there are already many threads about AR. Reto is going to experimentally turn off AR. We don't know when, and the fear is (with good reason) that they wont do anything else than just turn it off. Many creative alternatives have been posted, but if Reto just turns it off, looks at the disastrous results, concludes that AR needs to stay, then we are no wiser.
  13. please give autoresolve a tweak

    It's 216, though.
  14. Remove the headshot multiplier now.

    Would that make it OH2K