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  1. Number of points gained for war victory?

    Yes, ofcourse.
  2. Number of points gained for war victory?

    Spawn your character just once in a battle = ~ 500 xp (which equals around 12500 credits saved on the ribbon). One Assault Team taking part in at least one battle = ~ 100 xp (another 2500 credits saved). Additional battle action and assault teams will increase it, but the main part of the xp is made by that first spawn in a battle. This is untrue. If your faction is on a winning spree you can unlock it (US and SU relevant). My main SU character even unlocked the second CP on the ribbon, but that's over a long period.
  3. Getting banned on every account i create!

    That's your hint, right there.
  4. "Fixed ALT+TAB toggling chat when releasing TAB last" Thank you.
  5. ETA of RTS Changes?

    Hey Reto.Circinus. I assume you have some insight into the workflow of Reto. When would you say is a good opportune moment to make suggestions to changes in the overall workings of the RTS? Right after the re-factoring or much later? Basically I'm asking, when are the responsible devs open and actively looking for constructive input?
  6. Either/Or

    One should not make conclusions on a weekend...
  7. Weapon and ammunition configuration values

    In the thread underneath it is defined as "Crosshair size modifier to AimpenaltyPerbullet when aiming":
  8. Stg nerf

    In HnG everything is toast.
  9. Trigger vs light spring

    Depends on the kind of weapon. If it's a starter rifle the spring adds a little more rpm than the trigger. If it's an LMG the spring has no recoil penalty, which the trigger has. In general the trigger is cheaper though.
  10. Awesome. Will it will be clickable or copyable? Edit: Clickable, got it. Saw your post in the other thread.
  11. I always thought of this as a feature not yet implemented. This is just a small band aid in exchange for the warfund hole created in that same update.
  12. Your gaming experience

  13. Because a stock ammo Garand is so stable it's like a 2HK machinegun.
  14. Weapon and ammunition configuration values

    Thank you. It's not immediately clear for the layman when you should use addition and when to use multiplication. I know Reto.Robotron wrote "+" but it was not a mathematical sentence so it could just mean that you had to "take into account" the sway values.
  15. Weapon and ammunition configuration values

    "Complete" sounds like a lot of values, but wouldn't it be just two values - the "swayprecisionmodifier" and the one for the mode you're in, f.ex. "swaystand"? For DP28 it would give us 0.30 * 1.71 (swaystand) * 0.61 (baseconefire) = ~ 0.31 Is this correct?