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  1. Eventually it will be correct. Speech comes before linguistics.
  2. Also, the player who just died may not want the same soldier revived. Perhaps he has a plan to spawn with an apc or go tanking or who knows what.
  3. End the war, quick, please.
  4. A nail has been hit on its head.
  5. I second this. The quality of the devstream needs some love. 1. Choose charismatic people. 2. Don't fumble around, be prepared. 3. Choose the content wisely, given the format. Some things only qualify for a post on the forum, not for a monthly devstream with 600 viewers.
  6. April 4th according to the latest devstream. So many missing credits, so little time ...
  7. Top 5 positive: 1. FPS-RTS connection: The feeling that every battle matters, at least in a small way. 2. Every player has influence: You can visibly influence the war. 3. The potential of the game to expand into a global war, including naval warfare and many more game modes. 4. Arcade/Open-world middle ground: Limited but still enough room to make your own route in the situation. 5. Spawn what you need: Don't limit this more. Consider other ways to limit the amount of special units. Matchmaker included. Top 5 negative: 1. RTS: I know you're working on this and we can't wait 2. Balancing by reducing quality: making weapons a pain to use, removing fun. 3. The finance angle: I know you're learning, but keep in mind - experience economy is a thing. 4. Lack of information, be it bug feedback or updates/hotfixes. 5. Short firefights: Time-to-kill is too short for infantry, even with heavyset. Drawn out, skill based firefights are more fun and exhilarating. Lower the damage, remove RNG bullet spread.
  8. I suggest a female camo. Reto would charge high dollars for that.
  9. It's the thousand-yard stare. The eyes of a soldier who has seen unspeakably things: Horses thrown about and left on the road for people to hit with shovels. And teddy bears left on their own in the middle of a capture point, not even able to help capture.
  10. We all sleep with the germans. Check the general's map, it's a big sandwich.
  11. Reto is just a student of finance/economy, and as a student it has to learn the ropes and play around. In essence we are the staged battles of Reto's finance-game.
  12. We wrote them down, just for you: Level 1: 6500 2: 13000 3: 29000 4: 33000
  13. Just check the ribbon. Simple facts.