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  1. No more GERMAN substantial war faction left

    If they added all at once we wouldn't know which one is responsible for eventual effects. My guess is they will either add changes to the "capital change" or revert "capital change" and then try "AR change".
  2. nextgun

  3. Vashu, dude Either your job is really easy, or you're the embodiment of efficiency and swift expediency that we wish possessed all of Reto.
  4. You will always get the first cap for free. That equals at least 7 kills in xp. More time in the cap zone, more xp for you. In addition, the larger maps will help you upgrade the different ribbons, since you will do more different things than in the Encounter map. Grap a civilian truck, flank around through the forest, so the tanks won't see you. Look out for dropped weapons, try them out. Stay and defend a point, we need more players that do that
  5. Stop playing the Encounter map. The other maps have more opportunities for capturing objectives. Capturing pays good silver.
  6. Leaderboard Stats

    Leaderboards don't seem to refresh/update. I have checked f.ex. Rifle Kills every day since launch, and I get the same number for the same soldier, which is my main. The top spots haven't changed either (f.ex. Player "tommy....." with Value 9025).
  7. When your squad queues for a battle or you queue for a friend's battle you get the queueing window with the name of the town. But if you want to check out the area of that town you have to write the name in search. You can't copy paste from the queueing window and if the town name is filled with eastern european letters you have more trouble. Solutions: 1) Make the town name in the queueing window clickable, so you jump to that town on the map. or 2) Make the town name in the queueing window copy-pastable.
  8. Leaderboard suggestions

    1) Split War and Staged. 2) Avoid the stats being accumulative only. - Add the option for stats per Battle Time Unit (f.ex. per minute). I think there's a general interest in seeing who does really well with different weapons. If the best player only plays two or three times a week he will probably never be near the top of the current boards. - For the Assaults Won category (defender/attacker) it would be nice to have a percentage out of all assaults played. Again, it gives a better idea whether it's just accumulative or if the player actually tends to win his battles. 3) Stats for individual weapons. - we already have some ingame stats under Player Profile, even though they are not really reliable :). Why not use stuff like that for leaderboards? Accuracy percentage for example. Or kills per Battle Time Unit (as suggested in point 2 above). 4) Add stats for Player (across all the players' soldiers, f.ex. all Garand, G43, or SVT kills, nevermind which soldier made it). 5) Add "Warfunds earned" to the Assault Teams category.
  9. No more GERMAN substantial war faction left

    So, every half hour you get more than 100 kills
  10. 30 thousand bucks down because of a bug

    Now try to switch windows and switch back ...
  11. FPS Ninjas- Room Camping Position

    I get paranoid when I stand still.
  12. War 508 3-Faction event

    Why not, though. I was looking with interest on that push. Honor the lack of a NAP
  13. M1 garand

    I have noticed the same, and I have heard other players mention it. It seems glitchy. Sometimes it works fine with its full ROF, but then it just randomly decides to lock up.
  14. Vote for questions for Q&A & Why #2

    I see that "disabling line closing after a main objective is taken" is getting popular. Is this really what you want? You want the defender to keep extra spawn locations all around you without an option to close some of them?