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  1. Little Tweaks

    I'm pretty sure there's a plan to fix this, but I don't remember if it was in a Q&A stream or a Community Frontline stream.
  2. what triggers matchmaker to fill war battles

    This game is a big mystery to MM...
  3. Need a Nerf

    If you play just one match with your characters you will save 12k-13k per character per war. If they have ATs in battles as well you save even more.
  4. Drifting confirmed for jeeps
  5. G43

    Ask As1n or Tykjen. They seem to do just fine with it.
  6. Meet the Developers – Reto.Myttuz

    @Reto.Myttuz Do you game with vertical mouse?
  7. And full automatics don't work either
  8. I wouldn't call this a bug. It's an effect of not being able to "hold" the Primary Attack button down, since it's a spinning wheel that makes a sequence of clicks.
  9. The Garand is the symbol of HnG. We love it, but it's broken.
  10. Parachute does not open after jumping from burning plane

    If I see my paraplane going down I always assume that if it hits the ground before I try to deploy my chute, then the chute will not deploy. It seems to be a consistent rule. Are you saying it's not?
  11. I cant do 1000, but I can do around 400 without trying too hard. Test yourself here.
  12. This is only 180 rpm and very doable.
  13. Centering button greatly needed

    Suggested this in September
  14. Why is this not deemed fun?

    158 inf, 13 recons, 48 tankers. That's 13 inf tickets, 1 recon ticket, 4 tanker tickets = 18 tickets. Why was this not deemed fun?