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  1. Slimey13


    I only wistle after i kill the guy that thinks he could shoot me in the back after wistling. Honestly its just to funny people teabagging and wistling when uve just killed 18 guys on cap of there team without dieing. Thats like great your a noob that shot me in the back while im killing 7 guys. And my team is a bunch of morons that cant provide any cover whatsoever. Well thats tea bagging and wistling, noobs with no skill ,great, bit like ap mine users. Dunno which cats are the worst.
  2. Slimey13

    Unlock all weapons

    And which US weapon would you buy i wonder...
  3. No No, these are just old players testing out there new toys ... Thats why the US faction is at there all time low...
  4. Slimey13

    New Scopes

    2 bullets infact ... thats if u can aim 1 more kill on a 2 shot rifle. Even 2 kills if u get head shots which makes all the difference. Well ur saying that 20rpm makes a difference... 1 shot every 3 seconds really makes a difference... when a gun fires 5shots/second that means u get 16 shots of every 5.8 seconds and 15every 6.1 on the g42. yeah u also have to reload. So ur basically complaining about what 0.3 seconds. And the only way u rapidfire ur SA rifle is when ur hipfiring. And thats basically the last resort for an SA rifle... Also yeah there is no use in comparing 50 bullets to 100 bullets when u need 3 bullets to kill. There is when u have 8 bullets and need 2 bullets to kill. What the love of a comparisson are you even getting at. 50 bullets means u can kill an entire enemy team 1s 100 bullets u can kill the entire enemy team 2ce in 1mag. 8 bullets u can kill 4 guys 10 bullets you can kill 5 guys... And thats in the perfect world. Most people dont even have 50% accuracy with any rifle... (yes this isnt CS)
  5. Slimey13

    Reto plz never nerf MG13

  6. Slimey13

    Reto plz never nerf MG13

    U cant use it midrange... Well depends what u call midrange offc to me midrange is 40-150m out. which the only gun that can do that atm on US is the m1g.
  7. Slimey13

    Reto plz never nerf MG13

    WOW, ur 1 of the first person here with who i actually agree with lol. MG13 sights are better then the johnsons, making the gun more usable. Ive tested both of em back to back for 3 hours. There was very little difference between em. But the tracking on the mg13 is easier making it the better gun of the 2. Also having 5more bullets and 25% less reload speed. So in my honest opinion the MG13 is better then the Johnson. I aint even dragging the m1919 into this cos that gun well isnt an option anymore... As for the mg42 its a better but less mobile m1/m2 so for defence it still has it uses. edited bad english
  8. Slimey13

    Reto plz never nerf MG13

    Lol so first you say if you wanna experience good stuff switch to germany. i read other factions there stuff is crap and then you talk about skill. So yeah a good player will do better with good stuff. U dont need half a brain to figure that out. So every US/SU player that beats germans with bad stuff is far more skilled then any good german player. TY for the compliment i guess. And offc germany has more better players ill assume 2ce more cos there population is 2ce as big. That basically counts for every game/sport on this planet. (unless its a specific sport that is favourable to a certain region of the world which in games it isnt) Well its fairly reasonable to say that the US has NO counter to the stg overal NOR does it have against an mg13 (well u could say the johnson but the johnsons sight is crap so less usable) And yeah the bipod update screwed US. Cos we had 2 good guns m1919 and the m1g. Lol ur just stupid or insanely ignorant and incapable to come to an objective conclusion. Yes we depended on 1-2 guns why cos those where the only counter to the STG spam SO yeah if they nerf that gun we depended on to counter the BEST gun ingame then YEAH we clearly suck. Im very greatfull we have such smart people on these forums to come to these conclusions .... German guns sub-par... pls tell me all about it MP40 best tier 1 smg, STG Best gun in the game. BA/SA rifles are on par with eachother(if we exclude recons) MG13 on par/better then US lmgs . I could say the mg42 is a better version of the m1/m2 (less mobile though) SO which guns are you talking about exactly?... I do wonder...
  9. Slimey13

    New Scopes

    Well Germany does seem to forget they have 2 bullets more on a 2 shot rifle....
  10. Slimey13

    Reto plz never nerf MG13

    So how exactly will you measure better players... You see to know who has the better players u first need to balance the guns. Not just favour 1 faction for about the last 6 years... (laserbeam42, best scopes, stg, best apc, and honestly the list goes on but yeah) its ALL US fanboy i guess LOL. And now people will say yeah the US had the best tanks which blew up in 3 shots . Yes people who use the gun might be good doesnt mean the gun isnt op... 1 does not exclude the other. These good people will do good with the mg34 aswell. This does not make the mg34 op.
  11. Slimey13

    Reto plz never nerf MG13

    Lol a bit worse then the johnson. I have 1 question for you ARE YOU loving restarted? It says all that germans switched from the stg to the mg13 ... Totally has nothing to do with how op it is. Yes pls tell me does 80% of the us uses a johnson NO THEY DONT. Why cos its a piece of garbage. it has the same usability as the m1/m2, great u can kill stuff effectively at 5m ranges.
  12. Slimey13

    what have you done

    Well yeah but that was related to how many ats (resources) of set class where in the battle. Since having more ats in a battle doesnt increase the population in battle. If having 2000 infantry would make the battle 64v64 (with a bigger map) then u could do with a higher special class cap (aka justified) U should cap special classes based on max players in a battle. Not on how many troops are in the battle. I understand why they dont do it offc cos then some people will have to wait longer. or will go in a battle and never be able to spawn a tank. But this is where the maintenance time comes in to play. if u die u could get a minute lockout of that special class u just died as so other people can take it. But then again this might result in team killing special classes. Well theres no perfect solution but having more then 6 tanks fielded at a time just makes battles either boring as .... or its a walkover for either side in 8 minutes. (unless the side with tanks decide to spawncamp u for 30 minutes)
  13. Slimey13

    Everyone thank Reto!

    Well that was cos before it was a lasergun. still Germany has enough choices in weaponry ... best t2 pistol- best t2 smg- best scope for both sa and ba rifle. and best assault rifle. So i would say boohoo they nerfed my lmg to make it the best cqc camping weapon... Ur also forgetting the Johnsons crap ironsight and tbf the rangefinder beeing deployed wasnt needed for anything. it only obstructed ur direct frontal view. Thats totally what i want in a video game beeing blindsided when adsing. I can say things for years aswell when i give u candy ill fill it with dogshit... cos what ur saying now is the rangefinder was there so the gun could be more accurate. I call that a loving excuse and ur a moron to believe it. Cos they removed the rangefinder and loved over all lmgs... So by extend the us rangefinder made all the lmgs more accurate... Ill go to ebay buy lmgs remove the rangefinder of the m1919 and all of a sudden ill be lessaccurate with all the lmgs ive bought. Costhats what ur implying here... U can tell how moronic that sound cant you. So to balance out gunplay in an fps game u make 1 gun op but ur screen goes black when u ads to counter how OP it is. yes this is exagerated to make my point. Adding limitations to visibility isnt the way to balance out gunplay. Cos then ill ask where is the drawback on the germans having a 4x scope does there screen goes blurry when they use it. Do they need to do a 360 before adsing. yes pls tell me what is the drawback of having the perfect rifle scope ingame... (besides all morons thinking that there marksman offc) Yes i call BS for what it is BS and reto is full of BS, i should give em the candy ive been promising for years .
  14. Slimey13

    what have you done

    As ive said like a zillion times if u want stronger tanks there has to be a hard limit on tanks spawned. But like the morons that some people who will not be named are. Its to hard to see that happen anytime soon, since i laughed at the latest update that limits the speciality classes upon starting the battle. Who the love tought to himself ow we gonna limit special classes upon starting the battle but people can still change in battle... He honestly deserves a pat on the back and a kick out of the door (No i dont want people to get fired, it was figure of speech) Allthough keep up with the stupidity and every1 will continue to not spend money Yes feel free to ban me again for offensive language or toxicity. Ill wear it like a badge of honour. Offensive language and toxicity ribbon rank 3 by now. gotta grind some more. Maybe i should spend some money for that ribbon booster.
  15. Slimey13

    M8 Greyhound suggestion

    Have you used the mgs on our t1 recon car there useless. way to much smoke so you cant see shirt when firing, all this while beeing exposed. So no ty mg on a recon vehicle.