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  1. The real reason people play for Germany

    I am curious. How did you come to a conclusion that he doesn't even know 5 countries outside US?
  2. Ultimate Recon mods/badges?

    Stick to the default scope (3.5x). Use the sniper ammo (7n1), fine hair trigger, heavy bolt and octagon barrel. Above setup will give you a very stable gun with least sway. Don't bother using the 8x scope or the chrome moly barrel as they add a lot of sway. For badges, go with dead eye and ghillie until you unlock camouflage. Then camo+ghillie is the way to go.
  3. Yeah this free deploy is worse than the server issues.
  4. I am a terrible pilot. Somewhat decent at ground support at best. 1 tank kill is way more valuable than a measly infantry team kill. saying sorry immediately helps a lot.
  5. Dem warnings though. I bomb friendlies a lot but never even had 1 penalty or suspension bar in 2 years.
  6. The real reason people play for Germany

    Dp-28, avs and pps+mosin (or PPS + svt) are good loadouts and competitive vs other factions. Not sure why you are going into specifics again.
  7. The real reason people play for Germany

    We don't push with our ATs anymore as nothing pops in US prime time but we do play together few days a week. Just yesterday we had 15 in our channel (few from other clans and randoms join in too).
  8. The real reason people play for Germany

    Ok, can they against 2 squads from these clans? Assuming rest of the team is recons/tankers/new players. I don't play vs KGB (shirt ping and different timezone) so no idea how they play.
  9. The real reason people play for Germany

    Can they successfully defend consistently against a full team of BAD/zBV/DB/UDR/RA? Let's not go into details of each weapon. Overall SU weapons are better than GE. Not talking hypothetically. I do play all factions a lot.
  10. The real reason people play for Germany

    Ones that don't have enough members / combined skills. There are many on all 3 factions. I am not trashing them, just that they can't face big clans on their own. No it is not. SU is between US and GE in terms of weapons. (SU has worst tanks though)
  11. The real reason people play for Germany

    Reto compensates lack of skill on factions with weapon nerf/buffs. US has most noobs so they get best weapons. GE has most uber skilled elite players so they get shirty weapons. When it comes to decent clan vs clan fights (not 3rd grade shirty clans), weapons don't matter at all if number of clannies are equal on both sides. Defending side wins most of the time because of the spawn locations.
  12. I cant Pick aux

    Seems to be fixed. Didn't see the issue in the last few days.
  13. I don't think they understood the question on stream. They thought players are asking for real life max rpm for ppsh whereas players just want the maximum rpm that game supports due to technical limitations. Ppsh can (and should) technically have the same rpm as m1m2 / mg42 (whichever is higher in game).
  14. Today

    Just say "stg sucks" or "damn OP-38" to break the ice
  15. The real reason people play for Germany

    Weren't you a US main?