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  1. kunalp


    What do I do with it if I can't even play 🤔
  2. kunalp


    I would have reinstalled and played a bit but the lack of performance optimization and complete disregard to honor minimum system requirements mentioned on steam page means I cannot play the game anymore. Last time I tried, my average CPU temp when playing H&G on low settings was 15°C higher than the usual temps when playing CSGO on high settings. Go figure.
  3. kunalp

    German Miner (Pioniere)

    Stick a piece of tape on your monitor where crosshair is supposed to be and just ignore the sights
  4. I am pretty sure it is not possible because they are STILL testing the RTS refactoring. We can hope to solve world hunger before rts refactoring is live. 12+ months and counting
  5. kunalp

    Alliances to fight Germany?

    I say scrap US and SU and make it GE vs GE vs BOTS.
  6. kunalp

    Update 1.16.2 - Captured Weapons and More!

    @SplodyTortoise Try a different game that is finished and not alpha/beta. Try different genres. You will enjoy gaming again. I cut down my H&G hours throughout 2019 and uninstalled in August. I still visit forums to read on things and see opinions from familiar names but I don't feel like playing again. I got back into CSGO, played a lot of skyrim with mods, played some sim games and its been fun. No grind, crashes or annoying changes.
  7. Nostalgia is good but it doesn't make much sense to me.
  8. Well, they can pay the new price and get the version with modded bullets. Don't really understand the QQ
  9. I don't get the point of these threads. As long as repair price remains same, why do you care if everyone else can also buy the same weapon now.
  10. kunalp

    Assault Changes and Bug Fixes! - HOTFIX Insight

    Open the town and it will show only 3 lines in such cases
  11. kunalp

    Assault Changes and Bug Fixes! - HOTFIX Insight

    You can check that on map
  12. In terms of gold value, that's 2 or even 3 AAA titles from Steam sale.
  13. kunalp

    LONE WARRIOR SALE - 30% OFF BA, Handguns & Bikes

    Yeah that will work out well😂
  14. kunalp

    When will you fix the infantry first meta?

    Superceded by wehrabooism.
  15. kunalp

    CHANGELOG 1.16.1 - HalloWar Update

    @Mastah Put that wall of text in a spoiler ffs.🙄