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  1. Lol. Noone is deploying.

    Vacation... Long weekend..
  2. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    Yup that's the biggest problem on the fps part of war but I don't think it's getting addressed fully anytime soon... Tank only maps will help the noob tanker spam but there's no stopping the l33t rank 3 recon spam. Boycott is a harsh word. It's better to not deploy until you feel confident doing so. I don't like baby sitting yellow squares on a laggy map that needs restart every 30 minutes.
  3. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    I don't want to point fingers at the single reto replying here but: How many times has the community requested information about resource pooling and warfunds distribution logic? How many times has the community requested tutorial / guide on the rts part for new players? How many times has the community requested for a AT battle report? It is really sad to see that it takes a complete collapse of RTS for reto to publicly acknowledge the issues and agree to publish details on resource pooling and WFs earning logic. Oh and @Reto.GreenBow, you might not have meant it that way, but when you say the bug is not a big deal (i.e. rare) and reto would have slipped it as a minor item in next major update changelog if community didn't make such a big fuss about it sends a wrong message to the community. Frankly it sounds like you (and reto) still think the current non deployment is a gimmick from the players.
  4. war at the moment

    Looks like GE Army Chat has gone wild on the forums this week. A new dedicated "axis only" HnG vet comes up with an amazing post everyday explaining how amazing it is/has been for SU/US without ever playing those factions themselves. Keep em coming. They are funny.
  5. Why you mad?

    Would definitely take his word over yours. And that has nothing to with faction allegiance.
  6. Notice that we are not crying about underdog bonus. Folks are complaining about a bug that gives 0 WF payout. I don't know how bad it is as I don't deploy anymore. For me and most US based players, the major complain is lack of war players on US and SU in NA time. I also hate the garbage war matchmaker that puts 50%+ tankers/recons in battles vs pre made inf squads. Fix above 2 issues and players will return. And to answer your question about how your earnings would today if you were playing US all this time.. No one stopped you from switching factions. I played only GE for the first 3-6 months when I started playing but then I developed chars on all factions.
  7. I have 4 million+ warfunds but don't see a point in deploying. I haven't deployed my ATs since February. I only get to play during NA time and battles barely pop when you put ATs and queue on the town. Putting ATs in random towns is also useless as most of them AR. If I leave them on front lines, they usually get moraled out or encircled by the time login next day. EU time might be better but NA is dead if you only have 2-3 hours to play.
  8. This is another "end"

    He is trying to point out the broken matchmaker that puts 17 tankers or recons vs infantry. The team with 17 tankers/recons is going to lose in 10 minutes tops. Don't know what's so hard to understand about that and why you had to waste 100 lines writing garbage if you didn't even understand his point. Maybe play more war? Because what he means is very obvious from the screenshots.
  9. war at the moment

    Aren't they working on rewriting rts backend? In that case, what can they do? Guess they could increase WF payout for everyone. It will get ppl to deploy again but that won't address the lack of fps players on US and SU.
  10. This is another "end"

    Matchmaker working as intended
  11. war at the moment

    I don't think there's much organization left to do an organized strike/boycott. It's a domino effect of less players deploying war after war and even less players playing war. This has been going for a long time outside EU time. Most players from US stopped playing RTS seriously long time ago. Nothing gets played in US timezone so what's the point of babysitting ATs.
  12. good pilot

  13. US Army AT Boycott?

    Lol. I think you are the one getting salty. I just commented with a joke when you said Reto should ban US players who join war and don't deploy. FYI, I haven't deployed in 3 months now. I don't care who wins the war or gets encircled. Just to clarify: "playing with themselves" was the joke/pun.
  14. US Army AT Boycott?

    So you want GE to play with themselves??! Pun intended