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  1. You lose them and have to pay again to refill them. Also, they get added to enemy stockpile to simulate 'captured' troops
  2. That's just your opinion. Not Reto's. And that's what matters. I almost always play on my main like yesterday night vs you ORB guys. But that doesn't mean other's using secondary accounts are not legit.
  3. It's not bogus, bad gaming or manipulative on the part of players if Reto allows and encourages multiple accounts on different factions as long as players play to win. Stop bashing fellow players all the time.
  4. Yeah didn't expect UDB to impact credit earnings so thanks for confirming that for the OP. What about the ridiculous 32% UDR bonus for a 88 player advantage? Isn't that a bit too much? Care to explain how is that "intended"?
  5. You mean forum warrior? 8 is too low. I have 50+ on US, 10 on GE and 20+ on SU without doing anything special. No gold spent on CPs.
  6. I was using steam from the start. I switched to the standalone version after they launched the client. Was not a fan of the browser version.
  7. Not sure why you quote me when your comment has nothing to do with my response. FYI: everyone here knows what UDB is. So it would be great if you don't go on your usual rants and actually post something that we already don't know.
  8. @JohanC1. I have never noticed underdog affecting my credit earnings in any way. I play all factions quite often. About the UDB, it would be really interesting to know why there a multiplier of 2 to calculate the bonus? 32% underdog for a 88 player advantage is unfair. For all we know, those 88 GE players might be playing staged. Imo, 2x multiplier makes sense if the population of top faction is 1500+. Population between 500 and 1500 should be 1x multiplier. Population below 500 should actually use a multiplier less than 1 (0.5 or 0.75) to make sense.
  9. PTRD was in use 1941 onwards. Recon planes were not used (much) after 1941-42. So yes, it is a mismatch. Not the first instance of it in the game though. Recon planes have no place on assault maps. They are called RECON planes for a reason.
  10. That's what happens when devs put early war planes vs late war guns in the same battle.
  11. I don't think we should expect any weapon adjustments from reto. Instead of making minor adjustments frequently they decide to make major nerfs once a year.
  12. Removing AR completely will make the rest stop deploying. Only whales will play RTS.
  13. Oh the camo price. Such injustice. /s If you are making a point, at least put some thought into it. FYI, broken RTS is a much bigger factor in GE losses compared to weapon imbalances.
  14. I would love to understand how no AR will work with such low war player population. Will wars ever end? Will it lead to ridiculous amount of Alt popping?
  15. I try using the Johnson LMG every few weeks but I can't get used to those sights no matter how much I try. So none of those setups sounds exciting to me. It's either M1 garand+bazooka or M1919+stickies+medkit.