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  1. Imagine griefers / alt accounts blowing tracks of friendly tanks with a random panzerfaust that 'missed' the enemy.
  2. Teach me how to grind credits like a pleb.

    That will happen very often. Best is to use pz1 and go behind enemy lines as it hides really well. I remember taking down a lot of t-70s with pz1 back when I was grinding for tiger. Can't do anything against chaffee though.
  3. BF-D1

    It's a decent plane even for dogfight if you have a wingman who dogfights. Best thing is the cheap spawn price and increased accuracy due to centre cannons. Kill one and ram another and you still make profit. But you need to maintain speed all the time. It loses speed pretty fast during maneuvers.
  4. Teach me how to grind credits like a pleb.

    Fly recon planes. Go for enemy planes (ramming works great with recon planes). You will make money for sure and you can always guide your bomb if there are no enemy recon planes.
  5. United Defense Rangers - Elite

    Anyone still active? I might be able to fix my PC next week. Edit: A quick glance through the forum topics paints a grim picture...
  6. Wasn't it changed from Berlin to Belgrade? I don't remember Budapest being the capital
  7. PTRD's making comeback?

    APCs can be 1 shot by bazooka / schreck if you have iron fist gold. I can do it 90% of the time.
  8. Svt is love, mosin is life. Bushes are your best friends, cap points are your kryptonite.
  9. We are not most hated faction any longer

    Don't worry. GE is still the most hated faction simply due to the amount of whining and wehraboos... SU and US might have their differences, but they share the pain of shirty randoms.
  10. Are you tired of loosing battles ?

    Oh the screenshot pasting tryhards are back... Sigh Don't know what's the deal with reto but tomcath is not an alt.
  11. Should badges have negative effects?

    They can have negative effects if... Negative effects not equal to: More sway More rng More conefire
  12. New an improved salt miner build!

    I guess there's a reallllyyyyy low bar for recruitment given how you enjoy crashing p-38s in war.
  13. New an improved salt miner build!

    Are you really back in Devil's Brigade or you are just running around with a DB squad name in game?
  14. How is it possible

    Weapons don't make that big of a difference. Matchmaker messes everything up by forcing new players with under 100 hours to play against vets with 1000+ hours, and vice versa. If they don't fix the matchmaker, new players will keep switching to GE (bcos GE does good in staged) or quit the game entirely. And you can't blame those who switch, no one likes to lose.
  15. What's the toggle for? Just simply disable friendly unlocking of APC forever. Adding tutorials would be the better option but we all know in-game tutorials are a pipe dream.