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  1. 1-Year Launch Anniversary

    How much is the vet membership bundle? In gold/credits.
  2. P40 buff

    Read my edit. HE kills by planes is also a significant number for some. Also blowing full jeeps with apcr.
  3. P40 buff

    I am sure the mgs are also mounted on the plane and not hanging by a thread. Anyway, I am trying to say that even HE kills on ground must count per the statement.
  4. P40 buff

    The headline for dog fight says any kill made using plane guns. So it does count ground kills made by mgs.
  5. Leaderboard suggestions

    Thank you. It seems that the issue is fixed now. Do you know why we have stats at a character level instead of player account level? Accumulative stats at player account level would make more sense. I have 10 characters per faction on an average. I don't play with a single character long enough to be on any boards ever. I guess that would be the case with most vets as they like to cycle characters/factions.
  6. Boycott Any Games with Heavy Fighter

    Bye bye OP. Let others play the way they want
  7. The site says leaderboards will be updated twice a day but the last update date at the bottom is 3 days old. Today is 17th September and the page says: Last updated: 2017/09/14 05:42:47 UTC.
  8. I don't think I am the only one who can't see anything in these conditions in most of the woods/forests. It really starts to hurt my eyes after couple of games in this darkness. I have in-game and screen brightness at max and gamma/contrast is also at max to make it possible to see at night. Here are some sample screenshots between B4 on B3 on town map. Feel free to add yours. Please let me know if you can spot an enemy in this screenshot:
  9. That topic has been beaten to death and I don't intend to trap myself into that discussion. I see you frequently in war battles. Just saw you today between Rome and Istanbul pushing for southern Italy. Agreed that war is senseless, but at least accept that you still play war occasionally.
  10. I saw your motorized infantry running away from Rome yesterday night
  11. Respect is overrated. All you need is a good playerbase to face other clans.
  12. Reto already confirmed that they will buff mg42. They also said they will give GE Belgrade as starting capital instead of Berlin. These two and no queue means any GE clan would be able to make a mark/comeback quite easily. Just wait for the buff/change.
  13. Leaderboard suggestions

    I want the leaderboards to remember my name when I switch between leaderboards. Today when I switch to a different section, it selects a random player's name.
  14. HnG has some realistic elements to it but calling it realistic would be a stretch. My biggest gripe is that the maps are too arcady with no resemblance to actual towns
  15. Assist System (pilots)

    The current assist system is quite good. First pilot to hit should not get all xp. You need to do at least 50% damage or finish the pilot to get kill/assist and that's fair enough. There was no assist back in the day. You did 99% damage and the other pilot who would get the last shot would get all the xp.