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  1. more proof that germans are right

    If you had read, I didn't defend US or GE or any faction or weapons?!! I don't care about this balance bs as it is never getting fixed. Lobby for whatever the heck you want with weapons and tanks. 1hk,2hk,1200 rpm. I am fine with all that. I was just calling you out on your bias. But I will stop now as I don't see the point.
  2. more proof that germans are right

    Yes I know what you said and that's why I asked 'why staged doesn't count' when it comes to problems in the game when most players play staged only. I did read and posted coherent replies unlike you who can't understand their own comments after 1 day. You are nothing but a troll who posts garbage. So you agree about the noob stomping in staged that leads to new players quitting the game but you think it is fine. But you want everyone to take note of the imbalance in war? Why? Note: I am not saying war is balanced. It's just weird how you selectively support issues.
  3. more proof that germans are right

    Go back and read your post. You said staged and low skilled players don't count. Now you conveniently ignore that and just talk about low skill. At least back your own statements. I would like to know why staged doesn't count. Also, please elaborate on the GE staged problems. I guess I am in for more step 1,2,3 as I described in my previous response.
  4. AT per player limits

    Let's take an example: Let's say player A deployed 5 heavy tank ATs at the same time (assuming there's already a queue on heavy tanks) and I deployed my 1 heavy tank AT 30 seconds after him. So, will I get my tanks out after A gets all his 5 tank ATs or I will get one after he gets his first AT out?
  5. SU war losses

    Can someone post a fresh screenshot of wins / losses? War might be over by the time I am home from work.
  6. Back to the old ways.

    Or maybe ppl don't like to spend their little free time playing some meta game that involves dying 50 times bum rushing the Capture points. They actually want to win a battle or 2 or get positive K/D to feel good after a tiring day.
  7. AT per player limits

    Are any of them ever going to be implemented in a reasonable time frame (say 2-3 months) or we are just going to wait for the casual rts players (with 10-12 ATs) to get bored of queues and quit the rts altogether.
  8. more proof that germans are right

    Some replies on this thread are just priceless. 1. Say they are not biased 2. Post garbage and then say that the point that is indeed a problem doesn't count. Doesn't matter if majority of the players in this game only play staged and war players are a minority. 3. Prove that they are either biased or a <insert expletive here>.
  9. SU war losses

    Meh. Just to show that WF bonus or not, SU needs the war fps side balanced first.
  10. SU war losses

    The point is that soviets have a disadvantage in war fps. I think that was evident from the screenshot.
  11. SU war losses

    Can you explain what you mean by this? The screenshot exactly tells us how many battles were played by that time. Other factions have 36 and 51 wins compared to 6 for SU. I could buy you argument if SU numbers were anywhere near 25+. What does that mean?? I am not asking for reasons. Just showing the disparity.
  12. SU war losses

    I know the win-loss ratio for soviets is bad in war but this is just ridiculous...
  13. Ask questions for Q&A & Why #11

    Here's my question that I submitted in the survey: What is Reto's stance on use of mouse macros that simulate fast double clicking and pulling mouse down? Many posts were created on forums but they got deleted somehow.
  14. time to play GE.

    Why would you assume he is well educated and cultured? That's just outrageous.
  15. SU needs help

    I am not saying give them something for free. Just moving pps down to same level as mp40 / Thompson in terms of price / ribbon unlock should be sufficient in addition to some rpm/accuracy BUFF to ppd.