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  1. Teeri

    Lycan's videos

    1:27 Bullet hits the wall and kills the enemy with a Headshot . Quality as always
  2. Teeri


    2nd biggest build turned out to be the biggest disappointment, even bigger than squad 2.0... But yea, hard to disagree with you about those game killing "features".
  3. Teeri


    Good luck! Hope this will make people interested of the game for the summer... Population during this spring ain't looking promising.
  4. Teeri

    STG Underpowered

    I think it'll balance out, but I could be wrong. One day maybe we'll see how it plays out, but I won't hold my breath. Waiting for that 2.2x for stg as well, will be a interesting to see if it performs as great for the up to 100m distance as Garand does. Even the damn paratrooper M1C becomes a great hsmachine with that scope . But expecting it to be one hell of a buff for it.
  5. Teeri

    STG Underpowered

    A real mind twister thread, yet very entertaining 5/5.
  6. It's quite rare to face a suspected cheater in HnG, but it's very common some people to have some level benefit from the server location (great hitreg/netcode gg..). Not saying there never been cheaters, but don't get depressed if your most hated clans remain unbanned in future..
  7. So there are over 10 million lurkers on the forums if you are right
  8. Teeri

    Americans LMGs OP

    Imo there would be no sense to make weapons Blue VS Red based, rather would see weapons having their own characteristics and open for all factions. Not going to daydream how weapon prices/maintanance costs or ribbons would work, but would find it far better option than this 4ever ongoing weapon balancing debate.
  9. Teeri

    Americans LMGs OP

    You clearly have an issue with the said weapon, so what's wrong with it? Not going to start making up issues those i haven't already recognized with it.
  10. Interesting to see numbers, how many players will be playing the game during this summer. Expecting to be all time lowest on steam at least.
  11. Teeri

    Americans LMGs OP

    The thing that i don't understand about people who make those sights a huge fuzz... is how they play the game. Do they walk across the map ADS the whole time or what? That's pretty much the only way i could think M1919 sights would become an huge issue, not like the gamestyle wouldn't already be one... If you would want to make a fuzz of the sight, would imagine K98 would be far more important to talk about. +1 This. Just don't understand why other lmg's did not receive MG42/M1M2 treatment. Even still... rather would see the hitreg/netcode still a bigger issue than any of these weapon balancing issues people have come up with.
  12. Teeri

    Gave up

    https://support.heroesandgenerals.com/ Filling a support ticket is the correct way to approach this issue. You will receive answer eventually, unlike with the forums post.
  13. Teeri

    Squadnameing being odd?

    Wouldn't really hurt the game if they would at least make the squad/weapon naming a thing through gold. At least it would create some income and "RENAME THIS" that customer support has to do all the time, would at least "pay". Otherwise this whole censorship that requires constant attention would be total waste of money for them.
  14. Teeri

    the best faction to start as a tanker

    Start as a tanker? WoT