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  1. 1.15 Would have been perfect time for 2.2x infantry scopes for all infantry, just saying.
  2. Teeri

    Armor plates

    Just remember to look this from a infantry aspect as well. Infantry are already being squished like bugs by both tanks and planes, now 1hk recons will make a comeback and infantry gameplay will be made even more frustrating. How about making Heavyset give you more equipment points to overcome the "penalty" of the 3EP plates? Time to add ammo pouches as inventory items as well just as med pouches? There are at least two things those should be implemented before switching Heavyset as a badge: Scopes must be equalized way or another (finally time for 2.2x scopes for everyone?) Special classes must be limited. If these "simple" two things won't be adjusted into game before the armorplate/heavyset update, infantry gameplay will suffer too much during the transition phase (waiting people at reto waking up into issues). What ever the changes are, please do not be undynamic with the changes. Actually follow through the process and do reasonable adjustments rather sooner than later. People are already sick of waiting Reto to figure out flaws in adjustments and actually giving enough priority to readjust. The brightside of these adjustments, at least recons would regain some role in the fps game as well. And perhaps armor penetrating bullet's will be given some extra bonus against the plates?
  3. Teeri


    Woah knew that US was a special kids club for Reto but damn that LMG buff came fast 🤯. Was expecting at least some dev to be forced to stream humiliating defeat against AVS or something untill half a year wait for a buff. Sarcasm aside, gj.
  4. Would rather keep the salaries as is, and add daily/weekly/monthly achievements/goals/rewards those would be awarded on top of the salary. This functionality would make the game far more interesting and actually have a goal to reach for. And what comes to competing with oldies, just as a hint the given default weapon is the best weapon available through the whole game, if modded accordingly. New players just tend to overlook this gift horse as no tutorials etc. explaining anything.
  5. Teeri

    Scopes being removed from Soldiers

    Only disappearing issue i had was with War victory ribbons. As all my war victory ribbons reset on all of my characters years ago. It never got fixed by itself, and was a really expensive fck up as had used significant amount of credits for receiving those badges.
  6. Teeri

    New HG Frag Video

    👍 Keep em coming 👌
  7. Teeri

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    As bot's will not destroy friendly mines, they will be a superior choice over average joe's.
  8. Ignore issues long enough, and people who stayed might start seeing revenge as an justice. By not seeking balance between the factions Reto just keep on feeding the flames.
  9. Teeri

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    Just hope those same old easy and meaningless question won't be cherry picked as always.
  10. Teeri

    why no spawn timer on STG44 ?!

    Russian section of the forums has the 2nd most posts from the whole forums, are you sure they don't complain of anything?
  11. Teeri

    why no spawn timer on STG44 ?!

    No, doubt t(he)y would be missing the point. Just using any given opportunity to inject the thread with their own opinions of the game. But at least it's entertaining thread to follow.
  12. Teeri

    Everyone thank Reto!

    When all infantry weaponry given max 2.2x scopes, would there be any issues left for US infantry weaponry in your opinion?
  13. Teeri


    Good stuff 👍.