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  1. These headshot multiplier discussion always make me a grin a little. Biggest Headshot related issues happen due wonky/bad hit registration, both unregistered and magically registered. But let's keep on discussing about some multipliers instead and expect a miracle outcome.
  2. Teeri

    MG42 Rebalance. What's your opinion?

    Going to wait the update go live before jumping into any conclusions. Just curious to see what it's going to be good for, or does it serve any purpose.
  3. Teeri

    hitdetection broken

  4. Teeri

    hitdetection broken

    Is it a bug at all or just a serverside netcode related feature. But sure, the hitreg issues of the game are quite a meme at this point.
  5. Teeri

    Make scopes high powered again

    Since it was Gucci. Not only made your life easier once you learned to handle it, but you could see where bullets were dropping as shooting a moving target (easy to adjust the lead). And nice for headshotting.
  6. Teeri

    Something needs to be done

    What easy solutions are there? Make the game Axis vs Allies, or give temporary boost for SU by giving only them the new flamethrowers for now >_>. Well the later one works if people are interested of it at all.
  7. Come on let's be real here. Has anyone ever found a reason to hide from your YAK? >_>
  8. Teeri


    But hey, don't you guys worry! Game will be saved! Headshot multiplier is in the topics and flamethrowers in development. 🤥
  9. Teeri

    Heavy set - Bolt Action Rifle Debatte

  10. I see you got a point there, Brethalin has 50% of his kills with Headshots. Damn if it was BA/SA, would require a nerf.
  11. Not sure if the reason why people are still playing this, is that this game would be like every other game. All people should do is to maximize their own chance to get the headshot by their aiming and start whining about things those matter.
  12. Teeri

    Any reason to start playing again?

    No. Devs are as they are and community ain't any better. Current hot topic being a headshot multiplier topkek, from all the hitreg issues people are concentrated about headshot multiplier... Truly a game developed for the player. And cherry on top of a cake, development uses this opportunity to play time like a boss for "we listen to our community" and brings it into a debate and vote. Currently the best chance hng to grow it's player amounts for rest of the year is 2nd wave of corona.
  13. Teeri

    Headshot hitbox is not there where it should be

    There is nothing "recent" development in headshot issues i can think of. Have been collecting clips from wtf moments from 2017 and hell a of a lot of headshot hitreg issues, and hitreg issues in general.
  14. Well, how about giving 4x T-Post back for STG? 😇
  15. Teeri


    Communities were seen as a problem rather than strongpoint in development. Instead of looking after the well being of the communities built around the game, functions and restrictions were further added to drive out the players from having fun with their friends. There are still some stuborn groups playing, but numbers are quite small. GE TS: