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  1. Mastah

    Armor plates

    @Reto.Hades First of all, it's good to read Reto finally acknowledges something has to be done about the Heavy Set badge, a.k.a. the Health Hack badge as i'd like to call it (since that is basically what it is). Secondly: I am not a fan of these proposed 'armor plates'. 1: Because this ain't Modern Warfare and having armor plates in a WW2 is simply straight unrealistic (as unrealistic as those gimp masks of which i hope they never make it into this game). 2: Because i have a better proposal (if i may say so) which makes the action game more fair across the board: The whole badge should just be removed completely and new players should get a slight health increase which goes down the higher the rank. Heavy set could f.e. be replaced by a badge that enables players to carry more gear at the cost of less stamina AND preventing the equipment of Marathon Man badge. Perhaps make some equipment cost more carrying points. Additionally: i'd like to ask you guys if you considered the fact that making any changes to the heavy set badge alone is only getting you into new problems? Let me explain: A much heard reason why players, even 'veterans', use the Heavy Set badge (read: gold) is their way of countering the insane amount of OHK scope rifles that are in this game ever since you removed iron sight zoom and made it possible for players to max out a scoped rifle on an infantry or Recon character and removed the hard caps on the latter class. Ergo: Please bear in mind something has to be done about scopes for all rifles except Recon class too. They should be removed as well while Recon class should be restricted to a maximum of 3 per side per game. (Heck fix the tank and plane spam first that annoy both new and veteran players way more than Heavy Set badge existence.) That way people who say Heavy Set is their only counter against scope and Recon class spam have no reasons to complain any longer because those problems are tackled along the way. So please don't add 'armor' plates. Get it out of your minds. It will do NO good to your game that is already struggling to keep any of it's WW2 identity. Please consider a whole 'package' of adjustments so everyone would benefit from it. Don't force new players to use armor plates (vets still use maxed out weapons) Don't force veteran players to make sacrifices to get back something they once already had (carrot?) and Don't force players in general to face ' armor plates' in a trying-to-be WW2 (at least that is what you advertise with) type of game. It's just not done and ill-thought of if you ask me. Glad to see you are looking for feedback this time before shoving it into the game just like that. Hopefully this time feedback will actually make it to dev ears as well and can put ideas like this on hold.... These plates will just add more frustration if other game breaking ' features' remain in the game. Please think of that. By the way, these reactions kind of back-up my thoughts exactly:
  2. Just for the records... i have never used any heavy set badge for as long as i have been playing this game (2013) and still easy rolling a 4.5 KD. Not even playing serious since 2015 so imagine. So it is possible if players would just practice more and rely less on crutches. The way i see it, heavy set is just a cover up for lack of skills and/or laziness besides the gold one being a completely unfair advantage opposed to new players. Of course the OHK scope spam is real and therefor i have been pleading for scope restriction to Recon class + restriction of # of recon per match along the way. It's a combination of those changes that need to take place. I simply fail to comprehend why Reto, actually the one always trying to cater towards new players (and by doing so adding so many deformations to the game as we knew it), still did nothing about this undercover 'health hack' badge. Why not giving new players a small health boost instead (going down while rank goes up) and remove the badge?
  3. Mastah


    In that case it is beyond me why changes like these, that effect ALL players and not only for those this feature could be anything useful (if any), aren't put behind an optional setting in the first place. This is where i think Reto can surely improve; enable players to change many more custom settings instead of forcing everyone to play in a way Reto thinks is fun. It'll save them a lot of complaint posts. "First time right" is a very basic principle to follow when designing stuff you know...
  4. Mastah


    This sounds like a good change but what about skipping it when the match has not started yet? Isn't this possible? If not, why? Is there actually anyone that sits and watches these animations in the first place? I mean, do we have statistics of that (i'm sure Reto does no?).
  5. Mastah

    Why I'm seriously considering quitting.

    Good analyzes. And this right here has to be executed immediately if this game wants to survive 2019.
  6. So what exactly are they going to change concerning this deformed health hack called heavy set badge? If it was for me, the whole badge would just be removed completely and new players would get a slight health increase which goes down the higher the rank. Side note: Just removing heavy set without changing anything related simply won't work alone. Something has to be done about scopes for all rifles except Recon class too. They should be removed as well while Recon class should be restricted to a maximum of 3 per side per game. That way people who say Heavy Set is their only counter against scope and Recon class spam have no reasons to complain any longer. These are fundamental steps towards a much better and more balanced action game @reto.bobot (as far as this is anywhere within your field of work though)
  7. Mastah

    Why I'm seriously considering quitting.

    Reto staff works hard, no doubt about it. But indeed, working hard without being efficient isn't bringing them anywhere. I just put up the Veteran Wish List on this forum again; a list that actually tells Reto what players want(ed) and will surely take this game (back) to a higher level. The more happy players, the more money will flow in and the more people Reto can hire (hopefully Reto.FleCK will ever make his comeback, being a really good level designer) Feel free to read it and respond to it @reto.bobot. p.s. @OP: You are not the only one feeling that way. In fact many went before you. Avg. player numbers according to Steam charts: May 2015: 4.985 May 2016: 4.887 May 2017: 4.682 May 2018: 3.078 May 2019: 2.782 And i doubt they have exchanged Steam plugin from the website version.... This really should've rung alarm bells 2 years ago if you ask me...
  8. Mastah

    Does Reto even read the forums?

    I doubt. But here is the back-up. Feel free to share or try bringing it to Reto's attention mate. Start a new thread, share the care and or put it up at Discord channel dedicated for their streams. Whatever. Do note: I stopped updating it since the last 3 game 'updates'. So the list is much longer as it is now (bipod problems, sounds, intro and outra animations etc). Good Luck. @drhoops @MaxTunnerX
  9. Really wondering if they will fix this in next update. Can't count the numerous amount of complaints about not being able to skip these animations; both veterans as new players see it as a nuisance rather than a good addition. Not just here but also on Steam and Reddit forums people complain about it. Ergo: the active majority. Just to make everybody happy.. it should be able to be turned OFF in settings menu @Reto.Hades
  10. The last decent build was Mannstein build for me. I haven't cheered at anything being thrown into the game since then, except for the Panther tank. Maps, visuals, UI, career system, weapon balance, cost/income balance, action game play was all on a much higher level. Game was pretty solid in Beta phase. Now it seems it's back to Alpha phase and not a shadow of what the game once used to be and promised to become like. H&G lost it's uniqueness and has become a blend of existing games, just poorly put together on an outdated engine that simply can't handle it.
  11. When you are double accounting on the forum don't do it so obvious sfscriv
  12. The most stupid idea ever made by the most ignorant players in this game that should seriously stop feeding Reto these game breaking thoughts. Look what happened now (as far as I can tell from screens).. annoying intros and outros nobody excepts those fantasy rich filled fools asked for, breaking the game for many players.
  13. Mastah

    Floating barrels in factory map

    "They all float down here" 🤡 👹
  14. Mastah

    1.15 - THE WAR UPDATE

    Having read this alone made me preventing from playing HnG from now on until it's able to be turned off. After so many years of enduring 'features' that have had no other meaning to this game other than to annoy players (spawn 2.0 , no more iron sight zoom, no more roof access, sandbag spam, exit animations, spastic spawn menu, HUD spam, broken and spammed point 'n click adventurous UI , removal of battle list, removal of 'skip battle starting timer' etc etc) I'm done with it. This game is obviously not going anywhere.