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  1. Mastah

    where is this weeks hotfix?

    Let me guess.... new tanks. (After all that is top priority now...). Or you guys really listened and start working on this list ?? You can tell i ain't expecting any good no more after so many years of seeing what Reto has done to our once rough diamond. So please be gentle...
  2. Mastah

    War bonus for us/su factions

    Here we go again. Solution: Make H&G great again by removing those damn scopes from infantry rifles and set a limit to # of tanks and planes per match (among a long list of other mostly Veteran Wishes) You will have less camping and special class spam in no time and more people being'forced' to playing the objectives. Who knows, perhaps clans will resurface again? It's all not that freaking hard. But noooo. Reto is too darn stubborn to turn the tide and is solely focused on adding useless content that tends to make them money ("we are a business" talk). Continuously defending their choices with top secret surveys nobody heard about. Besides, no wonder if people will choose to say " No" to removal of infantry scopes now because they all spent a shirt load of credits on them and visuals have been severely mutilated that you can't hit a barn door from 2 feet these days without a scope. (meaning: roll back to old graphics/engine) Bottom line: as long as this game keeps on heading the same direction as it has been doing for the past 3+ years don't expect game play to improve. Might as well join the bandwagon, grab a scope, sit back and grind XP.
  3. Mastah

    servers need some work

    Again: Planes in a game? -> Lag fest (H&G standard edition) Planes and tanks in a game -> Lag fest (H&G extreme edition) Planes and tanks in a game hosted on Moscow server -> Lag fest (H&G: ultimate edition. Incl. free package drop and rubber banding) Both engine and back end / network causing severe problems that Reto should be aware of.
  4. Mastah

    One big mistake from someone with this tank update

    1: Floating rail road tracks 2: Small rocks 3: Trees 4: Craters 5: Barbed wire 6: Sand bags 7: Bicylces 8: spending tons of credits on AT weapons On: The tank pool is actually a decent choice since it gives more variety to tank game play (for what is currently left of it).
  5. Mastah

    AT-Rambos are back

    Seriously this is all you can come up with? And you dare to wear that 'insider' forum badge... (not that it really means anything) Squirt 2.0. did not have hard was still possible to have 15 tanks in a match. How come you fail to understand that? Perhaps first do some research about the Beta game when we had hard caps and what they meant to the game play. How much people enjoyed having just 3 tanks per side per match and 70% of your team consisting out of infantry that actually had to move instead of camping hills with these dreaded scopes on all rifles these days. Discussions were about weapon balancing mostly back then (MG laser gun, strong Thompson), which people that were skilled enough with the non scoped B/A rifle didn't not even really care about. As an "insider" you should have known that.
  6. Mastah

    AT-Rambos are back

    The days when tanks shelled X1 mountain town, and the game invited to play organized thus teams had either dedicated skilled tankers or AT players among their ranks that could counter them? Yes. "Not being able to do shirt back then" is a complete dogma and solely based on and diverted from the biggest fiasco Reto ever came up with some years after: squad 2.0. Can't blame you since your knowledge of the game does not go back before 2016 so for me it's end of the discussion really. H&G will never regain its former glory unless undoing a bunch of shirty changes they made to the game, listed in the Veteran Wish list i put down on the forums.
  7. Mastah

    Why H&G needs voice chat now!

    No. Use TS , discord or ventrillo. It's there, it's free and way better than Reto can ever come up with. Besides, their game already fries your CPU's. And why suggesting Reto to work on a feature that enables kids and non English speaking trolls spam chat just to have others turn it off in an instant? Why suggesting Reto to work on useless features while their game is completely broken and close to a point it cannot be fixed? I'd say they have better things to do.
  8. Mastah

    AT-Rambos are back

    @[email protected]_Katkiller You guys base your ideas merely on assumptions. I base my suggestions solely on historical game facts. You guys weren't even there back in the days when the points i suggested were already in the game and the game play was way better balanced, competitive, objective driven and fun for all. Ergo: stop making assumptions.
  9. Mastah

    Sneak Peek: M9A1 Bazooka

    Is that a surprise @GaiusBaltar? But yes you are right.... If they seriously consider adding this new AT weapon as an 'upgrade' of the standard bazooka and basically giving it the same strength as the standard bazooka once had then it is nothing but a mind boggling money grab. This should get some attention at the forums on its own.... But hey, how many people are still around here that can tell the difference?
  10. Mastah

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Fully agree. Actually the exact same point i keep hammering at. Tank v.s. tank will NOT reduce tank (or plane) spam in combined warfare matches. That is nothing but a mere utopia. People play tanks in H&G for a reason. The same reason why people that like to play tank v.s. tank only play WoT! Sole driver for not having hard caps, which is the only way to fix spam, is Reto obviously aiming to lure in WoT players that tend to spend lots of money on digital toys. Simple as that. They don't care if that means infantry based game play will be completely screwed over. In fact, they (seem to) hope they will resort into AT-ramboing and waste credits on AT weapons. Hence why also this problem has not been taken care of since years now. Wake up people. Stop finding excuses or come up with silly ideas that won't work.
  11. And what is the point of increasing XP while in the background costs and XP levels are just being raised... Exactly.. nothing. Try to think bigger. Only way of making infantry game play 'fun' again is solving all the issues i pointed out at the Veteran Wish List. No more, no less. Priority number 1 is hard caps on specialist class however.
  12. Mastah

    AT-Rambos are back

    And again: 1: Hard cap tank class so people that try to actually play the objectives will get less annoyed by constant HE spam and resort into tank hunting. 2: Bring back AT special class with AT weapon restriction to that class only so max 3 players per match can go tank hunt. 3: Reduce ridiculous amount of damage armor can take. 4: Bring back possibility to use turret mg and cannon simultaneously which increases survival chances for tankers 5: Make tankers able to spawn back on tanks again to (try to) prevent to much tank stealing and different way of tank spam. Everybody happy But spawning tanks (med / heavy) is a credit drain and so is using the insane amount of AT weapons it needs to be destroyed. Ergo: only 1 party <....> is profiting from this. Fill out the blanks yourself and find the answer of why this obvious game breaking tank game play has not and will never be fixed.
  13. Mastah

    Where are the Auto Resolve results?

    Feel you. Share the cause. It's basically the way Reto has been doing business for the past years now.. The 'veterans' don't matter to the game much anymore... They are more of a nuisance really, constantly complaining about ' the old days' and saying they were better while making new naive players reluctant of whether to invest in this game or not. They were good for testing the early days of the product and create a somewhat steady player base to give it at least some sort of attention. The sole drive is ROI now, aimed at Steam players. Hence the fact little to no fixes of long time bugs or game breaking features have taken place for some years now. Rather adding more layers of dust over them with every new ' update' while throwing more useless content at us. Eventually, slowly but steadily, people get either accustomed to the new product or quietly leave through the backdoor out of frustrations. Easy does it no? Basically the 'push' strategy here. And if it works for them, well who are we to say they should do differently? Time will tell. Fact is, the game will never regain it's former glory.
  14. Mastah

    Mountain Town 2

    I came to the conclusion this is a matter of reference. I, for one, was lucky to have played Forest Town map, which came before the 1st Mountain Town map and firmly believe that was the best map that ever existed in this game. 1st Mountain Town was already a horrid mutilation of Forest Town and some new peeps thought this map was the bomb. Then came an even more horrid mutilation to the Mountain-less Town that is currently in the game that might undergo even more mutilations in time thus being looked back on as being the " best ever " one day... Can you imagine? Fact is: map development has seen serious set backs since 2013. Being drawn out in MS paint with crayons serving as basis..... Not just with MT but also all of the skirmish maps are a joke (a fortress...seriously??) and complete fantasy now stuffed with wrongly placed assets, broken spawns and incomplete landscapes. Compare these to the old ones and you'll be shocked about what they have done. Did i forget to mention the first Airfield map? Or first few iterations of old Town map? Much more realistic and way less cramped back then. I'm pretty sure complete 1:1 remakes of these maps will instantly draw away most players from current fantasy maps... At least people have a choice then.