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  1. Mastah

    Fix the sound!!!

    Well god speed to you mate. But i ain't going to fiddle around with sound settings just because this game is incapable of producing a decent audio output. I rather play #nosound. Ain't saying it is as bad as during the ' dog barking / choking ' period but it sure ain't as immersive as it used to be during end of Beta period (when Beta was really Beta, not the current Beta state that is). In fact, i wonder where all the changes over time eventually led to? Just hoping next time it will be tested out on proto server first before unleashing it on the live one...
  2. Mastah

    Fix the sound!!!

    Nope there isn't any. I haven't touched sound settings for years. I pay close attention to sound settings and always use high quality headsets (Sennheiser, BayernDynamic) when it comes down to online gaming, ever since i went competitively on high level. The only thing that has changed over time is the FMOD (sound effect engine) which Reto just implemented badly. Have you not seen the acknowledgement from the developers themselves concerning this issue? Thing is, they lack the manpower and knowledge to fix this within a reasonable time span and have/had to hire external expertise. At least that is what i made out of it. Again, for most players (ruling out those playing on LIDL laptops or potato pc's) the root cause for having audio issues, graphical issues nor RAM issues or networking issues is to be blamed for on their end. It's the engines (poor optimization), memory leaks and network connections around servers.
  3. Mastah

    Fix the sound!!!

    You sure you launched H&G.exe? Sounds are utterly broken. Fact.
  4. Mastah

    Cheating problem

    During all the years i have been playing online fps games competitively, starting out since start of '00, so called 'naming and shaming' was part of the business. You cheated and have been detected? You got a nice spot in the " Wall of Shame". In fact, usernames AND linked usernames (all possible through a so called GUID system ('Globally Unique Identifier which H&G still lacks or at least it's not on the surface but perhaps under the hood??) were uploaded on public Anti Cheat websites for all to see. However, this was all in an era when people weren't all just being snowflakes and trying to be tree-hugging-like politically correct, down to the bones and every single fiber ruling out any possible form of someones feelings being hurt. This has nothing to do with new regulations on privacy since usernames in games do not reveal someones personal ID (not accounted as such). So, no i don't get this whole policy of not mentioning any detected cheaters either. If convicted and proof is there, let them face consequences for their deeds. Then again, this is a companies choice that we simply have to accept and respect.
  5. Mastah

    A possible new engine for H&G

    I seriously doubt Reto is by any means able to re-code everything into a new engine unless there' s a 1:1 port option which simply there isn't. It ain't simply ' drag & drop'. Selection of the right engine was/is a red correx through H&G's (basically any game's) business/development plan. They made the choice to develop their own engine (RetoX) long time ago since it would be possible to make it as flexible and modular as they seem suited for a game like this. Also they make use of a mixtured coding of two platforms (action-game and RTS) and tying them into each other. Though it is possible to upload all animations and models from the editor they use (XSI Softimage) into the UR engine f.e. , it's simply very time consuming. Thus it seems that we are 'stuck' to a rather under performing engine that delivers mediocre graphics at most and produce bit of clunky mechanics (the gun handling, 'moon gravity', interaction with environment etc). But who knows what Reto did with the 5 million investment. Perhaps they are secretly porting the game to a more advanced engine. Would be amazing since the game still has some unique features and potential if acted swiftly.
  6. Mastah

    FPS. Give a solution

    Massive increase of planes and tanks have put a heavy burden on the engine. Especially the smoke, fumes, wrecks and fire effects. Armor damage system, dynamic lighting, RNG calculations etc. The way RetoX 2.0. engine is currently coded, simply is inefficient for processing the massive amount of game data and distribute it in a correct manner to the clients. Don't have to be an expert in coding to recognize this. This is pretty basic logic. Simply compare the game with how it was 4 years ago. The older engine was able to handle a much higher level of graphical details, and more complex map and prop models. Visuals were crisp and clear and even on moderate PC's it gave a stable gaming performance (of course ruling out those playing on potato pc's). While pushing more and more content and complex computing into the game with almost each new update, game performance for clients goes in reverse.. Not to forget the problems in networking land surrounding the servers that lead to packet loss (thus rubber banding effect) and high pings due to being forced through bad routed nodes.
  7. Mastah

    Addition of Battle Royale

    I'd say Reto should copy less, improvise more and emphasize the aspects that separates them from the rest. They used to be renowned for one single unique feature back in the days and that is a RTS / FPS combo. Since trying to fit in WoT and WT elements they lost focus of what once made H&G a great game. A BR is something that is completely out of touch.
  8. Mastah

    Tankas & Tankes

    Good point. But you forgot about the fact there IS enough players in the game to fill like a 5 fold of additional battles... You forgot about the majority of the players that resorted into playing staged battled or those that simply stopped playing because of armor spam (among other reasons). Many players actually leave this game because they are fed up with seeing H&G turning into WoT meets WT, seeing posts on different forums... Still, good point and have to admit this point/reasoning is suggestive for the largest part though.
  9. I actually DO think hard limits are the ONLY way to go. For reasoning why, have a look at any other topic where i stated this. Mark my words (again): tank only maps are NOT going to stop tank spam in combined warfare unless these combined warfare maps will see LIMITS. It's a utopia.. wishful thinking name it as you like. Most tankers currently in H&G don't do anything else than bugger other players by non stop HE shelling infantry and objectives and that won't change The occasional tanker actually hunts down other tanks but do we really need dedicated maps for them to do so? I'd rather seen Reto work on a new tutorial (First Blood) map instead. Besides...People that want to play tank v.s. tank play WOT and not H&G. They have better graphics, better pings/connections, more complex armor damage system, bigger arsenal you name it. No reason for those type of players to come down here now have they? Gosh... This seems pointless. I guess i'll just go chew bubblegum and wait for this hype to be over with with tank maps released, which will proof i'm right about game changes (again)....
  10. Mastah

    Tankas & Tankes

    This right here is the one ring solution to rule them all like many have pleaded for for over years and a zillion times. Yet Reto won't comply for unknown reasons. Let's face it: - Less tanks - Tanks become more valuable on the battlefield - More team work since infantry will actually start defending the tanks - Less AT Ramboing - More players for playing objectives (main goal) - More fun and more intense game play - Less whining on forums - More battles will be played at the same time (matches can hold less tanks but amount of tank role players won't necessarily decrease) - Optional: Reto can increase the costs for spawning armor (after all, survival chances increase) Everybody happy. Or does Reto not like to see a happy crowd?
  11. Mastah

    blocked view with xp messages

    @Reto.Hades Two solutions for excessive HUD spam right here. As far as my UI design/programming XP goes... this comes down to altering the screen coordinates where info is written to and moving the text boxes that reserve the space. App. 1 hour of work or so?
  12. So.... you are blaming AT Rambo's for trying to get rid of a problem introduced by the developer that refuses to limit armor spam? So much logic in that...
  13. Mastah

    Tankas & Tankes

    To be honest, i never got this whole tank damage model rework. 3 good hits from a bazooka like in the old days worked just fine and don't see any reason as of not going back to that system. Just to get rid of this everlasting balancing problems that have been introduced with it. I mean lets be honest. What did armor damage actually bring to the game? Did it improve game play? Nope. Did it release pressure on the forums? Nope Did it make the game easier to balance? Nope Was it actually requested back when tank v..s AT game play worked fine (2012 - 2015? Nope (at least i can't recall years long topics and complaints about it) Is it actually working right now? Nope Did it it help in bringing in more players while retaining existing player base? Nope. Then what was the point i wonder... Please some of the old vets enlighten me.. (ow and please don't use the " now you actually have to aim " fallacy").
  14. It surely needs to get reviewed/tweaked. Same goes for those roll bars on top of the German APC that blocks the sight when going in aim mode with the mounted mg. Something that i reported long time ago when the problems with player v.s. objects models started to arise (which also caused players not fitting through windows any longer). Dimensions are just wrong.