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  1. Mastah

    Menagerie sounds - poor joke

    Yeah it's bizarre. Hope Reto could give some explanation as of why animal cruelty sounds were implemented. Anything better on the sound board? Or just leave them out like completely? No real need for them really. Oh while you're on it, please also remove the continuous whistling sound when driving a Hellcat... This sound bug has been around for a while too.
  2. Mastah

    1.13.1 UPDATE - New Anti Tank Weapons!

    Same here and lots of people complaining about it ingame. It sounds like a dog being beaten and making a howling sound. Really annoying and kinda unnecessary addition if you ask me.
  3. Mastah

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    Lots of people were complaining about it in US channel today yes. It's really annoying to hearing the sound of dogs being tortured or something. It's insane.... Why was this implemented? And was it actually tested before release?
  4. Mastah

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    How about the US faction got both London and a coastal French city like Caen to start with (and moving the Axis more to the eastern part of France).? Axis can hold Germany and most of Central Europe. Soviets already have Russia and perhaps a small part of the Balkans and eastern part of Scandinavia Kinda like the situation as if D-Day had just begun (or about to begin and giving the US a solid bridgehead for the sake of RTS balance)
  5. Then read my complete idea concerning tank game play / general game play balance (which in fact is a compilation of stand alone suggestions also made by other long time players that try to get H&G back on its feet). I'm not just solely advocating hard caps on tanks without thinking about the consequences. Unlike many forum spammers in here these days, i try to look at the whole picture and not just my own egocentric idea's that solely makes ME enjoy the game more. Hard caps should go WITH removing AR for example. Since this would result in more battles being played manually thus creating more spots for players that would like to go all out tanking. Hard caps should go WITH assigning dedicated AT-classes (thus removing the rambo possibility and thereby giving tankers a bit of a break) and thereby limiting the use of AT weapons to that class alone. Grunt runs into a tank? Then he needs to communicate that within his team and one of the AT players should come out and help him. Hard caps should go WITH making it able to simultaneously use the coax mg and the cannon again as means of higher survival chances for the tankers when opposing AT infantry. Hard caps should go WITH removing the tedious slow exit animations so tankers actually have chance to bail out when the tank is on fire. As you can see... all suggestions to make tank game play more fun even though the amount of spots are limited PER MATCH (not in total across the board). Just take a look at the Veteran Wish List again i'd say. GLHF.
  6. I believe it's time to just unfollow you and put you on the ignore list. Since everytime it comes down to the subject of tanks, you resort into either the offending, insulting or flame baiting modus. We all know by now you want H&G to turn into a WoT clone without offering any feasible solutions to the clearly broken tank (read: specialist) game play. My idea, for the records, is all but stupid. There is nothing stupid about making specialist classes more rare on the battlefield. Like it was in real life as well; armies were never formed up out of armor, planes and snipers for almost 80% of its total manpower. Like it was back in the days when H&G was a great game and gameplay was much more balanced; read: infantry based with use of specialist classes in a supporting role. You keep referring to the armor 2.0. era which one of the most game breaking changes ever made to H&G. Please stop it.
  7. Well the game needed either this (easier destruction of god-like tanks) or a hard cap on the numbers of them per match (most of the times 60-70% of slots used are tankers...close to 80% is special classes). Hopefully this will tone down the armor spam and leads to an increase of infantry based game play again. You know, objective based. As the game used to be like. Addition: I personally would love to see a dedicated AT-class (again) to which the use of AT equipment is restricted. Combined with a fixed # of slots available for each special class and a minimum of xx% regular infantry (Grunts) population. Let's say 50? I believe this would give a somewhat healthier team balance and prevent meta gaming (AT - Ramboing, Tank tennis, Para plane chasing and such)
  8. Mastah

    1.13.1 UPDATE - New Anti Tank Weapons!

    So if i understood correctly: Mines do less damage when used in a (slightly) different way than they were meant to be (shooting them). However, hit points of vehicles have also been lowered. What does this say about the overall effectiveness of mines now? And about XP earnings when destroying vehicles now they take less hits to destroy? You basically destroy vehicles just as fast as before?
  9. Back in the days when H&G as still a great game in development..bins were used by the squad leader to give commands with. Now they are pretty much useless. Mostly slow paced / mediocre players use them. Fast paced players are able to compute the situations much faster and can do without. Never EVER used them, especially as tanker. Yet 6+ KD.
  10. Due to very bad server handling and poor network quality surrounding some of the servers they have (read: Moscow based one). Anyway: It's freaking time for a server filter. It's time to remove scopes from infantry rifles It's time for hard caps on specialist classes It's time to remove AR It's time to open up windows again It's time to give us back Forest Town map (and not some fantasy misplaced Fortress) It's time to rework that AWFUL UI that makes you spawn at unwanted locations and with unwanted gear simply because of misclicking and frantic behavior! It's time to remove secondary spawns and make it able to spawn ON objectives again It's time for a new Game Director. Else just see the game crumble even more. More to read at the Veteran Wish List post.
  11. Mastah

    moron Paraplanes

    Yup and yup. But you should be familiar with Reto s way of operating.. They do not upgrade. They wreck. H&G died back somewhere in 2k14 so better learn to live with it.
  12. This.. H&G development 2014 - onward in a nutshell.
  13. What campers? You mean those that actually use those same damn scopes? Take them away and camping will become MUCH less. God, how many times must i try to explain this. Like i have said many times before, one does not go without the other and fixing this broken game requires multiple repairs being done simultaneously. In this case: 1: Removing scopes from infantry and bring back iron sight zoom. AND 2: Hard cap special class to prevent Recon/ special class spam (since infantry scope campers might want to move over to there). AND 3: Disable AR so more battles will pop and being played manually --> will lead to more available matches to cover the demand for more Recon / special class spots. AND 4: Remove all afterbirth from failed squad 2.0. so larger squads are possible and more teams will start playing as infantry and for objectives. AND 5: Severely reduce amount of foliage and artificial cover --> there is less need for it now special class spam has been reduced (less HE spam, plane bomb spam and Recon spam). Then keep on (constructive) complaining and lets keep talking some sanity into his mind. Because it has become all to clear his ideas are not working. Hence the terrible state of the game. It's completely broken and, no matter how we turn or bend it, RB is end responsible. Period.
  14. Mastah

    Server are bad and laggy

    Lots of players use the Steam plug in, so i do see a connection (literally) here. It seems to keep an open line to Steam database to update their stats. Might be wise to cut the continuous data call loop and just update stats once people log off. Or just cut the crap instantly and have people use the stand alone plug in instead of Steam. Just for the sake of the game, till Valve sorted out their shirt.
  15. Lets be honest here... If Reto was to reduce all scopes to 2x, scopes would still just be an ordinary money grab. Exactly like it is since they were introduced: a money grab. I mean: first removing iron sight zoom that already gave 1.5x zoom so people can't see crap anymore due to 50 shades of grey graphics and poor LoD. Then introducing scopes people have to pay extra for just to get back the free zoom we had before? That would be below the belt and simply hypocrite. Only solution is removing those damn scopes, restricting them to recon only and give us back the beloved iron sight zoom. Finally step is setting hard cap to recons to prevent Recon spam and everything is starting to go back to normal. But wait...this would actually improve game play. A no go.