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  1. Like you, there must be many more new players that know little to nothing about Reto-Moto's current situation... They lack both finances and man power to improve the game from this point on any longer. Ever since 2014 the game has seen major overhauls that, in general consensus, deteriorated the game play in many ways, hence led to a gradual exodus of players. Ergo: money flow dried out. One of the most heard complaints were the mutilation of the good old BETA maps, the addition of current cancerous spawn positions and the lack of new maps... Aside from worsened audio and visuals. The last new map I can recall was this terrible fantasy fortress map that I took away from the map list almost immediately. It was rushed and makes no sense at all. They should have focused on a capital map or anything iconic for the WW2 era, rather than some remotely located fortress somewhere in the Russian hinterland. But that is something people got used to after so many years around...
  2. I agree that none of the reasons they gave make sense; not from a users nor from a developers perspective. This thing with closing the forums is mere evidence that R-M is in a downward spiral and gradually making things worse for themselves.. It's a decision made by their CEO (remember JM promised to come in here every week in order to enhance transparency and work on customer relations (Operation Glasnost) - well that did not last long either did it?) and / or board because they find themselves in a dire situation. And you know what they say no? "A drowning man will clutch at a straw" ?
  3. What's this fuzz all about.. Geez. You can still have 30 freaking characters active at any time. 30! That is 10 per faction if you have evened them out. First of all, I don´t even believe most players are playing all factions actively and most players tend to be loyal to their main faction, ergo having the most characters there. Secondly, why the heck does one need 30 characters or more anyway? Why the heck you need more than 10 different toons per faction knowing each toon can already be equipped with vehicles from all classes. I've been playing since 2013 and don't even make it past 20 yet able to play every style / setup I like. I seriously believe that players that can't fill their needs with max 30 toons are simply autistic and just nag because they like to nag. In fact, I seriously don't give a flying f*ck about minor changes like these that just eat away precious resources that Reto is already lacking in and rather seen them fix the actual problems. p.s. That compass is nice, but If R-M just didn't messed up the in game maps (that now block your complete in game view when equipped while in before it was shown in a corner) in the past, they would not even have to implement it. So all we have learned about this latest update is that R-M still has no clue what to do. But hey, if they keep ignoring feedback of the earliest players around and stubbornly refuse to undo a lot of shirt they added to the game, the game won't ever improve.. GLHF.
  4. Mastah

    Sleep my little Prince...

    Yes you're right. I was too lazy to look it up and tried to erase it from my memory... But situation nowadays is when you are taking cover behind one of those walls or sandbags, (you know those which are just too high in order to properly aim down the sight over the edge due to bad player model ratio, which is the same reason why we cant exit windows any longer) and you SEEM to have a clear line area of sight, bullets tend to end up against those darn obstacles on many occasions because of that idiotic change. In before, when you could see the enemy's body and hipfired him with clear sights, you would actually hit. Making game play much more enjoyable than this semi realistic baseball that doesn't work due to, again, bad player model ratio compared to objects/props on the map.
  5. Mastah

    Sleep my little Prince...

    I backed a kickstarter WW2 fps game project not so long ago, hyped from all the promises that were made. Also by a group of friends who eventually smelled big money and sold their souls to a bigger publisher. It eventually turned out to be a dogshiet mixup of fortnite meets CS:Go which centered micro transactions and rainbow coloured skins and such (battalion 1944). The same path that R-M eventually chosen.. So really reluctant of supporting yet another project, though I've seen some old vets passing by on the support page. I'll check in, in another year or two or so to see what has become of it.
  6. Mastah

    Sleep my little Prince...

    The original graphics / visual quality wasn't so bad, and even compared to today's standards the game would have held ground because the game play was fairly unique and much fun. The WW2 atmosphere >>> current's FaceBook look&feel which truly made H&G an interesting and addictive game along the line of MoH and COD:UO/2, but with that RTS addition to it.. But then R-M decided to 'upgrade' their engine to RetoX 2.0. (unnecessarily) so they could revamp maps (unnecessarily) in a new map builder to ramp up development speed of new maps (still no progress). Then, for those interesed in H&G development history - don't blame me for the details - came (in non chronological order) Dynamic lighting, which didn't work out as intended FMOD changes which didn't work out as intended Removal of WW2 themed props (axis flags, banners and propaganda speeches) which destroyed the WW2 atmosphere and made you just fighting random towns in a random era Iron sight zoom removed, which worsened visibility Scopes on infantry rifles which diminished fast pace game play Then came new career path that extended the grind and did nothing more Then came messing up the map props and player models dimensions so rooftops became close to inaccessible Then came revamped maps, for god knows what reason (probably to prepare for upcoming tank and plane spam) New spawn concepts which was/is disliked by many (old) players and heavily diminished the open / free map concept. Implementation of Soviet faction which was not needed at the time due to low player count and faction unbalance (and the fact it was a stand alone instead of Allied faction dividing the player base even more.) Then came tank spam which overshadowed infantry game play Then came plane spam which overshadowed infantry game play Then came rocks which made tank / vehicle game play worse Then came RNG which worsened game play Then came shooting from barrel thingy (forget its name) instead of shooting what you are aiming at with the cross hair which led to bull situations Then came cancerous assault rifles that further took away any realism this game had Then came hybrid server set up which hammered the hit detection, together with broken Moscow server Then came the ongoing weapon specs tweaking which has become an never ending story Then came new armor models which don´t work out like they should Then (actually long before that) R-M's income stalled, and staff had to be fired Then unfortunately we ended up in the current situation... a game that has been stripped from all its good features but no devs available to rework them. :s It's just a matter of bad game design decisions, former Game Director should be accounted for. Not the foot soldiers that actually worked on the programming and managed the forums.
  7. Mastah

    Ways to Fix Town Assault (images and notes included)

    Not sure they added new ones but they went "honey, I blew up the rocks" way - thus what used to be tiny pebbles at first, are huge boulders now... Hence the request to revert these changes because the problem with rocks only grew bigger (literally)
  8. Mastah

    Ways to Fix Town Assault (images and notes included)

    They started out this game with people like Splixxen (backend, Q&A), Fleck ,(level designer) and Robotron, one of Reto's most relaxing community assistant, so in no way comparable to the remaining lefties that make up RetoMoto. Sorry to disagree about FW airfield map; it's still a massively downgraded version of the first AF map this game ever saw.. Then again, I'm growing old. And so does this game. FPS gaming is dying anyway... To many wannabees and come and go millennials. They won't stay around for too long...
  9. Mastah

    The hardest person to be honest with is yourself

    What they tend to forget is, people got memories. And gamers = people. When gamers read about the next project Reto-Moto, or any of it's successors/ affiliates is related to, they will avoid them as the plague or at least be very reluctant spending money on it. And the word through internet spreads very fast.
  10. Mastah

    New technologies and gaming communities

    Perhaps all move on to subReddit then?
  11. Reto's solution be like: https://pasteboard.co/K6SzUJd.png Note how subtle they were showing off that single area where you can actually drive a vehicle without being bullied by boulders........
  12. Mastah

    Ways to Fix Town Assault (images and notes included)

    Agreed. The oldest situation (Beta time) was the best. [That goes for ALL the maps honestly]. B3/ B4 situation used to be much better flowed, especially when there was still that pontoon bridge next to it. For some reason, Reto got a fetish with favoring the defenders and seeing a need to change the spawn locations which led to the mutilations of the maps. Concerning the suggested changes to C-1 to C-3... i like them in general. There is still enough space for tank maneuvers but the addition of extra buildings and AA guns (together with the crashed plane) make the map much more alive and interesting to play for infantry as well. Right now it's a desolated and open plain and feels way to ' remote ' in relation to the action that happens in the town. With your additions, this area will add a new " sector" to fight for on the map. Feels more connected and actually a (rural) suburb of the town. But as we both know, it will most likely never happen. It's all too late. 12 employees remaining, servers outsourced to third parties and now closing down forums as well... The end is near..
  13. Mastah

    Ways to Fix Town Assault (images and notes included)

    @RadicalEdward2 Long story short... Reto should have never touched this map in the first place. But now we're at it and 'inbeforeclosed', the solution to C line is pretty straightforward and obvious: - Undo sandbag spam on steel bridge - Remove most of the buildings at C3 side of steel bridge -> improves game pace - Relocate spawn area C4 at town side, once capped. - Remove the O1 vehicle spawn and relocate it back up to the garage of Police Station so tanks don't keep HE spamming the shirt out of C4 every time they spawn.. - Rework the boulevard O1. Remove that huge darn stone wall and replace it by sloping grassy terrain so O1 is more accessible again instead of reachable through two cramped staircases that, once again are easy to spawn camp. Reto loves spawncamping! Oh and don't forget to remove most if not of all of those darn walls and fences in the alleys at the whole of B/C town side. This will make up for much more intense CQC fights there.
  14. Mastah

    New technologies and gaming communities

    For what it's worth.. I'm a forum warrior. I grew up with forums in Clanbase and see forums like these as an essential part of a game's community and well being (or in the case of H&G.. it's decline). I can't imagine playing a game without a forum. If only to complain, brag, annoy as long as it gives the possibility to go discuss and provide week long feedback in order to tackle the ROOT CAUSE of a visible problem. Perhaps I'm turning ancient but I can never get used to spastic platforms such as Twitch and Discord. Crowded with ADHD kids and relatively new people in the world of internet; those that only found out about broadband like last year, and treat the net as something brand new and exciting, wanting to share everything from their pity lives and cropped up minds wit the RestOfTheWorld. Those platforms are not meant to provide constructive feedback and get to the cause of something. It only delivers bandages on gaping wounds, as we have seen recently with the latest 'updates' of the game; feedback collected from Discord implemented in the game and taaadaaaa... it backfires like crazy because new problems arise. It's a kindergarten filled with kids and the one who screams the loudest (or pays the most?) gets what he/she wants. Neah, been there done that like 15 years ago on the likes as ICQ. Forums are there to improve your product... Discord and Twitch are a step back in time.
  15. Indeed. The implementation of these " realistic" exiting animations for vehicles (especially the turtle speed exiting from tanks) some years ago was one of the most cancerous changes to gameplay.. Not at all on par with the speed in which tanks are destroyed. Most med- light tanks are vaporized within 10 seconds yet you stand no chance bailing out of it unless you press exit right after the very first hit (and when you are lucky just one AT rambo is on your back). But hey, the more tanks wasted the more credit income for Reto, ergo a money driven decision. The change wasn't made to improve players gaming experience. And despite complaints, nothing been done about it.