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  1. Mastah

    AA gun, gun sights glitch.

    It's shirt and clearly broken.. Also the fact that the bullets hit the place according to the trajectory with which they left the barrel instead of the target you are actually looking/aiming at. Goes for all guns... In situations where you can clearly see the enemy ground target through the sights, most shots are blocked by surrounding sandbags or objects. Something they changed years ago to make it "more realistic" instead of just being concerned about decent game play..
  2. Mastah

    The new weather

    Exactly my first thoughts when i launched this game after yet another downgrade. But I wasn't surprised though. Been here since 2013 and ever since end 2014 the game is being ripped apart and nothing compared to what It used to be.. Look at my other post addressed to Christiano where I posted screenshots of the Beta H&G Visuals. Amen. Couldn't agree more. It's either playing Bejin Smog maps, Dune Sand Spice Harvesting or Starwars Warphole Black with the dead star moon looking down at ya. Other than better visuals and hit reg, Enlisted is a crap game (still). Meant for Russian FarmVille players with most content locked behind paywalls and still lacking basic features. Perhaps in a few years, but by then the game is overtaken already by new titles/games..
  3. Mastah

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    First of all, thanks for taking the time for somewhat clearing this up. I'm still wondering however, what has changed to the rendering engine between beta and after beta period of this game? The game never looked as (sorry) awful as it does now, ever since the RetoX engine got updated (2.0.) You can still find some old footages (search on YT for ShakeNBake vids) from Beta period (I go back to early 2013) where the game was way more colorful instead of the brownish / greyish soup it is now. Is this related to the rendering that broke like you said? Did it occur around the same time you guys implemented this Dynamic Lighting feature that never actually worked out as it was supposed to? Around the time shadows broke? Around the time we gotten those blue moon maps? Some suggestions for increasing visuals in this game: Redo the Iron Sight Zoom (as requested many, MANY times) to increase visibility when aiming and shooting. At least for the B/A's. Removing a significant amount of environmental assets such as the abundance of foliage and rocks. Remember beta era? Maps weren't completely filled with grasses and trees and all. We had way better visuals (LOD, Drawing distances etc). Also less CPU intensive. Take this screenshot for example... What happened?
  4. Mastah

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Since you are the only Reto employee that has visited this god forsaken OFFICAL forum since ages, could you please answer this question fair and square: Why the heck were weather settings changed and sold as if it was an improvement? Seriously like to know... Its now either Bejin smog, Dune Sand, Starwars warphole black or the only decent daylight settings... Seriously,,, WHY.
  5. Dude, Balance has long been gone. And no, the devs (are there any left?) ain't biased. Cut that cr*p. Why would they. For your info, the game is barely supported/developed any more so save the trouble complaining. If you ignorantly still want to spend money on this dead horse, go purchase the Tiger 2 which is by far the most powerful asset in the game and have your go with it.
  6. Mastah

    tank VS rocks on the ground

    Just one?!!! You have no clue of how lucky you are...
  7. Well my experience with this new game since@matziti tricked me into trying it out which eventually led to me logging off at 3:30 in the morning... + Graphics are a lot more clear, to no surprise. Hit detection is a lot better. (Gun) sounds are way more realistic. Great atmosphere Good gunplay. Pretty well balanced; almost no assault rifles. Mostly B/A and some low tier SMG's. Anti tank cannons Cool maps but lack of flanking possibilities Lots of noobs (console players?) so from match 1, I managed to get pretty decent KD's already. - Horrible GUI and HUD. Almost seems like Farmville with all those coins and currencies. Navigation through the menu's is a pain. Even worse than H&G. Spawn menu is cumbersome. Buggy. Sometimes movement mechanics do not respond (f.e. when aiming after a sprint, it locks the aim down the sight instead of toggling it back). Lack of toggle button for crouch/crawl/stance Too many buttons to remap. F.e. instead of 1 single button that can be set to either open a door or enter a vehicle, they thought it would be smart to set them all separately Tank gameplay is utter crap. Especially the driving mechanics. Also they are pretty underpowered and easily knocked out. No 3rd person view Only few maps Chaotic, some times unclear what to do. Annoying bots Low ammo counts requiring you to either scavenge for ammo from dead soldiers, asking 5 bullets from your bumhole bot comrade that is constantly twerking you and giving your position away, or being lucky to encounter a munition supply crate which are VERY rare since nobody actually sets them up... Grindy Sad c*nts spamming airstrikes Cheats (although it seems like it, or they might be OP bots shooting you through dense bushes from miles away) Repetitive (but hey, so is H&G and this game is still Beta) No end goal / progression in war Endless perk upgrade indicator nuisances after each battle (will become less the more you played) OP MG42 nests No real team play / communication. No cohesion so you don't really feel like your actions really matter. Final verdict: 6 out of 10. Still needs lots of improvements. I'm really wondering what the developer is trying to accomplish with this game. Which gap they try to fill in the WW2 game market. Right now it's just run and gun.. Rinse and repeat.
  8. I'm on the verge of leaving this piece of junk too now that this other game came out... Most vets left, some tryhards stayed. These tryhards gave up on morality too now and started using low skill spray and pray assault rifles. Hell no I'm going down to that low level of game play. Aside from these few vets there seem to be more and more trolls in the game. Deliberately placing mines next to friendly tanks, blowing up friendly players with zooks and all.. US side seem to have minecraft heroes only these days. Have absolutely NO clue about how to play a FPS game. Also the game crashes more often, not being able to f*cking rejoin except when you closed down the whole game and restarted it.. The UI is still shirt after 1000 iterations with all those annoying overlays and screens and menu's on top of eachother. In game visuals seem to deteriorate with each new game change for some unknown reason. Zero support and zero development.
  9. Mastah

    This game is dying, so...

    H&G died years ago... The moment the Soviet faction was added, it was released on Steam shortly after while the game was far from finished, and attracted the wrong breed of players. Game changed from a much promising WW2 themed skill based Indie game with a small but active community, to a mindless MMOFPS game set in a post war era for the below average new age come and go gamers. In fact, gaming has changed as a whole. Liked it when it was still a bit " nerdy" to play games. These days gaming is a cash grab industry pumping out games with no soul.
  10. Mastah

    This game is dying, so...

    Amen. Been saying this from start.. assault rifles were the final nail in the coffin for a WW2 themed game. In before, actually before the shi**y infantry scopes were introduced, there was a healthy mixture of S/A, B/A, SMG's and MG's in this game. Now every low skilled tryhard is just yielding his automatic, scoped skill crutch headshot generator. Skilled players are very rare these days and the game lost most of it's charm. Ergo: I resorted to an alternative game styles other than actually running into a meat grinder that objectives have become now. Might try sitting way back with one of those noob scopes and just doing some aim practices, grinding high XP hits and kills. There is no STG,AVS or M2 able to beat that
  11. Mastah

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    Aside from the political correctness baseball the world seems to have fallen into, fueled by SJW's and hipsters seeking attention and collecting karma on the internet, it's actually kinda fun to having Arab faces now. Having so much joy, placing Taliban Road Bombs across the maps with my olive oil skinned soldier 👳‍♂️
  12. It was sarcasm... Since 90% of the players in this game seem to not having any clue how to play FPS games and can barely use the WASD buttons without their fingers getting all strangled up
  13. Mastah

    Just wonder

    In all honestly.. I lost confidence in Reto being able to produce a decent game with it's own spirit and character once they completely messed up this game after Beta. The game till mid Beta had character and uniqueness to it. It was actually a WW2 themed game that held on to somewhat 'realistic' blends while still being 'arcade-ish'. A lot of influences from Medal of Honor games. After that they went way to much WoT meets WT meets FortNite for my likings. Spammed the game with Assault Rifles, broke a lot features (maps, spawns, squads, armor, UI, gun sounds) and most recently added these political correct faces (not to mention they are done pretty badly looking like plastic lego puppets). So I have no idea about HG2. Once they pull the plug here I still have GTA V laying around that I still haven't touched yet..
  14. Mastah


    The connections are terrible many times. God how I hate ending up getting stuck in running mode, having to smash all the keyboards buttons simultaneously to get back out of it (client /server issues that still prevails). And their latest overhaul of the UI didn't improve anything other than just introducing more misplaced menu's, bugs and required click actions to get somewhere. So more than ever you and up with broken buttons / menu that require a restart of the game.
  15. Mastah

    Just wonder

    That Reto is working on a 'different project' can be derived from the fact their most recent annual report mentioned it and because of the fact they barely seem to be investing in the well being of this game any more. And you can't tell me this project was only the launch of the game on Epic Stores.. There hasn't been a decent update or improvement for years now. Just some cash grab changes like captured weapons. But the long list of issues that have been plaguing this game for years (actually since Beta), still prevails.