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  1. I ain't sure this is a bug. Don't give them that much slack. I think it's literally coded like this. 🤦‍♂️ Also, why does the filter switch back to staged matches all the time too? Is it really that hard to code some 'memory' function in this game I wonder?
  2. Mastah

    New update not cool

    Just logged in to find out they changed lay out and HUD AGAIN. First failure: in MM filters having every freaking check box marked and not having a deselect all button. especially with this game that isn't even capable of remembering the last selected settings. Seriously... who is their UI designer? Guess he has to go back to school... forgetting about basic stuff.. GG Reto... An update as expected Like to add. Whahahahaha... MM is so broken now. Many times the game doesnt even load the maps, filters dont get remembered, leaving a squad is still bugged... oh boy... Whoever has been spaghetti coding there... it's all to obvious they stopped really caring about what they do with the game....
  3. Mastah

    How to deal with recoil

    Free tip for low cost and high earnings to crank up your bank account a bit... B/A rifle unmodded, just scoped. Tactical defence from at least 400mtrs. Especially when defending objectives from far away gives a sweet amount of XP and nice income while repair costs are pretty low. Use your highest ranked soldier.. Remember to never use bullets mods unless you can afford them. The hit registration in the game is terrible and becomes obvious when using a B/A rifle. 100% hits simply don't get registered on many occasions.
  4. Mamboo, Agreed, but we can't really be surprised no? Reto's working on a different project and just milking this game ("keep it running") against lowest cost. Adding captured weapons and vehicles require a relative small amount of investment; models and physics are there. Reskinning them and adding a few lines of code + UI adjustment and off you go. Reto let go of HnG identity YEARS ago (for me around the end of 2014) and fully focused on the financial aspects. But yeah, they are a business. They can't run a game solely for a handful of vets. In fact, vets sit on piles of credits and play for free too
  5. Mastah

    How to deal with recoil

    Bullet mods make recoil worse yes. And modding that MG13 except for bullets makes it a very competitive weapon even if it's a low tier one. I picked one of those noob sticks up last time and it felt like a laser gun. Don't forget there's a lot of dodgy players in the game also using macro's because well... they can and Reto allows it. So many times i encountered lowbobs with their " aim - prone-vertical drag" type of macros. Not even trying to hide it. Finally, double badges with veteran membership make it able to use both tight grip and increased hip fire accuracy or quicker aiming down the sight at the same time. Not that I'm encouraging you to purchase VM with the game in it's current stage though. Try it the hard way like a pro and play hardcore mode as much as possible. That way you won't have to rely on skill assists in the future
  6. True. I started supporting the red v.s. blue weapon stats (e.g. AVS = STG = M1/M2) and just keep the name and models differently in this game ever since Reto added so many guns to the game (and also guns that shouldn't be put in the game in the first place like assault rifles) it became close to impossible to properly balance it. They have spent way to much time now on nitpicking and tweaking all sorts of specs that either made guns OP or underperforming in a matter of a few builds. Ergo: players not knowing what to purchase anymore and currently almost everybody, except a few skilled players, resorted to the use of AVS/STG and M1/M2 max modded spam weapons which destroyed all immersion anyways. So might as well just distribute all weapons in the game across all factions. Immersion doesn't really matter anymore and quite frankly it might finally put an end to the everlasting forum fights about weapon performance. In the meantime i'll stick to the B/A rifle and tommy anyways and never really bothered using skill crutches like AR's and MG's in the first place. Next, removing the silly infantry scopes and bring back iron sight zoom for the B/A rifles and all is cool.
  7. Try flying when on that server as a non Russia based player. Controls hardly respond so mostly flying in a straight line for miles before the server responds again and able to register your turning instructions. Except, it's too late then and you flew the plane in a tree or outside the map borders. Double shots, camera lag and catch up etc etc. Rubber banding is terrible. I see i received some instructions to go and collect some network related data to sent to Reto so going to try find some time doing so.. Playing during EU prime time is a no go for me nowadays anyway. It's when it seems I'm playing on the virtual servers only and being outright unplayable. Not until midnight connections seem to stabilize a bit, which is when player population goes down and I'm being connected to the dedicated servers again..
  8. Mate, Just don't bother reacting to them greenhorns. Some unknown player that joined forums just over a year ago ain't worth the trouble. Besides, this forum is almost deserted anyways.. It's just the occasional visit of grumpy vets like us and some lost kids.
  9. Mastah

    What's the point of 6min matches?

    Well since both staged or war matches are hosted on the same servers with according lag and packet loss issues, I'd rather stick to war matches since any shot that DOES get registered, at least give some extra XP to break even in the end.
  10. It's the exact same link as I posted on the forums some time ago already and which I think have been causing the issues described in here and in our PM's.
  11. Mastah

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

    How about: - sitting way back with a 2 HK scoped rifle and camo gold badge collecting xp by means of "tactical defence" - spawning a 222, undeploy the recon and retake the 222 as infantry - spawn with a pistol, sneak up on any of the zillion low skilled players that are using assault rifles and wreck havoc with their own guns - spam mines around tank spawns. Wait for tanker to bail out and finish him off. Collecting salt knowing his respawn timer becomes insanely high after a few tries. - do tank v.s. tank battles. Spawn as passenger and try stealing enemy armor. - sneak up on enemy recon, place mines next to them and shoot them. Man, there are countless ways of having "fun" in this game since playing for objectives, became doable only when you just drop all sanity and dignity and equip yourself a skill crutch and heavy set. And since I ain't going down the road of low skilled bullies I keep inventing ways to collect salt and upkeep my 4.6 KD. Oh don't forget to whistle and tea-bag the skill crutch users along the way
  12. Over the course of a few months I have: - Bridged the modem of my ISP, - Added a Netgear NightHawk router (not the cheapest one in stores) in my internet setup. - Replaced all cat 5e to 6 cables (240 mhz) - Tripled my bandwidth both up- as downstream - Checked and reinstalled the driver of my network card and assured it was set to full duplex mode and configured correctly to uphold de 1 GB/s throughput. - Did speed and ping tests and checked every available setting in the whole chain that showed no bottlenecks. - Set priorities for internet traffic to online games. - Am localized within an area consisting mostly of glass fiber/ broadband internet network and relatively close to one of the biggest internet hubs in Europe... But i STILL get horrible lag (resulting in rubber banding effect) and experience a lot of missing shots and double shots (packet loss) in most matches of Heroes&Generals. So @Reto.Umbra No exact clue what Reto has changed within their server setup over the past months, (whereas the hybrid / cloud hosting might be the main reason) but I can be 100% sure something is really messed up now. Have to leave 9 out of 10 matches almost instantly because the game is simply unplayable. Could you please share some info about your findings till now? Cheers
  13. Mastah

    shirt game.

    Except for the realism aspects been done in a bad way. Removing Axis flags and banners and radio speeches for example (realistic, adds atmosphere). Adding insane gun smoke (blocking view) and vehicle exit animations (that drive you dizzy) instead. Among a list of other misplaced ' realistic' features. When the game was more arcadey in the past, the game play was more enjoyable.
  14. Mastah

    Smoke back on gun?

    True thing. Never understood all these failed attempts to add realism to this game in this way. I'd rather seen ' realism' in this game by making Bipods mandatory for the HMG's for example. Or making it possible to reload while moving sprinting. Or making it possible to use a gun when jumping down a roof or hopping over a fence (be it with increased inaccuracy). Instead, Reto decided to decrease visibility by adding gun blaze, smoke and blood splatter in the screen.....
  15. Mastah

    cant use medikit while lying down

    You also can't use med or ammo crate on jeeps when it's parked at a river crossing... Or even when it's parked upon a sloping hill. Just one of those many nuisances...