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  1. Reto.Hades

    What to do to look through walls and trees?

    If you suspect someone from cheating, please report them to support through I will close this topic.
  2. Hmmm, as a suggestion on this (we might never put this into the game, but just as a suggestion). I don't know exactly what this would look like, but let's say we remove manual queueing on the map. In stead, we put an option in the matchmaker, to only join warbattles where you have Assault teams in? If you are in a squad, this would only include battles in which the squad leader has units You would no longer be able to just join any battle You would be able to indirectly queue on towns where you do have units in If you have several battles with units in them, you should get into a battle much faster. It should reduce the usefulness of alt-accounts. You can no longer join a battle with a full clan, or at least it will be much more difficult (you might get some friends in through friendslists). Some would see that as a good thing, but clans of course don't. My question would then mostly be if clans can live with such a trade-off. They can of course send their units in the same area, to support eachothers flanks and such.
  3. It's something we have on the list, to show them the expected waiting time. I don't know when we will actually add it to the game however.
  4. Reto.Hades

    Improve the Map, make it useful.

    Would it help to have (I'm not saying we will do this, but as a thought) the coordinates of your current position somewhere on the UI? In the lower left next to your health for example? Or do you feel that that would clutter the UI too much?
  5. Like already stated, jumping will have a negative effect on accuracy in the next build. So that should most likely solve this point.
  6. Reto.Hades

    Honest conversation about farming.

    It indeed depends on the 'how' you do it. If you run out of the objective to kill some enemies, or go back to heal or anything like that, it's of course a very normal course of action. It becomes something different when you end a skirmish with 50 captures, with an average amount of kills of 6 . Which yes, we have seen. There is a lot of grey-area in subjects like this. But in general players who get punished for farming, know that they are farming. Some try to nitpick the exact rules, but they know they are in the wrong. As long as you don't do anything crazy, you are fine.
  7. Reto.Hades


    We have considered this, but felt it did not fit our game. We also noticed that whenever medics were discussed, many people were against such a system. So we will probably never introduce a way to revive soldiers.
  8. Reto.Hades

    Prototype test: Hero control tweaks

    We have closed the prototype server and will go over the feedback. I will close this topic, thank you for giving it a try!
  9. Reto.Hades

    Why US tankers have M1A1 ?

    My bug report actually got closed within 5 minutes ^^. The STG on the US tanker is intended, just like indeed the FG42 on German Infantry. It is mostly inspired by the movie 'Fury'. Where they also had a stolen STG-44 in their tank. The STG-44 is of course a great weapon, so it is not out of the question a US tank crewman would try to get their hands on one. It was historically better in all ways compared to the thompson or the grease gun. This is the reason why the US tank crews have the ability to get the captured STG-44.
  10. Reto.Hades

    I have a deploy glitch

    We are aware that it happens, it already happened during testing, which we had fixed. But for whatever reason, it broke again somewhere. It has been listed as bug and as high priority, there are more high priority bugs, so I don't know when this will be fixed exactly, but I can at least say it's known and I don't expect it to take months. It sometimes happens on my private account as well, while some other times it works just fine for me. I have if I remember correctly 122 units myself.
  11. Reto.Hades

    Honest conversation about farming.

    Farming is doing tasks with as single and only focus to gain experience. Killing the same soldiers is of course fine. But, shooting in the air with a gun to gain experience. Driving around in circles with your vehicle. Capturing an objective and then go out to allow the enemy to cap to then go back in and cap it again Going into a battle with a friend and find a spot on the map where you keep headshoting one another. Or what I know currently happens, go into a bot battle with a friend who has a captured weapon, deliberately suiciding (or even run into a bot enemy) to then allow their buddy to pick up their gun and make kills with it to grind. If it happens once, you might just want to pick up his nice gun. But if you keep doing it, we can of course tell you are purposly using this strategy to help skip the grind. Things like that are considered farming (there are more options, but these are some of them). You are using the game in a way it is not intended, to quickly grind experience. If you want to play with a low cost weapon to grind some credits, that is fine as long as you play to win. If you want to grind your driver ribbon and you spawn the jeep a bit more for distances you would normally walk. Or even decide to go on longer routes to flank the enemy, that is also fine. As flanking is a valid tactic.
  12. This is an older topic but I will respond to it either way. We have actually seen that the PPD's performance is not below that of the other starter SMG's. I have not seen the statistics myself, so there might be some difference between how it performs, but there is not too much difference between the weapons.
  13. Reto.Hades

    Feedback after a long break

    Whenever it comes to limiting players on how many they can deploy, this is a very difficult point. I understand the use of it, but allowing players to buy something, they are not able to use is not something we really want. One can of course argue that the limits of the stockpile and production also result in players not able to use (all) their assault teams. But that is still a bit different. I do not think we wish to go for a solution like this.
  14. Reto.Hades

    Why US tankers have M1A1 ?

    Hmm, that is still a thing? That need to be fixed indeed as that is a bug, or at least should be. I actually see it is not in our system, so I'm not sure if it was never reported as a bug or that something else went wrong. I will put it in the system now.
  15. Reto.Hades

    Need more GE

    11vs20 only happens when players leave. Players leaving is not something we can fix. However, 18vs20 is something we are currently looking at. If we would ban people for sharing critisizm, half the people on the forums would not be here. But it is of course easy to trashtalk and then when you get banned call it censorship. I will close this topic as this is not constructive whatsoever. It has nothing to do with not understanding cynic reactions. It's about not allowing them. I have no interest in constant sarcastic remarks and trolling. If you cannot get your message accross in a normal fashion, I have no interest in hearing it. Sharing critisizm is perfectly fine, but doing so in a very toxic way is not a way to get a good discussion going.