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  1. Soldiers! Nice weather for a Joyride? This week your sale consists of: 50% OFF All Vehicles 50% OFF All Supply Crates Sale is Gold only. Get the ride of your dreams now!* Enjoy! RETO MOTO * Excludes new Recon Vehicles, Sale ends Thursday, July 25th 2019 @ 10AM CEST Original post:
  2. Reto.Hades

    How long is the day/night cycle in RTS?

    I don't know the exact number, but it's somewhere between 3,5 and 4 ingame days per real day. So 1 ingame day is 6 to 7 real life hours.
  3. Reto.Hades

    Member Ship 24 Hour !

    Having it count only for actual playtime is not profitable for us. We sell 90 day veteran memberships for (about) 20 euro's. That is 2160 hours. That is a lot of hours, and most players never even reach that. Meaning that 20 euro's would be veteran membership for life. Especially since in 2160 hours, it's quite easily to earn enough credits on your veteran membership to keep paying for new memberships. That is not something we can survive on. For the rest, this is pretty standard practice, almost all gaming companies but also companies outside of gaming (think about your internet provider) have contracts for a certain duration, if you use it or not is up to you. The only way it would still be profitable for us, is if we also increase the pricing by a factor of 10. Seeing most people don't want to throw down 200 euro's in one go, that would not be a good idea for us.
  4. Reto.Hades


    Seeing that there is quite some discussion going on about the Gold-only sale, we wanted to give you a response to explain why we have started doing Gold only sales, and as a matter of fact, we will only be doing Gold sales until further notice. We first want to state that we have just done the 'Capture Denial' event, which does provide a Credits only discount on repairs, it is still available now. Recently we also provided a 50% Credits only discount on Ribbon Progression. We will keep doing similar events on a regular basis. We used to do both Credits and Gold discounts at the same time but such discounts are hurting our business, it is simply not profitable for us. Because of this, we have decided to turn to Gold only sales and have notified our players since we started to do so, initially. We thought you guys were already used to it so we didn't specify it in the messaging today, sorry if it confused some of you. We will make an effort to make sales clear to you in the future. Until then, enjoy the pretty sweet deals from the Summer Sale for the next 3 weeks!
  5. Reto.Hades


    Soldiers! School’s out but War is on. So is your Summer sale! This week your sale consists of: 50% OFF All Veteran Membership 50% OFF All Weapons and Items 50% OFF All Weapon Mods All Professional Tools for the Discerning Veteran! Limited time only!* Enjoy! RETO MOTO * Sale ends July 18th 2019 @ 08:00 GMT Original post:
  6. Hello everyone! We have a new prototype test for you guys, this time we have specialist only battles. We have: - Recon versus Recon - Pilot versus Pilot We request that players join as either Germany or United States. This way we can get the most players in the same battle. You can download prototype at:
  7. Soldiers! You have worked hard and now your reward is here! All players will have 50% Credit discount on:* All Weapon Repairs All Weapon Mod Repairs All Ammo Refill All Handheld Explosive Repairs The Capture Denial Event has come to a halt, and your efforts shine through with persistent brightness. Over the weekend you’ve accumulated a total of 855.798 capture denials! In that pool US forces added the base of 252.929, SU brought 248.721 and GE put the cherry on top with a whopping 354.148 denials! We applaud all of your time and effort, and as a token of gratitude for participating we added a little extra RETO bonus – so everyone can enjoy a week of 50% repair discount on all weapons, weapon mods, ammo refills and handheld explosive repairs. Enjoy! RETO MOTO * Sale ends Sunday, July 14th 2019 @ 10:00 AM CEST Original post:
  8. Reto.Hades

    Plane vs plane prototype server

    This seems to be a common misconception... I don't play it, so no one plays it. The tank versus tank map sees plenty of combat, of course not as much as most other gamemmodes, but there are a lot of players who like to fight on this map. I expect this will be the same for the other gamemodes. It also helps with queue times for these players, as if there aren't any planes or recons available in other battles, they will be able to fight on that map.
  9. Reto.Hades


    I really don't want to waste my time on this kind of conversation. As this is starting to feel like talking to conspiracy theorists and completely unrelated to the event. First of all, simply not true. We have a store and right next to it is a repair store, both owned by us. If you bought a new bicycle last year, it breaks and you need to buy a new one. The person working in the bike store will not tell you that the price increased, nor does he have to by any existing law in any country. If you get a flat tire and need to repair it, the person behind the desk does not have to tell you what the price was yesterday to repair that bike. I have also never walked into a store which showed any information like 'BREAD NOW 5 CENTS MORE EXPENSIVE!', no they just raise the prize, sometimes you notice it, sometimes you don't. It is mandatory when you have a contract. When you rent a house, or when you have a cellphone contract. They need to notify you if the price increases. But a store does not. Not a single game on the market will tell you in the changelog they increased the pricing on something. Because no one wants to hear that. Changelogs are a form of promotion, you want to make your game look good. Raising prizes is not making your game look good. This is not something that applies only to our company, this is something that applies to every company in existence. This is economy and marketing 101. This is in no way shape or form lying, lying would be if we change prizes and then say we don't. That is something completely different and that is not something we are doing. I can say with full honesty that we have not made any real changes to pricing, HE-rounds for tanks I know have had a slight increase in pricing, I don't know exactly how much. But for the rest, we haven't made changes to the repair costs. This is simply an event we wanted to do and we wanted to give you guys something for participating. We thought a cheaper repair bill would be a nice goal. We want to do more event like this, where the reward will be something similar. I find it so stupid that we have to defend giving you guys something for free. /choosingbeggers If you are not interested in the event, then ignore it and just play like you normally do. You get the reward anyway. I don't even understand why we are having this discussion. We are handing you guys something for free, all you have to do it play to get it. If you find it so terrible to get a repair cost discount, don't play during next week.
  10. Reto.Hades


    Alright then, time for me to jump in as well now. Changes in pricing sometimes happen, there are small tweaks here and there when we see that certain costs are out of balance. This could be either way, sometimes we make things a slight bit more expensive, sometimes a slight bit cheaper. If I am not mistaken, we made HE shells for tanks slightly more expensive recently. The reasoning behind this was actually player feedback. Which at that time complained that it was so easy for tankers to just camp from far away and earn massive amounts of credits by killing infantry. We indeed noticed they made very high profits with this, and therefore we upped the pricing for HE a bit. Yes I know, you guys would have preferred higher infantry earnings, but that is a different discussion. However, these claims that we have made significant pricing changes recently is simply not true. As a matter of fact, the biggest cost complaint was repairs for anti-tank weapons. Seeing tanks are now much easier to destroy, you need to use less explosives and therefore the repair cost for the destruction of a single tank has significantly been reduced. On average, if you compare the average repair bill in january with the repair bill of today, your bill is smaller today than 7 months ago. I do have to admit, I find it a shame this discussion has developed into such a discussion. There was nothing that forced us to do this event, an event which brings your repair costs down for a week. Since when is it a bad thing to have lower repair costs? It was an event you weren't forced to participate in at all, yet you still get the benefits from it. I don't see it as anything else than a win-win situation.
  11. The person in charge of the values is currently on vacation, but once he comes back I will ask him to take a look at it.
  12. Reto.Hades

    general feedback @reto.christiano *dev stream*

    Christiano has nothing to do with balancing. He only designs them, he does not attribute statistics to weapons or vehicles.
  13. Reto.Hades


    Soldiers! It is time to secure your strategic points - deny the enemy any new ground! Defend Capture zones from attacking forces and get rewarded as a community! THE EVENT For years three factions have fought against each other, but this time around, it is still against each other – but together! All three factions will fight as usual, but this weekend*, every “Capture Denial” kill will be counted in one big pool from all the players cross factions. As a community you have to gather as many “Capture Denial” kills as possible. The more you kill, the greater the credit discount! Everyone’s a winner in this event, that is, if you manage to reach the goals! THE REWARD In the week** following the event you will get a credits discount on weapon repairs. Here is the different tiers you as a community can reach: 15% OFF- 250.000 “Capture Denial” kills 30% OFF - 600.000 “Capture Denial” kills 50% OFF - 1.100.000 “Capture Denial” kills 75% OFF - 1.800.000 “Capture Denial” kills Maximum achievable discount for the event During the weekend we will keep your updated every 24hrs with the progress the community is making, we will post info (like the image above) in this post and in our discord. THE OBJECTIVE No matter what faction you are playing, get “Capture denial” kills by killing an enemy in a frontline Capture Zone currently owned by your team, or currently neutral and contested – Kills in Capture Zones that are not active or not on the front line do not count towards the kill count. All “Denial” kills from across factions will be counted together in one big pool. Reach the tiered goals to get more discount on credit repairs towards weapons! If you want to humble brag on our discord about how many capture denials you personally added to the pool, You can monitor your stats, by clicking your username in the top right corner of the Heroes & Generals flash client, then click the medallion icon that appears in the column on the right marked “stats” - Capture denials will be in the list that appears in the column below. GET INTO BATTLE NOW TO REAP YOUR REWARDS! Cheers, RETO MOTO * Event runs from July 5th to July 8th ** Reward will be enabled from July 9th until July 14th Original post:
  14. Reto.Hades

    Petition to STOP this ugly event

    Event has ended, I'll close the topic.
  15. Reto.Hades

    Matchmaking: 18 v 20 issue

    This has to do with the squad system. When it is for example 17vs18, and there are no more squads available, the system allows a new squad to join, allowing up to 20 players. When it is 17vs18, and one of the squads still has room, it will add 1 more player in that squad to turn it into 18vs18. I don't know the exact details, there might be some additional rules and limitations and such, but this is the basis at least.