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  1. Regarding the AI shooting at each other with bazooka's, this was a bug and was not supposed to happen.
  2. The game is a team-based game. Keeping tanks alive is not very difficult with a little bit of teamwork. If you have a friendly covering your tanks, it becomes much more difficult to reach the tank, as shown in image jmj shared, he only has anti-tank weapons. So going into an infantry battle would be almost impossible for him. A tank should not be an impenetrable fortress, it can be used as support, or even as battering ram. But it is also vulnerable to the sides and back. Tank rambo's are mostly effective against people that put their tank way behind the front-line. When moving closer to your infantry it becomes a lot harder for rambo's to reach your tank, even if you don't have a dedicated friendly helping you.
  3. Reto.Hades

    New winning town mechanic

    Or this is an entirely new issue, as this only used to happen once every few hundred battles and now happens a lot more often.
  4. Reto.Hades

    Kick players

    We have answered this one a few times in the past, but I will do it again. We will not add a vote-kick system. And the reason for that is that it's extremely easy to exploit. One option would be for clans to join a battle on the war map, and then kick everyone they don't feel is good enough to play with them. Other options are also possible.
  5. Reto.Hades

    HnG war app

    I will quickly answer this one as I happen to come across it. As far as I know we never made such a statement, as we have always said that we discontinued the app as it had a high cost and maintenance while only a very limited amount of people used it. As far as I know we have never had any plans to bring it back.
  6. Reto.Hades

    New winning town mechanic

    No idea, I did not ask to be honest .
  7. Reto.Hades

    New winning town mechanic

    We almost have a fix ready for this, and it will most likely be in the next weekly update, meaning next week.
  8. Reto.Hades

    How much credit do I get after a kill?

    I need to state that this is not completely true. Whenever you shoot someone, you get experience for doing damage to that individual. You get 3xp for doing full damage to an enemy soldier. Meaning that a kill is always at least 8 xp. I could be mistaken in one aspect, you might get less damage xp when the enemy soldier is already wounded. I am not 100% sure how that works.
  9. Reto.Hades

    When is the next 50% of sale likely to be?

    We never comment on sales before we do them, so that is not information I can share (or have to be honest)
  10. Reto.Hades

    Armor tweaks feedback

    I would like to ask you guys to focus a bit more on the tweaks we made, rather than the system as a whole. We already knew these tweaks would not fix everything. As I have stated several times, this would be the first batch of tweaks, we would review them and then move to the next set of tweaks if necessary. Yesterday I noticed that most topics were mostly general complaints about armor 2.0, which is why I created this topic, in the hopes to get feedback really regarding the tweaks themselves, rather than simply complaints regarding the system as a whole. I have played a battle myself, and from a purely personal perspective, I have noticed some positive effects from the changes. Unfortunately, I can only base this on a single battle, as I have not had much time this week to try it out yet.
  11. Reto.Hades

    Cheating problem

    I have locked the topic, the not naming & shaming policy is not negotiable. The decision has been made many years ago, and will not change.
  12. Reto.Hades

    Thanks for buffing tanks.

    Statements made here are not objective, and it does not help value the tweaks made. I will close this topic. If you wish to discuss the new tweak, please do so in an objective manner. One bad experience is not enough to base an entire arguement on that we 'buffed tanks'.
  13. So I will create an 'official' topic about this. Both for you guys to give feedback on, but also a personal statement that I think is important to share with you guys. I just fought a battle myself running around with H3's, and I did notice I had an easier time taking out light and medium tanks as well as tank destroyers with it. I noticed a statement about a IS-2 taking 14, if that is the case and you did place them in the correct spots, that should indeed not happen, but from what I have noticed so far, it is an improvement. I do need to state, we only deployed it yesterday, so I think it is too early to draw too massive conclusions just yet. Both positive and negative conclusions. I want to give my own opinion on something, which is how many H3's it should take to kill a tank. I disagreed that 3 H3's should be able to kill any tank, not even a light tank. And my explanation is very simple, handheld weapons only cost 2 equipment points. Meaning that in theory you could create a soldier with 4 sets of H3's and take out 4 tanks without ever visiting a resupply point. In this game, you have a couple of categories when it comes to weaponary. You have main weapons, side-arms and tools. Of course within the game you have several types of tools, but I'll keep it on 'tools' in general. The main weapon, should be the most important weapon in your inventory. Your character should always revolve around your main weapon, this is what classifies him to what his strengths and weaknesses should be. Tools are an addition to your main weapon, they help your main weapon to complete it's objectives. Handheld weapons are supposed to be a 'last resort'. You want your main weapon to focus on enemy infantry, but you don't want to be absolutely defenceless against tanks, you take some H3's with you as well, to destroy it's tracks and make it a lot less useable for the opposing faction. If you really want to fight tanks, you should use a weapon like the panzershreck. This is a 'main weapon' and costs 6 equipment points. It's whole purpose is to take on tanks. Currently the 2 equipment points are at least just as effective, but perhaps even more effective than the 6 equipment points. And this is not a good situation. The topics I currently see open is all about H3's, no one is talking about the effect of other anti-tank weapons, and this adds to my statement that our balance in best anti-tank weapons is off. Like I stated before, this is the first tweak, and more will follow. The tweak that I personally want next, is to look at anti-tank infantry weapons. I want 'main weapons', bazooka, ptrd, panzershreck etc. to become stronger. At the same time, I want to add a reload timer to hand-held anti-tank weapons. Meaning that it will take longer to place H3's on an enemy tanks. Now this is what I personally like to see, so that does not mean it will actually be placed ingame, as others in the company might disagreed with it.
  14. Reto.Hades

    Changelog 1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes

    Updated the changelog with the latest hotfixes
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