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    Let us all dream on on what H&G could be... Thanks for your spirit. "->RTS , I still love you." "RTS-makeover, I would merry you" Nearly 10 years of waiting. Built an army of 13900 men + 900 tanks + 130 APCS + cars + motorbikes + 130 x FockeWulf + 160 x Recce_Henschel + 420 x light tanks + 126 x med tanks + 52 heavyT+ 70 x tank destroyers + 800 paratrooper + and you just dont need them. There is nothing to do.
  2. Crying cause the enemy is using its spawn spots on its lines? Really? How could this happen? Please dont ask to remove the last FPS-game-based tactical differences when playing a map a second time. There should/must be an advantage/disadvantage if you assault the town-map with only E-line available or if there is E and D. Otherwise the theoretical background of any map would look like this and H&G maps would loose a dynamic element... <------------------------------- A1 -- A2 -- A3 -- O -- B3 -- B2 -- B1 -->
  3. Sturmfliege


    You are a poet. I like that metaphoric approach. Reminds me of him:
  4. Sturmfliege

    Garand Daddy talks M1928 Thompson

    😉 Nice toys you developed over there, Mr. Jones, but:
  5. Sturmfliege

    New level reached...

    since the last update of H&G, the game tends to crash during the switch between char-selection and the loading matchmaker. There is some issue with it and I cant find out what it is. The game crashes after a few matches with squads members jumping on and off were quiet normal since years. But this is a new quality that you dont make it into a single match without a restart. Game crashes after you found a match and loading process is starting. You relog, hear the sound and may join the match you were enlisted before. Actually I am using the standalone-client. The steam-version was too buggy I thought, here I faced "checking program files" twice a day.
  6. ...but half the prize... But I fear that is once again too much deep coding.
  7. I think that you must be lucky to kill 3 - that´s true. But not impossible. I think FT is an all-in weapon. Firepower and full risk. And you can be lucky with the FT. But noone needs another Uber-gun. So please do just little changes to it.
  8. - Reduce reload time since we always need to be in close quarters and fighting multiple people. Alternatively increase the time of firing the flame before needing to reload. with one load of the flamethrower it´s easy to kill like 3 ppl, so I disagree. - People should only scream if it's a confirm death that screaming is the best that happended to the sound og H&G for years, I dont see any reason to give the flamethrower guys an acustic feedback for their kills and other kills just get a message. I mean ppl beeing burned scream. Ppl dying from fire usually dont scream anymore. So it´s ok like it is. - People don't get damaged enough when they are set on fire, I could fire into someones back and they will turn to uleash body hits to kill me while lit up in the flame. The damage needs a buff, it should not allow that to happen, if someone could aim and fire a gun whole having their head torched is highly unlikely. the damage of a flamethrower is suffician imo. We dont need a cqc meta-gun, I think.
  9. Sturmfliege

    fix the game

    Shhh. Don´t shout it out loud!
  10. Sturmfliege

    We don't need three factions!!

    Old discussion. Please read forum´s archive. This game will be shut down with 3 factions, no return to 2 faction-concepts possible. Too much coding needed. Those changes would afford touching any part of the game, even RTS code, player management, database... And in the end US and SU clans would easy overpower the GE hardtrys 24/7. I don´t see a chance.
  11. Sturmfliege

    'Golden Ticket' AT Deploy

    Poor owners of expensive and rare ATs. Without being in place when a new war starts certain units cant be used, they will just wait in the queue for the rest of the war. Even with the "new"- queing system (more than a year old) this is a request based mechanic that puts all AT requests in one long lane. Like that some ATs in well populated factions won´t see any fire fight for sure. And by the way: The frontlines (numbers of citys that can be played) are not too long so most units are unneeded on the RTS-map anyway. Long story short: at the actual state of the RTS-part of H&G there is no reason to form an army. The relation betweeen a faction´s players / request for units / production and places to play has been adjusted several times, but we all know the outcome. Large production benefits the largest faction, higher starting stock leads to crying community instantly as well. Having parasdrops in every match makes no sense either... I see why Reto faces quality of life-updates and gun-balancing-stuff that often. They don´t want to touch that pandorabox. (Still waiting for splitting AA-vehicles from mech.Inf to some kind of standalone-support unit since 3 years...)
  12. Sturmfliege

    Depleted ATs (RTS) still get WF and XP?

    Nice explanation N_E_TheSpanishInquisition. Sometimes this forum works as intended. *cheers*
  13. Sturmfliege

    About wasting of time and resources...

    Using all the stuff and toys could be fun even for the generals, if there would be a way to win WF in this game. But as we all know that there is only a 50:50 chance to gain profit, toys are expensive and in the situation that you described it´s a 100% loss for the general offering the units to the players in the match. I wished that RETO had impemented some kind of battle leader that could open and close slots for to use certain (expensive) units. So that unsecessary spawns could be stoped by the most experienced player on each side. But they didnt. They call it freedom...
  14. Sturmfliege

    Player numbers dwindling

    I had my time in H&G and had a lot of fun. Raising a soldier from 0 to become a general was it. Even the grind was part of it. But once again: it was the mixture of fps and the war map that made H&G unique. And I built a small army of 15000+ men and had to learn that the concepts behind the war map weren´t fitting to the numbers of players that brought ATs on the map. RETO tried to compensate those values by adjusting the UNDERDOG-Bonus and last with the AT limits. That way my army became more and more useless. -> RETO invented the queue for the ATs . But still with a certain kind of production limit there was not much to do on the war map. To create a simulating AUTO-resolver could have been a solution to create a fun to play war map. Cause every match would have been played or at least simulated and WF would have been generated that way. The initiative of some factions would have been lowered so that at more parts of the front would have come to life. Focusing the fps-part was and still is the wrong way. And without a smooth running war map H&G is just an average shooter with obsolete engine. I keep watching it.
  15. Sturmfliege

    network is trying to catch up

    Since one week I am experiencing cruel lag while H&G reports "network is trying to catch up". Any ideas? Or do I have to shot my provider? Any testing tool well known to detect the reasons?
  16. Sturmfliege

    Wheater in H & G (Rain)

    "High bosses" must fear to confuse us only thinking about it. I guess that someone wrote them "RETO, please don´t make too many ideas become true in H&G! I guess that maybe the community won´t accept so many changes. Changing daylight depending on an ingame clock (why can´t I see which time of a virtual day it is ingame?), sunny weather, cloudy skies and rain or snow. Please not. That´s too much!" Otherwise I can´t explain (even to myself) that there is no ingame CLOCK or some dynamic weather and a (forecast).
  17. Sturmfliege

    Sub Faction

    RETO is a small team. They will keep the running system online if possible but new factions are far away from beeing implemented. Even new maps are too ambitious, but from time to time the existing maps get some optimization (tweaks). Check the forums for all the fine ideas there were for british, italian or even japanese forces (as sub-factions). And join the choir of the crying. Sometimes it feels they don´t have the needed knowledge to update and develope certain parts of this game anymore (strategy-map). So dont expect too much.
  18. Sturmfliege

    Puck u RETO

    Dear Rockboje, your critics are so detailed and useful. Your insults that creative. With the next update we will change the planes speed to the historical correct value to balance everything! Of course we will release a gun overhaul to make you feel fine as a "Player with Heavyset like STG44". Last but no least the PanzerbĂźchse will become a 1 shot plane killer, as you wish and on top there will be cheaper camos for all players, we think about a perma discount arround 50-60%. Please dont leave and stay with us, you must be a super nice guy Rockboje. Good bye and good puck.
  19. Sturmfliege

    network is trying to catch up

    Must have been a temporary problem. It´s gone.
  20. Sturmfliege

    network is trying to catch up

    Thank you Levie_, but there is no general lag in my internet connection (usually), I am not facing those lags playing other games and during the last eight years there were no compareable issues in H&G. And it´s not once in a match, sometimes it strikes four times in a match and the lag is like 2-3 seconds.. The ping at is constantly at 13ms, there is no peak at all. I will try to see if there is a negativ peak in in- and out-going traffic in the network monitor during the next matches.
  21. Sturmfliege

    H&G Players need a raise....

    I don't believe in micro transactions and that they are going to help RETO to make H&G gain more profit. Long time playing vets are good customers, if the play using vet-ship. But once they reach the point where they got the best loadouts and several soldiers, they start swimming in credits. RETO won't help players to reach that level, where the just grep everything that's available, whats quiet easy to understand. So all calculations have to concider, that hardtrying players with a bunch of hours playing will become rich while other players - and I think those are the most focussed ones - have to struggle to progress. That's when they might decide to boost their account and spend money for H&G. Need a level up? Go for gold. So it's the casual gamer they got to aim for. Making playerbase vets means a loss in that logic, so i dont see wage raising in anyway. Players must be in need of something so they tend to spend...
  22. Sturmfliege

    MG13, is it OP?

    SPAMALOT / CAMELOT I think it's important to point out that MG13 was the first new rifle that was of interest for even VETs for months. So keep in mind that the skill of your opponent you are facing is part of the picture. Over all the (now not so) new MGs and LMGs where a boost for H&G and made a few guys like to test the game and the actual state of it (again). Of course there should be differences between the guns the game provides, having all-jobs-done-by-ONE-magic-sticks is no fun. All factions got some of those when at hand of experienced players. I still believe that it's not the gun, it's the one using it. So it's hard to balance skill... That game mechanic allows a squad to spawn with a weapon of choice [that includes 4x MG13 ]was maybe a bad idea, that leads to the problem that VETs will use the ONE only, cause it's possible. --> And that firing of a MG from the shoulder is still ultra skirty BS, imo.
  23. Sturmfliege

    German Miner (Pioniere)

    Using my miner-specialist I am always happy to have something to throw at enemies. So the setup is G43 mines and some grenades [supporting others soldiers in CQC or cleaning a ford to pass through] or Panzerwurfmines [to kill enemy APCs or damage tanks] I don't use med.packs, cause support soldiers like this one are no first line infantry. So the badges should offer more damage and more explosives, I think. I tested a dedicated soldier who carries mines only (and a G43 of course). Having two of these in yours squad allows to setup a minefield of 18 mines in just one run. Quiet nice to have to block some RUSSICANS hitting a special spot with cars. Those soldiers highly specialized, you don´t use them too often in a match. So this is more relevant to VETs.
  24. Sturmfliege

    Guarding objectives XP

    Should be CP at the front of course. Defense is decisive in H&G so I think that idea is good. The amount of XP should be to discuss, maybe it´s smart to give most XP to a single player defending, less XP to a smaller group and even just a few xp-points to a group >4. Cause winning is the opposite direction players should still be motivated to move and they should like to move to the next CP. Def shoundn´t become too profitable.