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  1. Sturmfliege

    Deutscher Spieler Sucht Aktiven Clan

    Richtige Einstellung, Kamerad. "Die Abtl. Heulsusen - Alles ist schlecht" und die "RETO-ist-so-doof-Armee" sind schon stark genug.
  2. Sturmfliege

    Lost fighters

    Never heared of that bug. Anyone else experiencing such losses?
  3. Sturmfliege

    RTS AT organization by type

    I use another table (not in the picture) to calculate investments like buying new units or even renaming. It helps to keep your warfounds (WF) on a steady high level and to reflect if the last war was a good one (warfounds plus) or a loss in the end (WF status old + WF gained) - all investment (buynew+rename+updates)).
  4. Sturmfliege

    RTS AT organization by type

    I used to plan my army right from the start, right now it has become some interactive google docs tab that auto counts any unit I add to the list. So the tab shows the amount of G(uards] and regular Inf (X), seperated from motorized (XO) or mechanized (XOO) ... I used one spread for each regiment, A Regiment contains up to 6 Battailons with 6 Kompanies. So as you can see the "9. Inf.Reg Btl2 1.Kp", short form 9IB2K1, is a G(uard) unit. The 3.PR B1 K1 is a m(edium)T(ank) unit, belonging to the 3. Pz. Reg Btl1. 1.Kp. 4. ARg is a reccon unit, the 6th Regiment is a F(allschirmjäger)R(egiment). I gave them a color code that green units are INF unit, pink is TANKER, yellow is RECCON, blue is airforce and so on. The code is based on german army unit colors, which can be found on collar mirror.
  5. Sturmfliege

    RTS AT organization by type

  6. Sturmfliege

    Play the soldier you want to play

    I suggested it a few times: let ppl pay for the stuff the use. Pay to the one who provides them, so every spawn is a little investment where you may win or loose WF. If ppl are willing to pay to play, if they like to waste something: OK, but dont let players become paymaster who brought the ATs to the match. But it seems like there are no supporters arround for that idea. By the way - I dont spawn tanks or planes or paras anymore. I am spawning 12000 men, guards-ATs only of course, to keep it cheap even if AR strikes in the east.
  7. hi there. 1. the debriefing table after a match is now very confusing. It only shows several group of EXP you got from activities ingame but this is pointless without a explanation legend. 2. And please give us a table consisting of the overall kills sorted by |CLOSE COMBAT |NADES |GENERAL KILLS |HEADSHOTS |TANKS |PLANES similar to the TAB-view ingame. So we can easier show of who we performed. Make after match report GREAT again. TY.
  8. Sturmfliege

    Play the soldier you want to play

    freedom of choice means that ppl will spawn what they like to spawn - like in the old days, we are back to them. Complaining about is bias, RETO cant give you that one thing without the other. It's still the same story - randoms like to P L A Y and often sothey dont learn to W I N. I only see that ppl that earned themselves the first blood will now leave the staged part of H&G and after all those do-what-you-like-and-spawn-for-fun matches they will clash with the war community. I think plane matches should be placed on air2air maps (please no bots) and on the intense INF maps there should be a unit limit to planes.
  9. Sturmfliege

    Spawn soldier selector change

    Yes. Why not? I guess that soldiers are numbered anyway in some kind of database. And at the main menu you should sort them that way, maybe by drag & drop. In the action game the soldiers could be sorted along categories sideways like INF, TANKERS, RECONS, PILOTS, PARA then they get sorted by number. Or you just put them into order by numbers and RETO may skip the category thing.
  10. Sturmfliege

    Solving the problem of paraplanes.

    Or just make air support available at any match so para hunting airforce can be countered by friendly planes easier. What was the idea behind giving planes a range that does not allow them to be of some use (REC-planes f. e.).
  11. Sturmfliege

    Spawn soldier selector change

    Why cant soldiers be sorted by a players choosen number? Or at least a top 10 you may define before they get shuffled. Anyway if you got more than 20 guys to select from is getting a little confusing.
  12. Sturmfliege

    Why does SU always win war?

    Ceterum censeo carthaginem esse delendam. . . And of course the fkn autoresolver... It ruined the RTS for a long time. Anything is better than those superlame underpop'ed wars I saw the last years. I believe in RETO fixing that in the future. And again, why is there no battlesimulator, that calculates matches that arn't played? Let a random timer/counter run (invisible for sure) and after a short period of time, like 1 h + x , owners of ATs get warfounds and a result depending on the lines and the equipment in that match. It could be easy implemented and this way no skirmish would block supplylines for days. Example: A skimish starting between to towns, A and B. faction 1- 200 INF, 40 cars, 20 Recs, 5 APCs faction 2- 360 INF, 20 cars, 10 Recs, 10 APCs, AR(C) "autoresolvingCalc" starts the battle after 1 h +x , match gets simulated, players can see that on the RTS map, see numbers of soldiers dying over time and stuff, like in any other match that was manned. You might even sent reinforments if you like. Match runs in realtime, of course, you cannot foresee the outcome from the start or how long the ARC will run.
  13. Sturmfliege

    Prisoners of war (POW)

    Nice idea for a new mechanic. Sounds like a bunch of work and a little over ambitiously in detail. I won't vote it up. Far more important things must be done before establishing new RTS comlications, imo. Anyway, I like the idea.
  14. Sturmfliege

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    I dont think removing staged mode is part of the concept of the future. It's just bs to call for that. Let the people play their thing, even in staged. And just ignore those yelling "turn it off","that will help the game". hope to see you arround again!
  15. Sturmfliege

    P-38 Lightning turn cone

    I dont complain about specific charakteristics of certain planes or tanks or infantry weapons. I like that there is no 100% balancing. I think it's ok that the US heavy fighter is the most maneuverable f.e., SU and GER got their own superior stuff. A big problem is that there are just a few places arround where you are allowed to counter the enemies airforce with something comparable. Using paperplanes makes no sense most of the time, you need at least light fighters to become a threat to the heavies. But planes are always superrare and cant be found at the frontlines - for well knows issues, as we all now. Why dont raise the production of all planes so the matches can be filled up with aircrafts? (And make them less expensive on warfounds)