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  1. Sturmfliege

    Response To Studio Restructuring Feedback

    Give them a free officer maybe, but give them something to learn what H&G does, yeah!
  2. Sturmfliege

    Ways to Fix Town Assault (images and notes included)

    I just forgot how far we were already in 2016. *I sob*
  3. Sturmfliege

    War in the motherland! Krepost encounter (1.13)

    more maps? more action-packed maps? In 2 years we got 2 maps (small ones) and some smaller makeovers of assault maps, where you may still find invisible obstacles and wholes in the ground that you can't escape: Krepost is nice but war will be won on assault maps.... I would like to see a capital map, with a placeholder in the center, where you may fight for Collosseum at ROME, Elysee-palace at PARIS, Westminster in LONDON, Reichstag in BERLIN... - 1 map with different centers to win a captial
  4. Sturmfliege

    Why does RETO hate SU faction Part II?

    I am still waiting for the fourth faction. Maybe a chinese faction to create a COMintern-alliance that way. CN as subfaction of SU to raise this faction in numbers. Would have a nice impact on the world-wide market and could add a bunch of new players to the game (and a lot of server problems).
  5. Sturmfliege

    SU won war with 674 battle wins...

    Thanks for that. I like facts. *thumbs up*
  6. Sturmfliege

    SU won war with 674 battle wins...

    I still think AR is needed somehow but it shouldn't be evaluating battles that static and should become a battlesimulator with kills and losses and WARFOUNDS AND EXP for those who try to feed the warmachine at any time of the day/night. Why do players still get punished for playing as generals? Example: 0000 CEST New war starts. 0100 CEST GER forces made it to France, setting up a defense line between Bordeaux to Marseille. 0230 CEST US forces break the whole thing along a corridor of 3 cities, cutting of the Bordeaux area neat the alps. 0430 CEST GER get pushed back but none of the battles get played, cities getting filled up with troops at frontlines, increasing the chance to get wiped out by AR cause troops are now low on morale - without a minimum on warfounds floating back. 0500 CEST US capping Marseille, last larger pockets getting crushed - still just a few players online, just a few matches been played. 0630 CEST GER dieing in the west - US capping Bordeaux, GER now back in turtle position, DEF north Italy, entrenching themselves at the passes, Holding ROME, PRAQUE, BUDAPEST, ISTANBUL.
  7. Sturmfliege

    units blocked eternally

    Czestochowa Ostrava Chelm
  8. Sturmfliege

    units blocked eternally

    30.12.2018 TIME: 1930 RETO, please check those mechanic that finished played and autoresolved battles. Right now there are issues and units cant be moved after the match. Other units can be moved even at same city. Some are blocked and seem to remain with status IN COMBAT (flashing highlighted). Right now it´s the case in Bythom Tomaszów Mazowiecki Zamosc
  9. Sturmfliege

    Game crash when zooming with panther

    Had that problem once, was resolved after armor 2.0 those days. Seems to be back then... What GPU do you use?
  10. Hi all. I read a lot here on the forums over the years but this time I would like to hear what's on you wishes-list 2019? What may RETO create that will make you happy playing H&G? Let's give every user 2 sentences: "Dear Santa-RETO, I wish that..."
  11. Sturmfliege

    The heavy Tank Destroyer AT discussion

    I dont believe in sub-factions. Devs are far to buys to keep the basics running to introduce something big and new like that (But I would play Japs btw). When player numbers were increasing once we saw a large GE faction, a slightly weaker US and the new upcoming SU. That was a time of dreaming of a new world map (RTS) and a larger variety of soldiers from asia, maybe or some afroamericans. Look where we are now. SU has to be kept alive with hugh bonuses and US is steamrollin' RTS-part of H&G to rule the world... We got some nice tanks and new TDs but just a few reasons to use them. I liked the idea of making tanks more dangerous after years of been tankhunted. Armor 2.0 was a good idea but still needs a makeover. The disadvatage of not having tanks is just too obvious. But the tank classes should be rebalanced as well. T1 tanks are cheap and a threat to INF and light vehicles. But they shouldn't be a that difficult to destroy by a T2 tank. That's what medium tank were designed for: to crush the weaker tanks from the later 20s and the 30s. But the light tanks are a little mixed up. Chaffee and T70 are still monsters caused their combination of speed and firepower and armor. Good to have some that can damage T2 class tanks if used properly. Flanked by the "blitz" hellcat US tanks get too dangerous imo. Hellcat should behave like it was designed for, a fast TD, using hit and run tactics. But it's moving faster than anything else on the map, starting like turboboosted and it's ignoring its weak armor and the open hatch on top. Why? That's hellcats weak spot! Did you know that there are still places on the map where T1 tanks can't move along cause of a lack of motorpower? Use SU lights or GER T1 Pz2 and try to climb through the river at D3-D2 on forward airfield.
  12. Sturmfliege

    An error occured in the server II

    Running smooth. RTS and login.
  13. Sturmfliege

    An error occured in the server II

    Now login broken, Seems to be impossible. Server queue too long? To many requests?
  14. Sturmfliege

    An error occured in the server II

    I just want my troops off the front after playing. To be freezed that way is unfair.
  15. Sturmfliege

    An error occured in the server II

    Maybe short off time incoming... then.