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  1. ShinShin_UA

    "M1/M2 Carbine"

    I did rename it by myself 😀
  2. ShinShin_UA

    Looking for new fighter planes.

    As for me, u shold do some changes in planes research tree. Firstly: Change tier of P-40 Kittyhawk and BF-109E-3 to tier 1 fighters (cuz in real life they had to big difference in years of war with Yak-9. AND Yak is more powerful) Secondly: For Soviet Union add tier 1 fighter- I-16 Type 28 or 27 (late version with more powerful engine and 2x20mm ShVAK canons) It will be not so fast than P40 of E-3 but it will have faster acceleration than they and better turn) Thirdly: Tier 2 planes for US and Gemany. For germany it's very easy- Bf-109F with 1xMG-151\20 and 2x7.92mm MG-17 (optional is to add him 2 more 20mm guns in pylons) Bf-109F faster than Yak but slower than Corsair of P-51. Better turn than Corsait or P-51 but worse than Yak. For US it's more difiult. It shold be Mustang with 4x20mm guns (British Mustang MkI) or P-51E Mustang wich will be more boring OR F4U Corsair with 4 20mm guns. Faster and worse turn. That's what I'm thinking about this
  3. ShinShin_UA

    M1919 ingame model

    Don't u think it's time to change our M1919 game model to M1919A6? Cuz when u will do the bipod functionality present model can't do it (It don't have a bipod )
  4. ShinShin_UA

    [US][M1928 Thompson drum mag][Gun suggestion]

    Agrred, It wold be nice. By the way, there was 64round mag for Mp-40)
  5. ShinShin_UA

    PB-7 Soviet Amphibious vehicle

    +1 This PB-7 wold be imbalanced vehicle
  6. ShinShin_UA

    PB-7 Soviet Amphibious vehicle

    I found some interesting pictures and link [thumb][/thumb] [thumb][/thumb] [thumb][/thumb] [thumb][/thumb] [thumb][/thumb]
  7. ShinShin_UA

    PB-7 Soviet Amphibious vehicle

    Here's what I found at the moment. Some elements were shown with different weapon on it. (with 1 aviation machinegun SHKAS not with 2 DT machineguns) Unfortunatley in russian language sources I didn't find any balanced analogue for Swimmwagen or US DUKW for now (!) "blueprint" (Clicable) [thumb][/thumb] For amercicans we can take Ford GPA as an analogue of Swimmwagen. By the way Weasel is amphibious too (with some small changes in construction)
  8. Here's mine variants of Tier-III (or new class of TDs) The main conception is that these TDs will fight against heavys on staged battles and they have guns, similar to heavys or guns what can penetrate their armor. New "Hevy TDs" -class) First - Heavy TDs US: Name: M36 MGS "Jackson"\"Slugger" Gun: 90mm M3 (like on M26 Pershing) [thumb][/thumb] SU: Name: ISU-122S Gun: 122mm D-25S (like on IS-2) [thumb][/thumb] OR Name: SU-100 Gun: 100mm D-10S AT gun [thumb][/thumb] Germany Name: Jagdpanther Gun: 88mm PaK-43 (like on Tiger II) [thumb][/thumb] Second: Last tear of middle TDs US: Name: M10 Wolverine (as a first tear midle TD before Hellcat. Hellcat- is now top tear middle TD) Gun: 76mm M7 (like on Hellcat) [thumb][/thumb] SU: Name: SU-85M (It will have more thick frontal armor (75mm)) Gun: 85mm D2-5TS (like on SU-85, but whith APCR rounds) [thumb][/thumb] Germany: Name: Jagdpz IV\70 Gun: 75mm PaK-42 (like on Panther) [thumb][/thumb]
  9. This one is pretty nice)
  10. Hello Reto! Few patches ago you add new scopes for infantry, paratroopers and recons. I propose some rebalance for scopes. Here is my system: (all what I'll say about infantry = for paratroopers). So what I propose: 1. Infantry scopes (PU, ZF-4, ZF-39 (3,5x 4,0x 4,1x)) shold be deleted from infantry. 2. For infantry shold be added New low mult. scope (german ZF-41 (1,5x) shold replace PU (it uses same bracket as soviet PU) T-post and Geman #1) and american 2.2x shold stay on infantry class. 3. For american Recons shold be added new x5 scope "Lymann" (it was historicly used mostly by Marine corps, but it doesn't matter). Now more details: 1. x1.5 ZF-41 on G-41\G-43, Kar-98k, STG-44, FG-42 ZF-41 Scopes were produced more than 100 000 STG-44 (but x4 scope shold left on STG-44 + ZF-41) [thumb][/thumb] G-41 (on G-43 it mounted in the same way) [thumb][/thumb] Kar-98k [thumb][/thumb] ZFG-41 (x1.5) scope for FG-42 (but x4 scope shold left on FG-42 + ZF-41 ) [thumb][/thumb] ZF-41 mounted same as PU (and same on SVT-40, AVS-36 (on AVS shold left PU scope + ZF-41)) [thumb][/thumb] x5.0 Lymann for M1903 [thumb][/thumb] -M1903 with "Lymann" scope Of course it will not be so hisotrycly right but it wold be better for gameplay: low multiplicity scopes for infantry (for more acurate but not snipe shoting) and the best scopes for recons.
  11. ShinShin_UA

    Rifles! RETO, plz T_________T

    +1 I can't F-en see sight on K98k ! T_T
  12. ShinShin_UA

    Rifles! RETO, plz T_________T

    By the way, if RETO add low multiplicity scopes for infantry, they shold delete x3.5 and x4 infantry scopes. Than we will have a bit more acurate infantry, but without normal optics (just "marcsman's" 1.5-2x) I meant a bit more range, 20-25m. it will have only 150m (It's less that you imagine ) full damage, when BA have over 250-270m
  13. ShinShin_UA


    +1 By the way M1919 can be 2hk weapon)
  14. ShinShin_UA


    Germans are OP, that's what he is talking about)
  15. I really wish not, that means they will be doing at least 65 damage per shot which is more than a unmodded BA rifle :\ They could use more accuracy and other things like less recoil though. unmodded bolt action, let me stop you there :? the SA rifle would have to be fully modded to be able to 2hk gold as for the bolt action, when fully modded, it can OHK so im not sure why you are comparing a fully modded SA to an unmmoded SA since unmodded and modded will be completely different trying to make yourself safe from 2hk SA rifles? nice try :lol: