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  1. Evelgal


    Best thing would be new map or new game mode
  2. I used to play as a tanker most of my games before armor 2.0 but after that i dont know why but as a tanker i feel useless for my team and i think the real problem lies in map design along with old bugs not getting fixed like shooting on small rock makes your shells fly straight and then vertically down which is irritating as hell, the only usefull tank is tiger 1/2 in my opinion being able to survive few AT shots
  3. Evelgal

    are we GOD?

    If Reto would spend time on new maps now and excting game modes to make game exciting and worth plyaing again the playerbase would grow alot faster and then they should focus on updating models etc, we just need new maps and better RTS thats all!
  4. for years there were AT weaponry for everyone and noone was crying about it, and now after we can mod our captured weapons shirt has hit the fan wth. Here You have German soldier with Ppsh in Stalingrad
  5. Evelgal

    New update not cool

    sounds good to me and animations looks nice
  6. Imo Reto should take look at all vehicles/guns/mods and balance them out with these ridiculous use costs. I was about to write something about dying as a tanker and coming back to point to get smashed again and i realized it applies to any class in this game especially inf so its pointless to point the finger who has harder, i think the root of the problems lies with MAP DESING, amazing amount of choke, points river crossing at Town map E/D/B and bridge at C, open fields on airfield which is just torture to attack without vehicles and there is many many more,( few of my friends that i presuade to try playing HnG, after few days of playing they called it runnig simulator and were complaining about hitbox being broken( shooting with PTRD or PB)). Reto instead of looking at new guns and sounds should look at this problems, and maybe implement new game modes like capture the flag, or the warfare mode where the game is won by either controlling all sectors at a given point in time, or by controlling a majority of them when the timer runs out.Or finally add new maps along with war map rework.
  7. 1 HE shell from tier 1 light tanks costs 13 creds for 1 shot, for Medium armor and destroyers its 23 creds, and for heavies its 37.50 creds from Pershing ,40 creds for Tiger 2 ( APCR costs 47 creds) and IS2 one HE shell costs 47.50 and its same for heavy tank destroyers. In conclusion generally when spamming HE it is almost never worth it cause you either pay 3/4 of your match earning and also it depends on how many tanks you spawned cause they cost alot especially higher tiers, HE spam is only good in war maps when You try to help your inf or melt down enemy forces so yea AT are not the only ones loosing creds by doing their job
  8. Evelgal

    Why I dont pay for this Game since 4 years

    I had fun reading this, thank You
  9. Evelgal

    Release unreleased maps

    HnG desperately needs new maps and war map changes to get this game alive again
  10. Evelgal

    a little upgrade

    Good idea, why should tankers be left without defense? Mp40 had folded stock variant
  11. everything has its ups and downs ofc HE spamming tanks in war/skrimishes are nightmare and as a tank main i can tell that war maps when you have no vehicles or bikes and only 1 lane to attack while its surrounded by snipers and tanks is nightmare and thing is if You are not paying attention from the begginig of the game for AT you will be destroyed and farmed but if You will lookout for enemy AT You will spend whole game sitting behind lines waiting for AT to come to You which will disable You as a tanker from giving support for yYour troops or destroying enemy tankers so either way you have to fight AT's or go for enemy tankers/support troops and get destroyed and farmed
  12. Infantry can spawn vehicle and in a minute be around any tanker spawn point, cause how fast/mobile and how easy it is to drive around the map to get there and if they wont make it there they just respawn without any timer etc unlike tanks which are slow have hard time hiding cause of rocks they are not fast. They solution is in the game mechanic which allows jumping while reloading along with shooting the bazooka, these actions should be alot slower (players drive at full speed to tank do few flips and fire zooka) and this would also slow the game abit which in my opinion is like everyone is on pervitin. It's just the mobility of inf
  13. Evelgal

    Hades Hyped Me

    now just need new maps thats all