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  1. Planes = No fun playing infantry.

    Use stinger missiles.
  2. Weapon recoil pattern

    That's why every other game uses predictable pattern. To make macro users easier to play.
  3. Well you can always wax the bald head, to blind the enemies.
  4. Exactly, I swirl my hair around and they all get killed by the charm.
  5. Merge US and SU into one faction

    1. Fixing this issue will create another more serious issue.
  6. Merge US and SU into one faction

    All I'm saying is that its a dumb idea. Making Soviet States is beyond ridicilous and unrealistic as it is. I don't need more unrealistic stuff in the game. How will it be 50:50 population when GE massively outpopulates US and SU according to every player that doesn't play GE extensively? In fact it takes longer to find battle for US than it takes for GE. SU has benefit of click and enter. So you know for a fact that GE has 2500 players and US and SU merging will have 2500 players? I have feeling that you and the guy that is in charge of balancing the game are the same person.
  7. Its not me, its my Schauma.
  8. It is fun for me. What's not fun is killing noobs that are mostly in war to grind. I play literally on 20-30 FPS and I still beat those clans with relative ease, and I'm not anything special as far as skill goes. BTW I don't use STEAM, I use official launcher, so people who are like me are not counted on that list.
  9. General system

    Eagle's view could work, especially if its made like you propose, based on estimation, but what about tanks for example. You can always hear their engines, how will they work? I like this way more than eagle's view, because as of now, recons are just Infantry with less spawn and 8x scopes. Basically useless. This would give Recons another much needed role. I don't know much about this new system, it can be good, but at the same time it can be AUX reincarnation. Giving generals possibility of choosing aux is amazing idea, however it can be even better, depending on how new system will be. As far as I know, High tier weapons, take more points than low tier ones. Now imagine if there were new resources on global map (kinda related, but at same time not related with the thread), we could have 1 main guy of the army, that is voted at end of every war. That guy will decide if faction will focus their production on tanks, rifles etc... what kinds of tanks will they produce, what kinds of rifles. We could also get Faction currency for which he will choose that. This way, the war will last longer and will be much more interesting. Imagine a 1st day of war, and everyone is using Bolt-action rifles and slowly progressing through the tree to get to top-tier and eventually finishing the war, giving victorious factions some rewards. I was thinking it to be like this, games are usually 20 vs 20, but there would be 1 reserved spot for commander/general. Generals are queued and get placed into a battle. Generals that have sent their own AT-s can queue for that battle they have their AT-s on.
  10. That's what makes it fun for me, trying to win the battle against a clan. Though you can always join a clan yourself.
  11. General system

    Well its a "raw" idea, there is of course room for improvement. For false information, you can only use it once, and it will give enemy general/commander false data on what you do, and that data will be RNG-ed. Just like counterintelligence, except with CI you can either kill the spy, but you can use it twice during battle, or you can see what enemy that sent the spy is doing. Well I tried to make it interesting, so Generals/commanders are leading mini-warfare, while being focused on giving orders to maximize their army combat efforts. At first I wanted to write that generals can use "spectate mode", but after thinking for few minutes, I realized that its not very realistic. If it was modern combat we could take stuff like "helmet camera". But since this is WW2, I can't think of how we can give them player POV. Any ideas? Generals can take command of battlefields . And we have generals in game, though I wouldn't mind if the name was changed or new class was made.
  12. General system

    Aren't you tired of grinding your whole life, to reach general, and suddenly you only have few AT-s to move over map of Europe? Do you enjoy RTS and ordering lowly minions what to do? Then this is a system for you. What is "General system" ? General system is an idea where, generals will be able to participate in the FPS game, just not in the usual way. They will observe the game from the the map. They will be able to see blue moving dots, representing allies. They can select individual units and give them specific order, or select few/all of them and give them a common order. Generals will give order to units, order them what classes to take, where to go, what to do. Successful following of orders will grant soldiers EXP and Credits. More orders they follow, the more EXP and Credits they gain. Generals this way will gain third of the EXP infantry do when they follow the orders. (Will be talking about prevention of abuse later) - Not following orders would result in EXP punishment. Generals order must be heed, and failing to do so, you will lose 10% of your earned EXP. (1 order) Fulfilling order, will grant you +20% earned EXP in battle, and 2% more Credits per order completed at the end of the battle. Squad leader orders are 2nd in line. Failing to follow these orders will cost you 3% of your earned EXP. Fulfilling order will grant you +5% earned EXP in battle. - Generals can also buy upgrades, to increase their influence in battle and some of the classes can help generals in multiple ways. Recons, can spot enemies, making them red dots on Generals map. For every spot Recons make, they will get EXP. Recon vehicles will allow you to periodically scan the surroundings in a certain area around the vehicle, marking all enemies that are nearby. Owner of vehicle will get EXP. Recon planes, can make generals see from it. (third person, can give commands from them.). This will make Recon planes valuable, though not less vunerable. UPGRADES -Generals can buy many upgrades that will help them increase their influence in battle. Radio -> Generals orders without a radio take some time to reach their armies. With radios, that is instant. (Orders are received as soon as they are given) Better map -> More detailed map, you can clearly see all of the objects on it. Spies -> Buying this upgrade, will allow you to send spies two times per battle, to see what the enemy general is doing and what order he is giving so you can plan accordingly. Defensive Counterintelligence -> Buying this upgrade will allow you to use counterintelligence two times per match. Activating it at the time, the spy is active, will eliminate that spy. Offensive Counterintelligence -> Buying this upgrade will allow you to use counterintelligence once per match. Activating it at the time, the spy is active, will make enemy spy become double agent, giving you information about the general that sent it. Radar -> Allows you to see enemy aerial vehicles on your map. You can mark these enemies for your whole team to see and focus their fire on. Falsified information -> Buying this upgrade will allow you to use it during enemy spy attack. Using it will give the General random incorrect information about your orders. Security -> Buying this will allow you to detect enemy spies when they are trying to find information. (Without this, spies are invisible and you have to use CI randomly to hit them) You can use only 2 upgrades at the same time. Feel free to add more if something comes to your mind. . How to prevent abuse? To prevent abuse is really simple. Be it if the General wants his friend to grind, or if he wants to troll the team, there are many ways. 1st - In order to lose/gain rewards, the order must have been given 1 minute and 30 seconds before it was done. 2nd - If the team thinks the generals is not performing good enough, they can vote-kick him from the battle, and possibly replace him with other General. 60% of votes needed to kick him. 3rd - Report to RETO. I think I would be able to refine the idea even more if I knew how the new token system will work, however since I have limited informations about it, I can't really speak. Feel free to share your opinions about this.
  13. How to get more players into HnG?

    I expect a chunk of old playerbase returning to see the new armor 2.0. If in the final state it is good I think many players will stay, for some time at least. Though if the update is done wrong... I think many players will stop playing. That's why I think they should take as much as time as they need to create a perfect Vehicle overhaul.
  14. This is the end!

    GE should stop winning the war, or get another nerf. Have you possibly thought that maybe US/SU changed to GE for some wars, to create a "balanced" enviroment?