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  1. eXtraodrinary


    Are you the same guy you were a year ago
  2. eXtraodrinary

    I'm retiring from the forums

    As the title suggests. I retired from the game, I will now do so from the forums. Too much bias and idiocy here. People talk about stuff they have no idea about, and claim they know what they are talking about, then proceed to tell you wrong. I am proclaimed GE biased, whenever I say the truth. I am proclaimed GE biased, even though I was playing Soviets the most. RETO still doesn't listen to any of players and doesn't do easy to adjust changes that could improve quality of life. And many more reasons. So good luck to everyone, even the US mains. Have fun. Overly GE biased person says goodbye - Overly GE biased person
  3. eXtraodrinary

    Would the STG be OP like this?

    I'm up for that. Remove Johnson, give StG 20 round 3hk HSG. Perfectly balanced.
  4. eXtraodrinary

    Would the STG be OP like this?

    Are we using the same StG?
  5. eXtraodrinary

    "The Mützelburg Manifesto"

    Nope. You told me banana is better than potato. You want to make me like bananas, even though I don't like them. Its still free for me, because if you force me to eat a banana, I will eat it for free. H&G had time to get better, if only RETO, mainly RedBjarne was less stubborn, the game would be great today. Following COD and Battlefield arcade is was never a way to do it considering H&G was 70% realism, 20% arcade, 10% simulator game. Now its 100% arcade, because kiddies wished so. Kiddies which are now gone and were minority, yet RETO listened to them. You may be satisfied, but other 4999 people aren't. I guess you contradict yourself. Why is the game like this, if 4999 people say its bad, but RETO is following that 1 person (Huge minority) .
  6. eXtraodrinary

    "The Mützelburg Manifesto"

    I've been eating bananas for 5+ years, while I've been asking for a potato. All those bananas I've eaten were given for free. No money was given, because I did not get my potatoes. Armor update is a strawberry that is given for free with Banana which is also free because you decided not to earn profit by selling potatoes. For now, it seems like you are. You are trying to force me to buy a banana, while I as a customer want a potato. You can give me that banana, I will eat it, but you will not get any money, and in fact you will be in loss. In other words, I can play the game, but I will give it no money because it doesn't have what I as a player want, while the game has to pay for servers. And I think many others have same opinion. Looking at replies from other threads and this one I'm 100% sure they do.
  7. eXtraodrinary

    "The Mützelburg Manifesto"

    Pray to god that one day you won't work as salesman. Oh and I already moved on with the rest of forum people, only reason why I'm here is vehicle update. I want to see how it will turn out.
  8. eXtraodrinary

    "The Mützelburg Manifesto"

    Except things in this game stand like this. 4999 people ask for potatoes, 1 person asks for tomato, RETO gives a banana and tells you, that banana is better than potatoes and tomatoes. Who is happy with that?
  9. One side has advantage even though they are similar in skill. Its seal clubbing, true, but its war, what do you expect ? They do, that is very true. Why would you play against someone that can make your life harder, when you can destroy noobs. But they fight against each other some times.
  10. Definitely not because you get spawned on other side of river, and Germans are invisible when they are killed. When was the last time any skirmish or encounter was won by GE against US?
  11. Yeah, my team doesn't win against US unless we have defensive mechanics working in our favor, which outweights OP-ness of US weapons.
  12. US clans vs GE clans. US clans will win because of weapons, not because they are actually better than GE clans.