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  1. xxx

  2. Not sure what is different about vehicles they have been like this for 5 years, as for the ptrd, lul....
  3. Waging War: A Vision of Conflict

    Cannot wait to read the rest of this...
  4. From where is this weapon skin?

    Way old skin, no longer available....
  5. FPS Drop hard lag

    Have you tried the stand alone version?
  6. We need H&G 2.0...
  7. flaw in new battleye

    Oh noes someone better than you.... no naming and shaming... @Reto.Millan
  8. My Q/A Question #2 : The Equipment Depot

    I agree... +1 I have tankers/pilots with jeeps and various other wheeled vehicles that i would prefer to utilize elsewhere now.
  9. Mmmhmmm, playstyle police unite!!!
  10. Can i get unbanned ?

    Inb4close, hax are bad mkay.... Ps... you've admitted it already. But I believe it's against tos to let others use your account...