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  1. Quality of Life Suggestions Pt. 1 Hand Breaks

    S is your break. Next....
  2. Discounts

  3. Weapon balance

    I use it in war quite 1. Effectively and 2. Cheaply.
  4. Weapon balance

    I find topics like this to be complete bullshirt!!, I play all 3 factions and I have a blast with any weapons system in game the PPD is godlike, not as good as the greaser, but it has 71 bullets without reload hipfire headshots for days...
  5. Release finally for SU their own motorcycle

    Your avatar seems pretty capitalistic. 🤣🤔
  6. Topic about Allied vs Axis

    Capt. Obvious...
  7. Topic about Allied vs Axis

    Those are not mistakes, silent majority requested them.
  8. Generals and ALTS

    Ahhh the ol'naming and shaming, mods please fix this. @SixteenHippopotamuses Open a support ticket!
  9. !!batter HG !!!!!New Battle mode!!!!

    The font hurtses my eyes..
  10. I miss that and this...
  11. Sometimes in life you have to make choices, and I think in this case the "idea" on paper sounds good, I just feel it would be abused more than assistance for "only medical usage". In my head i said that in air quotes feels so good and annoying..
  12. Intelligence Bulletin #4

    Congratulations on the investment from Nordisk Film Partners with H&G! GG Reto-Moto Welcome aboard Nordisk Film!!
  13. I say take away UD bonus for one month to get some fresh stats as to how it is now working.
  14. Happy hacking

    Op what proof do you have zero, none, zilch you suspect some one is hackin/cheating. Open a damn ticket and shut up and play.... actually you really need to git gud...