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  1. meforte

    Devolution of a once great game

    Sad thread seeing all these great vets....
  2. meforte

    LG4JWNBJM5FHFOKBWX code limited to 1000 users!?

    Loot Boxes anyone?!?!
  3. meforte

    The problem of the German army chat

    This is the answer, I did this and it works perfectly. I love talking smack to myself only I don't have to type it out.
  4. meforte

    Starter pack/weapon code for free.

    Worked for me, thanks!
  5. meforte

    Clan/Guild System Suggestions and Ideas

    I think you may have something.
  6. We need more rocks, said no one ever!!
  7. At this point in the game they can add as many sub-factions as they like, with captured weapons and soon to be captured vehicles all shortcomings will be filled, equally.
  8. meforte


    Bravo Reto, this is the way you go about asking for a cash influx!! GG
  9. meforte

    Captured weapons is one thing but...

    Please let this be an early April Fool's joke...
  10. It was and still is, as your account is no older than mine here on the forums. You just have an unusually high post to rep count it still looks odd.
  11. meforte

    If your Main faction is German , your basically Bad !

    Playing GE = Using exploits, checks out.
  12. Lul naming and shaming is not cool either. Inb4....
  13. meforte

    battle Eye