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  1. Endriu111

    XMAS Skins

    This is a good propozition and I would agree to it! I confirm that ;D
  2. Endriu111

    XMAS Skins

    I remember how RETO added XMAS skins to Mp-40, PPSh-41 and Thompson M1A1 at the end of 2015 (I have one to the Thompson M1A1 on my para). I think it would be great idea to restore them again for a higher price eg. 60.000 or 100.000 credits for 1 skin...
  3. Endriu111

    tank camo

    Wow! US really have good camos
  4. Endriu111

    Recon Gewehr 43 best weapon

    I shot the G43 with the German # 1 scope and can honestly say it is better in some respects than the Kurtz 98. It is faster, easier to use and of course it is a semi-automatic weapon which makes this weapon ideal for german recon .
  5. Aleksi 134 I mean just that the Wehrmacht soldiers used this weapon when German paratroopers died during the battle but also used that weapon when they ran out of ammunition for their weapons
  6. I'm for the FG42 not to be accessible to the infantry because it is a weapon adapted for the Fallschirmjager and should remain so... Of course I know that FG 42 was used at the end of the war by the wehramcht
  7. Endriu111

    FG-42 vs MP40 on PARA ?

    Hmmm... I play in the German faction as a paratrooper for a year and I will say honestly that both weapons are good. Personally I prefer fg42 because it is good for CQB but also for further ranges, you can equip the scope and land on some roof and eliminate the enemy's foot even being unnoticed .
  8. Endriu111

    Backpacks,parachutes on back

    That's exactly what I mean, german infantry with haversack, gas mask and rolled up tent (Zeltbahn) https://heroesandgenerals.com/media/wallpapers/
  9. Endriu111

    Popular Camos of the German Wehrmacht

    In my opinion Splinter Summer is best uniform to wear into infantry
  10. Endriu111

    Backpacks,parachutes on back

    You know what I mean, but the characters just look better. Of course I know that this is not so important but Reto could just fix it and change it a little
  11. It would be good if Reto had added backpacks to the characters and did not penetrate through the walls, instead of parachutes for paratroopers in the US faction could be bags as infantry and scouts in the Soviet fraction just as the US only with its backpacks and in the German faction in the paratroopers And infantry rolled up the tent and haversack on back
  12. Endriu111

    Bug UNIFORM problem!

    this problem persists, it is really annoying
  13. Endriu111

    Bug UNIFORM problem!

    Hi, I have a problem with the uniforms when assuming such. Camo brown field assumes me black camo field, this problem occurs in all fractions .... please help
  14. Endriu111

    Gold in Beta H&G

    If i buyed gold during beta H&G ,my gold will be refunded to me in official version? even it I buyed gold via Steam in-game?{content}