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  1. Sjf0212

    Badge Evaluations

    My biggest issue is that all badges are not equal, therefore ANY change must be done on a badge-by-badge level instead of all across the board. Additionally, the effects of certain badges are necessary for current gameplay, such as Tight Grip for LMG's. If such badges were changed drastically without any other sister changes in these weapons then there would be a change in viability and ultimately these weapons would see less use. Based upon these previous arguments, I do not believe that mass-changing badges is a good idea. While I personally do not believe that any badges need to be nerfed at this time, with only a few needing reworks or buffs such as Scavenger or the Vehicle Thief badges, any discussion of badge changes should be individual to each badge.
  2. Sjf0212


    Only 22, but it really started a couple years ago. A lot of my tastes swapped around once I started college. Got a lot more open to sauces, especially spicy sauces and spicy stuff in general, and things that I used to be able to eat a lot of I couldn't eat as much anymore. Sometimes I get cravings for eggs that last for about 5 weeks straight where I want eggs for every meal. I never had a sweet tooth, even when I was little, but nowadays I eat candy maybe once every 4-6 months or so. In short, hypothalamus bonked itself when I left home. I still only eat pepperoni pizza though. There's is a place in the city where I work that makes their own pizza sauce in-house from locally-grown ingredients. Its delicious.
  3. Sjf0212


    To truly understand why I enjoy this particular pizza you must first know that I am a notoriously picky eater. Secondly, the fellow that owns our local ilatian restaurant is from Italy, he moved to new York City a couple decades ago and was quite successful with his own pizza parlor. New York City is infamous for having a cutthroat pizza industry. He then moved to my town about 6 or 7 years ago and set up shop here. This fellow, Mr. Dino, makes the most delicious Alfredo pizza I have ever tasted. He makes the sauce in-house, and I, a person that normally doesnt eat alfredo ANYTHING, much less pizza, will happily order it every time I go to his restaurant. Other than Mr. Dino's Alfredo pizza, I'm a pizza purist. I typically go for cheese and pepperoni, none of that fancy stuff that doesnt usually sit well after a few hours and gives me bad heartburn.
  4. Sjf0212

    self loading rifles

    The Spam Rifles already the most versatile and deadly weapons in the game. They can 2-shot any player with a single torso shot and a hit to the big toe, out to ridiculous ranges. They need a RoF nerf, not a faster fire rate.
  5. Flak Jacket only applies to the pilot now, in fact. It is indeed working as requested.
  6. Sjf0212

    Biting the Bullet

    A big issue I see is an inability for Reto to admit that they are wrong, that something they have changed has turned out to be a bad change, and then reverse that change. Developing a game takes a fair ammount of trial and error. It is okay if you admit that something isn't fun or isn't achieving the desired effect, and then reverting things to what they were until the issues are fixed. By stubbornly insisting that what is released is unable to be undone, Reto forces themselves onto a path with no way to change the direction they are heading in. This is unwise in everyday life, and even more so when creating a product from scratch.
  7. Sjf0212

    Prototype test: Fighter changes

    Will test everything later, but from the posted changes it looks like a load of buffs instead of nerfs, which is a good thing. Increased component health is a welcome change, I can guarantee that without even having to test.
  8. Sjf0212

    Fallen H&G Friends

    So Chill is gone? Damn, thats a bigger hit than dogbonez...
  9. Sjf0212

    Leaving Penalty

    Instead of penalizing leaving, introduce a bonus on the next match's earnings as a reward for completing the previous match. This will reward those who stay despite others leaving, while still allowing players to leave without penalty if they need to.
  10. I actually like the 1903 iron sights the most out of all the bolties, it's easiest to use by far when running it without a scope. Also, if I remember right it was also more difficult to mount a scope on the 1903A3 due to the height of the sights themselves, I believe that the Weaver 5x was the only easily-installable option for it, though don't quote that as fact as I haven't looked into it extensively, I'm just going off of all the pictures I've seen and personal experience.
  11. Sjf0212

    How to limit servers

  12. The reason why the sights of the Kar98 are so tiny is that when Reto removed iron sight zoom back in 2015 (Walker build), they didn't update the sights to be larger. Every gun released before Walker has the same problem. 1903 however is fine at the moment, I would rather not use the A3 version, the rear elevated peephole is ugly in my opinion.
  13. Agree, but should be proximity or squad only, and a mute button is a must.
  14. Sjf0212

    Fix the mp34

    "There's an issue where something on my side is lacking! I demand everyone be brought down to my level so that nobody can be happy!" Instead of advocating for nerfing of a starter weapon (that isn't the Spam Rifle) that would upset the player base and mess up progression yet again, why dont you spam threads about buffing the Soviet SMG's? I've advocated for a PPD and PPSh buff since 2016 when they first were turned into the abominations they are today, and I would reckon a vast majority of others here would get behind buffing them as well.
  15. Sjf0212

    Wtf is with the puma

    Puma really isn't that great. It may have a cannon that can take on tanks but the abysmal turret rotation prevents it from doing it's primary job of countering infantry. It also dies with 2 or 3 rockets. I consider it a sidegrade to the 222 with the 222 being geared for more general-purpose, close-range stuff and the Puma to combat light tanks and TD's at distances greater than 100 meters. As for the US, should have added the Staghound as the T3 recon car, and moved Greyhound to T2. Stuart Recce is literally just a tracked M20. Can't really comment on the state of Soviet cars since I do not feel like I have had enough experience with the newest one.