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  1. granny_kisses

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    *** Smoke trail *** It is difficult / impossible to know where the shots are coming from since: - no smoke trail - no flash / lights from the gun shot - no rocket's traveling sounds / no specific weapon's type explosion sounds Kind regards. @Reto.Hades
  2. granny_kisses

    Help test the Krepost Encounter map on prototype - round 2

    ( NB: O2 as the new objective with wooden houses and the stone house, not the castle. Not sure anymore which is O2 and O1 since just "O" is indicated on map and on death/spawn view... Also... no battle timer when you are dead.. how do you know if the battle is over soon ? Should you spawn an apc if only 1 millimeter left on the battle timer? is no more a possible choice.) No health or ammunition box on O2 ? Not many possibilities to access the top floor of the stone building in O2. Only the stairs ? I loved HnG for avoiding straight path / corridor. Always hated to wear horse's blinkers while playing video games. I hope the castle O1 also has some damage walls to give more access from side and allows rifle guys at O2 to shoot soldier advancing within the building ( cf. youtube video ) The window's grids make it really difficult to shoot through windows. Having always the weapon's animation as if you were hitting the wall with your weapon when firing through the windows makes it nearly useless to be on the top floor of the stone house in O2. Could we have O1 slow to capture and O2 faster but O1 would have more 'total' capture speed/importance than O2. Having O1 and O2 with same capture value, I fear a stagnation. Kind regards.
  3. In game, it's difficult to see which weapon is equipped and takes me 5 min. to find the desired soldier. The weapon's names, instead of a simple logo/picture, makes it fastidious to immediately find the soldier with the specific equipment. I don't have any references now to pick the soldier quickly, I have to read the weapon's names each time for each soldiers. I have 17 inf., many with similar layout. example: I have 2 Germans with STG : N°1: STG scoped + medic + H3 N°2: STG without scope + medic + H3 How can I differentiate them (fast/easily) ? Kind regards.
  4. granny_kisses

    1.12 Hotfix Prototype

    Where is the bazooka's smoke trail ? Protecting tanks, I never manage to see where the bazooka's shots were coming from: No flash at the end of the gun, no smoke trail revealing the direction of the shots.
  5. When you nearly reached the next point but realized your teammates are all recons and no one is defending. Defend ! ( picture )
  6. granny_kisses

    first bullet accuracy

    "I don't care (tank/planes players)" ... Why is you having the need to add "tank/planes players"? 'cause I don't care and ain't a tank/plane player talking, just a noob you keep blaming for (your) defeats/deaths Sure I would.. but so much to repair/remove/improve before that. Why you still get involve in the development ? We said 2 years ago we don't like the blood effect, too intense. bOoOmlala... they brought it back. Every change they make... they always get it wrong..: Mines penalty.. ; objective's logo... all or nothing 'solution'..; unnecessary noises in interface..; etc.. I loved this game but it makes me feel like the French military having to deal with presidential promises. (Didn't Pierre de Villiers left the French army to join the enemy.. the C.I.A . .. euh... U.S. army now ?) Wish you luck with your beauty contest, I'll go for my beauty sleep.
  7. granny_kisses

    Final Assault Team optimization test on prototype

    Some paraplanes get separated from their paras once they dropped them on an empty airport. Example in images
  8. granny_kisses

    Final Assault Team optimization test on prototype

    @zaerius Be bless by reto.God for your great help /your thoroughly answers ! Wish you a great night Cheers.
  9. granny_kisses

    Final Assault Team optimization test on prototype

    @zaerius Have you found any other problems in the content I wrote ? Do you know how to remove the chat in game battles too ? Only solution was to short the time it shows and do it each battles.. Do you know if reto will resolve the no-sound for shots ? and remove the capture sound way to high? Thanks. Kind regards.
  10. granny_kisses

    Final Assault Team optimization test on prototype

    Thanks to the players and reto's answers/feedbacks, here is some deep examples of the problems. 1. Bug with withdraw/retreat. ( thx Zaerius ) I'm just testing at the moment the retreat button. I selected all my 5 Tanks ATs with control click and then clicked on the withdraw, only 1 of them retreated even if the 5 were darker/confirmation of selected. Tested it a few times, same problem: doesn't matter how many, only 1 AT will retreat. The retreat is not possible when battle is in preparation. 2. Interface In panic, you don't always know "you can do that". Users are like kids with sugar fever. 2.1 Retreat & infos There is the problem: why retreat logo so small and not red ? I wish it was a red round with a white flag in it. Maybe just retreat in red. Why the eye logo [=view details] sending us to the heroes menu ? To disband ? Why the owner/AT 's name so big and retreat / numbers of soldiers/equipment so small ? Why having a AT's moral bar being green then turning red if bad AND write on top of if "GOOD" / "BAD". Why not just move the percentage on top of the moral bar ? Why write: "OWNER: GRANNY_KISSES" when it's my own ATs ? I really don't like this big semi-transparent info square box that appears each time we click on an AT. The box is semi-transparent letting us think we can click on the AT hidden under it but no. Could you make the semi-transparent AT info box a click through with the retreat button appearing on the left side of the battle AT bar if AT in combat ? Example window 1 Example window 2 2.2 Moving your ATs. Reto.Vashu wrote: " We've improved some interaction with the warmap to allow for keeping your selection while moving around, you should check it out to see if it solves your issue." Yes sir, but if I have all my ATs in Paris and want to move them in Scotland, I clic on the city, select my ATs, dezoom with scroll wheel to be able to see not only my destination but also my ATs at Paris. It's to be sure I can do a straight line without being blocked in a battle on my way or see the beginning of my arrow to be sure it's the ATs in Paris I selected. Try to put your arrow on a city so small. 9 out of 10 you cannot select the city. The blinking city when your mouse is over it is to weak. We need magnetic arrow helping the player to select a city destination; when the dezoom reached a level you cannot see the name of the city, the city's name will show up right side the arrow; the arrow will get brighter or change color when attached to a city. Long distance AT moves You should try it. Select some ATs then drag them to the sea, no orders given so arrow disappears, as your selection of selected ATs. Please make it that each time we give a no orders we can still have all of our AT selected. 2.3 Icons too shy The icons for Deploy / Reinforce / Resources should be more visible. 2.4 Invasive chat box On the bottom left corner where you have the chat, your mouse is ineffective if you click on your ATs located just on top of the chatbox. Often I join an empty channel to avoid constant messages appearing on my corner. I wish we could 'mute'/remove the chat window. (Thanks, Zaerius, for explaining how ) Thanks ! Kind regards. PS: big kiss to Zaerius.
  11. granny_kisses

    Final Assault Team optimization test on prototype

    NB: Please do not answer if question already answered. For the other players, please translate/complete my text. NB²: My English is... just take a 500mg paracetamol before you dive in my poetry. 1. ATs move bugged. When you move small or big number of ATs, you have to wait until all the ATs moved out of the original city before ordering other ATs or clicking on an other city. If you don't watch them get out and decide to click somewhere else, you will stop the process. It happens sometimes, not always. ( Example: I had 17.000 inf. (+ recons & tanks) in London city and 3000 paras at an airport (not London). I decided to relocate my 17.000 inf. (+recons/tanks) to Paris. I selected all my London city's ATs using the London city AT's bar and ordered them to move to Paris. While the 17.000 inf.ATs were still in the process of getting out of London, I decided to move my paras, located in an airport, to an other airport. Clicking on the airport stopped the relocation of my 17.000 inf. and moved only 1000 inf. of them out (+ recons/tanks). Happened in many other occasions. Tried it voluntarily with 2 results: it always works fine or always the bug stopping the process. Maybe when multiple type of ATs the bug happens more frequently.) 2. Para AT. Para-planes cannot be seen easily if separated. Which para-planes for which para AT. Arduous task. Nearly same feeling as resupplying your ATs. 3. Some AR problems. - 1 foot guard in defense won vs 3 guard ATs. Quantity doesn't assure the win ? - This war, I launch 1 AT tank and 216 inf against 1 AT of recon and the same against 1 foot guard. First and only German attack so far against London. The 2 Ats were on the left of London. (don't know if you can check that.) Result: Both attacks failed. I sent 1 tank AT to open the road, then 6 guard ATs once the battle started. The tank lost 25%, the guards AT were still 100%. (maybe I made a mistake and forgot to send my inf. but I'm 96% sure I did. I apologize if I make you check for nothing.) 4. Rearrange AT per type. Difficult to select all your para ATs when spread in the AT list with other types. In the vertical column but also in the city AT's bar. 5. Withdraw. Arduous to do when you have to quickly withdraw 20 ATs engaged in a battle to avoid an encirclement for example. You have to do it one by one. 6. AR. What is the minimum size to start a 1 hour battle / blockade ? 216 inf.. ok... but if I have 180 inf. and 20 tanks, is it enough ? I wish we could see if the minimum number to start a long battle was reached. Specially for new players losing often 25% and not understanding why. Also, are some ATs more powerful than other ? Which lead me to question 7. 7. AR. 1 year ago, in real game war, we had an AR which should have been won by us. We were few players waiting for that battle to resolve (French clan and Polish, all vets. Not only me ) We lost the battle not understanding why. The guess was the foot guards (level 0) we were facing were actually level 1, 2 or 3 but they didn't upgrade them giving their ATs an invisible bonus. Not being able to test it on prototype, I mention it: An APC AT being stronger than a foot guard, could we trick the AR by never upgrading our foot guard to an APC but having the bonus of a level 3 ? 8. It's a long scroll to Tipperary. When your ATs are selected, we press the left clic to give a destination. If the destination is a city far away, it becomes hazardous to navigated (dezoom/zoom) through the map while pressing the left clic. Could we right click on the map to move it like the 'hand' in photoshop which drag the image ? or the WASD keys like in total wars ? Thanks ! Kind regards.
  12. granny_kisses

    Final Assault Team optimization test on prototype

    When you is playing on the prototype, is it useful to just play, does it give reto infos, or only the forum comments count ? Like how many time the game crash; ATs autoresolve being sometimes bugged ( Like 1 recon AT in defense can stop 90+ inf. and 2 light tanks ATs. ); etc. What behavior the player should have playing prototype? Play as usual, let people try out vehicles and no cap? What is the meaning of life ? Do players use prototype mainly to try out planes control, mods, ... since it's the only free way ? PS: the interface is heavy, could you simplify it ? Every time you unlock smthg, you have a pop up window you must close each time. You don't remember what you unlocked since the pop up windows can be such a pain in the reto you get use to close them as a reflex. The menu is blocked / no access unless you close that god damn window. We have the free space top right corner where you use to have the soldier career options. Could you put the last unlock infos there, please ? Kind regards.
  13. granny_kisses

    Not earning experience

    The ribbons bonus bug is still happening after the 11 of April's update. Concerns Explosives and Tank destruction ribbons. Double the exp. Kind regards. ID of battle: Screenshots battle report: Tank destruction ribbon: Explosives ribbon:
  14. granny_kisses

    Not earning experience

    Ribbon progression bugged: Gives twice the exp. + tank destruction + explosives Each tank you kill as infantry will be counted twice on the ribbon Tank destruction. Same with Explosives ribbon. The overall score of the soldier shows 1 tank destroyed, the ribbon tank destruction shows 2 ( with the exp gain of 2 tanks ). Killing assist still works fine. Does not double the exp and is reliable on what happend during the battle. It is like having a 100% booster on Tank destruction & Explosives ribbons. Kind regards. PS: All the people I talk about it had the same "bonus" bug. Only tried with infantry. The bug happens with H3, Bazooka, Panzerfaust, mines, stickies. Was only playing staged skyrmishes. Every battles, no exceptions, the bug is counting twice the kills and giving twice the exp on the 2 ribbons. ID of battle: Screenshot Battle report: M1A1 used both cases. Tank destruction ribbon: 2 screenshots Explosives ribbon (same battle.) 2 screenshots
  15. granny_kisses

    Free Veteran Membership from Reto-Moto

    Thank you reto ! But I thought the tank destruction and explosives ribbons bug was to make up for that cf: Free 100% booster Kind regards.