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  1. biohero

    Upcoming Map Makeover: Encounter

    there only 2 big door (not sure any other entrance?) for player and enemy so if enemy camp door with highest automatic RPM such as SMG, LMG and assault rifle and also grenade spammer whoever reach there 1st and camp. and it can be fustrating especially if new or low level player against old/veteran player. New 'low level' players now (since "player level patch") have their low player levels AND suitable matchmaking group (f.ex. bronze), on the other hand all veterans have 12 player level and gold matchmaking group. So newbies don't get in battles vs veteran players anymore.
  2. You realized just now that this game is a lousy p2w pit?
  3. Thanks, good to hear from you! How does the Yak differ to our previous two airboats? seemed like it has the same flight model from what I observed facing it so far.
  4. Just installed it again after noticing pilots are finally able to equip the wrench. Lets see if that bandwidth was well spent...
  5. biohero


    This number is wrong, where u wanna know that from ? I used 13 Accounts for ATs with 10 ATs each, so on prime time i was able to field 130 ATs. Good times :twisted: I still remember that awesome weekend back in 2012 fielding 130 ATs from a single account... Those were some great times :lol:
  6. No major production Bf109 had standard wing armament after the E series, everything was moved to the nose. And no, it is always perferable to have weapons that properly shoot in the one spot you are aiming instead of all over the damn place. The wing mount on the cannons is a hindrance....
  7. biohero

    No More Free Deploys...

    Yes, you could put it that way.
  8. biohero

    No More Free Deploys...

    Reto already stated long ago that they will never implement a system limiting useless selfish noobs wasting other peoples hard work for their own enjoyment. Enjoy throwing your money at the screen so that some arrogant COD kid refusing to play training missions can fly your planes into trees.
  9. You should be hand picked from the comunity and hired by Reto, this was the suggestion of the year. I agree, please make a thread about it. This might actually win the Nobel Peace Price for great service towards humanity! It was not that bad, there were just some *cought* special *cought* situations
  10. Sorry but there are so many of those, you never know where to start :roll: This is just one of the instances where I wish they would allow both sides to use the opposing equipment for one week for the guys to realise that it is THEM failing, not their tools. And just as unrelated comment, I kind of miss us two bashing each others skull in. Might return just to see how things developed... You are making me feel bad now Will try to stay around some more from now on 8-)
  11. And here I am, still more than willing to trade my 109 against a p38 the first chance I get. I will never forget the awesome sniper shots you can pull off, once you have a gun actually firing in one specific place instead of all over the damn map. Shooting planes from distances where it just feels like wasting ammo in Messerschmitt.
  12. So you are talking about a state this game *might* reach in 5 years or so looking at the current developement speed. And taking the lifespan of todays fps into account the game will be long dead by then... There are quite some things which would be more interesting to focus on for now don't you agree?
  13. biohero

    Teamkilling on Planes

    I would call on finally bringing tankbusters (Ju87 G / HS129) and rockets (pretty much any american plane) into the game. Would fix teamkilling due to splash and finally bring actual aiming and skill back into the game instead of stupidly pressing "space" until you have to wait 90/120 seconds to continue.........
  14. We don't even have the most basic workhorse aircraft for both nations We don't even have any mechanic resembling the most basic forms of aviation and air combat And you are seriously asking for prototypes/more flying refrigerators?