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  1. dadeoplanets

    Next round of weapon rebalancing

    I guess this really implies it is basically game over for HnG. Very minimal updates coming up as the staff dries up. I thought the RTS coder was on paternity leave... now they are just gone? With no plan to improve RTS long term I'm going to mostly punch out. That is the only reason I still play this game. HLL is way better for FPS in my opinion, but it misses the war element, the "every battle matters in the bigger picture" element that only you guys have in HnG, and now it is officially just going to rot here. I'm sorry to see that. Hopefully RETO or someone else will put a future game out with the same concept of a big RTS war and individual FPS battles fought in the war. It has been a fun 6 years playing this game.
  2. I'll take stability over fast start if that is the choice
  3. dadeoplanets

    H&G Theatre Of War

    nice work. And you'd need to add like 3 North African desert maps, (1 skirm, 1 encounter, 1 assault at a minimum), and finish building out the eastern European / USSR maps - like +1 or 2 new ones. Would be amazing, but as everyone else is saying, unlikely at best.
  4. dadeoplanets

    Decrease the warmap in size

    please don't remove ability to Q on specific battles - as others have said, it was tried before and there was an uproar from large part of the player base. Even if we dont do it all the time, the option is important. Adding a "Q on your own units" option to MM seems like a nice idea as long as you don't kill the manual option above I would not change the size of the map - I get the Qs currently suck for manual Q, but I'd look for other solutions. Including working on content updates and RTS updates to bring more players back. We've seen the game increase player base in the past after a period of decline... it is not impossible, you just need updates with real content, especially RTS stuff that we've been waiting on forever.
  5. dadeoplanets

    Airplane vs AA balance is broken

    if someone smarter than me has better / more nuanced suggestions for how to fix this I'm all ears. I'm just pointing it out after experiencing some painful games this week.
  6. The recent set of AA buffs and airplane health nerfs has broken the balance of planes vs AA too far in the direction of the AA guns. In the present state, no general in their right mind sends airplane assets into any battle given how easy they are to kill AND they generally distract your team with specialist slots that usually results in a lost battle due to lack of boots on the ground. I see two options: 1) If you leave it as-is, I would suggest you significantly decrease the WF cost of all planes (like 50%), including para planes, because they are generally obliterated by any team that is bothers to man one or two AA guns. The scarcity of air assets can be maintained by leaving the production low. Given the high cost and low impact of these units in the present state, the only residual motivation for putting them in a battle is leveling up ATs... and it shouldn't cost a fortune to do that. 2) increase the health of the planes, maybe just 20-30% to start with, so that they last a little longer against AA guns. The option to play fighters in game is one of the draws of the game, so is the ability to try to defend against them... but the current state of balance just takes the joy out of flying. And this is coming from a guy who more often than not is in the AA gun seat and not the plane - its just too easy to kill the planes.
  7. dadeoplanets

    Please Fix Anti-Tank weapons

    I agree that this would be ideal, but I think the problem in reality is that the only way I see of making that happen is to nerf AT infantry, and as a result the games where only 1 side has armor turn into a massacre much more often. I think even the AT nerfs you mention - increased reload time, slower run, etc for AT infantry, would be ok for the top tier AT rambos, but then the average joe AT rambo is going to get killed most of the time, and then you go back to the infantry massacre. It doesn't take 10 tanks on map to massacre infantry, 2-3 well placed mobile tanks will do the trick.
  8. dadeoplanets

    Please Fix Anti-Tank weapons

    There will never be "perfect" balance here where everyone is happy - get used to it. It is too hard a problem for an arcade shooter: Make tanks and AT infantry too realistic and the tanks would just shred the infantry the vast majority of time which would annoy the crap out of the main player base of infantry. You'd need to massively reduce the number of available tanks to try to make them used very sparingly for the most important battles, which then means many people couldn't play tanker, which means less people playing the game.... bad for a game company trying to make $$. Make the AT infantry too powerful and the tanks have zero chance to live for more than a couple minutes... also less people playing tankers etc. We are currently a little bit closer to the latter, especially for dumb tankers on a team w/o infantry support. But as folks have pointed out, the current game does let you use tanks a little if you have infantry support, especially wrenchers. It is "good enough" for me at this point: some people can still tank reasonably well, and the infantry base is not too turned off. => Focus on other things to fix in the game.
  9. dadeoplanets

    where reto.redbjarne gone

    This might be a really nice time for an update from @Reto.JM about the status of things and where the game / company are headed. It has been a long time since we've heard from anyone except Hades. Also, did the staff shrink over-all? I thought there used to be 16 people and now its more like 14, but maybe I'm not remembering that.
  10. Ok, I know you guys have said that the rocks are being used to "funnel" the players into certain corridors... and that this makes sense for certain game design theory. However, I want to say unequivocally that for the most part it is just REALLY annoying, and in this game I don't think the theory holds up. A part of the joy of this game is the big maps. When you are playing a decent team you often need to flank, or even just avoid driving through obvious places due to traps / camping etc. The number of times that I have taken infantry vehicles off road and either been bounced around like crazy (just annoying) or have had tanks high centered on dumb little to medium rocks is starting to get stupidly annoying. And the worst part is that I fundamentally don't see how this "channeling" desire adds any value to the game - it definitely detracts from the fun. Why have big maps if like 30% of the map is not navigable (mountain town, many hills in regular airfield)? Can you PLEASE thin out the rocks on mountain town and airfield?
  11. dadeoplanets

    Using SMG gives XP to Infantry Assault ribbon

    just to be clear, I think most everyone LOVES the fact that all SMGs and LMGs now also gain XP for infantry assault. The "fix" we are looking for is an updated ribbon description so new players are not stuck playing SA and bolt action rifles forever if they don't actually enjoy playing with those guns.
  12. yeah I'm actually torn on this. If the AA trucks where too easy to use against infantry they would actually be useful to spawn when there are no airplanes around... which would result in people spamming them and the team losing actual useful APC slots. APCs are potential game winning vehicles while AA trucks are not, so I vote to leave them hamstrung against infantry to protect the asset for more important uses. If RETO ever makes separate AA gun ATs (they have mentioned this as an option in past dev streams) with their own resource Q, then I'd be fine with the vehicles being buffed against infantry by having negative depression.
  13. dadeoplanets

    Easter Eggs

    the OP and this response really made me laugh. Good one.
  14. dadeoplanets

    Update 1.18 - UI and Anti-Air Overhaul

    bugs: - exterior wall ladders on factory don't seem to let you get up on the roof of the big factory buildings o1/o2 - exterior of church o2 on town 2nd story is also not in the cap zone - intended? i.e. the rafters on the outside when you jump from the towers to the main building nice things: - Like the UI and AA gun changes overall - The destructible fences definitely change a lot of tactical situations - but makes things more dynamic and realistic. Maybe eventually have brick/stone walls in some spots that eventually break but only from tank shells not from bullets? would love to see a new map sometime!
  15. dadeoplanets

    at deployment

    did not happen to freshly deployed ATs, only redeployed ATs. But I thought it happened to ATs that were fully wiped (off the map) that I pushed redeploy on... maybe some of them were in the bin you call out above, I can't prove it one way or another, but will keep an eye out from now on for the distinction.