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  1. or, they could finally add smoke grenades... and allow you to have colored smoke for marking enemies? I think the average GI was more likely to have smoke grenades than flare guns, and you can use the nades for cover. I don't get the "it messes up performance too much" rationale given in the past against smoke grenades - why can't one use the same rendering code as clouds, which don't seem to have a big impact on performance. Smoke grenade = local cloud generator... with a time limit, and some color options. Should be 1 equipment point for 2 grenades or similar.
  2. dadeoplanets

    Copenhagen not finishing?

    ok GE won, everything worked out in the end 🙂
  3. that's fair - I'd be ok with the outline you have above... kind of a "tanks bump into each other on the way to meeting up with their infantry unit" scenario, loser retreats licking their wounds while winner moves on. btw, I just played the map. It seems like a pretty cool map. I could see it being a potential easy map to adapt to a recon only game mode where you can sniper the inf from range and maybe add a mechanic where you have to retrieve something in the town ("intel package" or whatever) in person to force the recon to brave the town, maybe under cover of snipers from the outside etc. If you are in a fast tank (BT-7) the bot infantry is really easy to avoid, even when you tempt them by driving close. I could see in a slow tank if you got too close you'd be toast... but that is the point, dont get too close.
  4. I like the concept of tank vs tank in staged. Not sure about War / RTS side: The proposed mechanic for instantiating these battles in War / RTS makes no sense to me - RETO had previously proposed splitting off different types of units that have been sent down a line to another map point into separate battles. If I understood it correctly, if both sides sends tanks, inf, recon down a line, then with this new system, the tanks would be split and fight each other in one of these tank vs tank maps, and the inf/recon/other-non-tank would fight a regular skirm... that just seems very artificial. Also, somehow if one faction wins the tank battle and the other faction wins the inf/recon battle you have to figure out how to advance down the line. => If that is still the proposed mechanic I would DEFER the RTS implementation and just have tank vs tank in staged to start with until you come up with a better design If instead, as Rdanzer points out, the mechanic is something close to the following truth table both sides send combined arms AT set down the line within the 5 minute battle prep time = normal skirmish map with combined arms. Any late units that show up after 5 minutes take part in the battle both sides send tanks only down the line within 5 minute battle prep time = tank vs tank mode. Any late non-tank units that show up after 5 minutes get "rejected" from the fight and go back to their starting cities and let the tanks duke it out => then I guess that works... even though as Rdanzer points out it would be pretty easy to force regular skirmishes, but maybe "good enough" implementation despite that. This method would also work for an eventual recon vs recon mode - battle type is frozen in the first 5 minutes. Also lines it up with inf vs inf encounter. the reality would likely be that war would not see too many dedicated class v class skirms (except inf), but staged would.
  5. Pleasantly surprised to see this I guess Reto forgot to move "tank vs tank" mode out of "on hold" to "early dev" or similar in the March 1st dev overview update? nice comments, as usual Vudu - but @Reto.Hades needs to move it to the public test feedback area
  6. dadeoplanets

    auto resolve

    I have to agree that the 6 hr timer so far is working really well - this weekend when I was playing I don't think I saw a single battle AR in the sector I had my ATs in (Romania near Black Sea, playing as Soviet). People are deploying their ATs and leaving a decent fraction on the front lines. The lines tend to move around more slowly, which is a good thing... but there are still sudden changes that keep you on your toes - case in point - Sunday night the Germans seemed to be comfortable in France, and this morning (US time) I checked in and it looked like US had made a huge push to Marseilles. Anyway, I very much prefer the RTS now the 6 hr timer over the previous 1 hr version. It seems that makeing it easier for new folks to get into war battles has also helped more battles get filled... but I'm just guessing on that one. Bringing back the old battle list would be a really nice (re)upgrade.
  7. dadeoplanets

    @Reto, please aknowledge the war battle bug

    maybe war server refactor is causing old bugs to come back in new ways? hung battle happened to some ATs of mine in the town map Galati (Romania), around 5pm pacific time 3/10/2019. I was not in the battle so dont know the M ID. looks like it cleared when the town was popped again and USSR (attacking side) won. I got some WF after the battle cleared (not sure if they were from the first fight, the second, or both), but I dont think my characters got any XP (at least my recon officer did not).
  8. dadeoplanets

    Has GE and SU given up again?

    I wish more vets and whales changed factions more often... it would help bring more balanced wars. I have the most ATs and best equipped soldiers on the US side and would enjoy playing them more (mostly miss being on TS/discord with folks I used to play with), but I have been mostly playing SU for the last year or so, substantially because of the faction balance issue and it is "fun enough" to play the other factions... they all have their cool capabilities to explore, weaknesses to work around etc. Sure it takes a while to build up your capability on different sides, but having steamrolled the map for the 1000th time as US, is it really enjoyable?? Do everyone a factor and try something different! (obviously I'm not talking to folks like Ding et al that are constantly rotating factions, but the hard core single faction people)
  9. now we need to remake a video like this for a SU-GE alliance against US 🙂
  10. dadeoplanets

    H&G rating

    agree FPS is fun despite the issues it has. RTS has sooo much untapped potential... while it is currently very limited in its execution, I would not be playing this game if the FPS and RTS where not tied together (so decent FPS and meh RTS still makes unique and more fun combo). Given all the limitations in the current RTS implementation (starting with the lack of any kind of hex grid system) I sometimes wonder if it wouldn't be better to start the RTS from scratch. Bring on board a developer for the RTS that comes from a strategy map game background.
  11. dadeoplanets

    Changelog 1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes

    nice update. haven't had a chance to play the new planes yet. Good things: - overall I like the texture changes on the maps. Am I imagining things or are they changing at times? played mountain town once and it looked like most of the terrain had a white snow like texture (which was awesome), and then played it later and it was more green. I guess this is just the effect of different lighting conditions on the new ground cover. FPS has dropped from 80-100 avg to more like 60ish, but game action is still smooth so doesnt bug me - mountain town changes in general are really fun (terrain, houses, etc) - mini-map updates in FPS and battle map overview when clicking on towns in generals map have nice updates (like the faction symbol being behind objective symbols and not hiding them) bad things: - I thought the bell sounds had been vanquished? - they are back - highlighting crate locations is ok, but agree that highlighting all the other stuff - dropped weapons, vehicles that have been stolen, seems a bit over the top. Bringing back something like the old "First Blood" Tutorial would make more sense - teach new folks all this stuff in that setting. - some other stuff I noticed but my feeble brain cant remember right now... will edit
  12. dadeoplanets


    Since war server refactor is finally winding down, for the March dev update it would be really nice to see some plans about RTS improvements /updates. Current dev overview is 95% FPS and the rest infrastructure.
  13. dadeoplanets

    My Feedback on 1.13.2

    remember, they have 18 people... basically the live game is usually there beta test area for a new release, it has always been that way. We can chose updates at an even slower rate, or 1-2 weeks of cleanup after an update comes out. I would rather deal with the latter since they are almost always responsive with hot fixes for big deal bugs. Nice clear feedback.
  14. dadeoplanets

    Game doesn't start anymore

    To get the game to re-do the auto-graphics configuration when you start it up, go to you local settings folder and delete 'localsettings.ini' - you should find your local settings file at C:\Users\[userID]\AppData\LocalLow\Heroes and Generals. After startup the game will make a new file if it can't find one their already. If you want to play it safe you can also just rename your localsettings.ini file to something else so you have it as a backup in case things get even worse. the above worked for me last year when I was trying to mess with graphics settings... hopefully it still works
  15. dadeoplanets


    I would recommend a "well announced" experiment in this area where you make the changes suggested by Hades above (including the snipping of lanes), but then rotate the factions through those starter capital sets over the course of 3 or 6 weeks. The objective of the experiment is to get data on how balanced and "fun" the wars are (measured by looking at length of war, numbers of ATs being deployed and actively played by all sides, general feedback on the forums). The method of the experiment would be to rotate the factions through the starter caps "triangle" formation: set 1 = Berlin / Oslo / Strockholm set 2 = London / Bordeaux / Rome set 3 = Moscow / Kiev / Instanbul for 2 weeks or [5 wars] (whichever is shorter, but you dont stop a war if the 2 week time limit hits, you let it play out), GE is at set 1, US in 2, SU in 3; for the next 2 weeks / 5 wars you shift everyone, same for the last 2 weeks - so by approximately 6 weeks time you have enough play time in the 3 positions to get a reasonable sense of what might be best, or perhaps everyone had so much fun with the shifting that you just keep going. Anyway, create a news announcement about the plan so that everyone sees it and then execute, review the data, see how to proceed after that. This lets you have a more fact based conversation after the experiment. I agree with the comment that the AR update to 6 hrs should happen ASAP and well ahead of the above experiment so you don't confuse the results.