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  1. Let's talk about Battlefield V

    same for me i have been driving a formula 1 car in F1 2017 so i will be a pro in a tank, when we playing lads?
  2. Let's talk about Battlefield V

    if we all find a game thats just as boring as HnG we can all play that together and have fun, id say world of warships? its troll worthy aswell
  3. 1800 Recons

    Thank you akir, for wasting your time on this game trying to keep it fun for the few people that still enjoy this
  4. Forum vets

  5. Forum vets

    get a room you thread ruining people STAR WARS GIFS ONLY
  6. Forum vets

  7. Last offer

    aliance with what? the 20 vets that are still playing? u want to make the game even more boring?
  8. Vet membership and second badge

    same with 4th equipment slot?
  9. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    what is the status on this?
  10. It's official, my main account is now alt.

    the reason i have been on a longer break is that i am way to lazy to have to spend an hour to equip all the badges on my generals (having to unequip every at) and add the 4th equipment slot on most guys just to see if the game is still so boring as it was
  11. I made the big time!

    sorry dude i was so drunk i think i even accused gaiusbaltar of cheating
  12. Battle eye, you have been busted!

    probably him and the other Aussie players gotta give it to the aussies u have the smallest playerbase but u are the most active throughout the years
  13. Thinking about comming back how is the EU daytime?

    true that but if id call up the squad again we would just stomp on the noobs we would need enemy players to return aswell
  14. Battle Royal Game Mode

    some sort of survival mode would be cool like a depot encounter where defenders spawn inside and attackers all arround i mean like the old days
  15. Spoiler for Solo a star wars story

    i knew it!