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  1. Are you tired of loosing battles ?

    you think im an alt account? lol
  2. Combat Veterans (Dutch and English speaking)

    may i pressent to you, a unified teamspeak leader that actually is dutch trouwens als je bereid bent om amerikaans te spelen, is er op de amerikaanse teamspeak server een nederlandse clan @AxeHeadSlam
  3. Please help me

    Re install, if that doesnt work try the steam version, or if you use the steam version try the stand alone
  4. What is your biggest problem with H&G

    by far my biggest problem is the playerbase, to much toxicicty, and meta gamers, i miss casual players, you know. the kind that plays the game like its meant to be played,
  5. a nice little milestone

    not telling my SU name since i like to stay unknown maybe hte deploy queue did increase the speed of my army growth, but i also think that the non overstacked frontlines help, i can push an entire front on my own without having 10 leeches with me
  6. Update 1.10 'Colmar Hamlet' - Changelog

    this is a feature
  7. Update 1.10 'Colmar Hamlet' - Changelog

    i see no mention of a change where i cant leave the squad after i leave the battle, guess im stuck in battle again untill the battle ends? and whats with that sound played?
  8. a nice little milestone

    i had the soldiers, i had the credits, so jeh i just gave them to different soldiers
  9. a nice little milestone

    Scoped AVS 1rpm mod, Sniper ammo+ Medbag FullRPM +sights, with Tula and single medpack FullRPM +Sights with RPG and wrench
  10. a nice little milestone

    not so hard with that XP boost
  11. Iron sight kar

    there is one i know of we dont see him very often anymore his name is @bfine he is master of the ironsights
  12. PTRD's conefire value needs to be looked at

    the effective range should be reduced to <50meters to 1shot jeeps that way the sniping part against jeeps is over, then the dammage against planes should be kept BUT! you get ridiculous aim penaltys because you are firing an anti tank rifle UP INTO THE DAMN AIR i think it really is fine against tanks as it is, ofc the aim is messed up atm, u aim right at a jeep you shoot 20meters above it
  13. My issues with the game

    i dont have a diploma or finished study in anything gaming buisness related, i think RETO knows what its doing better then any of us but that does not take away that indeed the GE faction has an overpopulation, but it also is the MINDSET of those german players that makes the problem many times worse
  14. a nice little milestone

    i dont know you? what you calling me tryhard for lol
  15. a nice little milestone

    it appears my Sovjet account reached a state to where it has 50+cp 1million+warfunds and 3 different AVS loadouts i achieved this in less then 1 year didnt spend a single dime on it to compare with my main account i achieved 150+ ats in 5 fooking years the xp boost on SU side is noice and should just be removed aswell