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  1. Game is so biased

    Maybe if GE faction would change strategy instead of doing the same thing every war, overextending is not working and never worked, only the blitzkrieg wars over the poor backs of just starting sovjet generals worked
  2. "effective strategy"

    u mean pushing a frontline focusing on important battles and ignoring useless ones? jeh ofcourse that is something only US faction does
  3. Guess whos back?

  4. Any Swedes in here?

  5. US TeamSpeak down for 24 hours

    @WarDaemon @alclarkey @Kanga @RoyalScotsRMWayne update?
  6. so this is the power of free deploy

    jesus, 170million warfunds in a month?!?!?! noice
  7. US TeamSpeak down for 24 hours

    update from Johndavis, (was yesterday already) it appears to be a connection issue the server is running and stable but people cant connect to it, if you know the sollution talk to johndavis ( hes on DB ts if he is capable of working on it) @JohnDavis anymore news?
  8. Nordisk Film takes $5m ownership

    its norse, worst case scenario is that we get a viking skin for some vehicles noice noice noiceeeee NEW MAP DESIGNERSSSS
  9. Guess whos back?

    still missing a couple of names ill poke DB arround to see if we can get some good old 3hour battles again
  10. Pls explain me this

    Germany lost allot of troops SU lost allot of troops US had more inactive troops then SU while GE lost the Inactive troops at rome resulting in Us having way more deployed free loot
  11. Aaaand back to not deploying

    uhm thats deployed numbers that just means GE lost more troops LOLLLLL
  12. Soviets are OP

    PTRD was Adam conefired so hard havnt hit a single jeep since
  13. humorous player names and game chat

    not the autobots
  14. US TeamSpeak down for 24 hours

    in the mean time clans, here is the DB teamspeak if you need to communicate