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  1. I have not been growing much these days, dont really play that much anymore. i just deploy all backfill an important choke/front i was growing pretty fast when i was still playing FPS daily but i dont think i earned a single CP in the past few weeks
  2. Another change nobody asked for and nobody wants, good job reto! keep up the good work and kill off the last remaining group of veterans! i dont think reto still reads or uses this forum anyway.
  3. Thisbirdisonfiya

    What country needs more clans?

    the sovjet faction needs way more players, but that will it will be a little hard at first playing on that faction but you will have a good time eventually
  4. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Devil's Brigade Recruiting!

    Join our discord if you are interested our clan is not active in HnG that much anymore but many of us still check the game every month, and will return if game mechanics get fixed and RTS is changed
  5. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Can you guess it?

    New forum account, CHECK never posted before CHECK shirty bait regarding weapons CHECK loving alts man. atleast post on your main account, or is that banned for trolling on the forums?
  6. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Decrease the warmap in size

    you rather keep the endless instablocking, skirmish spam which DOESNT Pop. Skirmishes are broken.
  7. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Decrease the warmap in size

    I agree battles would pop faster, but maybe the solution is in the middle, we add back the bordeaux->marseille choke while keeping a portion of the widened southern france, so 1 full team of asians cant push entire frontlines capturing tens of thousands of units. The game is also unbalanced in the veteran and clan population. there is 2? maybe 3 big asian clans if 2 of them play on the same faction they can achieve morale breaking pushes that the other factions cant do anything about. Another issue i find with the current RTS mechanics, is the endless skirmishes and instantblocks, the Old bordeaux marseille front didnt have huge lines so we would only have 1 skir per line. but on a front like prague -> budapest you can make up to 4 or 5 skirmishes these skirmishes are never fun to play and take AGES to pop i would like to see a rule of max 1 skirmish per line so in the end we will have more chokepoints we can push trough, less battles on a stable RTS map, and less skirmishes.
  8. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Badge changes

    Why nerf bombs away? what is the reason behind that. flying already got HUGE nerfs, making flackjacket protect the plane again would be a good buff to start, but what planes really need is AT guns like PTRS not damaging planes.
  9. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Decrease the warmap in size

    Problem is we got so many assault teams making the ammount of cities smaller everything will be horribly overstacked maybe new startingcapitals will change queue times if SU and US have smaller frontlines
  10. Thisbirdisonfiya

    To all generals out there

    Generals? there isnt any left
  11. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Latest patch broke matchmaker

    /M 5176894076064036207
  12. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Latest patch broke matchmaker

    20 players for SU aswell...... yehh yeh lets counter long queue times by giving SU 20 players per battle
  13. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Can we talk about alt accounts? Again....

    some people are getting banned for using alts now, problem is you need very good evidence with screens etc for an alt owner to be banned
  14. Thisbirdisonfiya

    So is anyone gonna talk about the M2

    Staged KD does not matter. saying YOU can get better kd with a certain weapon does not say shirt. could be m2 suits your playstyle. which would be spray and pray. 80% on us faction uses carbine?!!?!?!?!? where did you see that? id say its closer to 30% which for an end game gun is normal.
  15. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Latest patch broke matchmaker

    Getting recons/tankers into infantry only battles they cant spawn and are immediatly kicked also 20player limit is back.