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  1. Thisbirdisonfiya

    GaiusBaltar won the game

    yeah i tried to play the game again be a bit more forum active but these days other games took my free time i only played HnG for the combo of RTS/FPS and then being able to watch other stuff on my other monitor now that i found other games that can do that i dont have to play this anymore
  2. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Asset burn off will begin.

    You tried, ill never forget the campaigns you leaded that i was part off, may the force of meta gaming stay with you
  3. Thisbirdisonfiya

    USA will need a gun like this to get players back.

    It would be nice, but Reto doesn't listen to other factions that much, only German. Most of the nerfs last update were on US and Russian weapons. The bleeding will continue till the game dies.
  4. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Already December, and no Dev Overview update

    Wouldnt be suprised that they postponed it and will just trash the idea of this just like operation Glasnost, and all the other candy they teased us with
  5. Thisbirdisonfiya


    Good luck reto, you took my heart, spit on it threw it in the trash didnt look back at it once after squad 2.0 till summer this year, i returned i played i spend time and money to make my playtime as fun as possible you better deliver with this december update or you probably lost me again including my power to bring back my clanmates from there slumber
  6. Thisbirdisonfiya


    Been happening for a couple of months now, its super annoying since there are lucky birds that deplete special troops before i even joined the war when i am for sure 1 of the first to join the next war
  7. I have played a couple of tank or plane matches, and im sick of the fact that when i try to play infantry since battles are filled with 12 tankers or pilots, I get punished by a 30second spawn timer for trying to play infantry
  8. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    What about the long login lagg after a war ends? its never mentioned in the known issues
  9. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Reinforcement pathing....

    Why is this still a thing? and when will it be remade and fixed
  10. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    you have more hours since yo usat more in the bushes with your kar98
  11. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Also, Im flipping my Halftrack left and right, Bicycles; Look how much time i rode my bicycle, proudly and i didnt mind the longer travel time, but now its ridicilous it takes me minutes to get from 1 point to the other WHY?!?!?! there is no use in these travel times for new characters or vehicleless battles to have these long travel times, and dont say just take the civilian truck, IT DOESNT SPAWN FREQUENTLY ENOUGH, AND ITS NOT A TRUCK ITS A RALLY CAR Why do you do this to me RETO, you give me more broken vehicles in the by some called biggest update yet Fix pls. give me more stable WLA after 6years, increase bicycle offroad speed and add more tractors or civilian trucks (that are not rally cars) to skirmishes encounters and assaults,
  12. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Should not have changed capture time of the objectives again, it was quite nice to be able to capture 01 on my own on the C D B and E line town assaults after flanking for minutes because Reto still has not changed the bloody river crossings after making them impossible to cross
  13. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Win all wars - Lose all FPS battles

    i have been playing EU daytime and been able to capture multiple capitals in hours time, just because the sovjets leave frontlines empty i can just move my ats in and capture everything before EU evening comes and 2 clans finnish my work been happening for 2weeks now
  14. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Update 1.12 - Flanking and deploy zone feedback

    Between d1 and d2 on mountain town, how does this get to live? and why is it there for MONTHS already
  15. Thisbirdisonfiya

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    @Reto.Millan Is it a bug that when i spawn a chaffee and be alive for a couple of minutes before i get stuck in a random ditch like this i then switch to infantry so i can actually play the game i still have to wait like 15secs to spawn a vehicle?